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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 1, 2004

George Filer:
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[Please note that a slight error has crept into this issue from George Filer. Peter Davenport is Director of NUFORC and the website is at: Brian Vike operates the HBCC UFO Research website - John @ UFOINFO]

Flying Triangle Evidence

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis that UFOs are flying in our skies. Flying Triangle Evidence, Saturn's - Unidentified Lights, Mars - Welcome Sign on Burn's Crater, Life Came From Space, New York - Four Objects Fly in a Circle, Pennsylvania - UFO Effects TV, South Carolina - Teardrop and Hovering Triangle, Ohio - VHS Video of UFO,Michigan - Flying Triangle, Wisconsin - Seven White Saucers, Indiana - Teardrop, Illinois - Flying Triangles, Nevada - Half Moon UFOs, New Mexico - Metallic Orange Lights, California - Erratic Flying Objects, Washington - Flying Triangle, Canada - Discs, Mexico - Six spheres, England - Oval UFO, Philippines - Red UFOs, and Google Turns Author Over To Critic - Chilling Effect.

Flying Triangle Evidence

The Space Shuttle is no longer flying due to the apparent complexity of the craft and errors in management that have lead to the crash of two shuttles. Conversely, we have received over one hundred UFO reports each week for the last ten years, and can conclude that a very sophisticated and reliable technology is flying in our skies and in space. Many scientists claim UFOs do not exist, yet they have never examined the data, examined the radar tapes, nor even talked to the eye witnesses. Some of the greatest and most intelligent people on Earth have been eye witnesses to UFO technology that is far beyond anything known to exist in our technology. A new exciting world is available to those who will examine this evidence. Common among hundreds of reports are Flying Triangles that hover or fly at extremely low altitude at 100 to 200 feet above highways and buildings. These craft operate well below the minimum flight rules for the safe operation of aircraft and are often reported by police for over twenty years. They also create a road safety hazard. They are described as having rounded wing tips with bright intense lights on each corner, usually with a large red light in the center. They make little or no sounds. They hover and then depart at high speeds. Today, in a terrorist environment these craft could also present a terrorist threat and should be reported to Homeland Security and NORAD.

Saturn - Cassini Satellite Sees Lights

R. David Anderson writes, I have been comparing Saturn Cassini Images # 00007211 and Cassini Image # 00007442 that JPL received on July 22, 2004. This bright object has moved thousands of miles in a short time. There are many other interesting images sent back to JPL from Cassini near Saturn. You can change the image number(s) yourself... in order to see other images of this object above and near Saturn.

"Of course NASA will come up with another explanation for these pictures like dust specks, cosmic rays, flaw in optics, and the like. They may have a more difficult time explaining this one because the object will be in one frame and then not even be in the next frame, and moves radically in the next frame all the way to the bottom". A large fast moving lighted object in space would appear to have its own propulsion system. See the following web site for numerous JPL images showing movement.

Two More Planets Found

US astronomers say they have found two more Neptune-sized planets orbiting stars beyond our Solar System. Dr Geoff Marcy, of the University of California states, "I expect we'll find dozens of planets between 10 and 20 Earth masses in the next few years and we are poised to find true Earth-sized worlds!" This is a breakthrough in finding smaller planets in the search for life in space. The new planets are only 15 times more massive than the Earth down from Jupiter-class, that are 318 times more massive than the Earth. One of the new planets is in the first four-planet system ever discoveredWell over a hundred planets have now been located outside the solar system and there may be hundreds of Earth's just waiting to be found relatively close to us.

Life Came From Space

Astrobiologists are examining what could be evidence of extraterrestrial microfossils inside a meteorite that fell to France 140 years ago. The Orgueil meteorite, a type of space rock known as a carbonaceous chondrite, has long sparked questions about potential traces of life from space. NASA astrobiologist Richard Hoover shared his research team's preliminary findings that samples showed what appeared to be fossilized traces of cyanobacteria within the soft rock. Biologists have come to believe that life might have gotten its start in Earth's oceans in the form of cyanobacteria — but to find such traces in a rock that apparently spent millions of years in space rather than in water came as a surprise. Any scientist's first thought would be that the biological structures were the result of earthly contamination, but Hoover said the structures' composition argues strongly against that. "The organic matter contains isotopes that absolutely could not be from terrestrial contamination," he said.

Mars - Welcome Sign on Burns's Crater

The Mars Rover moved up to Burn's Crater and found a Martian Welcome Sign. Can anyone read Martian? It is my opinion these are not natural erosion marks. On the top right of the crater there appears to be TPYIX IIV

East Coast - High Altitude Anomaly

MUFON's Kim Shaffer reports, "At 8:35 PM, a strange high altitude anomaly was seen over most of the Rast coast on August 31, 2004, including by persons in Tennessee. Preliminarily, reports have been received by Peter Davenport and myself from most Eastern states..

The anomaly was spotted by this witness at about the same time which indicates that it was at an extreme altitude and probably in space. Most descriptions of the object were generally the same, a white concentric body with four wing like structures and a flashing strobe white light affixed to the end.

MUFON Tennessee analysis indicates this was a classified military cargo using the last Atlas 2 rocket ever to fly successfully delivering a U.S. reconnaissance satellite into space and ending a chapter in rocket history. The flight also marked the last time a rocket would liftoff from pad 36A at Cape Canaveral. However, a rocket with a strobe light and a launch over the US seems questionable? Thanks to Kim Shaffer MUFON TN Director

New York - Four Objects Fly in a Circle

STATEN ISLAND - The witness was traveling south on Hylan Boulevard on August 24, 2004, at 10 PM, when he sited four white objects which took on an appearance of the light of advertising lights on this hazy evening. They were traveling southeast about 40 mph and were playing a game like ring around the rosé. They would come together in the center, touch, and then go back out again. They continued to travel separately, in a circle and then come together and touch, and then go back out. They did this ten or twelve times. He states, "I followed them for as long as I could, about a mile or so until the end of the road where it is pretty deserted. The lights continued until I lost sight of them. I got the impression a couple other cars were also watching what I saw.

Pennsylvania - UFO Effects TV

POTTSTOWN -- It was about 2:30 AM, on August 10, 2004, and the non cable TV channels kept getting very fuzzy. The witness noticed a strange flying object with different colors. He states, "When I ran to my window, I saw three yellow lights in a row with the middle one a little bit lower than the other two." The object was making the TV go haywire with loud static, and a humming noise. The object was going straight up, not on a slant like airplanes. I called all the airports in my area and there were no airplanes flying at that time. When the UFO was over my house my TV's went crazy then as soon as it was gone they came back to normal operation. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

South Carolina - Teardrop and Hovering Triangle

GREENVILLE - At 11:15 PM, the witness was heading east on I-185 on August 23, 2004, when he saw four white lights, about 1.5 the brightness of Venus in a line that was a distance of about 1.5 the diameter of a full moon. A fifth light was in back of the four lights. About half way between the single light, and the middle of the four lights there was one red light slightly brighter than the white ones. He exited onto I-85 south and turned around and went back to try and find a place where he could stop his car. The object was moving very slowly south parallel to I-85 about 65 degrees up. From this angle there were two white lights, the same distance apart as the farthest of the line of four and there was a red light, about 1/4 the diameter of the moon above the middle of the white lights. I watched it for about a minute and looked back and it was gone. It is possible that it flew into a cloud. He turned around again but it had disappeared.

TEGA CAY -- It was 5:45 PM, on August 23, 2004, when I noticed what looked to be a black teardrop shaped object flying low over the tree line. It was a was cloudy afternoon and the object was moving sideways in a straight and unaltered path. It had no wings, no lights, and was not shaped as such. At first, he thought it was a large balloon, that was not very large. It was not moving with the slight breeze, because it was moving so straight. It seemed to move quickly, but not nearly as fast as an airplane, such as a bush plane. I am not sure what it was, since I am not experienced in this type of situation. but it was quite unusual. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio - VHS Video of UFO

FOSTORIA - - A low flying UFO was captured on video about 300 yards from the camera by George Ritter near his home. George Ritter can reproduce his video in his backyard laboratory on a regular basis. I encourage universities to examine this fantastic technology. Researchers are flying in from Sweden and Germany, but few in the US seem interested. I drove to Ohio and visited with George and watched him video tape. We did not see the craft, but high speed UFOs were on the video. There were also comparatively slow moving insects and birds.

Low level UFO located behind farm on August 27, 2004. Thanks to George Ritter

Michigan - Flying Triangle

ANN ARBOR --On Thursday, August 19, 2004 at around 10 PM, the observer was driving home on the M-14 Expressway when he noticed a large bright object just over the trees up ahead. As he got closer, he saw three large circles with a flashing orange circle in the middle of a triangular pattern. He states, "I was the only car on the westbound side of the expressway so I slowed way down to around 15 mph to observe an object flying at 200 feet in altitude and just past the Gotfredson exit about fifty yards off the expressway. As I got closer and was more directly under it, I noticed that the intense lights were attached to the structure of a triangular shaped object that was slightly darker than the night sky. It probably wasn't more than 30 feet deep. The lights did not throw any reflection up to the structure and had no reflective properties at all. Even the ground below was not lit up by any light. With as bright as these lights were and how close it was to the ground, I couldn't understand why nothing was lit up?

This flying triangle was large about the size of a 747 or so. The ends of the triangle were blunted, they were not sharp. The object made no noise as it hovered over crop fields and woods. The craft was staying stock-still. I watched the object for two more minutes and it never moved. The only motion was the orange light blinking in the middle of the three other lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin - Seven White Saucers in Formation

OSHKOSH - The observer reports he actually viewed a live news broadcast on the local NBC news affiliate, WTMJ4 here in Milwaukee on August 20, 2004 of a breaking story of an accident on I41 at the 4:30 report outside of Oshkosh and they had live footage from a helicopter. The clock was 4:58 then turned 4:59 PM. "I was watching the footage and noticed seven silver/white on the top and dark on the bottom, saucer shaped objects fly in a 'V' formation across the bottom of the screen. I have Tevo so I pressed record, because what I saw shocked me. My husband and I later viewed the recording and were totally amazed and a little freaked out. These objects were absolutely NOT birds or anything else like that. At one point it almost looks as if one of them got too close to another and sort of "bounces" off of the other, and at times you can see the formation "adjusting". You can plainly see that they are in between the helicopter and traffic that was backed up from the accident on the ground. You can also tell that they are traveling over at least 75 mph, because they are going faster than the traffic on the highway below. I'm totally amazed and confused, and think you will be too.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness, and she sounded sober-minded to us. We have requested still images from the tape. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Indiana - Teardrop

NEW HAVEN - The witness spotted what I thought at first was an aircraft with its landing lights on approaching from the northeast on August 24, 2004. It was going really fast and when he glanced up as it passed behind him, he drove up a short distance and turned east when he saw the craft again. It was going away from me flying in a straight line and that's when I saw what lead me to believe it was UFO. It had two sets of what looked like three windows on the back with a flashing red light located where a plane's tailfin would be located. I lost it below the horizon after it got past the treeline. I realized that this object did not make a sound. My friend convinced me to report this sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois - Flying Triangles

LAKE IN THE HILLS - A network Computer Engineer for twenty years and his chemist wife witnessed a triangular shaped object moving across the sky on August 20, 2004, from10:25 to 10:27 PM. At first glance it looked like three lights heading south. Then the flying triangle flew right over their heads at a low altitude and its length was longer than three large commercial aircraft. The witness looked at the flying triangle (this object) through Tasco mini binoculars. The object had three lights with one located on each corner. The object tilted toward the west and then leveled off. The witness grew up in Elk Grove Village with a commercial flight path over the top of my parents' home since I was two years old. The witness states, "This was something that I have never seen before and my wife agrees that this was the strangest object we have ever seen. "The object only stayed in sight for three minutes and completely vanished right in front of us in the partly cloudy sky."

CHICAGO -- A mother and daughter telephoned NUFORC, to report that they had witnessed a very peculiar event from their 22nd-floor apartment in downtown Chicago on August 20, 2004. Both witnesses reported that they witnessed one, or more, bright lights, that “looked like fireworks, but with no tail,” moving toward their building. Suddenly, the lights reportedly stopped, and turned into some type of unlighted ship, hovering motionless in the night sky. The first ship appeared to “split” into two seemingly similar-looking craft. Neither of the witnesses thought she had ever seen a UFO before. NUFORC found these witnesses to be quite sincere. `Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois - Veteran Teacher Remembers UFO Visit

Len Wells, Courier and Press correspondent writes: Mount Erie native Norman Massie dies at 91. He had taught school in Wayne County for 37 years and once served as principal. While the folks in Southern Illinois will remember Coach Massie for his many years in education, perhaps the world will remember him for what he witnessed 81 years ago - when he was just 10 years old. It was a warm day in June 1923 when he saw what he was convinced until his last days was a spaceship. In a 1998 interview with Norman, he told me, "I opened the gate to let the horses into the pasture. I looked back down the field and there was an object with lights all around it," Massie said. "I kept walking closer to the object until I got about 50 feet away. I stood there and watched the five men who were on board."

I've heard Norman tell this story many times, and it was always the same - never embellished from one time to the next. "The machine was metallic and stood on three legs. The top was a dome with holes in it. The best way I could describe the top was it looked like melted glass," Massie said. "I got close enough that I could hear them talk. One guy sat in a chair and the others called him the commander. Four others made trips back and forth in the ship. I didn't know what was going on until the end. Then, one of the crew members told the commander that the repairs had been made." Massie said the whole experience lasted about five minutes. In a matter of minutes, he said, it came to a hovering position; the tripod legs telescoped up into the belly of the thing, went straight up about 200 feet and whizzed off to the west like a bullet.

Norman's mom and dad tried to convince him that he really hadn't seen anything - that he had made the whole thing up. Then, in 1990, he got up the nerve and told his son who served as a colonel in the Air Force about the incident. "He told me there was nothing wrong with me. He said the Air Force files are full of pictures of UFOs. He accepted my story as the truth." Norman Massie was never afraid that people might think he was a crazy old man for what he had seen. "In my own mind and my own heart, it existed and I saw it with my own two eyes." Norman is gone now. He leaves his wife, four children, seven grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and a remarkable story from his childhood. His story has traveled around the globe, and is still shared by those who remain convinced we've received visitors from other planets.,1626,ECP_734_3128914,00.html

New Mexico - Metallic Orange Lights

SILVER CITY -- On August 21, 2004, two brothers witnessed two brilliant orange metallic lights flying side-by-side over the Silver City Mountains at 9 PM, for thirty minutes. We are at an altitude of 6,000 feet and the lights were higher and just to the west of the mountains. Looking through binoculars the lights were solid with no other lights in or around them. The two lights behaved like the Phoenix lights, fading in and out for some thirty minutes and appeared in three locations. The lights did not behave like flares and there were also aircraft in the vicinity. Stars and a half moon were also visible. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

AZTEC — Debra Mayeux/The Daily Times writes, As research continues into the infamous, yet unproven Aztec UFO crash of 1948, a Canadian film company has released the first full-length documentary about the event. The Aztec Public Library, sponsor of the annual Aztec UFO Symposium, recently received a copy and plans to premiere it at 7 p.m. Thursday at Aztec City Hall. “This video elevates the story to a national level of discussion,” said Leanne Hathcock, librarian and founder of the symposium. It was her research, along with the help of North Carolina resident Scott Ramsey, that led to a renaissance of interest in the purported crash in March 1948 in Hart Canyon north of Aztec. Ramsey has completed countless hours of research and successfully declassified material pertinent to the incident. “We're working very hard in trying to identify two law enforcement officers at the scene, and at the same time trying to be respectful to the families,” Ramsey said. New Mexico and UFOs have become synonymous since the surging popularity of the Roswell crash in July 1947, but Aztec is coming into its own, according to Hathcock and Ramsey. “I think the documentary puts Aztec in a positive light,” Ramsey said. The film begins with a view of San Juan County's high desert landscape and film producer Paul Kimball telling the story of Aztec.

It was a quiet evening north of the county seat, when an oil well fire broke out on a mesa above Hart Canyon. The fire led people to something much more interesting — a crashed UFO containing charred bodies, Kimball tells in the story Ramsey continually attempts to verify. Snip

Nevada - UFOs Pass Jets

FALLON - The witness lives on the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Indian Reservation about 4 miles north of the runway of the Naval Air Station Fallon. This is where they do the Top Gun training made famous by the Tom Cruise movie of the same name. We are 65 miles east of Reno. The witness was trying to get pictures of jets flying east over his house when he saw two UFOs flying west at 11:50 AM, on August 25, 2004.

The witness states, "I heard them and ran outside, but I just missed them in the zoom lens, when I looked up directly overhead I saw two round saucer-like objects that actually looked like the 'logo' from Japan Airlines and I know this sounds crazy but it looked like a Star Trek Klingon Vessel with a see through ring around it." There was actually a white "glow"around them. One of them was doing loops around the other. I called for my wife to come out and she saw them flying circles around each other as they faded from view. I've seen standard military jets all my life and these were not those! Thanks to DK N.U.F.O.G.

California - Erratic Flying Objects

RIDGECREST -- At 9:05 PM, the observer saw a satellite moving in a southeasterly direction on August 9, 2004. The object made a "S" turn and a loop before disappearing into the horizon. The object was white in color, flying extremely high and moving fast. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

LOS ANGELES -- My wife and I were driving south on Highway 5 on August 9, 2004, at five minutes to midnight between Stockton and Bakersfield. At 23:55 pm, I noticed a white light that I assumed was an airplane climbing at a steep 45 angle as during take off. The craft then changed direction and dove toward the ground at a 45 degree angle, stopping five feet from the ground and hovering. The craft was about 200 feet away from us across the north bound lanes. The craft was shaped like a Stingray with three white lights on the top. My wife first saw the maneuvers and the stingray shape with three white lights. Two were at the outside flippers and one light was at the nose in front. My wife heard a jet engine making acceleration and deceleration noises, but I did not hear them. The craft was the size of a normal passenger car. Other cars in the north bound lanes got a better view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington - Flying Triangle

SOAP LAKE (SUN LAKES STATE PARK) Highly credible individuals reported: I did not believe in UFO's until this event. The object was a large triangle. We could not see the craft, only the lights. There was a bright white light on each corner of the craft. It had to be one unit as the lights stayed in the same formation as it moved from north and then south across the night sky. I lost sight of it after about 5 minutes as it appeared to move into space. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Mexico - Six UFOs

TAPACHULA -- Six luminous spheres flew over the Mexicanos Pemex Petroleum Storage Facilities on August 29, 2004. The Disaster Prevention Officer, Juan Carlos Zuñiga Rodríguez said, "Six large spheres having the shape of a circular plate, the size of a commercial airliner, performed flight maneuvers over the distribution terminal at an altitude no greater than 1000 meters flying at abnormal speeds and direction changes." A variety of photographs were taken and showed at least six luminous spheres flying over the area. This data was presented to researcher Jaime Maussan, who immediately commenced verification of the images. He stated. "The tests yielded positive results regarding a central object made of unidentified material, and which appeared to be covered by some sort of radiation very similar to that of the spheres." UFOs are frequently seen around the oil facilities and points adjacent to the Izapa archaeological region, close to where the "Tree of Life, Creation of the Universe" stele is located. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the translation (c) 2004

Canada - Disc

NIAGARA (ST CATHARINES) -- I want to report a UFO sighting in the Niagara Falls region on Monday August 30, 2004, around 11PM, I was on the piers in Port Dalhousie fishing when I noticed a white and purple rectangular shaped craft over St. Catharines. I first noticed the UFO when it appeared to be over Lake Street heading east at extremely fast speeds. It went from the Lake street area to south of Port Weller in 4 to 5 seconds at a descending angle stopping at maybe 800 to 1000 feet. It then performed unbelievable movements up , down and right and left eventually descending south and appeared to land in the region close to the Niagara Airport. Although, there was an air show last weekend, this was nothing close. Thanks to Jim Hickman Executive Director Skywatch International Inc.

VANCOUVER ISLAND -- Phil George writes, "The photograph was taken a couple of weeks ago in the Sooke area of Vancouver Island using my Nikon Coolpix 5700." I saw nothing in the sky when I took it, and saw it later when I uploaded the photographs to my laptop. It is not in any other photographs. My wife and kids did not see anything either. It was the middle of the day. It is not a bird, even at this quality of image this camera can pick out a seagull at 400 feet! I shot around 700 pictures no other photo displays anything like this. Thanks to Phil George

England - Oval UFO

MANCHESTER - The observer was sitting in the garden and heard a loud airplane noise on August 7, 2004, at 3:30 PM, but was unable to see anything at first, then he noticed a silver, oval shaped aircraft overhead. The oval was going at quite a speed, realizing it couldn't possibly be an aero plane. The object carried on flying, then suddenly stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then, darted very fast to the left and hovered for a while. It then went right and went back to where it had started and then just vanished. It was an extremely clear day with not a cloud in the sky, so the whole incident was very clear to see. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Philippines - Red UFOs

LAS PIÑAS CITY - Two unusual reddish-metallic-glares were observed flying east across partly cloudy skies. Another two, followed by three more - appearing from above the western horizon. This unusual sighting could not be mere airplanes, according to 11 year old Nica Canarias, since two of those were seen heading close to the surface of the moon. Nica, the eldest of the three Canarias' siblings who were among the early witnesses, immediately commanded her younger brother, Bien Canarias to summon 9-year old Adrian Israel, a close neighbor whom the kids knew well as a UFO experiencer, whose father Antonio (Tony), incidentally had taken a video footage of UFOs in Las Piñas from an earlier encounter dating - September 3, 2000. As the elder Jose was pointing to the object his father Tony took his video camera and taped them. Tony was joined by other neighbors who observed the objects moving erratically, jerking, floating and jumping in different directions between 7:30 till 8:15 PM, Tony was taking video footages of 5 UFOs as each passed by over the horizon at time intervals of approximately 8 minutes per object, following one after the other. This news is being featured over TV PATROL (August 30, 2004) Thanks to Tony Israel, 4 Mabolo St., Pamplona, Las Piñas City.

Google Turns Author Over To Critic - Chilling Effect

Author Robert Trundle writes, "Google declares how fair it is and how much it eschews censorship. For example, an image of Robert Trundle's book UFOs: Politics, God & Science is posted at Images. The Image site tells Robert that if a copyright owner wants an image removed to follow the simple instructions by sending a detailed letter. The letter is sent because it seems unfair that the image refers to a website that ridicules his book and other book images are not shown that refer to websites where it is not ridiculed . Then, Google displays the other images of the book where it is not ridiculed. And then it takes the images off except for the original image and sends the author an email that states the original image cannot be removed. This seems like a form of censorship so the author challenges that claim. Bingo, not only does the original image alone remain but his letter gets posted on the website with the alarmist headline Author Asks Google To Remove Link to Critic -- Chilling Effects ... Not only does the word “Link” conflate the terms “image” and “website” — misleading the reader to suppose that the author is a mean spirited scoundrel who wants to suppress his open-minded critics when in fact he was not requesting that his critic's website be deleted but only the image when other images were censored.

In addition, the website gives the false impression that the anonymity of its victim is protected, on the outside chance there may be facts about which it is unaware, by blocking out the author's name on the letter sent to Google. But the author's name, of course, is exposed under the headline. And in reply to the author's further complaint that Google's removal instructions make no mention of turning the author's letter over to Chilling Effects, Google replies how fair it is by asserting falsely that it does refer to that website: Whoops, to a “third party.” The moral of the story is that a UFO debunker who links a silliness of religious belief to a belief in UFOs, in a UFO magazine no less, gets publicity while the author unfairly gets censored in a major news media organization. Come to think of it, this is really no news. Thanks to Robert Trundle Ph.D.


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