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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 30, 1999

George Filer:
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In 1950, President Harry S. Truman stated, "I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any POWER on earth." White House Press Conference on April 4, 1950.

In 1959, Dr. Wernher von Braun, a great space pioneer, made an intriguing statement, reported in Germany. Referring to the deflection from orbit of the US Juno 2 rocket, he stated: "We find ourselves faced by POWER far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those POWERS, and in six or nine months' time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter." Thanks to Neues Europa 1/1/79, and "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good.

In the year 62, Paul wrote: "For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the POWERS, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6-10.

Editor's Note: Perhaps its just a coincidence that persons with apparent inside knowledge should use POWERS to describe these visitors. It is my belief that the answer to the riddle of the UFOs is found in the statements made by various worldwide leaders and in ancient religious writings. They generally point to visitation of the Earth by POWERS rather than simply visitors. POWERS infer a fairly large force with an ability to operate with national might with both spiritual and political strength. My personal feeling is these POWERS effect mankind to a much greater extent than most of us realize.

JAY LENO stated on his late night television show on April 26, 1999, regarding the alien visitors. "Only buy products made on Earth. Look for the Earthling label before you buy."


WEST MIFFLIN -- Stan Gordon reports two UFO sightings over the suburbs of Pittsburgh, during the past week. On April 21, 1999, the occupants of a car saw an object that looked like an 1/8 slice of pizza at 9:15 PM. The crust end of the pizza was flying forward and was covered with numerous white non-blinking lights. Witnesses could only see the silhouette of the craft against the sky. The observers live near the flight path of an airport, and are familiar with seeing various types of aircraft. The nearly triangular shaped object was seen at the same time as a commercial airliner aircraft was observed moving towards Pittsburgh. According to one of the viewers, the triangle was above the airplane, and stopped as the aircraft continued. Suddenly the UFO caught up and began to pace the aircraft. The triangle shaped object was in a diagonal position with the plane when a bright beam of white light was emitted towards the commercial aircraft. The beam at first was narrow, but expanded until it completely illuminated the aircraft. Then the beam of light vanished.

SOUTH PARK - Several nights later on April 25, 1999, a witness who is a professional and works in a scientific field saw a UFO. He had recently started a photography course and was out on a photographic class project, shooting some landscape shots when the sighting occurred. He observed a V formation of six or seven lights moving east above the moon. The lights were an orangish-pinkish-white color, very luminous and non-blinking. They were slow moving lights and sighting was observed from 7:25 to 7:35 P.M. The witness took several photographs of the light formation, and is awaiting development of the film. Thanks to Stan Gordon PA UFO Hotline 724-838-7768 Website:

Editor's Note: The triangular pizza shape UFO was often reported over the Hudson Valley in the 1980s.


The witness was "deadheading" on a flight from Atlanta to Orlando without passengers. She and the other "sky goddesses" were hanging out in the back when the Captain called them all forward. The Captain wanted them to see what he and the copilot were looking at. She describes it as a big cigar shaped craft, just off the wing, approximately the length of the plane or slightly bigger. It stayed there for 20 minutes or so. It was the most interesting and terrifying thing she had ever seen. The Captain called it in (probably not a smart move) and had a conversation with the tower. This, I guess, had to be done because of regulations, etc. Eventually the craft flew off without a discernible exhaust. On landing, they were met by "official" guys in black suits and taken to a room and ordered NEVER to discuss what they had seen. She took this as a physical threat. Thanks to CAUS and Zog (


KENNEWICK - The night skies across Eastern Washington were lit up April 21, 1999, by a giant fireball. The flaming orange object was seen from Prosser to the Spokane area and was likely part of the Lyrid meteor shower that climaxed Wednesday, said Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. Even the Missoula emergency dispatch line was flooded with calls, Davenport said. Many eyewitnesses said it was bigger than they imagined possible. Based on two reports out of Spokane, Davenport said the meteor appeared "larger than the disk of a full moon" and had "some kind of peculiar green tail behind it." Thanks to Peter Davenport. Editors Note: There have been a series of strange reports regarding meteor showers and Fastwalkers that seem to penetrate our atmosphere. You should be aware that meteorites are more precious than gold. If you can find one it can be sold for thousands of dollars. If you get a real UFO we're offering a million.


LAS VEGAS -- On March 21, 1999, at 7:15 PM, a policeman reports, "I observed five oblong shaped objects, reddish orange in color, flying in a loose formation, side by side." These objects were traveling from south to north over the western side of the City of Las Vegas, where I reside. As these objects flew north, I called my wife, who came outside and also observed the objects. At this time, the objects broke formation and began flying amongst themselves at incredible speeds. They continued doing this for a short time and then regained an online formation and continued north. After they had passed over our home, they suddenly again broke formation and two of the objects veered off in a northwest direction and three began flying in a northeast direction. They were still visible to us when they again veered back into an online formation and then disappeared out of view, still in a northerly direction. The whole episode lasted about 5 to 10 seconds. The altitude was estimated to be about 40,000 plus feet. There was no sound detected. I am a recently retired Police Sergeant, from California, and have moved to the Las Vegas area. I spent 30 years with my Department and really never believed in UFO's. After seeing these objects and the way they were able to maneuver, I know we have nothing capable of such speeds.

An E-mail from Anchorage, Alaska states, "In the early to mid 70's I lived in Las Vegas, NV. I was trick-or-treating with my son on Halloween night 1974, when we not only saw a UFO, but were engulfed in it's light." Everyone else in the neighborhood was also hit by the light. I know some time was lost, but don't know how much. When we recovered, our trick-or-treating was over. Neither of us remember anything after the light engulfed us until it was over. But we do remember that we acknowledged to each other what was happening. I remember checking in the paper the next day and there was a paragraph or two many pages into the paper saying there had been UFO reports, but it was explained as something promotional. We saw the UFO so close (it was right at the tree tops -- which are not very tall in Las Vegas) and there was no mistaking what it was. I have always believed in UFO's and had no fear of this experience afterwards. My son, however, who was in 3rd or 4th grade at the time and is now 32 years old and still has nightmares about it. Thanks to Alaska.


Pilots in four commercial airliners saw a red object moving rapidly over Danish aerospace on February 3, 1999. According to the Daily Mail in England, the pilots saw a fast moving object that suddenly stopped before departing at 5:30 PM. It was also seen on radar. Clas Svahn of UFO-Sweden is investigating the case. He has contacted the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), two of the aircraft were from SAS, Debonair Airlines whose pilot filed the report, Danish Civil Aviation Authority and flight security department - Swedish military radar experts - Swedish astronomer who is an expert on Bolides and meteors. The Civil Aviation Authority faxed to Clas Svahn the following information: "Unidentified bright light below BAe146 at FL280 [28.000 feet, 8.400 meters]. Area below aircraft was illuminated for 10 seconds by incandescent light which was not considered to be an aircraft landing light. Three other aircraft reported seeing object moving at high speed or static. ATC at Kastrup, Copenhagen was informed, but they reported no other aircraft in the vicinity. Five minutes later a radar return was present at 75 miles on the aircraft's weather radar. The atmosphere was reported as stable and no other aircraft were in vicinity." It is clear that the report has been exaggerated in English and Swedish media. The object was not, as stated in Daily Mirror as large as a battleship. It was no object at all, but a light shining on the sea below the aircraft. Professor Bertil Lindblad, an authority on Bolides, confirms that they do leave behind a trail of ionized gas that reflects on radar. The ten-second observation tends to confirm that the object was most likely a bolide, but research continues. Thanks to Clas Svahn of UFO Sweden


GRAFTON -- Barry Taylor reports that on: "March 24, 1999, at 7:30 PM, an orange UFO approached heading towards northwest. This type of orange UFO was the same that I, and many other residents had witnessed between June and October last year." First seen at around 2,000 feet, the object quickly climbed to pass overhead and through the 3,500 feet cloud base and out of sight. On March 30th, at 6:20 PM another orange UFO's flew directly over Grafton towards the south dropping 'sparks' from its underside before fading out. Two witnesses saw a small black, square shaped object continue moving on the same flight path and altitude as when illuminated. This article and image was published on the front page of the "Daily Examiner" Newspaper on April Fools' Day. My phone began ringing at 7:.30 AM concerning the UFOs. There were 13 calls reporting Orange UFO's over town. Around 9:15 PM, I received an anonymous call claiming that there were people setting off illuminated garbage bags. I drove to an area that gives an unobstructed view over Grafton. I saw two persons launch a bright orange fiery illuminated device that quickly rose into the air. They then jumped into a car and sped off. I video taped this orange sphere that was 3 feet in diameter rose to about 60 feet. Viewed on infrared night vision, I could see heat rising around the sides and over the top of the object. Unlike the real UFO's where the corona on I. R. is even all the way around with 'spikes' top and bottom. The object drifted about 500 feet down wind than began to fall with 'falling leaf' motion. I must admit, it was very impressive. It had a special explosive burnt chemical smell. The launch of this object was irresponsible and could have started a fire. Later, I saw another orange UFO heading in my direction. I went outside and stood in the front yard of the house and filmed this orange object. It was not one of the man made hoaxes, it was a real UFO. It hovered for 1.5 minutes at 1,500 feet. In 1996, persons from US operations at Pine Gap Australia, were caught while launching man made inflatable fiery devices at the time of orange UFO reports around Alice Springs. So are the same forces at work in Grafton today? Thanks to Barry Taylor.

Editor's Note: Why was someone trying to cover UFO operations with fake devices?

AUSTRALIA: Two professional scientists and their kids wrote on April 24, 1999. Last night my family and I watched two comet like objects in the western sky just after sunset, close to the horizon. Both followed a normal rotation of the Earth in their paths through the sky near the ecliptic, and remained of constant size and shape on viewing by telescope or binoculars for an hour. Hence these strange objects must be large and far away. The first was bright and fiery like a comet, with a compact head and long two-pronged tail; while the second was dark and elongated as for a doubly sharpened pencil. The second followed the first by 15 minutes through the sky on roughly the same path. Both could be seen by the naked eye, but only from a high viewing position. We were prepared to photograph these objects tonight, but the horizon was cloudy. Two weeks ago, a local observer noted a similar dark pencil-shaped object close to the horizon, just after sunrise. Whether natural or artificial, the objects must be quite large say 1-10 km. Thanks to: (Rocket the border collie)


Brian Zeiler reports more astronomers than generally realized have seen UFOs. The list is compiled in a 1964 compilation of data from NICAP, a civilian UFO group with mostly Ph.D.s on the board of directors. Very scientific, pragmatic, academic group. On July 10, 1947, a top astronomer saw an elliptical object which hovered, wobbled, ascended suddenly. August of 1949, Clyde W. Tombaugh, astronomer saw a circular pattern of rectangular lights, keeping fixed interval. Summer 1948, Carl Mitchell, physicist saw three luminescent greenish discs one-second apart, pass across sky from N to S. On March 20, 1950, Seymour L. Hess, meteorology and astronomy saw a disc or sphere in apparent "powered" flight. On August 3, 1951, Walter Webb, an astronomer saw a bright glowing light moving in undulating path. In 1952, W. Gordon Graham, astronomer saw an UFO "like a smoke ring, elliptical in shape, and having two bright pinpoints of light along its main axis move overhead from west to east. On August 5, 1952, James Bartlett, astronomer saw during the daylight observation of Venus a flight of two disks with a diameter about 30 minutes of arc; passed overhead and turned east. Then two more disks with dome-like protrusions in center. On June 11, 1954, H. Percy Wilkins, an astronomer saw two silvery objects "like polished metal plates" moving against the wind. A third grayish oval arced across sky. On November 25, 1954, Marcos Guerci, meteorologist saw two luminous objects observed from airport; one apparently semicircular, other circular. 12/7/54 R. H. Kleyweg, meteorologist. Hemispherical disk tracked through theodolite. 11/1/55 Frank Halstead, astronomer. A cigar-shaped object followed by domed disk. 6/18/57 Henry Carlock, physicist. Observing sky with telescope; twice glimpsed UFO with halo around it and "what appeared to be three portholes." 11/10/57 Jacques Chapuis, astronomer at Toulouse Observatory saw a maneuvering yellow star-like object for 5 minutes. The UFO finally ascended straight up out of sight. 5/22/60, Observatory Staff Majorca . Triangular UFO about 1/4 apparent size of moon sighted at 9:33 AM, spinning on its axis while on steady course. 3/16/61 R. J. Villela, a meteorologist in Antarctica saw a fireball-like object in low-level flight. 5/20/62 C. A. Maney, a physicist with six others saw a maneuvering light, turn sharply, and make sudden changes in speed. These reports cover only though 1964, so this should annihilate the myth that astronomers and scientists don't see UFOs. Thanks to- Brian Zeiler and NICAP.


On June 24, 1998, the Millennium Group Research Team posted the very first shot of what is now popularly known as "The ORCA." A strange tower like object that appears near Sunspot 8458. In October of 1998, the team began seeing a strange object in the lower left hand corner of the SOHO C2 images. At first it was thought to be an imaging anomaly, perhaps a wrinkle in a filter. We ignored it, but noticed it would show up intermittently for a few days and then it would be gone for a few days. The strange object that apparently is of tremendous size is called the Tower and only the tip of the Tower appears to be showing. It appears to be long and cylindrical as if it were a "tube" that had been sliced off at an angle. There is another shorter tower next to it. An image from the satellite YOHKOH also appears to show the geometric anomaly with extensions out of the center at a right angle and rays of light emanating from behind the object. It's as if sun light were radiating through or around a cloud, leading observers to conclude that this object is NOT on the surface, but at some distance from the sun. No other "sunspots" on the surface of the sun appear geometric like the Tower. The anomalies can be seen from two DIFFERENT satellites making it more likely that these are not image processing or digital aberrations. The strange mechanical looking structure does NOT appear to be a digital aberration because it is several pixels wide and there is evidence of tonal color gradation near the edges. This implies that someone did not put it there without considerable effort. See photos at:


CAPE TOWN -- Nostradamus by Jeremy Lovell (Reuters) - World War Three will start in July in the Balkans, last seven months and end in victory for the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization, according to a new analysis of 16th century French seer Nostradamus. `He is clear it will start before the end of the century during the period of Cancer which is between June 22 and July 23, and in a triangle bordered by Greece, Italy and Turkey, which is the Balkans.'' University of Stellenbosch Professor of Political Science Willie Breytenbach told Reuters, I have to emphasize I am a skeptic. I am an academic who was bored on a Sunday. But what I found was so chilling that I put pen to paper,'' he added. NATO allies have been bombing targets in Serbia in a so-far abortive effort to force Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic to stop expelling the ethnic Albanian majority from Kosovo. The air campaign has triggered angry responses from Russia, caused a biblical exodus of refugees from Kosovo and forced the allies to contemplate sending in ground forces. Breytenbach said he found references to the conflict in 18 of the 950 quatrains written by Michel de Notre Dame in 1555. In one quatrain he mentions the Slav people and war in the mountains which, taken with what we know and the talk of land forces, all gelled,'' he added. One of the quatrains also mentions a tyrant whose name begins with `M,' which could refer to Milosevic. Another notes that the Serbs will change their prince, which Breytenbach took to be a reference to the possible overthrow of the Serb leader. In another verse there is a reference to three years and seven months of peace before the war. The Dayton peace accord to which Milosevic was a signatory, finally ended the conflict in Bosnia on November 21, 1995. Adding three years and seven months to that brings us to the end of June 1999,'' Breytenbach said. Nostradamus made several references to the involvement of Greece, Turkey and Italy. Nostradamus, is quite clear the war will last seven months and the victor will have been born in America."
Editor's Note: I predict WW III war will be averted and Milosevic will be ousted.


NASA --A report from Jack Grimston indicates that NASA is considering funding research into wormholes, anomalies in space that could provide a short cut to space travel and allow astronauts to crisscross the universe in an instant. NASA is impressed with new research that suggests that wormholes, tunnels that are thought to link points in space separated by billions of kilometers, could be used for space travel. A NASA spokesman said although the research could take decades, the potential rewards were too great to ignore: "This could revolutionize space travel and ultimately allow interstellar voyages." The existence of wormholes was first proposed by Albert Einstein 64 years ago, but physicists have always argued that they would generate such powerful gravitational fields that nobody could enter them. New research suggests, however, that such forces could be neutralized using negative mass -- space from which all the energy has been sucked out. Negative mass was once considered a purely theoretical concept, but its existence has been demonstrated by scientists at a government research facility in Los Alomos. NM. A second group of researchers, led by Matt Visser, at Washington University in St Louis has calculated that negative mass could be used to manipulate small wormholes, making them large enough for a spaceship to pass through. Wormholes are best imagined by drawing two spots on a piece of paper and bending the paper so that the two dots touch. They are together, but remain the same distance apart on the paper. Professor Visser believes that negative mass could be used to expand and stabilize smaller wormholes. If the research succeeds, it would transform humankind's view of its place in the universe. Scientists believe that, while the universe could be riddled with millions of tiny wormholes. But at the moment we are effectively stranded on Earth - a spacecraft could take thousands of years to reach the nearest constellations. The amount of negative mass demonstrated by scientists at the Los Alamos laboratory is so small that only the most sensitive instruments can detect it. Australian Sunday Times 4/20/99


Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force. During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB, where tower operator Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command. I have met and spoken to Sorrels who is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment in which he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival recordings. The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106 interceptors. You are there in an important part of UFO history. Hear it for yourself, its probably the best tape ever made and its record of a real event. The cost of the tape is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- the buyer can send either a personal check or money order to: INDEPENDENT INTERNATIONAL, Box 565, Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857. This a great tape to listen to with your friends. Even most military men enjoy the tape and feel it is authentic.

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