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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 11, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

Billions of Planets Likely

This weeks files cover: Sixteen New Planets Found in Milky Way, Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs, Strange Spire on the Moon, and Mars HiRISE Image Shows Victoria Crater and Rover.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Poland. Eleven Thousand year old building found in Syria.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Uncorrelated targets enter our atmosphere four or five times a week. Uncorrelated targets are those not contained in computer banks of objects in space. The frequent visits to our planet indicate we humans are under surveillance while minerals, food and water are being taken. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it allegedly disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

Sixteen New Planets Found in Milky Way

The Hubble Space Telescope has located what are likely sixteen new planets in our Galaxy. NASA astrophysicists deduce there are billions of planets in the Milky Way. It is logical to assume that life exits on some of these planets. Hubble found 16 new planets deep in the Milky Way. Some 200 planets have been identified outside our solar system. The new ones Hubble found are at least ten times as far from Earth.

Artists impression of Jupiter like planet in front of star

The planets can be found at the center of the galaxy, as well as near our solar system, shows that planets are likely to be everywhere in our universe. Billions of planets indicate Earth like planets with intelligent life is likely. Planets were discovered moving across the light coming from stars in deep space. There is often a wobble in a star's motion that occurs when the planet orbits. There is also periodic dimming of the star light caused by planet transits. Thanks to NASA.

Editor's Note: I conclude, We Are Not Alone!" UFOs in our skies indicate some of this intelligent life is visiting us just like we have numerous probes of Mars at this time. Interestingly last summer I had a NASA Hubble engineer call me and claim he was viewing a UFO over the New Jersey coast. He and his entire family had been watching UFOs above the Atlantic Ocean. He said, "They can't exist but there was no other explanation based on the maneuverability of the objects..

Mars HiRISE Image Shows Victoria Crater and Rover

Victoria impact crater at Meridiani Planum, near the equator of Mars is 800 meters (about half a mile) in diameter. It has a distinctive "scalloped" shape to its rim, caused by erosion and downhill movement of crater wall material. The Rover Opportunity is shown at the 10 o'clock position. Layered sedimentary rocks are exposed along the inner wall of the crater, and boulders that have fallen from the crater wall are visible on the crater floor. The floor of the crater is occupied by a striking field of sand dunes.

Nearly six months after it entered orbit, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has concluded its aerobraking phase. The spacecraft had been dipping in and out of the red planet's atmosphere to adjust its orbit. On August 30, 2006, during its 445th orbit, the spacecraft fired its intermediate thrusters to raise the low point of its orbit and stop dipping into the atmosphere. Images from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment and additional information about the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are available online at: or

Astronaut Photography Shows UFOs

Steve Tobias writes, "Based on NASA's own photos almost every photo in the archives has one or more UFOs in it. UFOs often fly in a tear drop formation, known has the 7 formation that are often seen on radar screens. Here is further proof of UFO formations in space based on NASA photos. Frequently photographed by the astronauts are the cylinder- shaped white UFOs ? This may be one long cylinder, or three cylinders.

Another example sphere in shadow caught in close up by STS-68 Shuttle flight over the Atlantic Ocean West of United Kingdom and Ireland called PAN-SUNGLINT, CLOUDS taken on October 1, 1994. PAN-CLOUDS. UFOs are seen on right side of photo.

This photo shows self-Luminous spheres caught in shadow, a NASA close-up on right side of photo. Atlantic Ocean Clouds

The photo is of NASA Shuttle Mission: STS ? 45 launched on March 24, 1992, objects around space shuttle tank

NASA title: International Space Station ISS-006 4158 showing Aurora Borealis with strange objects elongating the plasma. Possible white UFO at lower left.

nasa has a list of photos called unknowns in the photo listings area that appear to be UFOs.

it can refer to any thing but in some cases refers to ufos.

Thanks to Steve Tobias

Moon Spire

Michael Bara, Steve Troy and other researchers such as Bruce Cornet have done a great job in searching for evidence artificial structures of Mare Crisium on the Moon. This image falls into the category of the interesting but enigmatic.

An Apollo 11 photo of the northern Crisium region emphasizing the craters Picard, Picard E (Lick D), Pierce, and Swift It has the by now familiar shading in the right portion of the frame, and numerous filaments and anomalies apparently suspended over the area. There is a "Spire" near Picard which bears a strong resemblance to the "Spire" at AS16-121-19438.

The "Spire" and crater Picard from AS11-42-6223

Steve Troy also noticed two odd looking areas near the bright flare along the highlands in the center right of the image. One of the areas he dubbed "Malibu" (because it looks like a pillar supported beach house on the analog photo) is extremely unusual (by current theory). Thanks to Michael Bara Copyright 1997 -

California Round Lens Shaped Object

TEMPLETON -- It was a nice peaceful kite flight. I was flying my kite on October 6, 2006, in a hay field and saw a round lens shaped object. At first it looked like a plane but then my heart sank. It looked like a real UFO! It was white and moving fast. First, it went behind a cloud for a few seconds and returned, but only slower. Then it finally disappeared behind a cloud, it was gone for a minute or so. Then, it came back for at least 3 minutes, then it was over. It had disappeared behind a cloud. I felt weird, like I had just seen a person killed. Thanks MUFON CMS

Florida Boomerang Shape

Beverly Hills -- It was a light grayish, almost grayish-blue and fairly dim in brightness on September 29, 2006, at 10:30 PM, that moved quite quickly across the sky. Its shape never changed, nor the color. It was pretty big and there was no noise. It almost looked like mist, but with a definite shape of a wide boomerang with pointed edges. It moved at a slight angle for some distance and as it passed by stars they were blacked out. The sky was very clear but we lost sight of it as it moved closer to the bright light of the moon.

Everglades -- I just happened to look outside my back window on September 24, 2006, at 10:15 pm, and saw this object zip through the sky. I couldn't make out any details except to say that it was rounded and left a trail like a thick, yellow-orange line that made a very fast west to east trajectory. It then took a sudden, but rather zig-zagged dive below the horizon. I've seen meteors, fire flies, airplanes, satellites and even the space shuttle and this looked like none of those. My only guess is that it was some kind of fireball. My on-line friend saw something similar a few nights later in Texas. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Georgia Translucent Orb with Smoke

Marietta -- This report is made for my granddaughter, who was taking her pet dog for his morning walk at 6 PM, on September 25, 2006. As she walked to the bottom of the driveway and stopped briefly, she suddenly saw this orb at her feet. Her dog, a basset, did not show any signs of seeing the orb, but went on doing his "sniffing" routine around bushes, etc. She stated that the orb was translucent, but seemed to be filled with white smoke. As soon as she got a good look at it, it took-off at great speed down the street and was gone. She was not afraid, but very curious about this strange event. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Illinois Weird Disc Shapes

CHICAGO -- I was called by a friend of mine on October 6, 2006, who lives in the same apartment building a few floors higher than I. She called and said she was looking at some "weird" disc shapes over Lake Michigan and they were appearing, becoming large, then disappearing. I ran upstairs and looked out the window over Lake Michigan and to my amazement there were these disks appearing over the horizon and coming closer and then going back and disappearing.

There also seemed to be the twinkle of lights as the objects moved laterally. At one point there were 15 or so objects in the sky. These objects would appear and disappear. As the sun rose over the horizon, one by one, the objects began to move back to the horizon like and disappeared. This was the first time I have witnessed anything of the sort. I was pretty shocked by what I saw! Thanks MUFON CMS.

Iowa Missing Time and Strange Noise

Clinton -- I've experienced a series of events on September 30/October 1, 2006, when I went to my in-laws farm house. It was not a sighting, but my wife was missing from our bed when I woke up in the middle of night, and when I went to look for her and came back to the room, she was back. It freaked me out, I could not go back to sleep after that, I said where did you go? She said I am sleeping.

The next night, we could not fall to sleep. We would hear steps around the house and outside the bedroom door. I got up and checked, but there was nothing. I felt like someone was walking on the roof and out side our bedroom, so about 3:00 AM, I decided to just rest, but keep alert. A few minutes later, I felt this high frequency noise, so I opened eyes and the noise was still there. I was able to turn my head and look up when I realized that it was the only thing I could move. I then knew what was happening and immediately got scared. I said, "I have to get out if this situation, so I tried to move and I asked my wife, "Do you hear that? She didn't and the sound stopped.

The noise went away so did the force that was holding me down. I got up to see if there was something out there, but I was afraid. I have been very disturbed after that and I can't find a logical explanation for what happened. But if they where trying to take me, they failed. I know my wife was missing that night and it freaks me out. I am not the type that gets scared easily. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Michigan - a Black Rainbow

Eagle -- This is Michelle S. and I took these photos without flash with a Konica Minolta 12 x zoom, anti-shake digital camera on October 6, 2006, during the full harvest moon. The sky and the moon were absolutely beautiful. This first picture is the original untouched and unenhanced. I snapped off a few pictures of the moon and the sky while taking my dog out. At this time as I was taking these photo's there was absolutely no air traffic whatsoever. Later, after I had come in, I downloaded my pictures and was AMAZED! The lights I captured in the sky that are moving and darting in and out of the clouds and changing really took me by surprise. I just had to share these photo's!

The second photo is an enlargement and enhancement of the strange lights. Thanks to Michelle S.

Nevada a Black Disc Shaped Saucer

Reno -- In the summer of 1979, while walking to my favorite video arcade I came across an intersection near the Sundowner Casino where people were running out of bars and casinos screaming and pointing to the sky. At the time I was only 16 years old and had, had previous experiences on our Silver Springs Ranch with several small yellow light balls used to hover around the ranch and project a widening beam from the object to the destination which this time happened to be my property fence line. So when I saw all those people running scared screaming into the streets, a blonde haired lady that I had never seen before or ever again grabbed my arm and pointed up to the sky shouting look, do something!

I felt calm and assured that there was not any need for alarm or distress as on that ranch a year earlier I remembered how calm a feeling it was to watch something in awe and to know that it was not from this planet. (I came to this decision years later.) It did not attempt to hurt us (my family) or animals as in the movies but rather it reared away from us slowly as we approached it while dimming its light. So as the lady screamed, do something, I assured her to relax as there was nothing to fear. This however was something I had never seen before on our little ranch in Silver Springs Nevada. This was a large black disc shaped saucer, flat with light spinning around it. The odd thing is the light would change directions back and forth with no apparent rhythm. A few minutes later as what I would describe as fifty people began to gather in the streets. The saucer had lost interest in downtown Reno.

Oh make a note that the saucer was actually trying to blend in, like camouflage with the lights flashing on the "Sundowner Casino" in downtown Reno. It was almost hard to notice at first. Then it splashed up into the sky like as if when you were a kid and threw a rock into a pond. I tell my friends that it bent the sky and left into another dimension. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Mexico UFOs Transform

Norte and Agate Hills -- On Sunday, October 1, 2006, at approximately 11:20 p.m. I saw the most amazing UFO around Paseo Del. It was similar to the ball of green light, but I saw it transform into three different phases.

LORDSBURG - Almost once a week Benjie Medina sends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. On September 15, 2006, we had a UFO flotilla over our area." Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

New York White Circular Object Flying

It was in the afternoon on October 2, 2006, after 1:00 PM, and I was sitting outside on my patio with my aunts who live next door. My aunts are seniors and we like to look up and notice the planes that go by. I noticed an all white circular object flying, flying faster than a few planes above the clouds with out contrails. The white cloud itself was not very big, so I waited for it to come out of the other end of the cloud, but it never did. I stared at the cloud for at least five minutes, waiting for it to reappear, but it did not. My first reaction was amazement. I did not lose sight of it, it just never came out from that one cloud. Thanks MUFON CMS

North Carolina UFO Changes Rim Color

Broadway -- Monday night, September 25, 2006, the sky was perfectly clear when we noticed an object moving from the east to northwest. We were able to watch it for about 15 minutes before it disappeared. It was round and it seemed to be changing colors around the outer rim. It would go from yellow to orange and back again. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Texas UFO Shows Up in the Images.

On October 6, 2006, at approximately 9:00 PM, we noticed that the moon was clear and bright so we decided to take some pictures of it. We could not see anything strange with the naked eye but noticed something showing up in the images. We started to take the pictures as fast as we could and tried to keep the same angle. We did, after getting a couple with the image, tried to re-locate the camera to see if it still showed. It did! The object was moving very fast as you can see and then it just went away (as the picture shows) and didn't come back. It moved around the moon and the halo of the moon but it also journeyed outside of that halo. So, my question to you is this, can you tell me what the hell this is? I am not one to jump and claim I saw Bigfoot or little green men but I can't reason this away. There was no flash used so it's not a glare and the lens was clean. Again, any clue what this may be? Thanks MUFON CMS

Lewisville -- On Saturday, September 23, 2006, at 7:40 pm my family and I saw a fireball flying in the sky. The Fireball was red and orange without an increasing trail from what I could see. The Fireball was flying east and flew higher and turned white. The following day, Sunday around 7:00 pm, my family saw the red and orange Fireball again, that turned white again. It traveling east and made a turn, I doubt it was a meteor. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

SAN ANTONIO -- Patricia writes, "Anyone that loves photography will appreciate the precision of the photo as the jets are probably moving at around 400 mph and then being able to get the shot at that instant." And this is a hard formation to keep as the ones in the "S" are just a little graduated degree behind the next one and staying that way to maintain the formation. It is a great photo of an Air Force training squadron flying in a never-done-before "USA" formation over the control tower "Taj Mahal" (HQ building) of Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American G. I. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom. Thanks to Patricia

Washington Domed Disc

Artists impression of the incident

GRANITE FALLS, SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- "It was around 2:30 in the morning, on October 02, 2006. I had finished a call with a foreign friend of mine and a weird sensation came over me, a feeling I've only felt twice before. A brilliant Flash of light blazed through the kitchen window. I knew immediately what it was. I go to the window and sure enough, the same UFOs that had visited me before were floating silently over the trees. The domed disc was circling my home as before. The four orbs that I had seen before were following it in an unusual drunken path. Three minutes later it shined its light on the window. At this point my two cats were VERY upset at this and were growling and hissing madly at the craft. It was then I heard something in my head. One word in clear English: "Sorry." The light shut off, and launched straight into the sky along with its orb companions." Additional information can be found at

Christopher Montgomery, Director, UFORC International Global Net,

Argentina Intense UFO Activity Continues

Buenos Aires - During the day and into the early morning hours numerous UFOs were observed in the Delta of Argentina, which intensified on Sunday evening when two impressive parallel formations were observed of lenticular fire balls of strange colorations and great magnitude between 5:30 and 5:45 AM. This extraordinary activity was seen over.

They were impressive in parallel formations that moved slowly across the sky in the east. On September 18, 2006, at 7:37 PM, Then another at 8:05 PM, a UFO "fire ball" of great magnitude was recorded on video moving north.

Toay -- At 21:05 hours on October 10, 2006, residents of the Quintas Sur Sector, located between Santa Rosa and Toay, reported seeing a great light which vanished unexpectedly. According to witnesses chatting on the sidewalk, they saw how "a luminous spot appear static for several minutes. It then "increased its size gradually until it reached a dimension or volume ten times greater than the planet Venus." Another black Aberdeen Angus cow - this time pregnant - was found dead and mutilated at km 17 of Provincial Route No. 152, jurisdiction of General Acha, a locality some 110 km south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the translation (c) 2006,

Australia Oval UFO Crosses Quantas Jet

Mount Pritchard, NSW -- I was turning into my driveway from a day out with the kids on October 1, 2006, at 7:06 PM, when my wife and I caught sight of this bright burning object in the sky. At first I thought it was a shooting star or meteorite burning up. My kids were asleep and my car was stopped half way across the road, lucky no traffic. My wife and I got out of the car and watched this ball of orange flame light move across the sky declining about 30 degrees or so. We both kept watching until the flame stopped and disappeared. There was some sort of object there and it then glowed up again to the same orange flame color it had been before for a few seconds. As I watched the object it had a very dim white light and it started to travel across the sky. The object traveled at the same rate as a plane and it started to move across the sky heading west towards the Blue Mountains. I tried to check up on the websites for re-entry of any type space craft but found nothing for that day. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Westmead Suburb, NSW -- I am a South Asian guy living with my elder brother's family close to the Westmead Children's hospital and we believe we saw a UFO over the skies on October 1, 2006. We live on a top floor of a three story building apartment. My brother saw this slow moving horizontal flame (orange color) from our living room around 7:15 PM. He called me and others to watch the phenomenon. It was traveling from South Easterly direction. There was no sound. The original size of this flame was about two foot balls and resembles an oval shape. It continued for five seconds then disappeared for a second or two then came back to last another two seconds. Then, the light became the size of a star with a red glow, with a slight flash which continued at the same speed in a large circle like path. (speed was similar to a slow moving plane).

Then it went around Westmead Hospital to form a large circle and stopped before disappearing. It was last seen moving towards the northwest at a very rapid speed. (5-10 times faster than a passenger jet). All of this happened during 15 minutes and the sky was busy with some air traffic. There was one Quantas jet and the object crossed its path when it was moving towards a Westerly direction. The pilots of some of the planes must have seen something. This thing lights up the sky. I am sure many might have seen the initial flame at least. I want to bring to your attention the following reports from
Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Canada Sightings Increase

Scarborough -- Paul Michael Shishis writes, "On Thursday, October 5, 2006, at 10:20 AM, while on break at work I watched the jets overhead coming from the west, creating some real puffy trails. I then turned to the south, and again witnessed another bright-sundog. I took 4 pictures and watched it disappear within 2-3 minutes. I then stepped back inside my workplace, and was told we had a 10-15 second electrical outage. Our computer system crashed-due to the outage. One wonders if there was a connection of what I had just witnessed and photographed."

Oshawa -- Later that evening, I watched an airliner crossing above heading east, and saw it at about 5,000 feet, I watched a medicine capsule shaped object appear from the clouds. The intensity and color of this object had the light tone, as like looking at the moon. The sighting lasted about 3-5 seconds, and floored me that moment. I then checked the time at 8:01 PM. This type of sighting is a new one for my eyes.

On October 7, 2006, at about 1:15 PM, I took time out to sky watch at home and during the half hour, I witnessed six unknowns, with the aid of binoculars. This technique is to block direct the sun's rays, that gives one an advantage to see unknowns up there. What really caught my attention was spider's web, or like a fishing line moving high across the sky. I then took some pictures and caught something vertical and white and long. These photos have something unnatural in them. This happened on a full moon cycle and I believe this activity corresponds to the cycle of the moon. P.S. Woke up Sunday, with flashing clocks, there must have been an outage in the wee hours of the morning while sleeping. The photos again confirm, there are higher intelligent forces up and around us. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

Ucluelet, B.C. -- I reported an object I saw hovering a few days ago and last night on October 2, 2006, at 3 AM, I saw the object again but not as close as before. I was with a witness, and I actually tried to take some footage with my video cam, but because of back ground lighting I couldn't take any footage. Now the unusual thing about last night, we notice two aircraft flying around or below the object like they were observing it themselves. You could definitely tell the difference between the planes and the UFO.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Brian Vike reports, the witness telephoned me just after the sighting took place October 5, 2006, at 11 PM. He and his wife were headed home from a book discussion and were stopped at a red light on 8th street. They saw three bright lights in a triangular pattern in the sky that was not consistent with any helicopter or plane that I have ever seen.

The triangular lights on the bottom were bigger or brighter than the one on top-center. At first, it was hovering in one spot. That thing suddenly moved quickly in a straight, diagonal line to the southeast, and up in altitude. Since the lights kept an airtight formation, I believe there was some kind of actual aircraft. We followed it south of 8th street and then turned south for about three minutes. Sometimes it would stop and hover again, and then it would dart around. It was silent, quite low and close. We lost it after a short time, but I almost felt as if the pilot of that craft knew that I was tailing it, because it seemed to play a bit of a hide and seek game with me for a bit.

North Surrey, B.C. -- On Saturday evening September 30, 2006, I decided to hook my camera up with my new DVD recorder and let it run from 18:00 to 24:00. At 20:30 (8:30 p.m.) I saw a bright flash come from a small gap in the heavy overcast. When I played the disk back later, I saw what looked like the Star Ship Enterprise sliding threw the sky between two layers of clouds. When I viewed it one frame at a time it revealed itself to be three bright white globes in a vertical triangle with a fourth white globe next to the lower left hand corner globe. When I examined it more closely, I could see numerous gray colored globes clustered about the white ones. There were white and gray globes. All the globes appeared to be touching and the object must have been quite big as the camera was set on wide angle and the object shows up plainly. It was also moving about the speed of a commercial airliner as it only took 4 or 5 frames to cross the gap in the clouds. Direction of travel most likely ESE. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Mexico: Pilot Reports UFO

Lake Tequesquitengo -- Researcher Alfonso Salazar of the Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports, "Captain Luis Guillermo Cruz, first officer of a Boeing 737-200, registration XA-MAR, reported a tubular unidentified flying object with a metallic appearance directly over Lake Tequesquitengo in the Mexican state of Morelos." The sighting occurred on September 16, 2006 at 2 PM, during a flight from Huatulco to Mexico City along air corridor L-47. Weather conditions were clear with some clouds.

According to the witness, he was alerted by an intense reflection visible four miles away from the airline, toward the right side of the cabin. At first he thought it could be a glider, but as they approached, he had a clear observation of a tubular flying object that crossed at the same altitude the airliner was flying but in the opposite direction and with a north/south trajectory, remaining a mile and a half distant from the airliner. The object vanished 4 minutes later. (translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Poland: Circle of Pressed, Dry Grass

CHOTOMÓW -- At the beginning of October 2006, a circle of dry grass of unknown origin was discovered in Warsaw area. There are also several smaller circles around the big one. The occurrence seems unexplainable at the moment. It is possible that an UFO craft land in Chotomow?

UFOs Highway - Fleet of Possible UFOs filmed over Malopolska Cracow area [exact location withheld], Malopolskie Voiovodship, September 23rd 2006. This photo was taken over Poland on October 6, 2006. Thanks to Piotr Cielebias [NPN]: "NOL,

Spain: Orange Light Flies

GRANADA --The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports,"An orange light was seen at midnight over Avenida de la Constitucion by a dozen people. Astrophysicists believe that it is not a meteorite and Defense sources claim that no vehicle belonging to the Ejercito del Aire flew over the city. The object seen was shiny and rounded: "It was fixed in the sky and then began moving to the right."The round, shiny orange light remained overhead for five minutes. It later adopted a triangular shape and went away until it vanished. Dozens of Granadans viewed the event in astonishment. "It flew by twice."

Pablo Santos, a scientist with the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia has examined the images sent to "20 Minutos" by one witness and believes the phenomenon could be an atmospheric reflection. The expert dismisses the possibility that it could be a meteor since they do not remain static for several minutes.

"It was nothing known; not even an airplane," declared Eva Martin cuttingly. She was one of the persons who witnessed on October 3, 2006,at midnight how an orange light stopped in front of home's terrace, changed shape and vanished. Other readers have advised "20 Minutos" of having had similar sightings elsewhere in the city.

"The fact that he orange light remained in the same spot for some minutes and then moved is a sign that we are facing a genuine UFO." These are the words of Rafael Casares, an expert in this type of phenomena, who describes the province as being a "sightings hot spot." (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales

Syria -- 11,000 Year Old Building

DAMASCUS -- Archaeologists claim they have discovered an 11-millennium-old building on the banks of the Euphrates River in northern Syria. A remarkable discovery has just been uncovered of a large circular building dating back to 8,800 BC near [the locality of] Ja'de," the head of the French archaeological team that made the find said. The building, much larger than normal houses, "had a collective use, probably for all of the village or a group," Eric Coqueugniot said. "A part of this community building takes the shape of the head of a bull and retains painted decorations, the oldest known in the Middle East," he said.

"The multi-colored geometrical paintings" that decorate the building would be displayed at the museum of Aleppo, in northern Syria, he added. "Many hunting weapons, domestic tools ... were discovered at this level. The majority of these tools are made of flint and very few are of obsidian [volcanic stone]," he said. Coqueugniot heads the team of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France's largest scientific establishment, which has led the excavation work at the site for the past 15 years.

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