Australian Reports

Compiled by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean

January 2015

Compiled by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean

Case of the month:

21 September 2014 2042hrs Armidale, New South Wales 10mins Investigated - Unidentified
A group of people were returning home, when they saw, coming from the south-east, an object with three large orange lights. Two of the lights were in front and the third was behind these. It came from about the centre of town and moved to the north. The object was very close and heading towards a nearby large gum tree. It veered to the left to avoid the tree and then it slowly moved out of sight into the clouds in the distance. The main reporter's daughter and son-in-law, who live a block away on a hill, could still see it far into the distance until clouds obscured it. In total, five people, from two different locations, viewed the object. Three distinct orange lights travelling towards the north-north-east above homes on the northern suburban fringe of Armidale.

Paul Dean, and an associate, James, conducted an investigation. Witnesses were interviewed, and a package of data, including a map and estimates of angular elevations, and azimuths was completed by the witnesses. Satellites; the planets Mars and Saturn, and other astronomical causes were checked and eliminated. Meteorological data was obtained from the Armidale airport for the date and time concerned. Surface winds were blowing at 24km/hr from 80 degrees; (i.e. 10 degrees north of east) suggesting a non windborne cause. The possibility of a drone was checked by contacting three possible drone operators in the area. None were found to have been in the area at the time. A suggested cause of a night glider flight was eliminated after discussions with the Victorian Gliding Association.

The investigators concluded that "it seems reasonable to tentatively treat this as most likely a genuine UAP event."

A full report of the event may be found on Paul Dean's blog (click here.)


14 February 2014 2000hrs Off Flinders Island, Tasmania 30mins Investigated - Unidentified
Hobart Coast Radio "had a contact on the evening of February 14th from a yachtsman 40nm north-east of Flinders Island. The man reported that he had been followed by a number of white lights. Eventually, we were able to interview him when he finally arrived in Hobart. About 8pm on the 14th a flash had caught his eye from something to the stern of his yacht. To his amazement he saw a long grey sausage to cylinder shaped object at about a 20 degree elevation. There was a line of lights across the centre with some 7-9 small white lights moving about above the sausage. The object he claims was large and approaching. He estimated it as being 100m in length and maybe 20 thick. He contacted Coast Radio as he looked for some explanation. He said he was relieved when near 8.30pm the object receded into the north-east and disappeared near a cloud.

8 April 2014 Ca.2100hrs Jericho, Tasmania ?mins Investigated - Unidentified
The witness was driving south on the Midland Highway and was just south of Jericho on the approach to Spring Hill. Something caught his attention to the right of his car, mainly because it was close and low. A cylindrical shaped object, with a red light at the rear, was moving almost overhead, and looked to pace his car for 10 seconds before disappearing to the south of the Highway. He noticed a bright light towards the southern horizon and assumed this was the disappearing cylinder. He estimated the cylinder was about 30m long with a greenish silver colour with four darker panels along its side. The Centre was unable to uncover any explanation for the event from the data collected.

21 September 2014 1710hrs Latrobe, Tasmania ?mins Investigated - Unidentified
The event took place on the southern edge of Latrobe over paddocks and trees beyond the last of the houses. The weather was fine and mild with a light north-north-west breeze. The witness described the incident. "I was putting my daughter on her bike cross from my court. Something caught my eye. It was a bright glinting object 40 metres away and 40 metres high. It seems to ripple and wave as it seems to come into solid form. The object was travelling slowly towards the horizon in front of me on a 45 degree angle. The object quickly wavered twice more before it stayed fully solid in form. The object was bright crimson, a flat bottom that curved inward, then rounding into a dome with a very small dome at the very top. It was very hard to judge perspective viewing in relation to a nearby house and its position (estimate 2.5 metres long by an 80cm high.) In a nutshell it resembles a perfect flying saucer.

It made no sound in my very quiet street. As it moved it was always level even descending down on that 45degree angle. It was now 30 metres away and stopped 25 metres high. If I had a rock I could have thrown and hit it. Before it stopped it wobbled about 15 degrees on its axis and I could see most of its under belly perfectly smooth shiny chrome. The whole object was smooth in detail. It had no panels nor did it have any rivets or features. It seemed to stop deliberately in line with me. It stayed there for 10 seconds then travelled directly away from me with a speed of 25kph on a 15 degree incline. It was in perfect line, did not drift at all. It had calculated its path because it would have hit distant tree..."

TUFOIC inquired with local police and the Advocate newspaper, but neither were aware of the sighting. Local businesses were also contacted in relation to any event that may have caused the sighting, but there was a negative response.

January reports:

1 January 2015 ?hrs Cape Woolamai, Victoria ?mins Under investigation
We watched a flame type object fly across the sky from east to west, slowly across the sky before it went straight up into the sky until it disappeared. We also saw same object week before going from south to north. Object looked like a light plane was on fire, but it was not this. It made no sound, and other people on 1 January at 1215 saw the object and made comments that they saw it the week before going over San Remo which is the same sighting that we saw.

1 January 2015 ?hrs Inverloch, Victoria ?mins Under investigation
Merv and Heather Read Roger Thorrowgood's report in the Sentinel 13 January 2015 re moving objects in sky New Years Day over Inverloch. We too saw this from 12:03 am to 12:07am and have a phone photo and videos of the four objects if you are interested in looking at it. It's not top quality but provides some insight into what we viewed. Colour of objects caught our attention, which was a reddish orange colour, they seemed to move in formation and then abruptly changed direction and formation. Happy to provide other info if required.

1 January 2015 ?hrs Cranbourne, Victoria 45mins Under investigation
Vicky reports that myself, 2 of my children (11 &13) and my eldest son's 19 year old friend saw 3 bright orange orbs over a period of around 45 minutes. Clearly, not helicopters. The first one's movements were too erratic to be an aircraft, and although the first appeared toward the end of the fireworks it was very obviously not a firework. The first one came up in the south, then moved to the east and just stopped in one spot for about 10 mins before going higher then moving back toward the south where it disappeared behind light cloud. Within 5-10 minutes of that there was an odd flash of white light like lightning behind a cloud, cloud dispersed not long after and object had disappeared. 10 mins later another bright orange orb came from the east toward the spot the first one disappeared and as we watched it just vanished. There was no cloud!! Roughly 10 mins after that a 3rd bright orange orb appeared in the east followed the same path as the second and it too disappeared!!! I've never seen anything like it!!! My phone was inside the house and I didn't want to leave to get it because I didn't want to miss out on maybe seeing more!! I'm reporting it here because the couple of people I told think we're nuts!! I'm hoping and praying other people saw it too!

1 January 2015 0005hrs Hobart, Tasmania ?mins Raw
Beck McKinney-Petersen and husband, saw four lights "close together moving quite quickly in the sky." The lights "moved towards the eastern shore of Hobart."
TUFOIC note: A similar report on 3 January 2015 was due to a commercial aircraft overflight from Western Australia to New Zealand. TUFOIC suspect that this may also have the same explanation.

1 January 2015 0015hrs Philip Island, Melbourne, Victoria ?mins Raw
Fiona saw a "bright red fire like light was moving across the sky east to west over my house. It went straight up into the sky and disappeared. One week previously she had seen the same thing. Travelled to the north and then shot into the sky.

1 January 2015 0020hrs Ballarat, Victoria 5mins Raw
Robert reported "two huge orange lights" on a perfectly clear night. Stationary at first, and soundless. 20 degree elevation. "One of them moved, dimmed and appeared to either go behind or into the larger one."

1 January 2015 0404hrs Moe, Victoria 1min Raw
In a clear sky looking to the south Bruce noted a "fixed light, not flashing moving steadily from the north to south very high in the sky to the west of Moe, Victoria and not on Flight Aware Radar. Andrew Jacob of the Sydney Observatory suggested it was the Spot 4 rocket.

1 January 2015 2230hrs East Ballina, New South Wales ?mins Raw Natalie Ackland reported seeing "2 orange bright, lights pulsing, heading south. Very bright and moving at a moderate speed." Captured on video.

2 January 2015 2125hrs Adelaide, South Australia ?mins Raw
While in a swimming pool witness noted "many orbs flashing in and fading out...we were having a CE5 and sky spotting...All activity sighted between 9pm and midnight, the orbs moved towards the fire area. There were about 8 orbs in total over a few hours...moving west to east...we saw another orb, I got the video which isn't night vision and videoed it. We witnessed the orb eject another ball and both orbs continued on the same trajectory."
MUFON Case management system

3 January 2015 Evening Bateau Bay, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Jon Wall, a fitness trainer, observed an object in the western sky, and took a photograph and a few seconds of video, using his phone. The witness said that the object looked metallic, and elongated, and moved slowly downward behind the ridgeway hills to his west. It resembled a star in some ways. The Tuggerah Lakes UFO group Facebook page, contained a post that advised that at 8pm this night, a UFO was reported to a local radio station.
Tuggerah Lakes UFO group.

3 January 2015 0015hrs Burton, Adelaide, South Australia 5secs Raw
At about 10 degrees elevation to the north, Paul saw "a flaming object fall from the sky from the west and travelled to the east. There was a "fiery tail which ignited significantly just before I lost sight of it falling behind the sight of house tops."

3 January 2015 0103hrs Northern suburbs Hobart, Tasmania. Sev mins Facebook, telephone & sighting form
A number of witnesses report flashing lights and a thin rectangle to triangle shape leaving a long thick smoke trail. The object in view for several minutes and disappeared towards the east. TUFOIC investigation suggests that the object was a commercial aircraft overflight Western Australia to New Zealand, leaving a substantial vapor trail.

3 January 2015 (0200-0300)hrs Bridport, Tasmania few secs. Raw
Witness sees a huge, white, flashing light crossing the sky. It appeared to fly through the sky but there was no sound. At first it was thought to be a lightning strike but there was no thunder. It only lasted a few seconds and disappeared.
TUFOIC note: Probable cause could be a meteor.

3 January 2015 0530hrs Walcha, New South Wales 48mins Raw
LJ reported that when facing south they saw an object similar to a star or a satellite, moving fast in an east-north-east direction. It travelled in a straight line, stopped short, stationary for 6-8 minutes. When he reported it at 0612hrs he said it was still there, sitting at 65 degree elevation.

3 January 2015 2324hrs Yass, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Vikkii reported seeing a "super bright" light travelling from north-west to south-east when she was 30kms south of Yass. In a clear sky "it travelled across the whole sky." It had "an amazing tail."

4 January 2015 2100hrs Deniliquin, New South Wales 30mins Raw
In the western sky was a very bright, blazing, ball "with stumpy forked tail." It was at 45 degree elevation travelling westwards. Over 30 minutes it gradually dropped below the horizon. Clear sky.

5 January 2015 2030hrs Lidcombe, Sydney, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Facing south-south-east George saw "what looked like the brightest star in the sky moving slowly and travel north-west at speed." 50 degree elevation.

5 January 2015 2200hrs Kingswood, Sydney, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Nicole observed a "bright, big, yellow light that suddenly shrunk to a tiny red light. I saw it a few times blink as it went through the clouds. Not long after, helicopters were heading over that way from the RAAF base. What ever this was though, it definitely wasn't a plane or helicopter."

6 January 2015 Midnight Port Augusta, South Australia ?mins Raw
A large light in the sky was seen travelling to the east. It turned into a red fireball with a large tail. It travelled fast and just disappeared over the Flinders Ranges. No sound. Clear night and a full Moon.

6 January 2015 2130hrs Franklin, Tasmania ?mins Facebook, telephone
Motorist travelling south through the town observed a red fiery, round, light approaching from over the Huon River. The witness stopped the car and alerted a pedestrian to the light in the sky. The light had an apparent size less than a full moon. The light went out but a dark shape was visible. It seemed to move quickly to the north and was lost to sight in the dusk. Three similar cases have occurred in the same area.
TUFOIC suggests a hoax balloon/chinese lantern explanation.

6 January 2015 2210hrs Nowra, New South Wales ?mins Raw
While viewing the sky the witness noted the Moon in the clear sky. "I observed what appeared to be a faint white star like dot racing across the first I concluded that it was a satellite, but then it suddenly turned to the east and swiftly moved out of view."
MUFON Case management system

6 January 2015 2330hrs New Norfolk, Tasmania ?mins Telephone, local inquiries
Two families report orange/red lights moving over the town on a number of evenings since New Year. Most lights appear to the north and are seen crossing the sky to the south before disappearing. A few appear to fall to the ground. A chinese lantern is found in a nearby park.
TUFOIC suggests hoax balloon or lanterns as the cause of the lights.

7 January 2015 ?hrs Geroa, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Petra noticed that the full Moon was in the north-eastern sky, and saw a strange light near the Moon. Yellowish orange in colour, and very bright. Sydney Observatory identified it as the planet Jupiter.

7 January 2015 1845hrs Upper Coomera, Queensland 15mins Raw
Looking towards 60 degrees west "saw an object moving up for 15 mins. It had a glowing tail behind it. Seen in clear sky. Also seen from Pacific Pines, Queensland. It was a "rectangle with a very bright jet stream. It was travelling from west to east...travelling very fast."

7 January 2015 2232hrs Wallacia, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Jen observed a red, green and white, flashing light, stationary in the sky to the north of her.

8 January 2015 2000hrs Glen Innes, New South Wales 5secs Raw
Four people were looking east on a clear night. They saw a light in the north-eastern sky at 40-50 degrees elevation. It appeared to accelerate and pulsed with light every half a second.

8 January 2015 ?hrs Gippsland, Melbourne 1/2sec Raw
"A spectacular lighting storm has sparked fires and cut power across Gippsland. Our camerman Ethan St Ellen took this footage of last night's storm." Some researchers have drawn attention to a blob in the sky at one point in the video.

8 January 2015 2040hrs Melbourne, Victoria 10secs Raw
"I had just picked my daughter up from work in Melton and was heading north along Melton Highway when my daughter and I both noticed a light zipping across the sky. We watched it as it headed south and then straight up and out of sight. It completely changed direction without any apprent change of speed."
MUFON Case management system

9 January 2015 0200hrs Symmons Plains, Tasmania ?mins Facebook, telephone
Three witnesses were returning from Hobart to Launceston on the Midland Highway about 2 am or later. A number of lights are noticed near the roadside. However, after leaving Campbell Town, two lights appeared above the road to the rear of the car. As the lights came towards the car the witnesses hurried off and the lights were lost to view. Near Symmons Plains raceway a bright yellow light appeared in the sky above. It moved across the sky behind their car as more lights formed around it. The lights then vanished but almost at once re-appeared as a triangle of yellow lights. It moved quickly ahead and was lost to sight behind trees. Initial investigation indicates the roadside lights were on irrigation equipment. The reports near Campbell Town and Symmons Plains await.TUFOIC investigation.

9 January 2015 2200hrs Cygnet, Tasmania 15mins Facebook, telephone
Witness notices an orange light to the south of the town which was visible for almost 15 minutes as it slowly went north. The light which seemed to be distant, just seemed to blink out in the sky.
TUFOIC notes third similar report in the area. Probably persons unknown are releasing hot air balloons.

11 January 2015 0000hrs Mudjimba Beach, Queensland ?mins Raw
Looking east, Caleb reported seeing, on the horizon, bright light moving left to right, and up and down. Occasionally disappeared from view beneath the horizon. Below the bright light was a smaller, dimer one.

12 January 2015 0000hrs Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria 2mins Raw
Alex notice stationary, flashing red ,blue and green light in the western sky. It started to flash white light only, "and it slowly moved towards my house... It was a very dark triangular shape spaceship if u would call it, it literally flew above my house, so from where we initially saw it, it was at least 5kms away in the made the vacuum, suction noise as it flew above and past my house, it was very quiet but loud enough for us to hear it." Then it travelled towards the north-east low in the sky and then flew north-west."

12 January 2015 2215hrs Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria ?mins Raw
Rachael saw one object with a bright, white head and massive tail arc across the eastern sky. It exploded into a ring of red and yellow, turned west and made "little stars like a fire work."

12 January 2015 2300hrs East Kew, Melbourne, Victoria ?mins Raw
While looking east, Stan saw a "red and yellow ball shooting up into the sky, it had a yellow tail." Then it disappeared.

12 January 2015 ?hrs Kew East, Victoria 1sec Under investigation
It was like a fireball, red and yellow. The tail was more yellow. It was shooting diagonally up into the sky and just disappeared. I was facing east, walking down my driveway. It appeared from over my neighbour's roof and just disappeared within a second. It looked as big as my little finger nail. I want to know if anyone else has reported it.

12 January 2015 2325hrs Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland 27mins Raw
On a partly cloudy night, three people looking to the north-east saw a light hovering in the sky. By 2352hrs it had dimmed but remained hovering. It swayed from side to side and up and down. No sound. Footage captured on a camera.

14 January 2015 0028hrs Perth, Western Australia 2mins Personal observation
While getting ready for bed, Kelly saw a massive orange ball of light, while looking south towards the Armidale Hills. "It was stationary and sparks seemed to be coming out of it. After watching for a couple of minutes it just winked out like someone turned off a switch. Then all of a sudden an even brighter, slightly pinker orb of the same size appeared in the carport of a neighbour across the road. It just appeared, it was very bright and I was trying to work out if it was a carport light when it suddenly took off at high speed and disappeared."
Perth UFO Casebook Facebook page. Thank you to Kelly for her permission to publish this sighting.

14 January 2015 1600hrs New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland 7secs Raw
In an extremly clear blue sky, Mason Stewart saw what appeared to be a "space rock" cross the sky. Appeared to have smaller pieces breaking off." Heading southwards.

15 January 2015 ?hrs Westmead, New South Wales 5mins Raw
Tilo reported seeing a buish-white bright lights in the sky, about 4-5 in number . "These lights were moving really fast and seemed hovering together in ann odd circular/oval motion."

15 January 2015 1800hrs Landsborough, Queensland Few secs Raw
Fenella saw "a very fast bright luminous green light shot through the sky, due north, travelling east to west." Lost to view behind trees, at 45 degree elevation. The sun was still up and the sky blue.

15 January 2015 1825hrs West Bundaberg, Queensland ?mins Raw
West Bundaberg resident Ryan Peat was in his backyard when he saw "a bright blue flash of light making its way across the sky...It was travelling much like a shooting star but not as fast...It then started to turn green and little specks of light started to trail behind it before it disintegrated..I now think it might have been a meteor or some sort of space junk."
(Bundaberg News Mail newspaper

15 January 2015 ?hrs Melbourne, Victoria Ca.4mins Raw
Lynda H published a 4min34sec video on You Tube on 15 January.

16 January 2015 Night Hobart, Tasmania 9mins Raw
"A rectangular light brighter than the rest of the sky moving st some speed." Travelled north-east over Hobart. Anonymouis witness took footage. Relatively clear although raining on and off. It travelled across east of the 'big dipper."
TUFOIC note - was it the International Space Station, which crossed over at 2219hrs from SW to NE at high elevation?

17 January 2015 2120hrs Sydney, New South Wales ?mins Raw
While star gazing, Nicole reported "It looked at first like a satellite passing by...It was a dull but very clear light at first then suddenly became a much brighter light..then it returned to a duller vanished completely without a trace...It stopped just under Orion's belt."

18 January 2015 0100hrs North Sydney, New South Wales 90mins Raw
Georgina Wenborn saw, from her balconey, an object hovering over Neutral Bay/Mosman. "It shot down from the sky, hovered and landed on the ground and then shot back up again and was flying and orbiting around the height of the buildngs. " Seen to the north-east. It was "a large green light then would turn dim into an orange and sometimes red...' Clear night.

18 January 2015 2130hrs Sydney, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Mith reported to the north-east "a red and yellow light travel east to west very quickly, then it suddenly slowed down and the light got travelled north."

20 January 2015 2210hrs Para Hills, Adelaide, South Australia ?mins raw
Bill and his wife Suzy saw a "bright white light in the sky as big as a 5 cent piece, was not a star or plane, wasn't flashing. I see planes at night all the time, it wasn't a plane...after 5 seconds of being stationary it started moving north from where I was. At first when I saw it I thought it was a falling star coming at me up high but no stream of light behind it like falling stars, then it changed direction going back up and north. I rang the police and informed the sighting because I've never seen something like that before."

20 January 2015 ?hrs Sydney, New South Wales 3m30sec Raw
Lazlo Novak shot an infra red video and this is the clip.

23 January 2015 2020hrs Perth, Western Australia ?mins Personal observation
"Anyone else see the satellite size object over perth? It has so far done 2 large arched loops over perth, very high in the sky (at least satellite height), sometimes pulses red, can also make out greeny blue and white." "Came in from the west, went north, looped to the south east then back to the north, then last seen back to south went back out over the ocean."
"Rich Bice" Perth UFO Casebook Facebook page.

23 January 2015 2215hrs Coober Pedy and areas of South Australia ?mins IFO?
There was an extremely bright red/blue flash in the sky visible from Coober Pedy through to Port Germain, followed by a rumbling sound which lasted several minutes. The object was travelling north-east to south-west. There were also reports that the flash was seen as far from Coober Pedy as Adelaide.

24 January 2015 2321hrs North Hobart, Tasmania Email, telephone
Two reports of a slowly moving orange/red light over the city. Both reports noted the light lit up and started flashing before it moved suddenly south before just disappearing in mid-sky. A photograph submitted just shows an orange blob in the dark sky.
TUFOIC note: probably a hoax balloon.

26 January 2015 Night Hobart, Tasmania 3mins Facebook
Two witnesses saw what appeared to be an orange glow in the sky that seemed to come out of nowwhere. It appeared to be in a southerly direction and was visible for three minutes before looking to fall away or dim.
TUFOIC note: The Aurora Australia was visible over the state and this may account for the glow.

27 January 2015 Sunset Perth, Western Australia 30mins IFO?
(a) "Saw what we think was a high altitude balloon. Visible just after sunset and lasting about half an hour. Moved from about 60 degrees above the west horizon in a south-south-westerly direction. Much slower than a satellite."

(b) While out delivering newspapers, a man, looked south from Ashby, and saw a bright object in the distance. "It was white in colour like it was reflecting the setting sun.." Clouds were mid-level altocumulus. "The object was just sitting there, then very slowly began to move...I got the impression it was elongated..." His son also saw it. Clouds were moving to the east. Not a helicopter or aircraft.
(Email from witness to Keith Basterfield.)

(c) Nicole Dennis of Perth reported "We saw it too and got the telescope out, saw it around 5.30pm and was visible until the sun went down. Looked really cool in telescope." In describing the telescopic view, Nicole posted a photograph of a white high altitude balloon (not the small weather balloons) to illustrate what she saw.
Perth UFO Casebook Facebook page.

(d) The Perth UFO Casebook page carried a number of other observations of the same object.

29 January 2015 2100hrs Mt Direction, Tasmania Hours Telephone
Two witnesses living at a country residence report viewing a light over several evenings. The light is seen in the eastern sky and the witnesses say it remains in the area most of the night. It has appeared to "move about" and seems to come closer. On some occasions it has still been in the sky when the witnesses ceased observation. It is claimed that the dogs have been barking a lot. TUFOIC investigation has yet to be completed.

Older cases:

31 December 2014 Ca midnight Inverloch, Victoria ?mins Case under investigation
Jacqui was at her neighbour's house waiting for the fireworks to start at midnight from the RACV club at Inverloch on New Years Eve. She spotted about three or four objects, high in the sky. She thought they were lanterns. They were moving in a south/west direction.

31 December 2014 2115hrs West End, Brisbane ?mins Raw
Antoinette O'Brien " Approx west maybe 1km high very large cylinder, 4 lights, quivering jellyfish like edges, very fast and silent."

30 December 2014 2030hrs Windsor, Brisbane, Queensland ?mins Raw
"A man came across a police road block so diverted through an industrial estate and came upon a formation of 20 to 30 small white lights blinking randomly and moving slowly in the the sky about low helicopter height. These lights were in a cone shaped formation about the size of a house. He stopped his vehicle and got out to have a look and noticed the formation was followed by a second smaller blinking light that he thought could possibly be a light aircraft. He heard an electronic buzzing noise coming from the direction of the group of lights which he observed for 30 seconds before the formation disappeared. As it moved from view it seemed to pass over the area of the road block."
UFO Research Queensland

27 December 2014 2200hrs Sorrento, Victoria ?mins Raw
Ngaire reported observing a "bright red light" which passed to the north of her house. Initially she thought it was "the local police helicopter. It emitted light in all directions" and was a solid and very slightly pulsating red colour. Then another one was seen travelling in the same direction at the same speed. They turned towards Queenscliff and "faded almost immediately." Two more were seen a few minutes later. No noise. On 28 December at 2200hrs two more were seen.

25 December 2014 ?hrs Tocumwal, Victoria ?hrs Under investigation
Matt saw three objects in a tight triangle formation moving across the sky. Each a single white , star like light, brighter tahn any star or satellite in the sky. Moving two or three times faster than any satellite I've ever seen. All three objects slowed to astop not suddenly, but stopped for less than one second. All threeobjects immediately shot in three different directions (no sound) and were all gone over each respective horizon within the blink of an eye. The objects did not seem to be close to the ground at all.

14 December 2014 2118hrs Adelaide, South Australia ?mins Raw
During a thunderstorm a witness was filming. "I saw a vague shape go over me, transparent but my backyard light uplit it. Happened within a few seconds. It was around 30 feet long and about 50 feet high above me and made no noise...I have captured on video transparent UFOs in the past."
MUFON Case management system

11 December 2014 ?hrs Northern suburbs, Adelaide, South Australia ?mins Raw
Matt noticed an anomalous light, flashing multiple colours . It was moving horizontally and vertically. Soundless. "Only 3kms from big airforce base."

27 November 2014 1500hrs Landsborough Nova, Victoria ?hrs Under investigation
As we saw the last time (on 9th Nov.) a twin-tailed meteor crossed the sky, appearing to cirumnavigate the earth. Two shortish tails, close together, white in colour, (just like the last two meteors we saw.) Happened around three in the afternoon. And then we saw another one, (identical), at around six in the evening on the same day. And it was heading in the exact same direction . Cannot find plausible explanation for these objects (or meteors) on the Net.

20 October 2014 ?hrs Grantville, Victoria ?mins Under investigation
Brett. I have 2 photos I did not see it at the time but it stands out in 2 of the many photos we took, can I get your opinion please.

29 September 2014 1200hrs Great Ocean Road, Victoria ?hrs Under investigation
We were travelling on Great Ocean Road (possibly somewhere between Lorne and Apollo Bay) when we stopped to admire the view. My daughter (11) took some pics with her iphone 4. Not sure what this is - could be a bird? I was also looking at the view but in the other direction and didn't notice this but it came up on her photo. Could be nothing - just thought I'd seek opinion.

5 September 2013 ?hrs Brookvale, Sydney, New South Wales ?mins Raw
"I had a phone call on December 11th 2014 from a fellow called Jeff in Tasmania who was watching a rugby league game on TV - 5th September 2013. Manly playing Melbourne at Brookvale. At the 43mins 28 seconds into the game, suddenly a white orb appeared and veered left as he watched the screen. It went straight toward the gaol line, in amongst the players just before a tackle occurred. He reckoned it was travelling at about 50kmh. The orb then took off in a northerly direction. It was white, solid and tennis ball size..." Mariana Flynn of UFORNSW advises that Jeff phoned Tim Allen at Fox Sports who viewed the clip and also saw the orb. Jeff secured a copy of the relevant footage and sent it to Mariana.
UFO Research New South Wales

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