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December 2014

Case of the month:
(Reported 3 December 2014.)

11 June 1990 0208hrs Exmouth, Western Australia 14mins Raw
"I can't tell you who I am, but I have been living with this event since 11 June 1990. I am ex-Australian military and was operating out of RAAF Base Learmouth. On the night mentioned at approximately 0208am myself and my patrol section was on a recon exercise patrol when we experienced something. A rifle section consists of 9 men, we were the only patrol out that night. The triangular craft was massive, at least 2 football fields wide. I've seen a lot of aircraft in my life time but this scared the shit out of me and my patrol. The object was black with eight dull lights (white) on 2 edges of the craft with a red light in the centre. It gave off a low humming noise, like a sub woofer amp and moved slowly at first almost like a Zepplin airship almost hanging still in the sky. We were awestruck by this object, once it was spotted, my section layed low on some dunes near the beach, and watched for approximately 14 minutes when the object went from no purpose to rapidly moving south-west for possible 5kms out to sea and then vertical like a blur. We got a clear look at what we could and the area of coast is not populated, and it was a clear night. I mentioned our experience to my flight sargent when we returned to Learmouth. It was dismissed as a USAF Galaxy transport aircraft as we had a few arriving to Learmouth to resupply the Harold E Holt US Navy Base during the week. I can tell you it was no Galaxy. I confide in you as I struggle to this day to understand what it was that we saw."
MUFON Case management system.

December reports:

7 December 2014 2148hrs Kiama Downs, New South Wales 45mins Raw
Four to five lights, red and blue, static were reported. They appeared like4-5 stars bunched together. They were not aircraft. They were seen to the east by Brian Divers.

7 December 2014 2300hrs Boronia, Melbourne, Victoria 45mins Raw
Erin wrote "Watching the meteor shower from my backyard in Boronia and I see a bright light "hovering" in the sky. Watch closely and the light dodges a meteor. Thinking my eyes are playing tricks on me, it's 11pm and I am tired, I wake my husband. We watch the light flicked red, white. Then it dashes across the sky to reappear back where it started. The sky is clear and weather is good. Looking north-west from 11pm to 11.45pm with the light remaining in the sky, hovering, dashing dodging the entire time. This is not debris entering our atmosphere. This is something with a mind of its own."

8 December 2014 00300hrs Swansea, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Christopher Pollard reported seeing a "golden sky south-west. There was lots of cloud cover and an approaching storm.

9 December 2014 2220hrs Mid north coast, New South Wales (8-10)secs Raw
Sitting on a beach with friends, Lana reported "we all smelled a chemically burning smell and looked up (90 degrees) and saw the biggest shooting star" travelling from the south-south-west. It slowed down, "then expanded and we saw black gaps between bright fire orange glowing fissures."

10 December 2014 ?hrs Como, Perth, Western Australia Few mins Raw
Leonie reported a "very bright white-blue light coming towards me from the west." As it got closer it hovered above my townhouse and there was absolutely no noise. It faded and glared several times. "It seemed like it was only about 10-20 metres above me."

11 December 2014 2213hrs Bridgewater, South Australia 1min Raw
A massive red ball of light lit up the sky, falling downwards in "slow motion." The sky was clear.

13 December 2014 (0030-0100)hrs Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales 2mins Raw
On a clear night, Alicia Gibson reported seeing "an unusual orange light in the sky at about a 45 degree angle."

14 December 2014 1227hrs Sydney, New South Wales 14mins Raw
"A strange 'shape-shifting' object has been seen hovering over Sydney. The video was taken just two days ago and shows a shimmering UFO floating through the sky. The video was taken by UFO enthusiast Lazlo Novak who uses a combination of webcams and his infrared camera to capture what he believes might be suspicious activity. This particular object was captured using Lazlo's IR camera with the enthusiast putting forward the theory that this meant the UFO was only visible in IR light.
Well we have no explanation-other than that this could well be a fake so it's either that or it really is an unidentified flying object." The source features a 14 minute long video.

15 December 2014 2145hrs Mallacoota, Victoria ?mins Raw
Catherine Pirrie reported that looking north, observing the star Sirius, she saw "a distinct clear white glow with red yellow colour at the base, shine for 15 seconds and then disappear" at 55 degree elevation, to the east of Sirius and 10 degrees below it.

15 December 2014 ?hrs Sydney, New South Wales 8mins Raw
"I was lucky again! I started filming the plane this object was pop up, passing very fast speed the plane. When I zooming in you can see this object's rotating. Similar to what I captured yesterday."
Lazlo Novak. Video available on Youtube.

16 December 2014 0900hrs Townsville, Queensland
Spotted a glimmer in the sky, looked like a reflection off a chrome/reflective surface. Stared at it for 5 seconds, lookded down, looked back up and it had gone.
MUFON Case management system.

17 December 2014 Taylors Hill, Melbourne, Victoria Raw Witness said "I was reviewing the footage from a sky watching session recorded on the 17th of December 2014 when I noticed in a few of the frames a triangle shape formation of three UFOs flying north near Taylors Hill, Australia. The objects appear as though they could be lights from a single triangular-shaped UFO craft. The footage was filmed using a pulsar NV/infrared monocular with a 950nm pass filter."

17 December 2014 2035hrs Parkes, New South Wales ?mins Raw
A large, glowing, orange object was seen in the north to north-west, falling downwards. When it reached the horizon it disappeared.

17 December 2014 2100hrs Adelaide Hills, South Australia ?mins Raw
Gavin reported an extremely bright meteor in the north-east sky, "that did not burn out."

17 December 2014 2130hrs Lismore, New South Wales 25secs Raw
Kingsley Gifford reported that looking north, on a clear night, he saw an "orange and red ball about the size of a one cent piece with white back and tail and green." Travelled east to west.

17 December 2014 2230hrs Wakerley, Brisbane, Qld
A woman was awakened from her sleep by the sound of her car meowing. She was puzzled that her cat would like take her to her food, but she decided to go. She didn't want her loud meowing to wake the baby upstairs. To do so she had to walk past the glass back door and to her surprise saw a glowing orange reddish orb, bigger than the planet Venus, possibly at plane height and distance from her. She immediately thought to get her glasses to have a proper look. She noticed the light was in a different position and thought 'you have moved to the left.' It then promptly moved back to the right, then in two seconds shot up with incredible speed vertically and disappeared.
UFO Research Queensland.

20 December 2014 2245hrs Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales
"Began by seeing bright star-like glowing object moving across the sky, coming from a northerly direction heading south in the sky in Mosman, Sydney. As a keen aviation and plane enthusiast it displayed no characteristics like a plane and moved with small erratic movements, with a fuzzy halo like glow around it. The object veered off to a westerly direction towards North Sydney.
MUFON Case management system.

26 December 2014 (0900-1000) hrs Melbourne, Victoria Raw
"Witness said: You can jump to 2:27 seconds for the very low 'object' - I felt like I was being watched. New and old footage in this video." A 4m24s video.

Updated cases:

21 November 2014 2123hrs Eggs & Bacon Bay, Tasmania 3mins Investigation complete.
Witness, inside home notices bright light in northern sky. Goes outside to view, then has time to go into home and collect mobile to take a video. Bright orange to yellow ball with red rim and tail, drops down sky before losing speed. After 3 minutes changes to blue flashing light, gains elevation, and goes quickly to west. About an hour later, a smaller and similar light is seen to the north. This stops in the sky for 5 seconds, flashes blue, then in seconds, moves away in an arc to the west. Investigation suggests the object on video was probably a burning hoax balloon or chinese lantern. Investigation completed. Information collated by Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre, 29 December 2014.

Older reports:

All groups continue to receive reports where the date is before the current month.

8 October 2014 2100hrs Gilgandra, New South Wales Several mins
"My dad's brother had passed away and I was asked to go to the funeral in Coonamble in country, NSW, which I gladly accepted. Travelling from Orange, NSW, it was about a 4 hour trip west. Hopping into the car, putting my daughter in the back seat, we left Orange at about 6.30pm. stopping in Dubbo to refuel and get some ice creams at a servo at around 8.30pm, we followed the signs to the nearest town towards Coonamble which was Gilgandra. It was about an hour away.

My daughter and I were 5 mins out of Gilgandra, we were listening to music and laughing when I pointed out to her that there was a plane in the sky and to look at its pretty lights. It had 2 bright lights on the outside and in the middle it had a flashing light. She looked at the object and said "it doesn't look like a plane." I told her it was and it was about to land because it was sloping towards the right. As I said this, it flew towards me and hovered above the car.

At this point I was curious what the "plane" was doing. Looking up outside my window I saw it definitely was not a plane. It was round/oval shape, silver in colour on the bottom and was not making any noise. And was really close to the car. My 7 year old daughter asked "is that a UFO?" I said no, trying to remain calm while driving. As I was driving into town it was following my car. I immediately sped up and drove straight into town, pulled over and called my mum, hysterical. She could not make any sense of what I was telling her. I was sobbing, scared of what I had just seen. I eventually calmed down and explained what happened. Still on the phone to her, I asked her to stay on the phone until I got into Coonamble, which was about an hour or so away.

Leaving Gilgandra, I was maybe 2kms out of town when I saw the same 3 lights in front of me landing in a paddock on the left hand side of the road. Crying and getting worked up once again, I slammed on the brakes and did a u-turn to come back into Gilgrandra. Finding a motel for the night and that's where we stayed! I still don't know what me and my daughter had seen, all I know is that it wasn't a plane. I have no explanation for it."
UFOPRSA "Phenomena Times" December 2014.

28 September 2014 1810hrs Port Macquarie, New South Wales
"I was taking clothes off the line, as I was looking up at the clothes peg, I saw a brightly coloured object in the sky. It was of a rectangular object and was heading in a southerly direction. The object was made up of three segments. The front segment was three or four bright red lights, the second segment was three or four bright green lights whilst the third rear segment was flashing red and white lights. The object was travelling slowly when it stopped for a few seconds, it then started moving again before stopping again for a few seconds. It then went in behind trees in a reserve behind my property. I moved to see if I could see it through the trees when it shot like a shooting star in a south-east direction. I have no idea how high up in the sky it was but I imagine it was pretty high. I had another incident involving a single red light on the ocean which then rose very fast into the sky, this occurred in April 2012."
UFOPRSA "Phenomena Times" December 2014.

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