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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 19, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

I would like to thank you for the hundreds of emails sent from all over the world regarding the death of my five year old grandson Georgie Filer V who drowned July 6, 2006. Many letters had similar stories of the loss of a loved one. We lose 3300 people a year in the US to drowning plus 450 to drowning in boat accidents.

On July 17, 2006, a three meter high wall of water, triggered by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake crashed Southern Java, Indonesia drowning some 550 people.

Drowning accidents are the leading cause of injury/deaths among children under five. A temporary lapse in supervision is a common factor in most drowning's. Child drowning's can happen in a matter of seconds--in the time it takes to answer the phone. There is often no splashing to warn of trouble. I have decided to start a campaign for more drowning awareness and swim safety. I could certainly use everyone's help in spreading the word.

UFO Videos Increasing

This weeks files cover: FAA Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations John Callahan says UFOs Exist. Genesis I Mission Update, A Minister's Thoughts on UFOs, Angels, and Demons. Pravda reports cases of missing time and implants.

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over: Arizona, California, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Washington. UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Poland and the Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, represent technologically-advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Uncorrelated targets enter our atmosphere four or five times a week. Uncorrelated targets are those not contained in computer banks of objects in space. The frequent visits to our planet indicate we humans are under scrutiny while minerals, food and water are being taken. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it allegedly disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

God Like Great Carina Nebula

This is a colorful close-up view of the Great Carina Nebula (NGC 3372). Covering an area surrounding the dusty Keyhole Nebula (NGC3324) near picture center, the image spans about 40 light-years within the larger Carina Nebula at an estimated distance of 7,500 light-years. © 2006 Credit & Copyright: Brad Moore

FAA Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations,

John Callahan states, "I was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington DC for six years. This particular incident started with a phone call from the people in Alaska….I said, “What's the problem?” He said, “Well, it's that UFO. The UFO was bouncing around the 747 here”…FAA Administrator, Admiral Engen, told me to attend a briefing the next day where the FBI, CIA, President Reagan's Scientific Study Team, as well as others attended. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, they had all those people swear that this never happened. I've been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA, but they never had me swear it never happened….

For those people who say that if these UFOs existed, they would some day be on radar and that there'd be professionals who would see it, then I can tell them that back in 1986, there were enough professional people that saw it. What I can tell you is what I've seen with my own eyes. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. And I've got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I've been telling you. In 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight was followed by a huge UFO for 31 minutes over the Alaskan skies. The UFO also trailed a United Airlines flight until the flight landed. There was visual confirmation as well as airborne and ground-based radar confirmation."

Captain Terauchi the pilot of the JAL 747 was featured on numerous radio and TV programs and in People Magazine. Within a few months of these events he was grounded, apparently for his indiscretion of reporting a UFO, even though he was a senior captain with an excellent flying record. Thanks to the Disclosure Project

Genesis I Mission Update

Bigelow Aerospace mission control has begun to acquire information from the Genesis I spacecraft. The ISC Kosmotras Dnepr rocket has flawlessly delivered the Genesis I into the target orbit of 550 km altitude on July 12, 2006. Bigelow Aerospace has received confirmation from the Genesis I spacecraft that it has successfully expanded and its solar arrays have been deployed. The internal battery is reporting a full charge, which leads us to believe that the solar arrays have deployed. The internal temperature of the spacecraft is 26 degrees Celsius and we have acquired the spacecraft's Global Positioning System (GPS).

The mission tests an unorthodox idea, that inflatable modules might be used to build future space stations. Although it's not the brightest object in the night sky, Genesis I can be seen making regular passes over the United States and Europe. Thanks to: - Robert T. Bigelow

A Minister's Thoughts on UFOs, Angels, Demons

Jim Coldiron writes, "I was saved in 1983, and became a full-time minister in 1989 and have been involved in ministry until now. In that time, I have seen the battle of holy angels and fallen angels and also of demons manifest in different ways. I have seen many people delivered of demonic powers, and have seen angels appear both as man-shaped... the self-illuminated shapes filling dark rooms with light, and as balls of light that sound remarkably like the orbs that are described by UFO researchers. In fact, I have seen both good and evil angels as balls of light (uh... that's complicated). They are extra dimensional in nature.

I believe that there is a "spiritual" or "extra dimensional" explanation of the UFOs, that they are not natural phenomena or man-made in a hangar somewhere. In fact, extra dimensional physics explains quite well some of their behavior, and the Bible describes their motivations.

Findings from quantum physics shows that our universe currently exists in at least 10 dimensions, and probably had as many as 16 during the creation event. There are some other theories in string theory that say as much as 26, but who really knows. But there are definitely more than the 4 that we know. We in our bodies can perceive of height, depth, width, and time (which is in itself a dimension of our universe and tied into space). We know 4 dimensions, though human beings are in fact spiritual as well (you probably don't want a discourse on the body, soul, and spirit of man though). But we experience on the most part the universe through our bodies which exists in only 4 dimensions. Thanks to Jim Coldiron

Editor's Note: The research into UFOs must take into account all possibilities. There are as many reports of angels as there are of UFOs. Science with its quantum theory's is coming closer to discovering the secrets of the scriptures. Whenever I have reached high ranking people who likely have inside information, they bring up the religious connection. This may explain why UFOs are so highly classified.

Arizona Folks Have Strange Loss of Time

Tempe -- My wife and I were on a road trip traveling with a friend in his RV camper. We were in Tempe going from one exit to the next, to the grocery store a couple miles distance. We got on the highway and were waiting to see the exit sign. I simply noticed how tired of driving I was, and asked, "I thought this store was only one exit away? It seems like we've been driving forever!" Just then the sign for the exit came up. She looked at her watch and noted that we had been driving for four hours. The exits are only a couple of miles apart. When I told this story to my dad later on, he said that he has heard similar stories related to Highway 10, and he is the most no-nonsense type of guy there is.

Editor's Note: I have interviewed many people with similar missing time stories. Often they start remembering an abduction scenario at a later time or in their dreams. The driving scenario seems to be a cover memory. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

California Blinking Light

Hungry Valley -- I am here in the US for training, and we were driving along Interstate 5 on July 9, 2006, at 10:PM. When we reached Lake Forest where we are staying, I saw a blinking bright white light flying northwest at mountain-high level with a frequency of one and a half second for each blink. We drove for fifteen minutes and we saw a brush fire at the foot of the mountain as we approached. Then minutes passed, before we reached Los Angeles and I saw the same blinking light again on top of the mountain on our right, then I heard that news that San Bernardino is also burning (don't know if it started on Sunday). The "lights" may have had something to do with the fires. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Illinois Flying Triangle

Mahomet/Farmer City -- While driving my 8 year old daughter spotted an unusual craft and pointed it out to me and my girlfriend on July 14, 2006 at 11 AM. It was a triangular shaped craft 500 to-1000 feet off of the ground traveling from the west to the east at a slow rate of speed. The craft was the size of an average airliner. Visibility was clear and there were numerous other aircraft flying at higher altitudes. The craft had a row of four lights on the aft end, with two in the center and one on the leading edge. There were no navigational lights visible. The "aft" row of lights were somewhat dim on what would be assumed to be the port side. I have witnessed numerous phenomenon and this was not any sort of aircraft I have ever seen before. Thanks to Peter Davenport Photo is of similar UFO taken over Wisconsin earlier.

Kansas Bright Light over the Field Shoots Off

Uniontown -- I was talking to my daughter on the phone when I looked out the window and noticed a very bright light on July 9, 2006, about 12:30 AM. At first I thought it was a plane but without any hesitation it shot off like a rocket and was gone. Two nights later I saw it again only this time it changed to bright red before it shot off. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Michigan Videos of UFOs

EAGLE – Patty Donahue MUFON Field Investigator Trainee writes, "My friend Michelle lives 2 1/2 miles N/W of me, and she too is a MUFON Trainee. When we get together, we take a lot of pictures. She happened to be at my home on March 27, 2006, taking pictures of this green tube."

Eagle -- I took the photo above on July 4, 2006, while my husband was in the yard lighting sparklers. I was taking pictures of the activities when this appeared for only a second. I cropped the picture and zoomed in on the area, but not too much as it became to blurry."

I am a believer and always have been since about 1977 when I was ten years old and my dad was telling my mom of what he witnessed while he and his buddies were traveling through the desert on their motorcycles. I remember whenever I got the chance to see him he always had his Honda motorcycle so overloaded he barely had room to sit, but he said it was a comfortable ride. He told me, "An object came from the west and just sat there and hovered before them on the desert road glowing orange and blue with white lights underneath." I will always remember is his face when he was telling this to my Mom. I do not for one-second think "Earth" is the only life form out there. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Thanks to Patty Donahue.

Missouri Softball UFO

Springfield --My husband and I were letting our dog out at about 10:25 PM on July 14, 2006, and noticed a very large bright light in the sky. It was lower than you would expect an aircraft, but the cell phone tower in the distance was at least three inches below it. I said, "It's too bright for a plane." The object slowly moved straight down, and then seemed to 'float' back up again. It did this for about four minutes. We didn't see a defining shape because it was so bright. My eyes actually started to hurt looking at the bright light the size of a softball at arm's length.

We saw a helicopter circling the light, and after three very wide circles around it, it headed straight for it. The bright object ascended slowly, and we heard a very deep loud rumble, similar to the sound of a large plane. As they approached, my husband said, "Oh my God, they are going to hit." But the helicopter passed underneath the huge light that dwarfed it. This giant ball of light was HUGE and sped up and raced away to the northwest, then suddenly switched to flashing lights in a very fast strobe along its flat bottom. It was continuously flashing so the bottom of the object appeared to rotate. I have never seen something so bright and large. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Montana a Round Fireball

Centerville -- I was sitting in yard on July 13, 2006, at 11:30 PM, when I observed an object for five seconds that was descending in a south to north trajectory much faster than any aircraft. I expected to see flash from impact, but no flash observed. It was about the size of commercial airliner in flames. I estimate of the impact in Northern Montana or Canada. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Nebraska – Darting Above the House

Late on July 1, 2006, I was out side my house talking with my neighbors when we all noticed a large star like shape floating back and forth. It darted in different directions and descended upon our house very quickly. With out warning it was silently floating above my home with many lights and a weird radiation emanating from it. Every one could see it and we tried to call the news but none of our phones would work.

The ship had what looked like pods on the bottom of it. It released them and they abruptly fell on my lawn. They immediately released some kind of bright light that disappeared in a flash. My neighbors and I stood there in shock as it disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Two Illuminated Objects:

Sea Bright – On July 15, 2006, I observed two white illuminated objects traveling north to south while looking into my 7 X 50 binoculars. At 11:15 PM, they traveled in a straight line maintaining two degrees of separation, as measured through the reticule scale on the binoculars. The objects were unobservable to the unaided eye, though quite bright. They appeared to fly at low earth orbit traveling 60 degrees of arc in five seconds. There were no observable satellites listed on the heavens above web site for that time. Thanks to Peter Davenport

New York Warp Through Time and Space

Farmington -- On July 11, 2006, I was staying in a hotel and decided to drive to a mall about six miles away heading north on Route 96. I got in my car at 8:30 PM, and drove to the mall in ten minutes, despite torrential downpours. At 10 PM, the mall closed so I got in my car and called my wife at home and drove out of the parking lot heading south to the hotel going back the way I had came on Route 96. Five minutes later, I crossed a set of RR tracks and I commented to my wife that I didn't remember crossing any tracks on my way to the mall. Soon, I crossed another set of RR tracks. I then realized I hadn't seen any of the landmarks I had remembered on my way going to the mall such as a supermarket, downtown Victor, and multiple lanes of Route 322 By the time I reached a third set of tracks, I knew something was wrong.

The time was now 10:40, thirty minutes longer than it should have taken me to get to my hotel, and now there was no traffic. I figured I must have gone the wrong way as I was now entering Waterloo, NY. I turned around, figuring I had at least a 50 minute drive to my hotel. Strangely, within a couple minutes, I arrived at my hotel going north on 96. My ten minute trip had taken almost an hour. So somehow I managed to warp through time and space but lose fifty minutes. I was alert, and truly realized the incredibleness of what happened. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

New Mexico UFO Sightings

Silver City – On July 12, 2006, at 5:15 AM, my husband and his friend were just leaving for work and yelled, “Come outside right now!” He and his friend showed me a bright form coming closer that moved to the side with great speed, then forward and it was gone. I saw multicolor brightness in the sky, so I ran into the house and woke my two teenagers. They couldn't believe their eyes as it made a zigzag trail in the sky. It was unbelievable!!

My husband took pictures and I told my son to go get my camera. My daughter and I saw a new bright light appear and fly toward us getting bigger. Then smoke formed around the round light and it flew away leaving a smoke trail. Details at Thanks to Christopher Montgomery, Executive Director UFO Resource Center,

Lordsburg -- Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video.

The light hovered in the sky, and periodically changed shape but stayed in the area for over five minutes. Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

North Carolina Shiny UFO Filmed.

I have been videotaping these black and shiny UFO's on several occasions and every time I was outside filming, I would see one of these objects. Well this time I caught the "Fireball" type thing on July 12, 2006. Video is accompanying. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Search Light Type Light

FOSTORIA – A strange shaped flying object was videotaped by George Ritter on July 17, 2006, at 4:03 AM, over a neighbor's farm. Notice similarity to Michigan photos.

Washington Sphere Observed

Kwinana -- On July 5, 2006, a family of five observed this sphere for over a minute as it approached. Sound has been removed to protect the privacy of the family. Video clip #8 Kwinana, WA (WMV Format) - Video clips viewed at:

Perry Lakes -- On July 7, 2006, the witness had been filming a sports event nearby, and on returning to her car saw three lights moving across the sky. She was able to start filming within a few seconds. Video clip #5 viewed at:

Australia Coast UFO Video)

Perth -- The witnesses observed a bright light over the ocean for several minutes as they talked, but guessed it was a star on June 25, 2006, as it barely moved. Only when they looked back and saw that it had moved in front of a cloud did one go to grab the video camera. HBCC UFO Research was granted permission to post each of the reports, photos and video footage to the HBCC UFO Research web site. At the bottom of this full report there is a link to the person's web site. Video clip #1 Video clips viewed at:

Pendle Hill, New South Wales -- Twelve witnesses were gathered in the street at the front of the house, in early evening on June 29, 2006. Although the video shows only lights, some witnesses claim they could see a solid object. This was disputed by others.Also note that when the lights appear to turn into diamond-shapes, this is an artifact of the video-camera going out-of focus. Video clip #3:

Hepburn Springs -- A tourist from Melbourne shot this video footage, in the early evening of June 6, 2006. With the naked eye he saw only one light twinkling near the moon. He estimates that it took him about thirty seconds to get his camera out and working, and then he caught these last few moments as the lights dissipated. He says that it was darker than it looks at the time, but the camera brightened the view, and that the lights themselves look less sparkly on video than they did with the naked eye. Video clip #4

Caribbean Cutter Acushnet and UFO

Cuba – An officer writes, “I saw a UFO in 1977, while serving on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet as I was coming on watch when the General Quarters alarm went off. We had lost steering while towing a Giant new "Meteorological" buoy toward Cuba. As I entered the Bridge I was also informed that the electronics, compasses and auxiliary were malfunctioning. It was an old ship, so I wasn't overly freaked until I saw what everyone was staring up at a prototypical Saucer with lights hovering at 190 degrees to port, and at 1000 yards elevated. The tow line was limp, and the buoy shrouded in a bizarre fog."

Two Phantoms F-4 fighters sped toward it at an angle above/abeam and it moved at incredible speed in a vertical zigzag until out of sight in four seconds. After a brief meeting in the C/O's cabin, the log I was keeping was replaced, and I was told by a 1st class Petty Officer that it never happened, and if I know what's good for me I won't say anything more about it. They know all about what's going on, and may have been told to cover it up by these invaders. Considering how these things have the brains to know what to observe. I'm afraid there isn't a damn thing we can do about it, except pray that they're friendly.

(Official U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet - photo by Chief Petty Officer Roger W. Wetherell) Link to photo:

Canada Sightings High

OTTAWA ONTARIO -- I stepped out onto my balcony on July 8, 2006, when I spotted a set of lights about 50 degrees above the horizon just coming into view above roof top of a 9 story apartment building here in Westboro. I ran for my video recorder and was back on the balcony within 30 seconds. The object was now further away and still heading west about a kilometer away. I started recording the tree-line and the UFO as it headed north with my night shot mode as it flew further away at 9:53 PM.

The UFO had only three lights on it and one pulsated slowly on and off. The object then started heading east in my direction. I kept zooming in trying to get a clear and steady picture. It seemed to be moving along the shoreline and when it got abreast of me, it was flying low and only a couple of hundred meters away. As it was passing out of sight by the side of my building I thought the light formation strange. They represented a triangle formation however, upon viewing the video, an unexpected shape is what is presented. Video footage and photos are © 2006 John Cope. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Gatineau, Quebec – On July 12, 2006, at 10 PM, I was walking up the stairs when I saw through the window, three orange lights in a triangle formation.

I asked my wife to go on our balcony to confirm and she saw the same thing. I then went a grabbed my camera, by then one of the lights had disappeared. I still managed to capture a two light formation. On the photos you can see two orange lights. On the next day, and at the same time I decided to capture a plane flying in the sky at the same settings for comparisons. What I shot on the 12th are definitely not planes. Thanks to Brian Vike and photos are © 2006 to owner P.B. Photos can be viewed at:

Saskatchewan – A year after a cow mutilation was reported near Paradise Hill, another case has surfaced in the Hillmond area. John B. Spigott reports, "A farmer discovered the animal on June 16 and contacted Barb Campbell at the Saskatchewan Provincial Paranormal Research Centre. "It shows all the classic signs of being a mutilation – eyes gone, ears gone, certain incisions in the body – all of which are very suspicious," said Campbell.

After taking some samples and investigating the carcass, Campbell is convinced this cannot be the work of a predator. Campbell says, the incisions are very fine cuts, ruling out a predator attack. The carcass had its back legs totally behind her, and her whole spine is twisted. There's no sign of a struggle – it appears she was just dropped from the air. There are no vehicle marks, human tracks, or predator markings nearby. She also said the rest of the 55 animals in the herd including her calf will not go near the deceased cow. Thanks to Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada T9V, © 2006

Hungary Landing and Crop Circle

Lajoskomarom/Mezokomarom – July 5, 2006, was warm night and I had a tooth pain so I went to my garden to rest, when I saw a light coming down to the earth and entering a nearby field. The light went out, but after five minutes the light turned on again in the field, and then flew up into the sky. The next day we go into the field and there are crop circles. The entire sighting lasted for ten minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport

POLAND: Crop Circle electrical Failure

Wistka Szlachecka – A crop circle was formed on June 9, 2006, on a field belonging to Mr. Jozef Alabrudzinski who stated, "About 2:30 AM, something scared his cattle and a strange, bluish light appeared in the sky." "It cannot be made by a man" - Mr.Jozef stressed. Images courtesy: Radio Gra &

CHLUDOWO -- Between July 2nd - 7th 2006, another Polish crop circle appeared preceded by electrical failure and a flash of pale - yellow light. Members of Poznan UFO Group - PGU] registered a report. The symbol under investigation is 20 meters away from an electric line powering Chludowo. On July 2, about 11:35 PM, a short flash of creamy light, 50 meters wide was observed. The crop circle is in shape of a spiral unwinding threefold beginning from one edge of a straight line about 10 meters. long, going through its center. At first glance it resembles the treble clef. Thanks to Piotr Cielebiať - NPN - & PGU.

UK - England a Spherical Shaped Metallic UFO

Sevenoaks, Kent -- Whilst on my tea break I looked up to see the spherical object with no extra appendages on July 11, 2006, at 11:15 AM. I'd never seen anything so distinctly unfamiliar before. Against the blue sky the object appeared metallic or silver in color. When passing below a cloud it just showed as dark/black. From this view I was certain it was not transparent. It traveled very slowly indeed and I observed the object for about four minutes.

Several minutes later I located it in the sky again and watched for about a minute. Over the last few years I have taken to watching the sky, when time allows, and I can safely say I never seen anything like this before. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Ukraine Crimea Peninsula UFOs

YALTA (photo)--Dr. Anton A. Anfalov PhD, writes, "Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimov, residents of the Crimean capital of Simferopol', are have seeing UFO landings during July that fly towards Yalta. UFOs are regularly observed over Ay'-Petri and the Mogabi Mountains. Several sources reported deep subsurface caverns or UFO bases below ground, connected by a tunnel network. There appear to be entry points under the Black Sea southwest of Yalta near Boyka Mountain (1087 meters) where there are weird humming sounds. Near Tankovoye a witness heard a humming sound and saw the cave open and a flying saucer fly out. These caves are likely used to ventilate the deep underground system of caverns that are used by extraterrestrials or underground residents!

Ay'-Petri Mountain

During a terrific flap in 1989-1991, Mr. Vasiliy an explorer from Koreiz - Simeiz reported that his dog refused to enter a cave where he felt electrostatic energy on his skin. There was a powerful highly oxygenated stream of air flowing below. Weird lights regularly emanate from the nearby Karst Crater. Later he reported the humanoid sighting of a tall alien woman dressed in tight-fitting silver-colored suit.

Anatoliy Ahillov reports: "Something is humming and droning deep inside the Boyka Mountain, that sounds like a steam locomotive!" The whole phenomena looks to Mr. Ahillov like a huge alien underground city deep under Boyka Mountain. Villagers have checked refrigerators and pumps in his village and there is not any human equipment that can produce such weird humming sound that pulsates at regular even intervals. The Boyka Mountain has mysterious fame as the "Temple of Hidden Gods"

Next to the mountains the Black Sea has great depths that are quite close to the shore. The water accumulates warmth during summer and keeps the area relatively warm even in the winter..Thanks to Dr. Anton A. Anfalov PhD., ONAPOS (Society of Observers of Anomalous Manifestations in Environment - SOAME

Pravda Claims Aliens are Living Among Us

As confirmed by Ufologists, for some time now, tiny objects capable of implanting themselves in various parts of the body have been discovered in people under the scalp on any part of the human body. As a rule, they do not cause significant discomfort and are discovered by chance during MRIs and X-Ray images. The implants allegedly contain mini-transmitters.

This discovery was first reported a few years ago by therapeutic doctor Maddy Nolan. She was treating patients on the island of Whidbey (Washington State, USA), when she came across a whole group of adult men and women, every one of whom had these transmitters in their body. In each case it was the same type of subcutaneous implant on the inner leg, just above the knee. They were shaped like tiny cylinders and were so close to the surface of the skin that the affected area had become mildly inflamed and reddened.

When the doctor rubbed the area, the little objects began to decrease in size and disappear. Nevertheless, these implants remained under the skin. “I realized,” wrote Maddy, “that each of these implants was emitting (or receiving) some sort of tracking signal.” These people remembered hearing a loud noise like thunder (some had seen a light), then they became aware that two hours had somehow passed. These events could not have occurred without the intervention alien technological methods. The structure of the implants itself clearly supersedes a terrestrial level of technology. Thanks to

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