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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 17, 2005

George Filer:
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UFO Hot Spots

This week's files cover: Electric lights on Saturn, and Phillip Klass dies.

UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia. Many sightings were also reported in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Crimea, France, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. I personally chased a UFO over England while in the Air Force and know something strange is in our skies.

Electric Lights on Saturn

This false-color image of Saturn in ultraviolet light shows the complete circle of an aurora around Saturn’s South Pole and part of the aurora around its North Pole. From almost the beginning of the space age, plasma physicists have known that electric currents flow from regions high above Earth’s equator to the auroral regions around the magnetic poles and that these circuits power the auroras. Presumably, Saturn’s auroras are lit by similar circuitry.

But conventional astrophysicists persist in describing auroras with meteorological metaphors: “hydrogen gas excited by electron bombardment” that responds to “changes in the solar wind.” The inertia of prior belief in the dogma that “you can't get charge separation in space” obscures their perception that the charged particles they measure are in fact separated and that the movement of those charged particles in fact constitutes an electric current. From the measurements of charged-particle movements in Earth’s plasma sheath, plasma physicists have mapped the complex electrical circuits that not only power the auroras but also generate magnetic storms, constitute the so-called radiation belts, likely produce Earth’s magnetic field, and may drive the weather.

Similar circuits but at a larger scale and with more power likely flow in Saturn’s plasma sheath. They would be responsible for Saturn’s auroras as well as it’s polar hot spots, its storms, and lightning. With electric currents flowing everywhere our spacecraft have gone, we must look to plasma physicists and electrical engineers for explanations that fit the facts. Thanks to Skywatch-International

Editor’s Note – Electric and magnetic currents could be the basis of UFO propulsion systems. This would also explain why numerous UFOs have been reported hovering above power lines and power plants.

Skeptic Philip Klass, a loyal opposition dies

Philip J. Klass, 85 an electrical engineer who wrote seven books against the reality of UFOs passed away from prostate cancer on August 9, in Merritt Island, Florida. He was convinced that extraterrestrial UFOs did not exist and were various types of natural and explainable phenomena. I personally had many cordial conversations with him and respected his writing and debating skills. He worked for many years as a top editor at Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. The magazine is often referred to as Aviation Leak, where numerous national secrets are released. Phil Klass apparently was aware of many of our experimental programs that were designed to build flying saucers such as the Silverbug Project and nuclear powered flying saucers.

Mr. Klass appeared on numerous television shows as the loyal opposition. I was invited to speak on the Jackie Mason Television Show a few years ago in northern New Jersey and paid my own transportation costs. Phil was flown from Washington DC and arrived by a chauffeur driven limousine and most likely paid. He certainly was convincing and held his own against many UFO experts. Unfortunately he often belittled those who saw UFOs or claimed to be abducted..

Phil was part of the loyal UFO opposition for more than thirty years. I had many conversations with Phil, but he never wavered in his beliefs. I would send him photos and he would send me some of his own. He often made strong arguments on the veracity of alleged government documents. He offered a $10,000 prize to anybody who could provide solid scientific evidence of extraterrestrial visitations. It is still unclaimed.

Arizona glowing orb photographed

PARADISE VALLEY, SCOTTSDALE -- On July 22, 2005, at 2 AM, Victoria Liljenquist took photographs of a glowing orb. Victoria states, "As I was observing the night sky, I noticed a glowing orb in the distance. I watched the orb coming from the north, traveling southwest towards Mummy Mountain at the altitude of a low flying plane about a quarter of a mile from where I was sitting.” The orb was photographed with 400 Fuji 35 mm film. Interesting, it has a textured energy. This sometimes appears in video footage when there is energies permeating around the UFO's. Thanks toVictoria Liljenquist - Phoenix, AZ

Arkansas bright star

BENTONVILLE -- Dr Jeffrey A. Busch writes, “A co-worker and I were looking for the planet Mars in the east and were amazed when we saw a very bright star disappear like a light snapped off. Then my friend noticed another light coming from the west that shone as a very bright light, then off, then on again as if signaling. Then the two simply were never seen again. This happened August 10, 2005. Thanks to Dr Jeffrey A. Busch.

California Reagan Funeral UFO photos

SACRAMENTO SATE CAPITOL -- On June 5, 2004, the witness Mr. Johnson arrived at the around 8:00 PM, reflecting on the Reagan legacy and expected their would be some type of memorial for the President at the Capitol. He brought his 4.0 Mega-pixel digital camera to record the historic events near a media tent on the Tenth Street side of the Capitol Building.

He began taking pictures with his 4.0 Mega-Pixal Still camera, at 8:07 PM, and kept shooting until sunset as the Capitol Building was illuminated with a very nice glow. He statrs, "I shot the Rotunda, and momentarily felt an electrical charge travel down my arm and down my back and I felt that I should not take any more pictures.” He hoped his last picture did not come out blurry and headed for home.

Twenty seven hours later he realized he had captured a rare anomaly. The object looks similar to the Moon, but moves a large distance between two frames taken 60 seconds apart. The object is round, gray/silver in color with several concentric rings or circles within the object, somewhat like a diffraction disk. When enlarged, the object has a central shape like a truncated pyramid, which could be a result of pixel enlargement . “

MUFON investigator Chuck Reever writes, “The picture from Kamloops B. C. included in Filer’s Files #33 report which appears as a “Diffraction Ring”, is most similar to a report I completed for MUFON about two years ago. The balance of the picture is in focus which makes the object very strange. Only a perfect drop of water on a lens may be the origin of this photograph, and I am not certain of that. Thanks to Chuck Reever Mufon State Section Director Truckee, CA

Florida flying stadium lights

SARASOTA –A large round object with ‘stadium lights’ flew over two cars on July 21, 2005, at 10:02 PM. The witness states, “My fiancée and I were both driving separate cars when we both noticed an extremely fast moving object moving south across the road we were on.” My fiancée called me on my cell phone to verify what we saw. We turned down a small unlit road south towards our home when we both noticed an astronomical sized object just hovering literally right above our cars with beaming ‘stadium light’ shooting down at the road. I looked in the rear view mirror and suddenly it was gone. We both got on the cell phone again to verify what we saw.” We looked on your website and found that there was another sighting here in Sarasota, on May 29, 2005. Narrative from William Puckett's Report from "UFO's Northwest" and UFO Roundup Vol. 10, #31, 08/03/05, Editor: Joseph Trainor

MILTON -- On Monday, July 11, 2005, at 8 PM, Ray Diaz and his neighbors had a UFO encounter about 20 miles northeast of Pensacola. Ray reported, he had a strange episode of "missing time."

"There was no light in our neighborhood, no power because of Hurricane Dennis," he reported, "I'm still not sure if I was dreaming. I remember sitting outside on my deck at around 8 PM, and hearing the buzz of generators. “All of a sudden, everything got quiet so I looked up and saw a triangular object that was 100 feet wide at and flying not much higher than 70 feet. It almost blended into the sky because it was a black color, with a hint of gray, and the only lights were dim red lights on the bottom of each point of the triangle."

Neighbors on both sides of me were looking up. Then we heard generators again. I felt very afraid and sick to my stomach." "The next thing I remember is waking up at 6 AM, the next morning."

Ray added, "There was a large dim light on the edge of each point of the triangle, and the bottom of the object looked like there was an abundance of duct work along the bottom. These pipes seemed to be running at different angles." The UFO was flying at only five miles per hour." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 10, #31, 08/03/05, Editor: Joseph Trainor,

New Jersey hot spot

NORTH BERGEN -- Moviegoers across America have been flocking to the theaters to see Steven Spielberg's blockbuster "War of the Worlds," which was filmed around North Jersey. But while the movie is focused on a fictional alien invasion, there are a lot of people in North Bergen who believe there have been many local invasions and sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) here over the last 30 years, most of which were centered on the southeastern end of North Hudson Braddock Park.

The North Bergen sightings have been documented and reported to several different agencies, such as the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle and the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago. In fact, since the initial sighting in 1975, there have been a total of 700 sightings or incidents involving North Bergen residents over the last 30 years - easily the highest total of reported incidents in the United States. These have far exceeded those in the more famous location of Roswell, N.M. or Hudson Valley, N.Y. and Gulf Breeze, Florida. - places that have had at least 500 sightings over the years.

The UFO craze in North Bergen began in earnest on January 12, 1975, when a 72-year-old liquor store owner named George O'Barski was driving at 2:45 a.m. He began to experience some heavy static on his car radio. Then the radio went dead. When he glanced over his shoulder, he saw a round, flat object with glowing, rectangular windows that hovered behind his car. O'Barski later told federal officials that the object came to a stop about 100 feet ahead of his car. It was hovering 10 feet off the ground and was about 30 feet wide. It was flat at the bottom and brightly domed at the top.

O'Barski said that a ladder came from the object, and somewhere between eight and 11 creatures, all looking identical, emerged. They were about three, perhaps four feet tall and all wore dark snow-suit like uniforms with helmets. Each had a small bag and a little shovel. They quickly scooped up soil samples, poured the samples into the little bags, and immediately got back onto the craft.

ABC News anchor Peter Jennings did a special report on UFOs in November of 2004, and he hinted about the number of sightings in North Bergen, wondering if it was just coincidence or fact-based. The A&E special report also focused an entire hour on the North Bergen sightings, especially the famed O'Barski sighting that happened 30 years ago. In the ABC report, the network said that 50 percent of Americans believe that UFOs are real. Federal records of the reports have never been released to the public. Snip. Thanks to John Schuessler MUFON Director.

New Jersey white UFO

DUMONT -- It was 7:35 PM, on August 10, 2005, when I was walking out of a shop-rite in NJ. I looked up at the sky as there were absolutely no clouds, and it was quite beautiful. I looked at the moon (which always amazes me when I see it in daylight). As I looked at the moon, I saw a plane flying (probably coming from Newark), and above the plane I saw this white object, I could see that it was not a plane, as it had no wings, and there were other planes flying in the area. They all look dark gray as the sun was setting in the west, and I was following the object as it flew (more like glided) from southwest to east. All of the planes that I was looking at, as I mentioned appeared dark gray and I could see the red and green lights. This object was white and was definitely not a plane or a satellite. After five to ten minutes the object vanished from view heading east towards the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York fighter aircraft circle UFOs

ONEIDA LAKE – The witness noticed four fighter aircraft doing maneuvers and circling on August 7, 2005. Way up above them were several dots moving at high speeds, changing speeds and moving strangely. I was in my parent’s camp in Sylvan Beach, when I came outside to do some yard work around noon, when four jets streaked by on a clear sunny day without clouds. I could hear the jets and realized they were circling. Before I could see the jets through the trees, I saw three objects flying at 30,000 feet. The jets were spread out seemed to be looking for the objects. The four shiny dots were flying erratically at high speeds, and varying speeds. Some did loops and sharp turns while making their way southeast. After the jets circled for the third time the objects were out of my view and the jets headed north and kept going.

Ohio Do UFOs like trains?

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter almost daily takes video of UFOs near his home in Fostoria so what is special about this town thirty miles south of Lake Erie? Fostoria is known as railroad hub and crossroads with traffic concentrated on three high-volume main lines. There is plenty of action and train buffs drive hundreds of miles to watch the busy train hub that is busier than ever, thanks to CSX’s 42-percent acquisition of Conrail

A triangle of steel rails cross each other not far from the city. So can speculate that the UFOs are keeping an eye on the railroad traffic and the busy F Tower that threads hundreds of trains through this complex iron triangle. During August, George has sent dozens of photos of UFOs of making impossible maneuvers.

Those UFOs may like the sound of those train air horns ringing out, and the throb of a diesel engines that is almost always in the air. While residents may bristle when stopped by the flashing lights and lowered gates of a grade crossing, rail enthusiasts will delight in the seemingly endless parade of trains and UFOs just over the horizon. CSX’s double-track Willard Subdivision, once part of Baltimore & Ohio’s main line, runs East-West through Fostoria. North of town at the Fostoria Mixing Center, Ford Motor Company vehicles are brought in by train from assembly plants and sorted by destination, in much the same way that Federal Express sorts packages.

Editor’s Note: As a boy I watched trains for hours, joined the Air Force and flew for 5000 hours. Chased a UFO and have been chasing them ever since.

Virginia Cylindrical/Spherical Object

NORFOLK – The witness loves storm watching and on July 27th, 2005 at about 9 PM, he and his girlfriend saw a UFO in a cold front with severe thunderstorms. The wind was gusting up to 60 mph, with large hail stones and lightning when we noticed a bright star in between two parallel power lines that flickered violently between white and amber colors.

They grabbed a video camera and took six minutes of film of a glowing object that ever so slowly hovers to the east and descends below the tree-line. Balls of light sometimes appear in storms due to the electrically charged atmosphere.

Argentina UFOs, video and photos

CORDOBA -- Ricardo E D'angelo reports, "A light pulse blue flash" was seen on July 24, 2005, at 8:29 PM. It was an intense blue color and flew east. The following day 8:39 PM, an intensive luminous field manifested suddenly and directly over the Glaucoart Observatory with a sheen of one meter. After some seconds the sheen decreased and it flew north. Later in the afternoon, and very striking object was caught on video flying east.

RIO DE LA PLATA DELTA -- Abnormal lights, were also are observed over the Delta on August 6, 2005. About 7:30 PM, several fireball UFOs of intensive magnitude furrowed from the north and flew toward the southeast with lights flashing. Observing with binoculars, they were identified as flaps, of a UFO. On August 9, 2005, two UFOs appeared suddenly south of Cordoba and were captured on video. Thanks to Ricardo E D'angelo for the reports. © 2005 Ricardo E D'angelo. Website

Australia RF receiver picks up UFOs

Paul Norman from the The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin writes, “We appreciate the information in your files. We are getting reaction with signal detectors when these objects are within 5 or 10 miles. We call the signal detectors our electronic ‘bug’ detector which is a Radio Frequency (RF) receiver, sensitive to the electromagnetic spectrum band, 500 MHz to 6 GHz. These devices are thought to be able to detect RF emissions from UFOs.

Jacqui Purtell writes about her May 7 and 8 trip to the Grampians National Park in Australia. “After setting my detector to minimum sensitivity, I placed it on the dashboard. Within a few minutes I had a couple of the objects on camera and I started to record a video. As the light intensity of the objects increased the detector started to ‘beep’ slowly at first, but increasing in rate as the recording proceeded. “While significant RF energy was detected, and the most likely source would appear to have been the UFOs. I cannot yet completely rule out other possible coincidental sources. A mobile phone tower might be a possibility? Thanks to Jacqui Purtell and Paul Norman.

NORTH QUEENSLAND -- Ross writes, “The attached picture was taken this year over my home near the Atherton Tablelands. I'm a blacksmith and there are many UFOs that fly over the area. These objects floated by silently from north to south at 10 PM. The metallic sheen was evident with the naked eye. I'm just up the road from "Tully" a place you will find that was one of the first ever to documented crop circles. Almost every day for the last five years I've witnessed UFOs flying over our area. I recently took old style infrared shots of orbs/earth lights as close as 200 meters away. You can see Ross's images at

RAVENSHOE, QUENSLAND -- On Tuesday, July 19, 2005, at 3:30 a.m., Dina Holdcroft was driving on a lonely country road outside, in the far north of Australia's state of Queensland, when strange things began happening to her. "All at once, I heard unusual sounds on my car radio," she reported, "My mobile phone kept receiving messages so I picked it up and said, "Hello? But there was no response. "Suddenly, there was a light all about the car and the engine cut out for a split-second, then came back on, very powerful, like the battery was fully charged.” An illuminated mist came all around the car. I heard a sound like Whhiiiiiiiiiirrrr." And that's all I remember. I had a lost, half an hour."

Canada sightings increase

PARKLAND, MANITOBA -- The witness was out on the lake near Riding Mountain National Park watching for three nights when he saw an elongated diamond shape white light on Friday, August 5, 2005, at 12:06 AM. He states, “Lots of animals were very active that night, and the light continued to increase in brightness to the point of causing me to squint, and I suddenly felt I was in a very bright spot light.” The intensity took me totally off guard and it was a very, very bright white light. “I started to panic but then the light dimmed back to the original intensity and the elongated diamond shape was clearly visible again as it slowly began to move and suddenly shot straight up into the sky.” The animals all fell quiet for that brief period. Thanks to Brian Vike

SANDBANKS PROVINCIAL PARK -- Paul Shields writes, “I just viewed this picture of night orbs caught on film on August 1, 2005, at between 11 PM, to near midnight. I would like to say personally, it is one of the best I have ever seen. The picture was taken on the path, that I regularly take, to get to the beach for the last 11 years. This was taken by my son accompanied by his best friend.

This was taken on the property of the Sandbanks Provincial Park, roughly 200-300 yards from the beach of Lake Ontario. I'm sure the picture before you, tells the rest of the story. One thing to note, this the area is where I have personally seen, a flying rod like creature and many UFO’s through the years. There is a Military Base[Trenton] about 80 km's north, from the Sandbanks. This area is in the Prince Edward County, and one of the best beaches in Ontario. I'm sure you will be impressed by this picture, Thanks to Paul Shields.

KAMLOOPS, B.C. -- Steven Rauchman writes, In reference to the July 8, 2005, beautiful anomaly-photo from Shelley in Kamloops, B.C., in last weeks files. I have come across a few others that seem to picture the identical object formation. And so, it appears to be not so much an anomaly as a rare sighting. Here are the web sites:

This next one is from one year earlier, from elsewhere in B.C.:

Two shots here: a video from England in 2000, and a still from ** NASA ** in 1996, with interesting accompanying text. I wonder what has happened to these visual records. Both seem to have been buried.

Keep up the great work, and many thanks for your terrific newsletter. Thanks to Steven Rauchman, Toronto

SANDBANKS PROVINCIAL PARK -- Paul Shields writes, “I just viewed this picture of night orbs caught on film on August 1, 2005, at between 11 PM, to near midnight. I would like to say personally, it is one of the best I have ever seen. The picture was taken on the path, that I regularly take, to get to the beach for the last 11 years. This was taken by my son accompanied by his best friend. This was taken on the property of the Sandbanks Provincial Park, roughly 250 yards from the beach of Lake Ontario. This the area is where I have personally seen, a flying rod like creature and many UFO’s through the years.

Thanks to Paul Shields

Coquitlam, B.C. -- On August 6, 2005, - the six o'clock news just finished and I decided to scan the mountains, just to check for anything unusual and midway between Burke and Heritage Mountains, I noticed a brief shiny flash. I waited to see if it would appear again and was soon rewarded with another brief flash. I switched to my bigger binoculars that are mounted on a stand and much more stable. I quickly located the object again and it appeared to be a Mylar balloon, shiny on one side and dark on the other. I the realized this object was 20 or more feet in diameter so I set up my camera up and continued to track it for five minutes. It was moving much slower than a small plane and stopped to check out each ravine on Burke Mountain. It slowly drifted out into the V shaped gap and headed straight at me and was slowly getting bigger.

Winlaw, BC -- On August 8, 2005, a bluish colored light hovers at 10:50 PM, in clear skies.

My wife and I saw the bright bluish light that was as bright as an arc from a welders welding machine. The object was hovering over the ground about a thousand feet and slowly rose to a higher altitude, then it slowly disappeared towards the east. There was a mist or fine cloud moving behind it. As it moved eastward, the light picked up speed at a incredible rate and was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike Director HB CC UFO Research Phone 250 845 2189 email:

France bright light

ESSONNE, MORSANG SUR ORGE -- On August 9, 2005, the witness was using his outdoor grill and saw the contrails left by the planes. The witness took my SONY Handycam 72X, super 8 band camera, and started to film the planes and noticed a star in full daylight! But contrary to stars, that one emits a sharp white light, it was OUEST-SUDOUEST around 75° compared to the ground! I succeeded in filming the object, zooming in on it. The object was a luminous ball which emit depressions and which changes size at the same time! The space shuttle landed some minutes before the 14:12 sighting. Thanks to Brian Vike.

Norway two oval shaped discs

Moss Oslo – The witness was out on a night time walk on August 8, 2005, at 2:30 at night, when he suddenly heard a humming sound above him. He states, “I looked up and there was two oval shaped discs flying over me at about 450 meters. They just plunged through a few clouds that were there. They made no engine sound and I'm sure it was no plane. They had a silvery glow about them and like electromagnetic pulsing around them making a humming noise.

They were flying slowly and made a spinning pulsing motion like electric current was surrounding it. After it disappeared in the night, I saw it reappear several seconds later, ascending at an even faster speed than when I first observed it. Thanks to Brian Vike

Crimea sightings continue

SIMFEROPOL --'On Thursday, August 4, 2005, while walking his dog on the Lenin Square Victor Zdorov saw a bright stationary continuously blinking red light for ten minutes. One interval lasted for two minutes, hovering to the northeast from 21:45 till 21:55 hours. It was totally soundless and all Simferopol'-based Mi-8 and Mi-2 helicopters were on ground at that time on Zavodskoye airfield. These red blinking, stationary hovering, lights are regular guests in the Crimean sky.

SIMFEROPOL -- Victor Zdorov with his son Alexander, UFO researcher Vladimir P. Boyko and Stanislav V. Klimov on August 6, 2005, to a field near Svoboda, and spent the whole night watching the sky. The sky was clear, full of stars, without the Moon and the experienced observers around 10 PM, saw several bright flashes of white light in the Big Dipper the Constellation. The object was moving very fast, zigzagging across the sky, and emitted the flash of bright white light. The bright flashes of white or neon-bluish-white light continued in intervals of 15-20 minutes in different parts of the sky.

A few minutes later at 10:02 PM, we saw a VERY bright object near Vega but much brighter than Venus or Sirius. It flashing by impulses and then flew away with big speed. Zdorov told that this is because of the activated pulsating engine of the alien spacecraft that was accelerating into space. Then at 23:02 the bright flash of light has occurred again towards northeast, and we saw the bright pulsating light that was stationary for a moment and then quickly zoomed up, obviously into space, making a sharp turn upward, with such incredible speed, acceleration and maneuverability that any reasonable skeptic must forget about satellites or aircrafts.

At 1:48 AM, of August 7, 2005, new yellow light UFO’s appeared, blinking for several seconds that were unlike navigational lights of any airplane. The speed of UFO was quite fast and gained altitude and departed to southeast, then suddenly died out like an electric lamp being switched off. At 3 AM, a UFO appeared near the planet Mars in the southeast and made complete circle before flying to southwest, towards the Black Sea.

At 04:15 AM Victor Zdorov and Stanislav Klimov saw three bright yellow lights to the north flying across the sky one after the other in a horizontal line like trolley buses. The three other UFOs appeared. One to the right, one to the left, and one in the center. The right and left objects made sharp turns and flew to the opposite sides, like an air show demonstrating amazing maneuverability and speeds. Apparently, the objects were in space and entering the atmosphere over Crimea. There are numerous UFO landings and take-offs from the Crimean mountains making us wonder if this is a spaceport or alien base. Thanks to Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, Ph.D.

UK – numerous triangles over Filey

NORTH YORKSHIRE – There are mysterious goings-on in the Filey Triangle an eight-mile stretch of coastline could prove to be an extra-terrestrial tourist hotspot says Paul Jeeves. Legions of UFO enthusiasts from across the UK have descended on what has become the nation's prime location to witness strange and other-worldly shapes in the skies between Scarborough and Filey. They recorded at least 50 sightings of unidentified flying objects last year between the two seaside resorts, which now appear to have an increasing allure for extra-terrestrial visitors.

This year, 85 more sightings have been reported and North Yorkshire is now considered the UFO spotting capital of Britain. Russell Kellett has found himself at the centre of the UFO mecca after moving to Filey. The 42-year-old had a bizarre close encounter at a railway crossing 17 years ago. Mr. Kellett was left with raw, red scarring on his hands, neck and face after he spotted a bright light hovering above him. He spends up to 15 hours each week scanning the skies above Yorkshire in the hope of capturing evidence of UFO activity on his video camera. The clear skies along the East Coast make the county an ideal hunting ground for UFOs. The close encounters in North Yorkshire last year include a multitude of UFO sightings in Filey, including sightings and video evidence of flying triangles emerging from the North Sea and videos of discs. Snip Thanks to Paul Jeeves

PEAK DISTRICT -- On June 8, 2005, the observer was camping in Newhaven when he spotted and photographed an unusual cloud formation with imposing rays from the setting sun at 9.30 PM. Later that night just as we were about to go to bed in our tent, I looked up and saw a bright white erratic light. I pointed it out to my girlfriend as it sped across the sky and then stopped suddenly, then continued its journey until we couldn't see it any longer.

In the countryside we could see literally thousands of stars filling the sky. My girlfriend saw another fast moving white light that was slightly dimmer than the one I saw but easy to make out once I had tracked it. As we sat there watching it (watching us?) another brighter light came from the south and was making a beeline towards the UFO we were observing. The one that was hovering started to move again along its original path. The new UFO got to a similar position and then it too stopped dead in its tracks. When I got the photo’s of the cloud formation home I was shocked to discover that I had taken a picture of a flying disk sitting up above the clouds.

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