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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 7, 2006

George Filer:
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Mars Has Artificial Materials

This week we have articles on: Mars has artificial substances and Endurance Crater has Hieroglyphics and construction, Mars symbols are similar to Roswell debris wreckage, Yellowstone Earthquake, and more Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to come in Pacific Rim of fire, and Swedish Fighter chases UFO,

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over Arizona, California, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Sightings in the US slowed over the holidays. Sightings were reported in Australia, Canada, Italy, Sweden and UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. I assume that there is life in the universe and each week we attempt to show evidence of life in space using NASA/JPL data. There is evidence that the history of the human race has been modified by the intervention of extraterrestrials. The ancient wonders found on Earth seem unlikely to be constructed by ancient man without help and closely match those found on Mars. It appears that life has developed on other planets.

The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Sacred ancient writings and our earliest structures such as the pyramids, and artifacts on the Moon and Mars point to alien intelligence.

Mars Artificial Substances

Harold Carver writes, "I found what appears to be artificial substances on Mars taken by the Rovers. I have enclosed them inside the red boxes. One looks like a wafer or chip,and the other looks like a piece of pottery.

Photos courtesy of NASA/JPL.

Mars – Endurance Crater Has Water

Reservoir and Hieroglyphics

Harold Carver writes, “While looking at images that the Rover Opportunity took I noticed Endurance Crater lacks the profile of a crater, yet everything about it suggests that it was built to hold a body of water.

This water flows out of the sides of the crater into a reservoir. The angles are too precise to be a freak of nature and are suggestive of a purpose. Mars photos are at left and compare to a dam and spillway on Earth. The entire walls and floor of Endurance image seem to be made of fitted slabs of rock neatly put together. There is also evidence of artificially made spill-ways used for the collection of water.

Editor's Note: I was looking at some of Carver's JPL photos and noticed numerous petroglyph's on the crater walls that seem to depict writing or symbols. This is a JPL image taken by the Opportunity Rover of Burns Cliff inside Endurance Crater that show symbols similar to

T, P, Y, I, A, I V, K

Photo thanks to NASA/JPL

Mars Symbols Similar to Roswell Debris

P, Y I face R fish wing

ROSWELL --Major Jessie Marcel the 509th Group Intelligence Officer picked up debris with rancher Bill Brazel at the Foster Ranch at the crash sight near Corona, New Mexico on July 7, 1947. Later that night Marcel showed his wife and son who is now an Army Colonel and medical Doctor (Jesse Marcel Jr.) the strange writing on the debris. Later others at Roswell Air Base including Lieutenant Robert J. Shirkey saw the debris.

Major Marcel showed the debris to his Commander William Blanchard, who then ordered a news release that stated the Army Air Force had recovered a Flying Disc. Colonel Blanchard ordered the debris to be immediately flown with Major Marcel aboard a B-29, to 8th Air Force Headquarters at Fort Worth, Texas. The debris package was carried in the bomb bay with three guards. Marcel was met at the flight line by the second highest ranking officer at Carswell Army Air Base Colonel Thomas DuBose. Together they drove to General Roger Ramey's office with the debris, and waiting for them was James Bond Johnson a Fort Worth Star Newspaper photographer who took these photos.

Johnson who is still alive told me, when the officers arrived the package was still wrapped and they unwrapped the metallic burnt debris and spread them out on the General's rug. He remembered the debris smelled burnt like it had been in a crash.

Shortly, General Ramey arrived holding a message in his hand. Six photos are taken of General Ramey, Colonel DuBose, and Major Jessie Marcel with the debris. Four of the 4 x 5 negatives are now stored in the Archives of the University of Texas.

Blowup Photos courtesy of Neil Morris and RPIT

Several years ago the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) was formed to enlarge and evaluate these photographs. The computer enhanced photos show that General Ramey is holding a message that appears to state, “THE VICTIMS OF THE CRASH ARE BEING TRANSPORTED TO FORT WORTH.” URGENT. POWERS ARE NEEDED AT SITE TWO NW ROSWELL, N.MEX."

Clearly much of the debris has strange markings or writing on it. A close up of the debris shows some strange writing taken by photographer James Bond Johnson. If you compare the Mars symbols with the debris in General Ramey's office there are striking similarities.

Neil Morris from the University of Manchester discovered that three symbols have now been cross matched on the debris footage beam. The details discovered in over fifty year old photographs indicate an object of much greater complexity than a simple radar reflector. Space ships like our own Moon Lander are made from surprisingly flimsy materials. The cross matching of these symbols indicate the debris is from an object alien to Earth, or at least to our methods of writing and symbols. All involved admit the debris shown was part of a disc recovered from the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico in 1947.

Texas FBI Memo about Roswell Disc

FORT WORTH – Another piece of data that proves the authenticity of the evidence is an FBI message sent on July 8, 1947, at 6:17 PM. The foremost feature of the teletype is that Major Kirton of the 8th Army Air Force Intelligence Office positively identifies as not being that of a RAWIN balloon and its radar target, though resembling them. We know from the photos and message that personnel at the 8th Army Air Force confirmed this was strange unidentified debris late on July 8, and that they had decided to fly the wreckage to Wright Field, Ohio where Air Force experts were gathered. Major Kirton was notifying the FBI of the latest developments.

According to the FBI memo the "disc" debris were being sent to Wright Field because personnel at Roswell and Fort Worth did not know its identity.

We know that much of the exceedingly light debris was hand carried by Major Marcel. This rules out rockets, missiles, and most known aircraft that are made of relatively heavy metals. We can assume Major Kirton notified the FBI shortly before the message was sent at 6:17 PM. The best qualified people at two military bases were unable to identify the wreckage so it was being flown to the Wright Field aviation experts technical staff who were standing by to inspect the debris wreckage. It is my belief a standard mundane military balloon and radar target would not be confused with the unidentified debris even though they were both light weight.

Later that evening, radio reporter Joe Wilson in Chicago stated he had spoken shortly before the broadcast with officials at Wright Field and they were _still_ _awaiting_ the debris arrival.

Actual FBI message can be seen at:

We know that the landing marks of many UFOs indicate they are very light weight. In fact, most craft that operate in space are designed to be very light weight. For example, we know our Apollo 11 Eagle (Lunar Lander) was flimsy and light weight.

Buzz Aldrin in his book "Men From Earth" stated, "But the Eagle was a featherweight locomotive. It could accelerate from zero to 3,000 miles per hour in two minutes during the ascent. The walls of the pressure cabin were so thin I could have jabbed a screw driver through them without a lot of effort. Everything had been stripped down to the extreme." He also just released that a UFO accompanied Apollo 11 on the trip to the Moon.

Brigadier General Thomas DuBose plainly stated the Weather Balloon story was a cover given under order of General Mc Mullen to "get the press off the military's back." I talked to General Mc Mullen's son who also was a general who claimed he had no knowledge of story, but he enjoyed talking about his father. He told me his father had never discussed the incident with him.

Yellowstone National Park Earthquake

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory reports a moderate 4.6 quake hit just 40 miles west of Yellowstone on February 4, at 20:25:52 hours 44.765N 111.858W at 5.0 miles deep that could indicate further trouble. Yellowstone Volcano is considered one of the most dangerous sites in the country.

During the month of January 2006, 67 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone region. The largest of these shocks was a magnitude 2.6 on January 17, 2006 at 10:20 AM MST, located about 18.5 miles west northwest of West Yellowstone, Montana. These are considered at relatively low background levels.

During the past year, continuous GPS stations have recorded between 4 and 8 cm of uplift over much of the Yellowstone caldera system. An example can be found at:

The magnitude of uplift is within the bounds of typical Yellowstone deformation, but at a somewhat higher rate. Scientists continue to monitor the ground deformation and seismic data in the Yellowstone region on a Y shaped fault. Many similar caldera systems around the world regularly exhibit changes greater than those observed at Yellowstone and do not progress to eruptive activity. The changes we are measuring at Yellowstone Caldera are scientifically interesting and will be watched closely.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes on Pacific Rim

The likelihood of tectonic activity is increasing leading to twice the rate of last years earthquakes and volcanoes. Expect a major increase in activity in the Pacific Rim of Fire. This includes Alaska, Canadian Coast, California, Russia, Indonesia, Central and South America and Japan. This unstable activity appears to be increasing for the next dozen years. Quakes in the 7.0 plus range should double as the tectonic plates appear less stable and likely to move. The number of less harmful quakes is also increasing.

Arizona Witness Sights Two Black UFOs

North Phoenix -- These photos were taken on January 23, 2006, at 4:29 PM, when I noticed two black UFOs in the northern direction. They were very high up flying in and out of the high clouds. Then one disappeared. I saw only one of them spinning through my binoculars. It moved right, and left, and then flew south towards me.

At 1,000 feet away, I took ten photos of it, but it was so high up that the photo's were not the greatest. But here are the best photos. It felt like an hour, but it was only two or three minutes, then it disappeared though the clouds. Thanks to Brian Vike. To view more photos:

California Flock of UFOs and Video

San Francisco -- Linda Kerth writes, "I saw a whole flock of UFOs when I was in my early 20's, and it changed my life, certainly opened me up like a tin can for possibilities. Wouldn't have seen them at all, except I was dazzled by a beautiful full moon. My first hint was wavering in the star background, as if something was moving in front of them and blocking them out. Then I saw the first one, flying directly in front of the full moon with two more behind the first in a triangular formation. There were two more groups of three each, that formed into triangles and themselves forming a larger triangle. There were also three more groups of three.

I think there were about 18 in all, three, then six, then nine, and maybe more behind those. About two of them would have fit within the face of the moon. I had the distinct impression that they were VERY big, VERY high, and VERY fast. This was in about 1967 and they were flying directly west, out to sea. I pray often that I will see them again! Thank you so much for doing so much good work! Thanks to Linda Kerth

Chicco -- I was on 20th Street going east and admiring the hues on the clouds from the rising sun on January 24, 2006, when I noticed a silver-gray sphere stationary to the left of the clouds for 5-7 seconds at 6:54 AM It was twice the size of a ball point pen at arm's length. After filling up with gas, the sphere was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike

Sonora -- This sighting comes two days after a large object was captured on video and observed for 20 minutes with it finally exploding and sending a shower of glowing debris back downward towards earth. If the reader hasn't had a chance to view this amazing and compelling footage it's located at:

This video submitted to HBCC UFO RESEARCH is in a 640 x 480 resolution. The first portion is the original size, the second is digitally zoomed 200%. A luminous white crescent or triangle shaped object was captured January. 20, 2006, at 4:53 PM. It was comparative to a mid-size 20 seat corporate jet. Occasionally, a black top or dark side surface was visible. It was slow moving at perhaps 40-60 mph, then accelerated to 120-150 mph or faster without sound heading north for almost two minutes

There was no wing structure, and the object remained out of focus despite attempts to "manually-focus." Thanks to Brian Vike. More footage can be viewed at: If the reader hasn't had a chance to view this amazing and compelling footage it's located at:

Georgia Lights

Oglethorpe -- Tom Sheets GUFOG has received only a few reported events via the Hotline in the last few days. Mostly nocturnal lights, one in particular being in Ft. Oglethorpe Georgia late last Friday night. This location is a few miles south of Chattanooga. A spinning multicolored light was reported as well as a larger orange colored square light. The witness calmly said only that he felt someone should know about it. There was nothing we could do in particular, due to altitude and distance, and again it was at night. Thanks to Tom Sheets GUFOG

Minnesota Bright Triangle Lights

Cohasset --While staying at a cabin resort with relatives and friends, I had occasion to walk from one cabin to the other alone at about 10:30 PM, on July 10, 2005. There are many tall trees at this resort and when I looked up at the clear night sky and saw a strange vehicle passing overhead with absolutely no sound. I doubt it was an airplane. It consisted of three, bright white lights in a triangular formation and it moved fairly slowly across the sky. Its altitude was only a few thousand feet, but I could not see its body shape before it became obscured by the trees. One odd thing about it was that it had no flashing or colored lights. Thanks to Brian Vike

New Jersey Storms and UFO

maple shade -- Mel C writes, "For several months, I've had the strong feeling that some of the storms we've had aren't natural like the one on January 24, 2005." The clouds were different that night. Some were thin, flat, long and dark in color which were moving with noticeable speed. Others were bright white, fluffy and very shapely. Without warning, to the west of me behind this blanket of clouds, there was a huge flash of blue light, perhaps lightening. Two minutes later there was a huge flash of orange. The next flash of light was closer and more visible. It was a huge horizontal lightening bolt. Then, two orange embers fell from the clouds and burned out before reaching the ground. Thirty seconds went by and in the same spot, another huge horizontal lightening bolt struck low to the ground and once more orange embers fell. These bolts of electricity were the biggest I've ever seen. Normally there is no thunder and lightening in January.

Moth ball-sized hail/sleet/rain/snow pellets were coming down hard and fast. This mini blizzard lasted about a minute but left the ground completely covered. When I grabbed a handful it was the soft, finely granulated slush! Not even 10 seconds passed and bam! There was a falling light directly in front of me about 20 yards away!

Then there are seven bright lights in a row panning the skyline. They all went in different directions and the one in the middle flew directly over my building. A dark top hat UFO moving slowly with four white lights in the middle, positioned like a four on dice. On the top, bottom and both sides, there were two lights each, one red and one green. It passed above me in a very quiet, smooth and slow manner, while the others flew out of sight. Thanks to Mel C.

New Mexico – UFO Videos

Albuquerque -- At about 11:30 AM, on January 31, 2006, I went out the back door of my office and looking up I noticed 10 to 12 white objects with the sun reflecting off of them. I asked my secretary to come out and look and 30-45 seconds later the cluster had moved from the NW across the sky to the NE sky. I thought that if they were balloons of some kind how could they move across the sky so quickly? There were no contrails and they flew three times faster than jets. Three were in the formation of a triangle, and then a few seconds later they were gone from view. Thanks to Brian Vike

LORDSBURG -- Benjie Medina writes, "I keep my eye out for UFOs and we are seeing and video taping them on a regular basis. Here are a couple from October 19 and November 25, 2005.

I'm also writing to let you know we've got some new video on January 2, 10, 15th and 24th.

I think you'll like it. We're interested in showing the truth. The aliens found us that is for sure. May you have the Peace of Jesus with you." Thanks to Benjie Medina.

New York UFO

Lakewood -- I was at my friend's lake front house on December 20, 2005, when an oval object appeared over the lake at 9:30 PM. Three of us froze as the object hovered and suddenly gave off a beam of light so bright we couldn't open our eyes. Then in a second, it shot straight up into the sky and was gone. I couldn't believe my eyes! I'm a believer for sure now! Thanks to Brian Vike

SYRACUSE --On February 3, 2006, a friend and I were sitting up high atop a hill at Onondaga park looking out over the city. We saw various aircraft flying about and noticed a light that was moving at a high speed flying very low, right over the housetops. It was just too low to be a helicopter. It flew no more than 30 yards from us as we looked down. This is not the first time that I have seen a UFO from this hill in Syracuse, which I have come to know as a hotbed of UFO activity. We have seen other UFO's here. I have been abducted throughout my lifetime and most recently on February 2, 2006.

Ohio Videos

FOSTORIA – I spoke with George Ritter Sunday just before the Super Bowl and he was rooting for Pittsburgh. “He continues to video tape UFOs and has over 500 video tapes with hundreds of UFOs, birds, planes and insects. He sets up the cameras and video tapes for several hours. He then examines each frame. The UFOs moving at thousands of miles per hour or usually on only one single frame while birds, planes and insects are usually on multiple frames of the video tape.

In reviewing my November tapes I noticed this high speed object. Thanks to George Ritter

Pennsylvania Bright Red Lights

Pottsville – On January 31, 2006, I was in my backyard lifting weights, at 7 PM, and I saw a reddish transparent beam of light hitting my backyard. I went to investigate and looked up to see a glowing red orb. As I backed up, it seemed to move with me, so I stopped and it stopped also. I got scared and ran up my back steps, two at a time. I made it to my backdoor to find that it was locked. I looked up to see where it was, and it had followed me once again. It then made a series of jerky motions before flying straight up into the sky and disappearing. I ran to the front door and got inside. Thanks to Brian Vike

Washington UFOs

TROUT LAKE – During intermittent clear skies at 6:30 PM, two UFOs came in from the south on February 1, 2006. One was dim and the other became much brighter as it passed it slipped side-to-side and headed east. They stayed illuminated far into the Earth's shadow.

At 6:50 PM a very large golden light with no running lights or strobes came in again from the South. It was much lower than the first two objects and flew north across the entire sky until it went behind some clouds over Mount Adams. There are no known satellites for this time according to Heavens-Above website. Thanks to James,

Canada UFOs Photographed

Fort St. John, B.C. -- It's been quiet up here as of late, but when I went to take a photo of the sunset on February 1, 2006, I noticed a couple of bright objects for a few seconds and managed to get a quick snapshot. It was around 5:30 PM. I saw them moving but only for about five seconds before they disappeared into the low cloud cover. I had my camera ready to shoot the sunset and they were traveling west at 100 mph. the wind was at 8 k from the south. Pictures are © 2004 Mr.Mann. Photos can be viewed at: Thanks to Brian Vike

Editor's Note – The newer better digital cameras are able to capture more detail at higher speeds providing more evidence of strange objects in our skies. Please keep shooting and send in those images.

Chateauguay, Quebec -- I spotted again this evening on February 2, 2006, at around 6 pm, an object similar to the one last month. Again, I videotaped the objects close to the same spot, and both tapes are similar.

Both exhibited colors from amber to red, flashed a bit, pulsated, then blinked out all together as you can see in the video. The sighting lasted about five minutes in a suburb of Montreal. See Video clip Thanks to Brian Vike

Oshawa, Ontario -- On January 27, 2006, after 1 pm, the picture was taken to the southwest over Lake Ontario. I could see some white objects moving and flashes in that area of the sky. There appears to be two different shaped objects. One an oblong in a vertical position and the other, a much rounder shaped object. I had taken three other photo's within a minute of the same part of the sky but no other objects were seen in those. On January 27, 2005, a year ago I took my "first" pictures of multiple objects. Thanks to Brian Vike

COUNTRY HARBOR, NOVA SCOTIA – On January 15, 2006, I was staying at my grandmother's and about 1 AM, and I heard her say, "Oh my God, look at the moon it is so big." I went to see a huge golden shiny and absolutely beautiful round object about the size of an air balloon. We quickly realized it wasn't the moon, that was a round shape but we could not see the bottom of it because it was covered by the hill. It was shiny and golden.

Thanks to Brian Vike

Brian Vike CD Audio Clips Collection

Yesterday I spoke with Brian and he told me about his 79 Eyewitness UFO Audio reports that are available on a CD, at: ( all upcoming eyewitness audio reports will be given to the buyer free.

El Salvador Police See Strange Light

A strange event is under investigation by the police. The deputy chief of the San Salvador police force and 17 of his men January 24, 2006, were witnesses to a powerful silent radiation that enveloped them for several minutes. Police cruisers were lit up by a powerful silent light that vanished after several minutes without a trace.

The deputy chief of the San Salvador police, Amir Methey Doret, told Uno that "we experienced the curious event when we were returning from a police operation and all 18 of us witnessed a light in the sky that glowed with great intensity. That powerful light wasn't a floodlight, nor was it any other device or aerial optics like a helicopter or airplane."

After a few minutes of exposure, "the silent light began to rise to a considerable height and velocity, until it suddenly vanished, leaving a significant glow that began to dissipate like smoke." "The light, which we could see from a considerable distance, was moving sideways was suddenly gone, leaving a cloud behind. It did not interrupt communications between the units." Other residents of San Salvador also saw the strange light headed toward the Villaguay region. Thanks to Planeta UFO and S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, (Translation (c) 2006)

Italy UFOs Park for Six Hours

Milan -- Paola Harris a noted Italian UFO photo-journalist reports that five UFOs were parked in the sky over Milan, for six hours on Saturday night, February. 4, 2006 and reported by hundreds of spectators over the period 11 PM to 5 AM, when they finally went away. Milan is only 65 miles east of Turin (Torino), where the Winter Olympic Games began.

Is this 6-Hour UFO Hover over a major metropolis an escalation of the Star Visitors' signaling their presence, as Paola suggests? Most certainly! I further think that it is a not-so-gentle nudge to the governments of the world to get going with formally acknowledging to their people that UFOs are real. Thanks to Richard Boylan, Ph.D., C.O.E.

Swedish Fighter Chases UFO

Clas Svahn UFO-Sweden reports, " The experienced Swedish Air Force pilot flew a J-35F "Draken" fighter plane on a routine training mission between the islands of Öland and Gotland in the Baltic Sea southeast of Sweden when he was diverted to chase a target by the ground control radar about noon in the summer of 1977. The ground control had picked up a target further East of Sweden, and the pilot was at the time of the call around 100 kilometers from the target.

Identifying unknown targets were routine during these days, Swedish military went up several times every week identifying Russian and American spy planes flying in a strip outside Gotland. This time the target behaved different. The radar control on ground, situated 100 kilometers from the object, reported it to be stationary, something that was later confirmed by the pilot as he approached the object. In a taped telephone interview made on June 19, 1999, the pilot told me that he approached the target at a speed of Mach 0,9 and soon got the object on his own radar screen. He was flying at 1.000 meters altitude straight towards the UFO. and had the object 500 meters above his altitude.

“When I was 10 kilometers from the object it suddenly started to move straight up”, he told me. “I never saw it with my naked eye, but could follow it on my radar and decided to light up (the after burner) and started to follow the target. I had a perfect lock on it all the time. His “Draken”, which was the latest model J-35F, climbed at an angle of 70 degrees trying to keep up with the target. According to the pilot he never came closer than 6-8 kilometers. “When I was at 10.000 meters the object flew out of the radar range, straight out in space. It was at an altitude of 40 to 50 kilometers at that time.

I aborted the chase but stayed in the area for 2-3 minutes trying to locate the object but was unable to find anything.” “My aircraft was leaving vapor trails behind me, but the object left none”, he says. “I really looked for them but there were none.” The weather was fine with 3/8 cumulus. His comments were, "I do not know of any single aircraft that would have been able to - from zero - out fly a "Draken" at that time." He never reported the incident after landing at the airbase F-12 in Kalmar at the time but reported to ground control that the object was gone as he came to the scene. “The ground control radar did not look at vertical movements after they had led me to the target, so when the object started moving upwards it just seamed to have vanished of the screen for them”, the pilot said. The incident came to UFO-Sweden's attention when he sent an e-mail to us a couple of years ago. On June 19, 1999, I made a telephone interview with him. Sadly he died in a helicopter accident a year after. Thanks to Clas Svahn UFO-Sweden

UK Scotland Bright Flickering Light

BO 'NESS, WEST LOTHIAN – My house stands in an elevated position overlooking, the estuary of the River Forth, which at this point, is about 4 miles wide. On January 15, 2006, at about 9.30 PM, my wife and I noticed a bright flickering orange colored light in the sky about 400 yards away. There was no engine noise and it seemed to be falling in an uncontrolled fashion but then moved upward, again, unevenly. It did this several times but then it was rapidly moving north across the river. As it was moved directly away, it diminished in size and rapidly disappeared. The sky was black with a light cloud cover. Thanks to Brian Vike

Neath -- I have a UFO photo taken on January 13, 2006, but when I took the photo I did not see the object.

I only noticed it when I put it up on my computer. The photos were taken from my own property, using my Pentax Digital camera. I was trying out the zoom. That is how I got this photo. These photos are copyrighted to the gentleman/ who resides in Neath. © M. Neath, UK 2006. To view photos:

South Wales Stars Spin Around

Swansea, South Wales -- I noticed one star flashing, rather than twinkling on January 14, 2006, at 7:10 PM, then two others began flashing. All three stars continued to flash as the lowest object moved away, then the second one moved quickly after it, whereas the third held its position and continued to flash. It began spinning and emanating a reddish/pinkish light. The other two became visible, and all three objects were spinning simultaneously. Then this third object flew quickly after the other two and they all disappeared.


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