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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 28, 2005

George Filer:
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ET on six new TV shows

Filer’s Files this week discusses: Ways to defeat hurricanes with weather control, Mars photos show many changes on the surface, More indications of life on Mars, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell says we have visitors. Some UFOs may belong to US, and Elvis Presley saw UFOs.

Reports of sightings from Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Sightings were reported in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

Defeat hurricanes with weather control

As I write this article another major hurricane has hit the US and I suggest these storms can be defeated or diminished before they cause major destruction. For example, fog can be dissipated over airports with weather modification techniques. There are many possibilities for effective action against hurricanes that should be studied. The sun and surface of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico provides energy and heat to the storms. I suggest there may be methods to cut this heat. For example, large numbers of large aircraft spraying silver iodide, ice crystals, coal dust or heat absorbing chemicals above the hurricane that might cut the heat within the storm. Most chemicals would eventually fall to the surface after penetrating the storm and may still be effective. Tests could be conducted above hurricanes far out at sea in the Atlantic Ocean so not to accidentally intensify the storm.

The U.S. government conducted hurricane research between 1962 and 1983 in a project called ‘Stormfury’ as planes seeded clouds surrounding a hurricane's eye wall with silver iodide. The seeding was supposed to alter the storm's eye and decreased wind speeds by 10 to 30 percent in four hurricanes, but it couldn't be determined whether it was due to human intervention or nature. Although, the results were ambiguous and the program was discontinued its time to start testing again due to increased severity of the storms.

Larger Air Force tankers and cargo aircraft are now available such as C-5s, and C-117 aircraft could be flown above the storm creating significant contrails. The contrails create a fog composed of ice crystals that would tend to cool the hurricane. The cost could be deferred by insurance companies who would save millions in claims.

Dragging large icebergs into hurricane paths would cool the sea. Large satellites could also be designed to blot out the sun over the path of a hurricane cooling the ocean and the tops of the storm. A fairly small clean nuclear explosion might also dissipate a storm before it gains strength, while it is still over the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously, this solution may not be feasible. Pumps might be situated to push the cold deep water to the surface in the path of a hurricane.

Astronaut Mitchell: We've had visitors

Last year, the sixth man to walk on the moon Astronaut Edgar Mitchell told us "A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered," said Mitchell. He landed on the moon with Alan B. Shepard, in Apollo 14.

Editor’s Note. During the Disclosure Project I had the opportunity to spend some time alone with Edgar. He told me, the real secret is in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I had read some of the scrolls, I said are you referring to the Sons of light and the Sons of Darkness.” He shook his head yes.

He was quoted in the St. Petersburg Times by Staff Writer by Waveney Ann Moore, The aliens have landed. Thus, declared Apollo 14 on Saturday to more than 200 admirers. A few insiders know the truth, the insiders stopped briefing presidents about extraterrestrials after President Kennedy. Published February 18, 2004

Mars Orbiter Spots Changes on Planet

NASA has released new images that show the Martian surface has undergone dramatic changes in the last few years with the appearance of new gullies and fresh boulder tracks. The image on the left was taken in July 2002, while the one on the right was taken almost three years later in April 2005. The photos, taken by the orbiting Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, suggest that the Red Planet is much more active than previously thought.

The spacecraft, in its ninth year in orbit, spotted two fresh gullies on a Martian sand dune that were not present in 2002. Scientists think the gullies might have formed when frozen carbon dioxide trapped by windblown sand vaporized, releasing gas that allowed the sand to flow freely. The spacecraft also took images of boulder tracks at another site that were not there two years ago. The tracks were probably caused by dozens of boulders rolling down a slope from strong wind or a quake, scientists said.

Researchers also noted that impact craters forming since the 1970's suggest that crater-formation is a slow process, occurring at one-fifth the pace previously thought. The pace is important because it is used to estimate the age of Martian surfaces, said Michael Malin, principal investigator of the camera aboard the spacecraft. The planet may be undergoing a climate change, according to images that show a shrinking of carbon dioxide deposits near the South Pole. For the last three Martian summers, the deposits have shrunk from the previous year.

The Mars Global Surveyor was launched in 1996 and entered orbit a year later. The project is managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Thanks to Pointman 7, Charles E. Ratliff, 1SG
HHC, 250th Signal Battalion
Tikrit, Iraq APO AE 09393

Editor’s Note: As an intelligence officer for the Air Force, I frequently analyzed aerial photography. It is my opinion that the photographs show liquid water cutting valleys in the soil similar to water on earth. Temperatures reach almost 90 degrees during summer months melting the water beneath the surface and creating erosion. Mars can be seen in the after midnight in the Eastern sky a large red planet.

Mars sea biscuit shows life

Sir Charles W. Shults III, of Xenotech Research writes, “The most important point in all this research is to establish that there is liquid water on Mars today. This can be done by presenting the evidence in the images along with terrestrial images that correspond to the features seen. There is water, ice, mud, geysers, sinkholes, wash areas, and soil erosion features all over the surface. NASA’s own photos show erosion and various types of life similar to earth such this sea biscuit with an imprint identical to the pattern of a starfish. This might also be an urchin, as some terrestrial urchins also have this star pattern on them. Evidence of life exists on Mars. See:

Compare to this image of the pincushion sea urchin on Earth.

The NASA photo is at: Microscopic imager non-linearized full frame EDR acquired on Sol 507 of Opportunity's mission to Meridiani Planum at 12:19:04 Mars local solar time NASA/JPL/Cornell/USGS

Elvis Presley UFO encounter in the 1950's

According to Michael Luckman, “The home where Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, was visited by a strange blue light when the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll entered this world.” Elvis told his friends, "I'm not of this world.” He had several UFO sightings that he describes.

Elvis says, “We were away from the camp fire (in the desert) and we saw this light in the sky movin’ weird, you know not like a plane or anything like it. And it was different looking than a plane, it got brighter and was comin’ closer. Hell, it was way up there but we could see it on account of the moon and the way it was lit up. It was cigar-shaped, oblong and rounded and had some window portholes on one end and had lights along the bottom, but the damn thing had no wings, no means of a bein’ up there at all that we could see.”

Elvis continued, “Well we were watching it and the guys at camp started hollerin’ cause they all saw it too. And then we all ran to each other and got quiet when we heard the sound it made—it was like electricity buzzing and metallic sound, not like any engine we ever heard and then it got kinda over us, still high, mind you, but up there over us. Our hair began to prickle, it stood up on my arms and on my head and I got this weird feeling like I was about to float any minute.” Thanks to Michael C. Luckman “Alien Rock’n’Roll Exterrestrial Connection.”

California a Bright Orb

ALTA LOMA --Full Description of event/sighting: My husband and I were in the spa, about 9:30 PM, on September 5, 2005. Facing north, we often watch shooting stars and relax at night. I looked up and east and noticed what looked like a bright star too low above the trees. I ask my husband to observe as it moved very slowly south and up, toward the sky with a red flicker. I got out my camcorder and recorded it but it would just take the bright circle. Then, I got out my professional Cannon Eos 1ds Mark 11 and put it on a tripod and started to take pictures. I captured four orbs plus stars at 12:30 AM. It clearly photographed completely different than the other stars, since it had a bright yellow color with a red ring around it. In one image it seems to have a trail. Thanks to Brian Vike

Georgia saucer

NEWNAN -- Ralph O. Howard, Jr. ASD-GA MUFON reports that at 7:44 PM, on September 17, 2005, the witness observed a dark object with sharply-defined edges moving slowly across his field of view as he sat in his car at a stoplight. "The object was in the "1 o'clock high" position, maybe 2,000 feet up moving from right to left. At first it was an oblong or stubby cigar shape, then it moved and assumed the classic round, circular saucer shape. It was very dark, and he could discern no other patterns, details, or lights. It did not leave a trail nor did it make any noise.

It tilted to another angle, and I think I saw two short stubby fins. Witness is a 43-year old degreed professional, a computer support contractor who works for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in metro Atlanta. Thanks to Ralph O. Howard, Jr Georgia's ASD

Indiana object seemed to be round in shape

PERU --This was captured on September 17, 2005, around 8:15 PM. The object was apparently round from what I can tell. The color seems to be a bluish, whitish in color. I was standing at the back door with cam in hand waiting to see if I would see anything that night and wham, there it was right above my house. At first I thought it was a plane, then, it took me a second or two to figure that it was not a plane. So, I captured it, then, it seemed to just disappear. Thanks to Brian Vike. Footage is © 2005 by Rudy D. See video at:

Kansas photos

GALENA -- After looking at over fifty pictures of this disk, I decided to send you one for an expert opinion. I lightened and clarified the picture a little. I also included a crop shot of the possible craft. This particular shot was taken on September 19, 2005 at 7:09 PM. I was facing west photographing the sunset. As I was photographing, I noticed some kind of tracer or something going towards the direction of the craft, at one point there were three of these things. The disk was in the same location in all pictures, sometimes the cloud-cover revealed the craft. I have many more oddities like this one taken during day and night. Thanks to Naomi

Nevada V-shaped black craft

LAS VEGAS -- At 11:00 PM, I saw a V- shaped descending on August 2005, while watering my lawn. There were five or six lights, but these were a little smaller than stars, and the light more focused. They had come straight down and then they started moving sideways. At this point I started to make out a shape bigger than the stars, because as they moved sideways, I could see other stars in the background disappear and re-appear. I could make out what appeared to be a V-shaped black craft and then watched it move out of sight. I saw it for about 15 seconds as it descend right over the mountains and continued flying right above them. Taking a rough guess I'd say it was about two miles away, and it was gigantic. The craft was really big, 300 perhaps 500 feet in diameter. I heard no sound.

I was looking south, and it was traveling in a western direction and descending at 500 mph plus. The craft was ten times larger than commercial jets. It looked V-shaped, very black, and the lights looked as though they were on the bottom of the craft. A map showing the flight path of the craft can be viewed at:

New Hampshire round flying UFO

NEWPORT -- My grandson and I were having lunch on August 27, 2005, at 11:15 AM, on the porch of the Richards Library. I was looking for rain clouds since it was hot and noticed a round flying object in the sky. I thought it was a hovering dark, dark, gray, almost black disk high in the sky. It went out of my sight, behind a tree on the commons and I waited for it to come out the other side, but it disappeared. Thanks to the MUFON Case Management System.

New Jersey same UFO two days in a row

PITTSGROVE, SALEM – The witness reports seeing similar UFOs two days in a row starting on September 5, 2005. Thanks to the MUFON Case Management System.

New York City three red objects

BROOKLYN -- At 3:50 PM, on September 18, 2005, I stepped outside onto the back porch with my newly acquired 8 x Bushnell binoculars and I saw a close up of the same object I saw ten minutes before. I noticed the three red objects in my photo last week. Holding my binoculars up - it exhibited the same behavior - heading southeast and it seemed to change shape. It changed from a bright white circle into a thin red stick type object. It did this five times a minute with a lava lamp type movement. Its movement was quite slow and I was able to track it with my binoculars quite easily. I'm leaning towards some kind of manmade object - but who knows? Thanks to Peter Davenport

North Carolina field team observations

There was continuing orb activity in central North Carolina on September 22, 2005. The Carolina Group Research Project field team again photographed orb images in the immediate vicinity of power lines. As in earlier cases, randomness would not allow for this to occur at such a high rate. Photographs taken around power lines once again suggest that orbs are attracted to them. Some of these orb type photos as well as lights, and UFOs are available in a free CD by obtaining a subscription to these files. Thanks to Alan Caviness

Ohio – UFOs continue to be filmed

AKRON -- Amy reports, “Here is a recent photo taken at the race track with my Canon digital camera and the images before and after are normal. I took this photo of a friend and there are strange lights or interference.

I took this video on September 25, 2005, about 3 PM. The first UFO comes from behind the trees and zooms straight up, about ten minutes later the 2nd one comes from behind the trees and zooms to the left. These are still images from a Sharp digital camcorder.

Thanks to Amy McCrary.

FOSTORIA – George Ritter daily in good weather takes video of unusual UFOs in his country setting. This image is a still from his video taken on September 25, 2005.

Oregon UFO five repetitions of a light

CAPE MEARES -- We were on the beach at about 9 PM, on Saturday, September 17, 2005, we were watching the western sky shortly after sunset, and two of us saw four, perhaps five repetitions of a light show. We saw a row (once two separate rows) of very bright yellow-orange lights, large rectangular 'panels' of light perhaps 4 times as tall as they were wide, in a regular horizontal row. One of these phenomena involved two rows of lights next to each other, but not in the same-dimensional plane -- as if there were two objects giving off light that were not level with each other. The number of 'light panels' we saw at any given time varied from three to seven. When we saw seven there was a dark space between each light like they were slowly rotating out of sight on the right hand edge.

The lights were four miles over the ocean with no other lights visible. The lights were very bright light like looking through ports into a blast furnace, for 20 to 30 seconds, and they did not move. The second set of lights was WNW or so, then the two sets of lights next to each other. One light due west was down closer to the surface of the water. From one sighting to the next, the lights appeared in a different part of the sky, after a 30 second to one minute pause. The lights didn’t move at all when they were on during six minutes and then stopped. Thanks to Brian Vike

Utah airplane-like shape hovering in sky

WEST JORDAN -- I was driving home on September 14, 2005, and saw what looked like an airplane at 12:15 PM, but it was very low to the ground. I thought it was kind of weird but I kept driving and as it flew closer, it was a very shiny, silver color. It had a weird shape with two wings like an airplane, but with round wings right next to the other ones. It was just hovering in the sky very close to the ground but I couldn't see very well because it was right beneath the sun. There were people pulled over to the side of the road looking up at it. I kept driving, but watching it in my rear-view mirror. As I was looking at it, it started to move horizontally to the west very slowly, and then it started moving vertical and I lost site of it through some trees. Thanks to Brian

Wisconsin four bright orange lights

LAKE GENEVA -- I was at work at 8 PM, on September 18, 2005, when I was called outside by three customers to see four bright orange lights in the sky. They stayed pretty steady and spread out slightly moving. After about ten minutes they all began moving toward each other and met up directly overhead within one minute. Once together they flew one by one higher and higher until they were out of sight. It took five minutes until the forth one went up and was gone. My co-workers said the same thing happened the night before. Both nights were perfectly clear and they were seen at 9 PM, then back around midnight.

Australia photos

TULLY --Ross sent me more images of UFOs captured on film in recent months. The three lights appear to depict a flying triangle. Ross is a blacksmith in north Queensland, Australia, near Atherton Tablelands that is a well known place in history for UFOs. It is just up the road from 'Tully' a place you will find that was one of the first ever to documented crop circles. Ross states, "Almost every day for the last five years I've witnessed UFOs flying over our area. Thanks to Ross

Canada strange UFOs

Kennedy Lake, B.C. --Two friends saw a bright, white, round object several times wider than the brightest object in the sky. A second light flashed intermittently white and lime green flashing about each five seconds for two seconds per flash on the 14th or 15th of August at 3:20 a.m. I am a trained military observer having been in the 748th Communications Troop in the Armed Forces of Canada. This was not the usual aircraft flashing green starboard light, as it was lime green, and moved like it was suspended below the above much brighter white object. The white object moved in a shallow U shaped arc dipping downward then upward. About twenty seconds and three flashes of the lower object after we started to watch it, it grew much brighter. We were 30 km from the nearest light source or town of Ucluelet.

The light panned over the beach we were camped on and illuminated the entire North shore of the lake. We both were very excited and later somewhat frightened. The objects continued in a slow arc upward and then sped away in a northeasterly arc increasing to extremely high speed and disappeared after 45-60 seconds. The lower object was seen to flash about seven to eight times and followed the identical arc. We were frightened and had a hard time falling asleep. I awoke asking what the hell did we see last night and realized we are not the most intelligent species here in the Universe.

We told many people and someone came to the beach and said it had been on CNN and was reported in Port Alberni. My friend became very aggressive and I was not acting like myself either. There was a burn on my right inside calf and my friend had several unexplained marks on his legs. It has been two months and my leg hasn't healed completely. Other injuries I have gotten in the bush were worse but healed in less than two weeks. Thanks to Brian Vike

OSHAWA, ONTARIO – Paul Shishis writes,

The black helicopter seen and photographed while driving home from the Dentist on the Higyhway 401 east and the Don Valley Parkway at 6:10 PM on September 26, 2005. If blackie is watching me, who's watching blackie? Note the large half circle above blackie and two other objects flying formation behind". Thanks to Paul Shishis.

COMOX, B.C. --A UFO or an Orb was seen over Canadian Forces Base Comox on September 11, 2005, at 5:30 PM. The witness was observing some cloud manipulations in the sky over the military base. My eyes wandered over to a hole which was forming in a set of clouds and noticed a small whitish object that was brighter than the surrounding clouds which themselves were rippled with electromagnetic waves. At first, I figured it was a plane, but it wasn't long before I realized it was spherical in nature and had no wings. It came right out of a hole in the cloud. I quickly grabbed my camera which I had nearby and pointed the camera at the object and took a photo. I looked for the object with the naked eye but it was no longer visible to me. I examined the photo on my PC that appeared as a tiny dot. I saturated the contrast a bit and zoomed in, so it isn't very clear.

This looks like the UFO caught on video tape in Port Alberni and ran on the news a few weeks ago just down the island from me. The Comox Valley area is seeing a literal epidemic of chemtrail spraying, electroscalar magnetic activity and odd shaped clouds. Sometimes, I can watch them fiddle and move the clouds around before my very eyes. Thanks to Brian Vike. Photos can be viewed at:

MANITOULIN ISLAND, ONTARIO -- On Thursday, September 15, 2005, about 8:45 PM, we were sitting around a small fire in my back yard. We saw an object moving twice as fast as a normal plane or jet. There were no flashing lights on it anywhere. We observed a jet going over flying half the speed with all its flashing lights visible.

GOLDSTREAM PROVINCIAL PARK -- On September 22, 2005, I was laying in bed at 2:30 AM, looking out the sliding door when I saw an airplane come from behind the trees, and then I noticed a white orb following it. I immediately woke my husband to look. The plane had typical flashing lights but the orb was larger and much brighter and it did not flash.

Twice it seemed to go slightly faster than the plane, but seemed to keep the same distance between the plane and itself. We watched it follow the plane until it was out of sight. We look at the sky often as we are astronomy buffs and this was not anything normal. The weather was clear with no wind and the orb was very bright and white.

The Vike Audio Reports are the actual eye witness accounts of witness sightings. There are 54 reports on the CD in mp3 format and these reports come from Canada, US, and other parts of the world. The Vike Report (audio clip collection) can be found at:

Germany – Video battle of two spheroids

On February 5, 2005, at 11:38 AM, I was testing the zoom on my new video camera and saw a plane in the clear sky. I was just looking in the camera monitor and not recording when I saw a big thing in the sky, just above my house. It looked like a big egg, but very shiny like gold and was very hard on the eyes because of its high light reflection.

Then I saw another higher flying object. The two appeared to be fighting or playing with each other, so I started filming. Since then, I have watched the video many times, and it shows a battle of two spheroids, with the darker spheroid after the light one.

HBCC UFO Research Note: When I received the footage and watched it. The object appears out of no where, and then disappears just as fast Video clip - Battle of two spheroids (Excellent Clear Footage) © 2005 Valuca See:

MEXICO CITY -- On Tuesday, September 13, 2005, "a major UFO sighting took place just minutes after an official event involving President Vicente A. Fox." According to Gerardo Martinez Fernandez, a reporter for Grupo Imagen, only a few minutes prior to President Fox's arrival, many witnesses were able to see a shiny spherical object in the sky. A witness explained that the UFO resembled 'a very shiny star.’

Martinez Fernandez reported, " I covered an event involving President Fox on the Avenida Coyoacan and was amazed to see many people directing their attention upward. Upon getting out of the vehicle, I was told that they were watching an unidentified flying object." Personally, I didn't get to see it, but Jesus Cardenas of Televisa told me that his cameraman had gotten it on film." Thanks to Scott Corrales

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN -- Photographs were taken by Emilio Cetz Aguiar, director of the S.I.R.I.O. with a Canon PowerShot G2 digital camera on August 15, 2005 The witness says that an intensely bright light drew his attention around 8 PM. Emilio Cetz has produced considerable UFO evidence. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid Translation: © 2005. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Turkey's 2nd and 3rd UFO Museum open

CAPPADOCIA -- The second UFO Museum is located in Turkey's most important and tourist region of Nevsehir, and was opened on May 2005. The museum holds five thousand collections on photos, information, documents and publications in both English and Turkish.

The Museum consists of five underground carved main galleries at locations where frequent UFO sightings take place. The Cappadocia Museum was formed with the support and data archives obtained from the Istanbul Sirius International UFO Museum. The museum houses official government documents and reports of individuals who have sightings along with hundreds of photos.

DENIZLI GAZÝ SÝMSEK -- The Governor of Denizli in a special ceremony on July 28, 2005, officially opened the new Denizli International UFO Museum with many guests and members of the press attending. Various congressman, including the Republican People's Party Mustafa Gazalci. and Mr. Haktan Akdogan chairman of the Sirius UFO Research were present at the gala affair. The government and the citizens of Turkey take UFOs very seriously. The new conference hall seats 120 people where documentaries on UFOs, aliens and space are shown. Thanks to the Sirius International UFO Museum, "X" MAgazine "UFO Reality" TV. Show 90- 212- 252 86

Roswell UFO Museum is the biggest tourist attraction in the state of New Mexico.

Six new ET Shows and two new aliens?

Two aliens from the new show "Invasion Played by William Fichner and Kari Matchett © 2005 Jesse Grant/

Reporters have called recently asking why the television industry has launched six new extraterrestrial visitors TV shows this year. I explained that half the people in the country have seen UFOs and have interest, therefore the shows like 'Threshold,' 'Invasion,' NBC's 'Fathom,' and The WB's 'Supernatural', are likely to be popular. Millions of people check UFO websites, and see videos and photos that are being taken every day. There is a natural curiosity about the unknown and people will watch good shows like the “X Files.”

Millions also believe in guardian angels that appear to have some connection to UFOs and we are all looking for someone to straighten things out on this world. The producers of the shows are aware that UFO web sites are one of the most popular attractions on the Internet. Interest in the subject is increasing with more scientists, military, intelligence and aviation enthusiasts asking to receive these Filer’s Files.

UFO Defense Tactics: Weather Shield to Chemtrails by A.K. Johnstone.

“Finally a book that answers the hard questions about UFOs” according to French Amazon; Science designates UFO Defense Tactics a collectible. Chosen as one of ten best UFO books in 2002 by Anomalous Book List, it is available at, barnes&, or 1-800-938-114. I personally highly recommend this book. George Filer

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