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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 20, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

Shuttle Videotapes UFOs

This weeks files cover: Space Shuttle Caries Solar Wings to ISS and videotapes UFO. The Sun is Acting Up, and Lake Superior UFO Found Near Jet.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon were spotted over: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin White buffalo.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Uncorrelated targets enter our atmosphere four or five times a week. Uncorrelated targets are those not contained in computer banks of objects in space. The frequent visits to our planet indicate we humans are under surveillance while minerals, food and water are being taken. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it allegedly disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

Shuttle Carries Wings to ISS, UFO Videotaped

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL. - NASA reports that a UUFO called a mystery object, and at least two more have been sighted near the space shuttle Atlantis. The UFO has delayed the spacecraft's landing. Fox TV News on September 19, 2006, at 3 PM Eastern time showed a UFO flying below the Space Shuttle and reports NASA canceled its scheduled landing . Allegedly a UFO flew near the shuttle for an extended period. The video showed on FOX TV shows a small dark object flying below the shuttle at roughly the same speed.

Wayne Hale, NASA's shuttle program manager told reporters "The question is 'What is it?' " "The object appeared small and dark against a blue Earth in the video. The dark object was recorded on a camera in the payload bay of space shuttle Atlantis early Tuesday. The object shot by NASA TV, is located in the center of the highlight and NASA officials are not sure what it is?

Thanks to (NASA TV) Sep 19, 2006

Flight controllers at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston spotted the object floating between Atlantis and the Earth early Tuesday,September 19, 2006, just after the orbiter's astronaut crew put their vehicle through a standard pre-landing shakedown.

Atlantis' six astronauts completed two inspections of the space shuttle Wednesday to make sure it wasn't damaged from the mysterious objects found floating outside the spacecraft. Landing was set for Thursday morning, a day later than originally scheduled. "Nothing was found to be missing or damaged," said Wayne Hale, space shuttle program manager. "So we feel very confident that we're in for a very good landing opportunity."

The bottom of the Space Shuttle has no damage.

NASA cleared Atlantis for a Thursday landing after finding that the space shuttle appeared undamaged and concluding the discovery of unexplained space debris did not pose a serious problem.

Space shuttle Atlantis' carried solar wings to the international space station early Thursday September 14, 2006. The new 17 1/2-ton solar wings were unfurled successfully. Thanks to FOX News and NASA.

Editor's Note: This is the first time in memory that NASA has shown UFOs in space but insists they are just debris.

UFOs Were Seen Prior to Shuttle Crash

I phoned Jeff Challender concerning the STS -115 UFO sighting and he told me. We've all heard about STS-107 / Columbia and the tragic fate suffered by her and her Brave Last Crew on 1 February 2003. That until that last terrible moment, the flight of STS-107 was all routine for the Astronauts aboard. It took me nearly two years to work up the courage to comb through my 38 six hour VHS tapes of the STS-107 flight. Early on the morning of 20 January 2003 (STS-107 Flight Day Five), at approximately 2:50 AM CST (8:50 GMT), Shuttle Pilot Willie McCool called Houston Mission Control to report that he was seeing a "BRIGHT OBJECT " which he said seemed to be moving WITH Columbia.

McCool's actual words are transcribed from the original VHS tape..

M = Columbia's Pilot Willie McCool

G = Capcom Linda Godwin in Houston

G: Go ahead, Willie...

McCool: A real odd question to ask Linda, but it would, would it be possible to see Space Station from my given attitude? We see a bright, object that seems to be moving WITH us... This is, this is NOT a long distance satellite Linda.

G: OK Willie, uh, we'll double check that, and get back to you...


G: OK Wille, uh, we just had that ground track added... up here to our screen and, uh, station's very close to you guys right now, tracking right along with you.. as you go toward sundown, so that could be it.

C: Willie McCool, uh, pilot is saying he saw a bright object...

G: (garbled) we copy...

C: and asked Shuttle Capcom Linda...

G: One more comment for Willie, and uh, sighting of...potentially sighting the ISS, uh, if that's what it is, it should be, uh, moving north relative to you.

C: Station's at a somewhat higher altitude, uh, than Columbia. Station's at about 240 statute miles ( 384 km - JC ) above the Earth, and it's moving over, uh, central Australia now on a northeasterly heading. Columbia's just moving down the Australian coast, the Australian east coast, about Townsville by now, uh, headed southeast, and its altitude's about 180 statute miles ( 288 km - JC ).

Columbia broke up on re-entry over Texas 16 minutes before her scheduled landing at the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility on 1 February 2003. Thanks to Jeff Challender. Jeff has a new DVD called "What are They Hiding II"

The Sun is Acting Up

ECM 'Radio Hour' interview with Dr. Mausumi Dikpati research scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado was enlightening. She is one of only six people who sit on the board of NASA's solar cycle predictions panel. Dr. Dikpati's announcement of Cycle 24 to be as much as 50% stronger than Cycle 23 caught the attention of every professional and amateur solar scientist in the world.

We all witnessed "record breaking" solar flares in Cycle 23 along with a surprise extension firing X-Class flares far beyond its predicted maximum or 'apex'. So now looking at this new solar cycle which begun just a few weeks ago, to be as much as 50% stronger has all space weather and earth scientists posturing with eyes wide open as to what will come.

Mitch Battros Equation is:
Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption. With heavy solar flares expected he expects heavy natural weather phenomena.

Editor's Note: El Nino has developed in the Pacific Ocean. This is a warming trend that surprisingly hinders the development of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. It also tends to keep them out of the Gulf of Mexico where they have done so much damage in recent years.

Air Force Tests Synthetic Fuel on B-52

WASHINGTON -- A B-52 powered by a mix of synthetic and JP-8 fuel took an historic first flight September 19, 2006, from Edwards AFB, Calif., bringing the Air Force one step closer to reducing its dependence on foreign fuel. "This is an extremely important moment for the Department of Defense," said Michael A. Aimone, the Air Force's assistant deputy chief of staff for logistics, installations and mission support. "Our goal is to by 2016 have 50 percent of our aviation fuel coming from alternative fuel sources," he said. As the DoD's largest consumer of aviation fuel, the Air Force has taken the lead in the research of alternative fuel sources such as coal and biomass. The Air Force consumes 58% of all aviation fuels consumed by the services. This is both an economic and national security issue. "The Air Force is conducting a flight test of synthetic JP-8 to demonstrate our commitment to the President's vision of becoming less dependent on foreign oil," said Mr. Aimone.

Lake Superior UFO looks like Roswell UFO

Unidentified submerged object 200 feet from F-89. Thanks to

Wendell Noble states, “On a site called they have some artist views of the Roswell craft from people's descriptions, the pictures start at #19. I believe, you can compare the pictures with the one above from Lake Superior and you'll see what I mean when you enlarge it, to me at least you can see the same shape and contours, Thanks to Wendell

Noble Thanks to artist William McDonald

The Air Force Accident report reads as follows:

On 23 November 1953, F-89c, Serial No. 51-5853A, was scrambled by “Naples” GCI from Kinross Air Force Base, Michigan, at 1822 EST (6:22 PM local time) to intercept and identify an unknown aircraft flying over Lake Superior. The interceptor became airborne from original radar control of the aircraft was maintained by “Naples” GCI and at 1841 EST control was transferred to “Pillow” GCI which is located at Keweenaw Peninsula. The aircraft was flying at 30,000 feet at this time, at 1847 EST, at the request of “Pillow”, the aircraft descended to 7,000 feet to begin the interception. Location of the F-89 aircraft was then approximately 150 miles northeast from Kinross AFB and over northern Lake Superior. At 1851 EST, the interceptor pilot was requested to turn to a heading of 20 degrees to the cut-off vector. After the turn was completed, the pilot was advised the unidentified aircraft was at 11 o'clock, 10 miles distant. Radar returns from both aircraft were then seen to merge on “Pillow's” radar scope. The two blips unexpectedly merged into one. The radar return from the other aircraft indicated it was continuing on its original flight path, while the return from the F-89 disappeared from the GCI station's radar scope. Statement by Lt. William Mingenbach who launched his F-89 less than an hour later.

Snip Thanks to USAF Accident Report.

The US Air Force maintained that the aircraft being intercepted was a Royal Canadian Air Force Dakota C-47, Serial #VC- 912, flying from Winnipeg to Sudberry, Canada. At the time of the order to scramble the F-89, the C-47 was just reaching the far western coast of Western Lake Superior from west to east at 7,000 feet. The two aircraft were roughly over the Central part of Lake Superior.

The Canadian pilot of the aircraft being intercepted, just prior to this had been flying in instrument conditions. The Canadian pilot stated at time the of interception he was on top of a 5,000 foot undercast flying in the clear and the visibility was unlimited. He also stated he did not know he was being intercepted, and that he did not see the F-89. The Canadian Government also claimed he had not flown over water during his flight.

Weather conditions during the period of the interceptor's flight were marginal and apparently deteriorated immediately after the time of the interception.

Editors Note: There are several conflicting statements regarding the loss of the F-89 in 1953. If the Canadian aircraft was over land then the F-89 merged with an unidentified flying object. Radar operators at 753rd Radar Squadron at Sault Ste-Marie, Michigan with call sign Naples spotted a UFO in restricted air space over the Soo Locks at Sault Ste- Marie around 6 PM. They decided to launch an F-89 fighter to investigate, that was on five minute alert at Kinross AFB a few miles to the south. The F-89 was scrambled at 6:22 PM local time on November 23, 1953 on an active Air Defense Mission.

Three hundred miles west a Canadian C-47 was picked up on radar along with other unknown radar returns. The F-89 was given an intercept heading approximately 160 miles northwest of Kinross Air Force Base to intercept a large unidentified flying object that radar had spotted over the Soo Locks. 1st Lt. Felix Moncla was the pilot and 2nd Lt. Robert Wilson was the Radar Intercept Officer chasing the Unidentified Flying Object that headed west over Lake Superior.. Lt. Moncla's last words from the cockpit were, "I'm going in for another look." The radar operator claims "The F-89 jet was followed on the radar screen at Pillow until its image merged with the blip, - then it was lost." That odd radar image - of the mystery craft seeming to swallow the F-89, then both disappeared from the screen - has fueled theories that the F-89 was destroyed by the UFO.

Arizona Noise and Flashing Bright Lights

Rio Rico -- Two witnesses heard fifteen minutes of tremendous noise in the sky, but could not see anything, then silence. Suddenly a sporadic display of five sequential flashing bright fire orange lights flash in sequence but not in order, sporadically in different areas but not far from each other.

Silence for two minutes, and the noise starts up again like a freight train for another five minutes, then silence once again. This time eight sequential but sporadic flashing bright lights rather large in nature appear over Amado/Tubac -AZ. area. However the size of the orange flashing lights were quite bright and large, much larger than that of an aircraft with no trail left behind as one would see with a comet or shooting star. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

California White Ball Like Object

On July 29, 2006, I was skywatching and watering my garden in my backyard. I noticed a white ball like object in some light misty clouds. I waited for it to move but it was very still, not the slightest movement. I watched for about 10 to 15 minutes and then some slightly thicker clouds came in front of it and I could no longer eye it. I thought okay when these clouds pass and it is clear, I will see that it is probably just a star that came out early. About 5 minutes or so passed and the clouds floated by and it was crystal clear in that area and I saw nothing, no star and no object. I have enclosed 4 pictures I took with my digital camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Flying Triangle

On September 12, 2006, sitting on my porch we heard a buzzing noise. We thought it was a ufo. a black triangle was going through the stars and we both were scared that it stopped and looked at us. Then, we heard noise and my lights were flickering on and off. Then it disappeared northeast.

Florida Black Disk

Del Ray beach -- I had multiple object sightings Sunday, September 10, 2006. The first was a black disk to my east around 2:10 PM that emerged from a cloud then faded to nothing in about 4 seconds. The second sighting was at 7:10 PM to my west and it was a very high black object almost moving towards the west. The object seemed to be spinning or moving around as if slowly floating at high altitude, and spinning. The third object was at 8:10 PM, to my east and glowing as bright as the North Star and descended downwards very slowly.

I took this Video while filming a thunderstorm on August 21, 2006. Then, the object comes into view when I pan to the right and the Palm branch moves from the wind to give a clear view of the Object. Then, the object gets bright for a second but remains stationary under the storm clouds. Thanks JC Editor's Note: Video shows a white flying light in the sky among dark clouds.

Kansas Crop Circle

Beloit, Mitchell County -- The Crop Circle Connector web site reports, " A new crop circle appeared on September 10 or 11, 2006 in a rural town (pop. 4000) in north-central Kansas. The field is probably alfalfa, and appears to have no tramlines although there is now a trail leading out to the circle from a few visitors. The circle is located at the bottom of a hill, making it quite visible to passers-by on the highway. Denielle Hardin, who reported the circle, has sent a photo with permission to post.

Massachusetts Disc

West bridgewater -- On September 12, 2006, I was driving back from my ex-girlfriends house, when I got to my street I noticed a silver, very reflective object in the sky. The reflection is what made me notice. It banked left, then broke right quickly. I asked my ex if she was seeing this, and she said, “yes.” That was not any type of plane she had seen before, it was disk shaped, like a lot of the photos we have seen of UFO's, stereotypical I guess, silver, very reflective. I lost sight of it behind some trees, it couldn't have been more than a half mile away, the disk even at that distance looked really big.

It was running parallel to 138 when I first noticed it, then it banked slightly left, then sharply right over the woods and houses around my neighborhood. I mean this thing broke instantly right, not like a plane could do. I was very exited to have seen this and slightly frightened. My ex and I talked about it. She had never seen anything like it either. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Flashing Red, White, & Blue

Charlotte -- I frequently see odd things in the sky near my home located about seven miles outside of town. On September 7, 2006, right off M-50, I noticed something around 11 PM, when I let my dogs outside. My home sits on a hill I immediately saw a flashing light that was similar to a star, but far too low and close to my home. I am colorblind so I asked my fiance to come and see. She informed me that the light was flashing red, white, and blue. I watched the light for about 5 minutes and the object moved maybe 3-4 inches in the sky. There was no sound of any sort. At 12:45 AM, I noticed the same light MUCH closer but on the east side instead of the north. I was shocked on how close the object was but I couldn't make out the shape of it. I woke up my brother but by the time we got back the object was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike

New Jersey UFOs or Mystery Planes

Freehold Township -- Sam Sherman writes, "I moved to Freehold Township, from Old Bridge, New Jersey only a few months ago. My new house location is perfect for aerial spotting, as there is far less aerial haze than in Old Bridge and no tall trees so I have a vast panoramic view of the sky when I look up. I was out walking my dogs on the night of September 13, 2006, when I saw flashing red and white strobe lights which kept circling the community where I live. The strobe lights were bright and intense and flashed very fast. No engine noise was heard and they did not move in a straight line, but appeared to jump up and down and forward and then a little back.

I have seen these objects circle our community and then reverse their course and circle in the opposite direction. I cannot imagine normal Helicopters doing this. At 9:55 PM, I saw one such object extremely low passing between two houses across the street. The flashing was incredibly fast and the red and white lights incredibly bright - brighter than any aerial objects I have seen. The object was not visible for two minutes until it emerged from behind the house across the street. It passed behind the house on the right but did not appear again. Ten minutes later, I saw two greenish bright lights flashing fast that flew towards the west until they disappeared. The question is are Helicopters now allowed to flash very bright red and white lights, which may have previously been illegal? And if such objects are helicopters why is no engine noise heard and what makes them appear to jump up and down and backwards in place? Thanks to Sam Sherman.

New Hampshire Video of UFO

Paul writes, In 2004, the sightings started happening almost nightly, What I observed now seemed to be coming closer. Most of these sightings happened literally in my back yard and lasted for quite some time. I would be a witness to over 50 events that would continue right up until the last days of December and are still happening to this day.

New Mexico Photos

Lordsburg - Almost once a week Benjie Medina sends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing it on video. The disc shaped white light hovered in the sky, and periodically changed shape but stayed in the area for over five minutes." Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

Washington Letter "C" Object

Port Orchard - Around 6 PM, on September 11, 2006, I parked my car at a local store parking lot, while my wife went inside to shop. Something bright in the sky caught my attention and I stepped out of the vehicle and observed a horse-shoe shaped craft traveling northwest. It was about the size of a capital-sized letter "C" in this typing, and it appeared near and above a formation of stratus clouds. The letter "C" object had a dark shape, almost black, with what appeared like flames behind it, and a plume of smoke trailing it and it looked almost like a comet. I thought at first that it was an airplane on fire, but suddenly a real airplane approached its location from the East, but at a lower level and leaving a normal contrail.

The "horseshoe-shaped" object then swerved to the right, giving it an northerly direction, and it disappeared in the horizon. Several reports were made to radio, TV stations, airports and the military, of a possible aircraft on fire heading north. As a former A.P.R.O. Field Investigator, my thoughts are that this was NOT a bolide, or meteorite, as it was not "glowing" or entering our atmosphere. The object was flying level and definitely intelligently controlled.

- A capitaal letter "C" as in the typing here, placed at the stratospheric elevation observed, would make it a quite huge.

- My observation most-likely involvedd a flying aircraft, as individuals in the Navy were aware of it, and there were several media reports. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Washington Black Round Object

SPOKANE -- At 7:20 PM, on September 8, 2006, myself and nine friends and family were preparing to go to a high school football game. We were all out front of my home when my wife asked me “What object was coming across the tree line?” The object was black and round with a white light, not blinking on the bottom, it also had what seemed like a very dull white light spinning around it at its center. The object had no wings no visible engines, and made no noise, and appeared to be ½ the size of an airliner. It made absolutely no noise, and moved very slow. We watched it for about five minutes before our son's friend went and got his video camcorder and filmed it for over two minutes. My neighbor witnessed it for about the final five minutes. The white light after three minutes changed to a rapidly bright flashing red light, then stopped then the white light on the bottom re-appeared. The object eventually continued due north till it was obscured by the trees. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Wisconsin White Buffalo Born on Farm

MILWAUKEE - A farm in Wisconsin is quickly becoming hallowed ground for American Indians with the birth of its third white buffalo, an animal considered sacred by many tribes for its potential to bring good fortune and peace. We took one look at it and I can't repeat what I thought but I thought, 'Here we go again,'" said owner Dave Heider. Thousands of people stopped by Heider's Janesville farm after the birth of the first white buffalo, a female named Miracle who died in 2004 at the age of 10. The second was born in 1996 but died after three days. Heider said he discovered the third white buffalo, a newborn male, after a storm in late August. Over the weekend, about 50 American Indians held a drum ceremony to honor the calf, which has yet to be named, he said.

Floyd "Looks for Buffalo" Hand, a medicine man in the Oglala Sioux Tribe in Pine Ridge, S.D., said it was fate that the white buffalos chose one farm, which will likely become a focal point for visitors, who make offerings such as tobacco and dream catchers in the hopes of earning good fortune and peace. "That's destiny," he said. "The message was only choose one person ." The white buffalo is particularly sacred to the Cheyenne, Sioux and other nomadic tribes of the Northern Plains that once relied on the buffalo for subsistence. AP

Argentina: New Cattle Mutilation Reports

La Pampa -- The La Pampa Provincial Police and researchers from CIUFOS-LA PAMPA report: It was verified that in a rural farm located in the vicinity of the "Padre Buodo" located in the Jurisdiction of General Acha, two black Aberdeen Angus heifers and a calf of the same type appeared to have been mutilated, presenting signs of bodily damage similar to others detected recently.

Another Black Angus calf was found dead and mutilated. A similar fate befell a cow found near Utracan. It should be noted that there has been an increase in cattle mutilations in this province, with specimens of the Aberdeen Angus breed being predominant. Thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-LA PAMPA)

Australia Large Object with Circulating Lights

Bronte, Sydney, NSW -- Very large, bottom had circulating lights, maybe two large spherical lights on either side, silent, spherical top, bottom flatter. Moved very slowly but steadily along coastline - watched it for about 10 minutes until it disappeared out of northerly vision. Moving slowly to north along beaches Departure_Direction: From southerly direction Witness_Direction: Facing east towards coastline Color/Shape: May be grey on top, white lights on bottom circulating. Height & Speed: Description and speed similar to Ryde sighting but hard for me to estimate - very large object - thought it might be a hot air balloon but seemed strange to have a tour at night. TV/Radio/Press: Watched news immediately but have not seen any other evidence of sighting except Ryde report - but I was not under it - it seemed to be a kilometer away or more on the coastline itself. UFOINFO:-

Canada Balloons and UFOs

Ottawa -- Fred Perry reports "My love of hot air balloons began when I moved to Ottawa and discovered that one of Canada's largest balloon festivals is held annually in neighboring Gatineau, Quebec! The latest Festival des Montgolfieres was held there on Labour Day weekend. Balloons came in all shapes and sizes from all over Canada and the USA, as well as other countries.

The hot air balloon was invented over 200 years ago so if you see something very strange it could be a balloon or advertising dirigible. Thanks to:

Halifax, Nova Scotia -- I looked out the window on a clear morning at 5:30 AM, on September 11, 2006, and saw a strange light in the sky over Bedford Basin that was changing colors from white to blue to red randomly. Also it seemed to move side to side and up and down in a way that no airplane can move. We watched it for about a hour and a half and it was moving randomly around in a small area of the sky at a very high altitude, much higher than planes fly. What this was I can not say. I took 5 pictures of the sky and with my computer I zoomed in to see a fuzzy blue thing.

Aldergrove, British Columbia -- I saw a UFO shaped like a football hovering very low to the ground on September 11, 2006, from 8:15 to 8:30 PM. I got in my car and followed it. It was very bright in the center and it went so slowly at first. When I lifted my camera (digital) to take a picture, it would not pick it up on the camera at all. It picked up speed very quickly and flew towards 264th and 0 avenue in Aldergrove B.C. I saw it at 232nd and 32nd Avenue. The lights were mostly clear with a green one and red, but the inside was so bright, florescent.

Caledon, Ontario -- Numerous photos were taken of a UFO sighting on August 2, 2006. My wife and I went for a drive into the badlands in Caledon to take pictures of the moon. We arrived at about 7:40 PM. It was still light but the moon was very bright. So we picked a clear view and set up the tripod. I started to take pictures and I got some very good shots. About 9:45 PM as we were leaving there was all kinds of commotion in the trees and bushes. It was dark and I could not see. I got spooked,my Dclosed the windows locked the doors and got out of my Dodge. When we stopped at shoppers drug, I downloaded the pictures to an AVR and I had captured a UFO. I said that must be why I got spooked. I said can't wait to see these on the 53" TV. I scanned through 14 pictures of the UFO. One just starting to break the atmosphere, two fully engulfed in the atmosphere. Three cooling down. Four it's sitting still, five it's leaving going back to space. So I seem to have proof that we are being visited by crafts from space and aliens.

Colombia: UFO's "Stalk" Politicians

Palermo -- Several reports from local residents reveal the presence of lights and unidentified objects in September 18, 2006. The UFOs appear to sympathize with certain politicians and campaigning seasons. The photo of the municipal representative ratifies other accounts from peasants and villagers. For fifteen years, sightings occurred around Palermo, where they have given rise to surprise, admiration, fear and stories that range from absolute belief to the most forceful skepticism.

Some say that the UFOs have political sympathies, because they are mostly seen when elections are taking place or the day prior to voting. Juan Alberto Bernal, 37, a resident of Palermo saw the UFO and states, "It would be very selfish to believe that in such a wide universe, a small planet like ours is the only one harboring life. Fifteen years ago I saw three strange objects with lights on Cerro El Baché. One crossed, the other descended and they zig-zagged around.

Sixto Francisco Cerquera, Neiva's former mayor, saw them. He was campaigning for a seat in the Huila assembly, and observed the phenomenon with his wife. He says, "When we moved the car, the light followed and that night, the lights went out when the object stopped over the town church." The lights were restored to the town immediately when the object before vanished." Juan Alberto Bernal recalls that a peasant witnessed the landing of a vehicle for the current candidate for mayor of Neiva. Three shining men descended from the object. "The peasant said that those were things of God, they were angels sent to Earth, but they returned to heavenl. Thanks to La Nacion Latina

Poland "Distorted" UFO

Garbno -- The presented photo was taken by Bogdan Gesicki over Garbno on May 29th 2004. It probably shows a possible chance UFO.

"Distorted" UFO craft [as the witness emphasized: "with 6 centers"] was also allegedly photographed by G.Brozek in Libiaz in April 2006. Source: -

Kazimierz Dolny Castle -- The presented photo was taken over Kazimierz Dolny 4000 inhabitants, probably in 2004 [exact date unknown]. It shows an unidentified object over Kazimierz castle.

Source: Tygodnik Nowy, #35 By: Piotr Cielebias [NPN]: "NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal" []. E-mail:

UK Strange Black Object and Orange Light

St Leonards, East Kilbride - At 10:35 above St. Leonards, East Kilbride I saw an orange light in the sky and it was traveling in a straight line on September 7, 2006. It stopped then climbed away from me into the sky upwards. I was completely gob smacked, then I looked around the sky and there was another. I got my camera out and took picture again, this was going in the same direction as the last, it was not a plane. Then, another that seemed even closer was caught out the side of my eye and again this took the same route and was bright orange. This is the first time I have ever experienced this. What I saw was definitely a UFO, not one but three. What put a nail on my decision was a plane with it's flashing lights 10 minutes after the sightings. They were not the same, I am now a believer without a doubt.

St. Helens -- On September 7, 2006, about 8:00 PM, my daughter and I saw something in the sky, it was completely black and I've never seen anything like this before. It was coming from the bottom of Elephant Lane Way and went over Suttons, it definitely wasn't a plane or anything like that. It flew lower than a plane and didn't seem to be moving that quickly. The shape was quite strange for something flying in the sky. My daughter's description of it was a flying bin. Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - (Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales.

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God Bless Our Troops and Their Families

George A. Filer and

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