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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 1, 2007, 2006

George Filer:
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Several people have written saying they have received an E-mail from with photos on various odd subjects. Filer's Files UFO investigations are sent out on Wednesdays and never will have an attachment. Do not open attachments from me. McAfee Virus scan has not detected any virus in my computer but, this seems to be some kind of a sabotage.

"UFOs are interplanetary devices"

President Carter claims he saw a UFO, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first Director of CIA says UFOs are interplanetary devices. and there is a giant tube system on Mars.

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over California, Caribbean Cruise Ship Safety, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York Ohio, Rhode Island, and Oregon. Sightings in the US slowed over the holidays. Sightings were reported in Australia, Canada, Italy, and South Africa.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. I assume that there is life in the universe and each week we attempt to show evidence of life in space using NASA/JPL data. There is evidence that the history of the human race has been modified by the intervention of extraterrestrials. The ancient wonders found on Earth seem unlikely to be constructed by ancient man without help and closely match those found on Mars. It appears that life has developed on other planets.

In 1954, the Air Force revealed that White Sands missile tracking cameras had photographed UFO's which remained unexplained. 1955 - Battelle Laboratories study shows sighting concentrations around nuclear power and storage sites at strategic bases. Many UFO reports with high reliability military witnesses are the most unexplainable. Multiple USAF aircrews today continue to report UFOs. UFO landing sites show ground impressions, powerful swirling disruption of plant life, and radioactivity. Unidentified craft called Fast Walkers are regularly picked up by near Earth satellites.

The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Sacred ancient writings and our earliest structures such as the pyramids, and artifacts on the Moon and Mars point to alien intelligence.

UFOs are interplanetary devices

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, was the third Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from 1947 to 1950, and the first Director of the CIA, which was established in September 1947. Hillenkoetter was one of the first intelligence chiefs to make public his conviction that UFO's were real, and that "through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." In August 22, 1960, he stated,

"I am aware that hundreds of military and airline pilots, airport personnel, astronomers, missile trackers and other competent observers have reported sightings . . . These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth, either manned or under remote control, or both."

President Jimmy Carter told GQ Magazine-

"I saw an unidentified flying object.... one night when I was preparing to give a speech to a Lions Club. There were about twenty-five of us men standing around. It was almost time for the Lions Club supper to start, which I would eat and then I would give a speech. I was in charge of fifty-six Lions Clubs in southwest Georgia back in the late '60s. And all of a sudden, one of the men looked up and said, “Look, over in the west!” And there was a bright light in the sky.

We all saw it. And then the light, it got closer and closer to us. And then it stopped, I don't know how far away, but it stopped beyond the pine trees. And all of a sudden it changed color to blue, and then it changed to red, then back to white. And we were trying to figure out what in the world it could be, and then it receded into the distance. I had a tape recorder—because as I met with members of Lions Clubs, I would dictate their names on the tapes so I could remember them—and I dictated my observations. And when I got home, I wrote them down. So that's an accurate description of what I saw. It was a flying object that was unidentified. But I have never thought that it was from outer space. As far as covering up possible flights from distant satellites or distant heavenly bodies, I don't believe in that, and there's no evidence that it was ever covered up. Or extraterrestrial people coming to earth." Thanks to Chuck Shepard News of the World and GQ Magazine.

Mars – Giant Tube System Infers Life

MUFON Director John Schuessler Director sent me this JPL/NASA photo that appears to show a tube system on Mars.

Dust slides are common in the dust covered region called Lycus Sulci. 28.1N, 226.3E, released 2006-01-17, VIS, 18m NASA claims this is a large fracture that is visible in this image. Christensen, P.R., N.S. THEMIS Public Data Releases, Arizona State University,

Mars Investigator Joseph P. Skipper who has been studying the tubes writes, “Make no mistake about it, the one thing that is pretty clear is that these are the real giant tube systems on Mars, at least the ones we can see on the Martian surface, and they represent the activity of life of some kind on Mars.” Many of the tubes are covered with massive amounts of fill forming great interconnected natural appearing ridge systems. In other words, not so much buried as laid out on the surface and covered.

Astronomer Percival Lowell lspent 23 years intensively studying Mars by viewing its surface through his 24-inch Clark Telescope. Lowell thought the canals were constructed by intelligent beings who once flourished on Mars. He published his views in three books: Mars (1895), Mars and Its Canals (1906), and Mars As the Abode of Life (1908). He produced intricate drawings of the Red Planet, delineating hundreds of straight lines (termed "canals") and their intersections (which Lowell called "oases"). Lowell concluded that the bright areas were deserts and the dark were patches of vegetation. He further believed that water from the melting polar cap flowed down the canals toward the equatorial region to revive the vegetation. Lowell thought the canals were constructed by intelligent beings who once flourished on Mars.

He states, "To review, now, the chain of reasoning by which we have been led to regard it probable that upon the surface of Mars we see the effects of local intelligence. We find, in the first place, that the broad physical conditions of the planet are not antagonistic to some form of life; secondly, that there is an apparent dearth of water upon the planet's surface, and therefore, if beings of sufficient intelligence inhabited it, they would have to resort to irrigation to support life; thirdly, that there turns out to be a network of markings covering the disk precisely counterparting what a system of irrigation would look like; and, lastly, that there is a set of spots placed where we should expect to find the lands thus artificially fertilized, and behaving as such constructed oases should. The actual Martian state of things; for any Martian life must differ markedly from our own.

"The supposed Herculean task of constructing such canals disappears at once; for, if the canals be dug for irrigation purposes, it is evident that what we see, and call by ellipsis the canal, is not really the canal at all, but the strip of fertilized land bordering it,--the thread of water in the midst of it, the canal itself, being far too small to be perceptible. In the case of an irrigation canal seen at a distance, it is always the strip of verdure, not the canal, that is visible, as we see in looking from afar upon irrigated country on the Earth."

Percival may have observed the tube system under construction. Joseph P. Skipper writes My observations indicate it is not a round tube system as we might assume. Rather, I suspect this is a giant pyramid or triangle shaped immense underground long structure and we are seeing only the pointed but rounded peaked top with earth excavated away to form a giant skylight into the much bigger and broader interior still far below ground.

This civilization evidence is found in the NASA/JPL/MSSS official MOC M12-00441 narrow-angle original strip located at 75.57 S 201.46W

I call it a tube because it is long and for the lack of a better descriptive expression but it is a giant triangular tube like no tube we are familiar with on Earth. I suspect that the sloping sides of what I have called a tram here are simply fill conforming to the sloping sides of the structure underneath. The occluded quality of the material used in its construction is probably also a function of sheer thickness to stand up under the weight of the earth fill covering it.

As for these giant kilometers long tubes reported on here that entire cities could fit into, I am fully satisfied that they at minimum represent the activities of life of some kind but we just can't yet be sure as to what form of life. The most obvious speculation is that these are artificial construct hollow covers providing protective habitat and therefore may represent intelligent civilized life." Thanks to Joe Skipper The links for more detailed reports:.

California Flying Triangle

West Sacramento -- While fishing in the evening on July 19, 2005 at the deep water channel my husband, son and myself noticed a bright light coming from the south. There were white beams of light shooting out of this triangular shaped object that looked thick and metallic. There was a large red light at the bottom. It glided along flying 100 yards above us heading north not making a sound. It was approximately 200 yards long and flew over slowly taking five minutes to pass out of sight. A helicopter began circling around us and I was getting real scared. Then it flew towards the UFO.

Before this incident my husband was a non believer, but he knows they are real now. I have had many sightings before. Thanks to Brian Vike

New Jersey Sighting on Delaware River

I am a hip hop producer and CEO of a record label. Our goal as a group and label is to wake up the people in the world to the truth of UFOs. I live on the Delaware River, which is where I had my second sighting two years ago. The frst sighting I ever had was on the north side of the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, when I was 15 years old, not far from the volcano. I was looking at the Pacific Ocean and observed a plane flying low over the ocean in a landing pattern. Trailing the plane was a shiny metallic looking object. It looked like a perfectly round sphere just cruising in the air straight as an arrow. When I first spotted the craft it was about 50 to 100 feet behind the plane and underneath it like it was avoiding radar. I was telling myself that it had to be a piece of the plane that fell off until the craft passed the plane and kept on going. I was about 14 or so at the time of my first sighting. I am very much into the Pyramids and Bible scriptures describing UFO's.

RIVERSIDE –Recently, about 1 AM, I was outside on the porch observing the Delaware River when suddenly out of nowhere an extremely bright blue, tinted light appeared about 50 feet over the water and lowered itself to the surface, rose back up in the air, and then vanished without a trace. I can best describe the craft's flight pattern as a U shape. It came down and swooped back up. Thanks to James.

New Mexico Unknown Humanoid Being ?

Angel Fire -- I was in my bedroom with my four year old son, watching the Cartoon Network Channel on May 28, 2001. My son was sitting on the floor at my feet watching TV near a huge window. I was lying on the bed. The bedroom ceiling light and most the lights were on throughout the rest of the house. I was lying on the bed, propped up with 3 pillows, and the clock on top of the TV, showed 8:45 PM. The next thing I remember was a presence next to me in the room that had a sick, musty, weird, foreign smell. I have never smelled it since or before. There were others that I felt and saw at the foot of my bed wearing some kind of cloak or hood. The color seemed to be black, but I was not sure. I 'felt' a strong rage and anger from this presence and my instincts told me to pretend I was asleep, or it would be really bad for me. I did !

I tried to peek and see what was hovering over me but I felt it was scanning me to see if I was really asleep. The light still was on, but there was a strange light coming from the window at my left. A creature about three maybe four feet tall was standing to my right, directly next to my bed. I panicked and tried to move and scream, but I couldn't. Then I bolted from my lying position and the entire house was pitch black with all the lights now off, which was very odd because they had been left on. I could still smell that sickening musty weird odor and felt they must have just left. I was so scared. The clock read, 11:45 pm. There were two hours missing. The house was so quiet and dark.

My son was lying exactly next to me, the TV was off which is odd because he never stays in a straight position. I checked on him and he was breathing. I didn't move or go back to sleep that night. The next morning, I told family members what had happened, they said it was a dream. It didn't feel like a dream. My senses were aware and acute during the experience. But, to this day, it still is vivid and still feels like it really happened. Thanks to Brian Vike

Caribbean Cruise Ship Safety

During the last two years, fourteen people have simply disappeared while on cruise vacations at sea. In one case blood at the rail was found after a newly wed husband disappeared. This has led to Congressional subcommittee hearings. We have received several reports of UFO sightings and abductions from ships. One engineer reported he went to the fantail of the ship late at night and was abducted aboard a waiting UFO. He was returned several hours later and phoned me quite upset.

In one case Tim Sear was interviewed by ABC NEWS and claims he survived after falling off a cruise ship. He says the last thing I remember is looking for my friend aboard the ship, and suddenly everything went black. Suddenly, I was in pitch black in the middle of the ocean with only a few lights in the distance. My pants and shoes were gone and I was swimming only wearing a T shirt and boxers. How in the Hell did I get here? For seven hours, all through the night he worrieds about sharks and managed to stay afloat. In the past even when drinking, he was always aware of what was going on. He had learned discipline in the military and he felt the focus and drive kept him alive for fourteen hours swimming in the water before he gave up hope. He started to sink and felt that all was over, but he saw a light and gained strength. Later he was miraculously rescued by a passing ship.

Annette Mizener, vanished from a Carnival cruise in 2004. Her damaged purse was found on deck near an overturned drink. It is unknown what happened to any of these people.

What is not generally known is there were 840,000 adults and juveniles reported missing in 2001 the United States each year. Although missing children cases are usually investigated quickly, this is not the case with missing adults. I phoned the New Jersey State Police and they indicated some 50,000 people are reported missing each year, most turn up, but several thousand adults are never located each year. Actually, an adult has the right to be missing so often police departments often fail to investigate. The standard reported UFO abduction stories have decreased, but it is possible the aliens have started a new program of final abductions in dealing with the population.

New York Possibly Triangular Shaped Craft

ITHACA – On January 16, 2006, I was heading for bed and a very large glimmering object caught my eye to my right just outside my second story window at 10:45 PM. Through the tree limbs I saw a strobing pale yellow, stationary group of lights just above the hills. I quickly retrieved my Olympus C-740 digital camera and zoomed in to see what looked like two 747 jets placed together nose to tail. Thanks to Brian Vike. More photos can be viewed at:

Ohio Video Tape of UFO

FOSTORIA – George Ritter writes, “I have shot over 500 video tapes and I often find UFOs in the tapes when I examine them such as this one.

In reviewing my tapes I noticed this high speed object. Occasionally, I spot them with the naked eye while taping. I have thousands that I have documented over the years on a scientific repeatable basis since 1998.

Oregon Cylinder

Molalla – I live about 5 miles south of Molalla, and on November 15, 2005, at about 4:45 PM, I took a dozen or so pictures of Mt Hood. I took the pictures from my deck, facing northeast with my Nikon Coolpix 3100 set to standard "scenery" mode. There is one picture that has a curious "object" and I don't know what it is. It appears as a long cylinder without wings. I took three pictures within one minute and the object only shows up in the middle picture. The object is only on image 009. Thanks to MUFON

Rhode Island & Massachusetts UFO Sightings

A couple times a week for the past two months I have been noticing very bright "stars" that glow in multiple colors and move around in an unusual way compared to planes. They always appear to be stars at first, but they always catch my eye because of how bright they are and they seem to have multiple colors that change with the intensity of the light. The objects moved in every direction for a minimum of 15 minutes, but in a subtle way so that most people would over look it as a mere star. One night, I saw an object in the sky and all the power went out in my neighborhood. I asked my roommate to take a look and he confirmed my beliefs when he said, "What's that? That's not a star, not a plane."

Shortly after this my roommate left and I saw relatively small lights through the trees that were no more than five feet above ground level and 200 feet away. I started to walk towards one of them but I got a sudden feeling that I should go inside. As I walked into my house, I saw something in the corner of my eye, when I turned I was paralyzed with fear. I just stared at it without moving as a body form crept by me silently and looked back at me while only 10 feet away.

It appeared slightly human with shoulders, arms and legs, but it was walking on all fours, as if to appear like a dog in the dark. It covered too much ground too quickly to be a dog. It went across the street into the next driveway and stopped and stared at me from the shadows, its eyes were reflecting light so I knew it was watching me. I was overcome with a strange desire to go to sleep, and went inside and went to bed. Thanks to Brian Vike

Texas Pulsing Lights

On January 25, 2006, I was standing out back of my fire station smoking when I noticed a very bright and pulsing light that seemed to hang in the same place longer than it should have. I assumed it was either a APD or StarFlight helicopter conducting operations over the city. The object hovered for about 3 to 4 minutes due east of my station with very bright lights and then moved to the north about 5 degrees. I got my binoculars and noticed a plane east and one overhead on final to ABIA and used them to gage the objects size. The unidentified object then moved south and the lights had diminished in brightness to white pinpoint lights. I then noticed a red and possibly a green strobe light. As the object banked, I observed white lights at the points of a triangle shaped object with white lights between the points and one in the middle of the triangle and also still observed a red and green light within the triangular shape. Thanks to Brian Vike

"Don't worry about the world ending today, its already tomorrow in Australia."

Australia UFO sighting over Indian Ocean

Bunbury -- Karen Ong, SCETTAL Director and Researcher reports: In September 2005, I was assisting in a crop circle UFO tour and creating a UFO documentary. I decided to drop off a poster in a local government building. I talked to a gentleman who informed me that he had friends who had witnessed UFO's flying off the coast a couple of years prior, and who had actually taken photographs of them! He explained that the objects were believed to be ‘tiered', that is, consisting of more than one level, and that his friends were mesmerised for some minutes as they observed them.

The photos were taken the Bunbury foreshore that evening in late November 2003. I did receive the photographs some weeks later with the following note:

“Three friends of mine witnessed these lights for 4 to 5 minutes in approximately late November 2003 in Western Australia. Photos were taken only when one of them remembered he was a photographer, such was their reaction….classic flight pattern – sudden changes in position etc, they were moving from right to left, then left toward Busselton.

These are three photographs which were taken in succession between 7:15 and 7.30 PM. Neither this photograph, nor any of the following photographs have been tampered, other than a zoom of the objects in question for ease of identification.

Photo 1 - A single elliptical light source with an apparent domed appendage can be viewed to the left of the second street lamp at approximately 9 o'clock.

Zoom of first photo.

When this is magnified, the light source is quite apparent as an elliptical shape with a domed top appearance.

Photo 2 - In this photograph, the original light source has now moved from the nine o'clock position just below left of the second lamp post light, to half way between the first and second lamp post. There is a second light source at approximately 8 o'clock to the second lamp post light, however it is not known whether this light source is a separate light source, a reflection of the third light source directly below and just right of it, or a at cloud/sunset. . zoom of 2nd photo

The third light source, which is directly below the second light source at 7 o'clock to the lamp post light, is interesting. On zooming in on the light source, it is apparent that it consists of an elliptical shape with a series of lights around its circumference, with another single light on top in the apparent shape of a dome.

Photo 3 In the last photo of the series, there remains just the one light source, which appears to have moved from the 7o'clock position below the second lamp post light, to 4 o'clock position just below the first lamp post light. In this photo, it is more obvious that the shape of the light source is elliptical with a series of lights around the circumference and an apparent domed light appearance on the top.

Zoom of third object.

The photos were taken overlooking the in Indian Ocean coast at Bunbury. I have no reason to believe that the photographs in any way have been artificially manufactured or tampered with. In my estimation, these photographs are authentic, and the event requires further and in-depth investigation through interviewing the multiple witnesses, and endeavouring to ascertain whether other people in the vicinity (ie. Those people in cars parked on the foreshore) also witnessed the phenomena. Thanks to Karen Ong SCETTAL Director and Researcher

Seaford, Victoria -- Not too sure whether or not this was or was not a sighting but it was pretty freaky whatever it was. I was driving home along the road that leads through an industrial side (Carrum Downs) of town on January 24, 2006 when I was distracted by these 3-4 bright orange orbs glowing in the sky about 9:45 PM.. I thought at first they were just stars but they were all aligned. The brightest orb was above the rest and they moved northeast at a slow pace. They were different to plane lights and didn't flash so I was positive it had to be something different. This lasted for about 20 minutes and suddenly disappeared.

The brightest orb was at least half the size of the moon. I thought it was pretty weird since I haven't even seen a shooting star let alone bright orange things in the sky that moved together yet not directly vertical of each other slightly off-line with the orb above it. There were 3-4 of them all really bright, but the biggest one was the one that caught my attention first. Thanks to Brian Vike

Canada Sightings White Object Seen

Scarborough, Ontario --

Scarborough – At our place of work, there were numerous bright flashes from the light fixtures, only over me. The astonishing thing is it was happening in different locations of the warehouse. Strange triggering of our dock "roll" up door, to open and close, but nothing was there. . Other people have noticed this and questioned, "what opened the door"? I have found too, that the phones have been funny, as if someone was listening. Take care and keep up the good work! Thanks to Paul Shishis.

Scarborough, Ontario -- Agnes Sroczynski writes that on January 26 2006, a large glowing white disc was seen above the sunrise, in the southeastern horizon at the intersection of Lawrence East and Orton Park. The observations was made about 5:30 AM. I have seen these before. They are eventually drowned out by the dawn and no longer visible after daybreak. The object moved very slowly, but the subtle movement up and slightly to the west can be observed within 5-10 minutes of observation. Thanks to Agnes Sroczynski

Calgary, Alberta -- I was at Calgary airport taking pictures of a departing Alaska Airlines 737, when I noticed an object in the lower right hand of the frame as I fired the camera to begin a sequence of shots on December 18, 2005. In the fraction of a second, I was able to observe it (1:11 PM). I was able to determine that it was very bright, moving quickly from lower right of the frame to the upper middle of the frame. The photos were to be entered on an aviation website. The gear that I was using was a Canon 20D DSLR of 8MP and a Canon 70-200 F:4 L USM lens. I was shooting in motor mode to capture the moving jets at a rate of 5fps. This means that there was no more than 1/20th of a second between frames.

When the mirror returned the second time the object was gone and I put it down to a abnormality of light. Two days later, I was viewing the photographs I had taken that day and was very surprised to see that I had captured something on one of the frames. I enlarged the object, sharpened the picture and gave it higher resolution. It appears to be a cross shaped object in the upper center but remember I first saw it in the lower right section of frame as the camera was firing so the object would have traversed the entire frame in under 1/20th second. Further the object does not show up on the frame shot 1/20th sec later. End result it's moving at a high rate of speed. I do not feel this was a defective pixel in the camera's sensor that would show up as a white dot in the picture. In this case it is not possible as the object does not show up in the picture shot before or after. Hot pixels don't fix themselves. Thanks to Brian Vike

Italy Disc Filmed

Tricase – On January 08, 2006, at 11:30 AM, I sighted an unidentified flying object moving in an east direction at a constant speed during a walk with my sons in marine locality greenhouse.

Thanks to Brian Vike

Photos are copywrited and can be viewed at:

South Africa 150 Plus Object Witnessed

Western Cape -- On January 27, 2006, many witnessed at least 150 white spheres at 5 PM, and a large rush hour traffic jam was treated to a slow fly-by for about ten minutes. Aerial movements were subtle - but clearly not a result of prevailing wind patterns. This is important because many people could easily mistake the white craft for weather balloons. City fire brigades were kept busy on the mountain for the third day running.

The timing of the visit was almost a year later to last year's February 5, 2005, sighting above Cape Town. Table Mountain was ablaze for a few days last year on the 5th. Cape Town was the scene of 60+ brilliant white spheres floating over the harbor. It seems that the same UFO "model" again visited the city where Table Mountain is the dominant feature. So, also, I'm wondering if the sightings experienced in South America and Spain were coupled with large infernos?


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