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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 1, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to drowned 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

Astronauts Spot UFOs

This week's files cover: Commander Graham Bethune Dies, Prince William Is Star struck by 'Alien Rock' Icons, Moon Castle Palace, Astronaut James McDivitt saw UFOs in 1960's, Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs, Space Shuttle STS 115 spots UFOs, and Inca City on Mars..

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Cuba, India, Mexico, Slovenia, and Uruguay.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

Commander Graham Bethune (US Navy Ret.)

It is with deep sadness that I wish to tell you all that our beloved friend Graham has left this earth this morning to continue his work for us in a different place/space time. He provided the photos for the cover of my book. He spoke at the National Press Club about his UFO sighting as a Navy transport pilot. We spoke together at the University of Toronto. He will never be gone in all of our hearts...and remembered always as a beautiful friend and soul. Together as a group of his friends so privileged to know him, we extend our love for a joyous and blessed voyage. to his 'journey home'. Shown above his one of his UFO photos. Go in Peace and Love Graham.. Thanks to Mindy Gerber and Patty Blackwell

Prince William Is Star Struck by 'Alien Rock' Icons

E.T. phone Buckingham Palace. Prince William is the newest member of the Royal Family to become obsessed with contacting outer space aliens, keeping alive a family precedent started in the 1950's by his grandfather, Prince Philip, a serious UFO believer, and continued by William's father, Prince Charles, whose airplane was buzzed by a mysterious UFO in 1986, raising many royal eyebrows.

Prince William, the young heir to the British throne and Princess Diana's oldest son, is said to be starstruck by Michael C. Luckman's controversial book, "Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection" (Pocket Books and VH1), featuring many British rock stars from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to his close friend, Sir Elton John.

Luckman, an outspoken American UFO leader, wants Prince William, who is a big techno music fan, to join him and a host of other members of international royalty in a series of history making Signal to Space Concerts using live music by rock and pop superstars and sophisticated laser and satellite technology to make peaceful contact between an advanced extraterrestrial civilization and the human race.

Prince William's best friend, British millionaire businessman James Murray Wells, presented "Alien Rock" to the Prince after receiving copies of the book from celebrity fashion designer Andre Van Pier at a recent charity dinner held in Van Pier's honor in Qatar. Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, was Van Pier's most revered client and was widely photographed wearing his couture.

Luckman's book, which has caught the attention of major Hollywood studios and such directors as Steven Spielberg, claims that Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and Michael Jackson all had extraterrestrial and paranormal encounters.

Moon Castle Palace or Temple

Michael Bara, Steve Troy and other researchers such as Bruce Cornet have done a great job in searching for evidence of artificial structures on the Moon.

The "crystal palace" is an enormous (on the order of several miles), glass like, highly reflective structure hanging over a valley in the "LA" mountain chain. It's internal configuration evokes a multi-paned, layered glass like composition. Hoagland has compared this to the shattered remnants of an "arcology", a formerly contained enclosure similar to the recent earth bound "Biosphere" experiments.

The "paperclip" appears to be mounted on a shaft or pole and may be some sort of antenna assembly. Clearly, this cannot be a natural object if current Lunar geologic theories are correct.

This extraordinary object comes from AS10-32-4822, an Apollo hand held Hasselblad photo. The "Castle" is extremely bright and plainly visible at normal magnification, making it nearly impossible for the astronaut taking the picture to have missed it. This UNENHANCED version of it shows the remarkable stacking of its segments and belies a natural explanation, especially when you consider it is hanging several miles high in the Lunar sky. EM enhancements show a supporting structure, including a drooping cable passing through the tip, like a suspension bridge. Given the scale of frame 4822, this object is immense, literally a sky scraper among the ruins.?

Photograph AS10-32-4822 in NASA catalog SP-232 is blacked out, along with several other photographs. When it was ordered, the image was of high quality, contrary to what was implied by it being blacked out in the catalog. Instead of a poor photograph, the image shows features near Ukert crater that defy conventional explanation. A linear dome-shaped hill runs diagonally across the photograph. To the north of that hill a large area exists with regularly aligned rows of structure. Within this anomalous area more than a dozen small craters can be seen that modify the landscape. From a distance the regular rows appear like benches. On Earth such a feature would be interpreted as the pattern produced by the eroded edges of layered rocks that dip below the surface. But on the Moon there have been no physical processes that can account for such a regular geologic structure. Furthermore, rills and wrinkles on the surface of a cooling magma outflow do not form such a regular pattern, as is evident in so many mare on the Moon. And this anomalous pattern has definite boundaries beyond which it is absent.

Upon magnification, this anomalous pattern begins to take on a different character: Rectangular features exist along the rows, with many having gaps between them. In addition, thin spires project up from the surface in several places along some rows. Upon further magnification some of the rectangular structures take on a form like buildings and skyscrapers. Resolution at high magnification (for the image I saw) is not good enough to resolve more than the outlines of possible buildings. The whole area resembles what one might expect for a city the size of Los Angeles that had been abandoned and left to decay for centuries. The crater impacts and constant barrage from micrometeorites over millions of years would have provided an abrasive force as damaging as our weather and earthquakes on Earth over centuries or even decades. More data by geologist and paleontologist Dr. Bruce Cornet is at // Thanks to Michael Bara Copyright 1997 -

Editor's Note: We can speculate the Moon was once part of a planet that survived after a devastating impact and was later captured by the Earth to become our moon.

Astronaut James McDivitt saw UFOs in 1960s

General McDivitt was selected as an astronaut by NASA in September 1962. He was command pilot for Gemini 4, a 66-orbit four-day mission that began on June 3 and ended June 7, 1965. Highlights of the mission included a controlled extravehicular activity period and a number of experiments. Astronaut's Ed White and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt said, "It was a cylindrical-shaped object with an antenna-like extension. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera of the UFO but those pictures have never been released. "The appearance was something like the second phase of a Titan (not necessarily implying that that is actually what be saw). Later, he was commander of Apollo 9, a ten-day earth orbital flight launched on March 3, 1969. This was the first flight of the complete set of Apollo hardware and was the first flight of the Lunar Module.

Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs

Steve Tobias is collecting NASA photos from the shuttle missions. He writes, "Almost every photo in the NASA archives has UFOs in it. UFO formations regularly follow the NASA expeditions in space it seems.

This is a similar photo to what McDivitt described that was taken during the Shuttle STS-57 mission on June 24, 1993. This UFO had an angular extension, that is it did not appear as a "point." It was not possible to estimate its distance or size but it had a white or silvery appearance. The STS spacecraft was in free drifting flight somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. One still picture was taken plus some movie exposures on black and white film. The impression was not that the object was moving parallel with the spacecraft, but rather that it was closing in and that it was nearby. The reaction of the astronaut was that it might be necessary to take action to avoid a collision. The object was lost to view when the sun shone on the window (which was rather dirty). He tried to get the object back into view by maneuvering so the sun was not on the window but was not able to pick it up again." Photo from Shuttle showing UFO above the clouds.

Thanks to Steve Tobias

Space Shuttle Atlantis Spots UFOs and Debris

On flight STS-115, the Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the International Space Station (ISS) on September 11, 2006. In the ensuing days, three intense spacewalks were mounted. Following undocking Atlantis' payload bay camera, picked up a bit of unexpected black debris. The man in Houston Mission Control Center who is responsible for operating the Shuttle payload bay, and robotic arm cameras is known as the INCO - INstrument and Communication Officer. He also remotely operates the helmet cameras in space suits. In the case of ISS, this officer is referred to as the CATO - Communications And Tracking Officer. In both cases, these persons CONTROL everything which is PERMITTED to go out on broadcast to the public. It is a commonly believed fallacy that the cameras are operated by Astronauts and Cosmonauts in space. Very little camera work is done by the crews. They're way too busy for that.

A great deal of attention was given by NASA and the media, to this black debris because it might be one of Atlantis' heat shield tiles so the crew of Atlantis was ordered to inspect the heat shield for damage yet again to insure that the debris had not struck the Shuttle in any critical area.

The detailed inspection of the underside of Atlantis was well underway when at about 6:22 AM CDT on September 20, when an anomalous object came into view off the port side of the Shuttle. This object was at first moving vertically relative to the orbiter. BUT, as time progressed, it was actually changing course! It described an arc, altering its trajectory by MORE than 170 degrees! This behavior is simply not possible for mere ice or debris. The transcripts of Audio Tracks states,

Astronaut: “…object in question just, uh, passed off the nose again. Right now it's at about 12:30, and it's, uh, passing out in front of the vehicle.”

CapCom Houston: “We're Tally Ho. Can you get a, uh, still imagery by hand, and any estimate on size or range.”

Did you catch that part about the object passing in front of the Shuttle's nose AGAIN? What does THAT mean? One might suppose that it means the Astronauts had sighted this object earlier in the day, and it had returned. Very strange behavior for a conventional object indeed. When the object passed out of view beyond the nose of Atlantis, the elbow camera on the robotic arm was called into service to follow it longer. The arm was in a position at the time to see the area in front of the Shuttle. At this point the anomaly became STATIONARY off Shuttle's nose! Then it went on the move again, this time in an upward direction relative to Atlantis. The Astronauts tentatively identified this object as "a piece of foil". To my knowledge, a simple piece of foil cannot change course, stop and start again. This sort of maneuvering is also outside the ability of satellites. Only controlled vehicles, with engines, can do the things this object did.

There were other objects seen during this portion of the event. The crew identified them as "rings", but did not elaborate, at least publicly. Two attempts, one by the NASA Commentator, and one by the CapCom, were made to identify the objects as "reflections". The CapCom even tried to get the Shuttle Crew to "confirm" that they were "reflections". It didn't work. The Crew stubbornly insisted that all of the objects in their field of view were solid and physical. In the end, the Flight Director at Mission Control Center ordered the men to use "hand held" cameras to record the object, and to return to work. From this point onward, "live" video was curtailed in favor of computer generated animation of the inspection for public consumption. Now we have transcriptions of the relevant audio for you, in the exact words of the parties involved.

N: “The Instrumentation Communication Officer?here in Mission Control, operating the payload bay camera. With, uh, reflections in the uh, camera lens, as uh, it looks past, uh, the Space Shuttle”

Atlantis Astronaut: “?our digital downlink.

CapCom In Houston: “Uh, we do see that.”

A: “OK. That's, uh, looking out in front of the orbiter.”

C: “OK, we're seein' three or four objects, uh, canya, can you confirm that it's just the one that's actually moving, the other ones are just reflec, reflections?

A: “Uh, there are, there are three objects. The one you see, you see two rings right there, they're the ones we kinda had the late Tally Ho on. Uh, the one, down at the bottom. That was the one we initially saw that, appeared to be foil. So we've got like two rings, and then a piece of foil. The piece of foil?um, seems to be further in front, with the, with the grounding strap on, it seems to be further in front of the other two. And the other two seem to be about the same, equidistant from, uh, both us and the forward one.”

A: “Yeah, I'm just wondering, uh, how close we are to the trajectory flown by the Soyuz.”

C: “Yeah, we're asking.”

C: “We're gonna check on that, umm, but while we're waiting for that, we're thinking based on our daylight and Ku availability, if we can get to the OBSS inspection, and maybe use the, uh, still cameras to photograph these objects.”

A: “Yeah, we understand, uh, we'll, we're getting' back to OBSS.”

C: “Thanks”

At a subsequent press conference, a still photo was produced for reporters to see. There was absolutely no proof that the still photograph was actually of the object seen in the video. But, that didn't stop NASA leaders from claiming that it was the object in question, and that it was a plastic bag! How about that? A plastic bag capable of maneuvers only a powered vehicle, under control, could produce! We saw an unidentified object (claimed by NASA to be a plastic bag) execute an acute turn, pass in front of Atlantis, come to a stop, and then proceed to move again on a new course. This is NOT the behavior of ice, debris, plastic bags, astronomical bodies, meteors, or manmade satellites and spacecraft. For these reasons, I must classify it as unknown. Atlantis landed safely at the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility on 21 September 2006, at 5:21 AM CDT (10:21 Thanks to © 2006 Jeff Challender see detail video at

Inca City" is Part of a Circular Feature

Oops -- Marcia A. McDowell, Ph.D writes, Last week you forgot to mention that the book, "Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars" was written by B.J. Wolf and Dr. Dan Burisch, et. al, and published in 1998 ISBN 0-9648090-208.

Dr. Dan Burisch, and B.J. Wolf have found an entire extraterrestrial archaeology complete with symbolism, structures, anthropomorphic glyphs etched into the landscape and geometry that links them all together in an elegant lattice that speaks undeniably of intelligence at work.

Images Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems MGS MOC Release No. MOC2-319, 8 August 2002. The MOC image shows that the "Inca City" ridges, located at 82°S, 67°W, are part of a larger circular structure that is about 86 km (53 mi) across. It is possible that this pattern reflects an origin related to an ancient, eroded meteor impact crater. C) Subframe of MOC image 7908 reproduced at full resolution, about 23 meters/pixel (75 feet/pixel). Picture shows an area approximately 20 x 14 km (12.4 x 8.7 miles) in size. Sun illumination is from upper left.

Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) High Resolution Images:
Rectilinear Ridges In South Polar Layered Terrain

"Inca City" is the informal name given by Mariner 9 scientists in 1972 to a set of intersecting, rectilinear ridges that are located among the layered materials of the South Polar region of Mars. NASA states, "Their origin has never been understood; most investigators thought they might be sand dunes, either modern dunes or, more likely, dunes that were buried, hardened, then exhumed."

Others considered them to be dikes formed by injection of molten rock (magma) or soft sediment into subsurface cracks that subsequently hardened and then were exposed at the surface by wind erosion.

California Daylight UFO Sightings Continue

ORANGE COUNTY -- I was in the front yard at about 10 AM, on October 17, 2006, throwing a ball for our two dogs when I saw a shadow on the ground from the sky. I couldn't hear anything, but I was able to see a blimp or cigar like shape not moving very fast, maybe....150 mph at three quarters of a mile high. It moved in and out of the clouds, there were no unusual movements or visual markings. It had10 to 15 round windows or portholes on the side. It finally vanished when it hovered and went straight up into the air, not like a fighter jet with the nose pointed up; this was like a helicopter taking off from the ground. It just kept going up and up and then once it went through the clouds, I couldn't see it anymore. I'm not going to suggest that it was Extraterrestrial, but I will say that it wasn't normal at all. It was too low to be a test aircraft, I could see it, and it didn't move fast at all like modern technology. It acted just like a blimp, but I'm 100% sure it wasn't. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Orb Photos

Garden OF THE GODS -- Patty Donahue writes, "I had taken my daughters to Colorado and visited the "Garden of the Gods"near Denver. It was absolutely beautiful, and as usual, I took many pictures. using my 35mm Minolta Freedom camera....(NOT a digital). These pictures were among the many, many rolls of film that I finally had just gotten developed. I zoomed in on some of the orbs in them. These are NOT your "typical" orb, per say, and I have these orbs all over my pictures, but these are not "typical" orbs.

When I zoomed in on this one particular orb, I got the shock of my life. I couldn't believe what I found,"Oh My! Oh My! Oh My!" so I called Michelle. She came over and saw it. She was as shocked as I was. Then I showed my daughters one at a time, and asked them if they saw anything in this picture, and they both immediately identified what it was. Remember when I said I felt "they" used the orbs to observe us? Look at the enhancement of the photo, do you see the face in the orb that we all saw? Thanks to Patty Donahue

Florida UFO Photos

DelRay Beach --Today I will be posting quite a few photos that were taken last night and yesterday and the day before. Lets start with these three. A white disk is in the first photo, then the black object in the second then I saw some weird clouds last night and tried to photograph them but all I got was this strange looking object. I was using a flash and the camera was pointed at the sky. I have never seen anything like this before.

I want to remind MUFONs readers that I just randomly shoot pictures of the sky at certain times and I have been lucky enough to capture all of these objects.
The key times to photograph here seems to be between 4:00 and 5:00 PM in all directions but most show up to my northeast. I think their may be a opening of some kind in this area that allows them to enter into our dimension from elsewhere as the sky does weird things here in one area and at certain times.

I will follow up with more photos and maybe video today. I still have to look at three hours worth of video. The reason I post this stuff is to show readers that they want us to know they are coming here and they really do exist. They could very well block my pictures and Video from coming out but they are allowing us to photograph them as to help make people aware that they are here. Thanks for looking JC. and MUFON

Illinois More Unidentified Lights

TINLEY PARK - Rod Morrill sent this from link:The past two years have seen autumn sightings of unidentified lights in the night sky over Tinley Park and the surrounding area, and a local UFO investigator says the truth is out there. According to Sam Maranto of the Illinois chapter of the Mutual UFO Network there have been more sightings recently. "The sightings in Tinley Park were very important, and we have had more in recent weeks," Maranto, of Orland Park, said.

The sightings of three red, silent, slow-moving lights in the sky over Tinley Park and Oak Park were first reported on Aug. 21, 2004, with subsequent sightings on Oct. 31, 2004, and Oct. 1, 2005. The National UFO Reporting Center was flooded with calls on each of those nights. "The Tinley Park sightings are among the most well-documented cases that we have seen," Peter Davenport, director of the center, said. "With (each event), you have multiple witnesses, multiple videotapes, eyewitness reports, and Federal Aviation Administration and law enforcement documentation."

The amount of footage, particularly from Aug. 21, 2004, is striking. Three red lights are seen hanging in the air in various positions, seemingly indicating a form or structure. There are numerous pieces of footage shot by area residents at the same time in different locations, which gives researchers much more data to work with than the usual isolated UFO sighting. "I absolutely love mass sightings," Maranto said, "because you have such a cross section of (witnesses)."

According to T.J. Japcon, a former Tinley Park resident who now lives in Crestwood, the sightings are anything but over. Japcon said his family saw similar lights on September 23, 2006, in both Crestwood and Tinley Park. "At about 8:20 PM, I went outside and noticed what I first thought was a star," he said. "But when I looked at it closely, I noticed that it was flashing in the same pattern that the lights did the last few years."

Maranto said he welcomes serious scientific inquiry, but bristles at the dismissal of evidence that he has faced from some scientists. "We welcome anyone with a scientific background to examine the evidence," he said. "But for a scientist to claim that this is a hoax without looking at even a shred of evidence, that is just not good science. We have ruled out balloons. We have ruled out flares. This is not a hoax." Snip Thanks to Rod Morrill and Sun-Times News Group Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2006

Michigan - Photographs

Eagle -- This is Michelle S. and I took these photos without flash with a Konica Minolta 12 x zoom, anti-shake digital camera on October 6, 2006, during the full harvest moon. The sky and the moon were absolutely beautiful! I snapped off a few pictures of the moon and the sky while taking my dog out. At this time as I was taking these photo's there was absolutely no air traffic whatsoever. Later, after I had come in, I downloaded my pictures and was AMAZED!

The lights I captured in the sky that are moving and darting in and out of the clouds and changing really took me by surprise. I just had to share these photos! The second photo is an enlargement and enhancement of the strange lights. Thanks to Michelle S.

Nevada Big Bright Light

WINNEMUCCA -- An unidentified aerial object was spotted on the evening of Saturday October 21, 2006 at 7:30 PM. The eyewitness said that the object remained within view for only 15 seconds. According to the report, the UFO was described as a big, bright light, which was white in color. The exact shape of the object could not be determined. The eyewitness states "I walked outside looked up and saw a light dipping up and down. When I pointed at it, it (the UFO) came right at me real fast and the light got bigger and brighter. It came to a stop and then bolted to the east. It only took a second before it was out of sight." Anyone having additional information on this event is asked to please contact Thank you UFORC

New Jersey Flying Triangle

Red Bank -- Driving home from playing tennis on Monday night at 10:20 PM, on February 14, 2005, I saw some lights very low in the sky up ahead and thought that was pretty strange to see a plane flying that low. I pulled up to the stop light at Spring and Harding in Red Bank, about 30 seconds later, and looked to my left and saw this huge craft all lit up moving very slowly about 75 feet off the ground. I decided to chase it and turned around, ran two red lights and caught it. At this point I was in downtown Red Bank (of course nobody was around and everything was closed) on Broad Street looking up at this craft. As it passed over me it was heading west and I was crossing under it going south on Broad Street. It felt like a Spielberg movie.

The craft took up the entire skyward view as it disappeared over the rooftops. It was larger than life and as I looked up all I could see was the bottom of this huge vehicle. I took a left on Monmouth Street and there it was right in front of me! I went roaring west on Monmouth and easily catught it. I had an amazing view of this thing. It was black, triangular shaped and at least 200 feet wide at tube base. It appeared to have dry ice like plumes (like you use for stage shows) coursing along the bottom.

The outer shell looked like some sort of black carbon fiber material. The rear was oval shaped with very bright white lights around the perimeter and red lights on the underside. It was "floating" about 75 feet off the street (judging from the building tops) and it was perfectly silent, (I had rolled down my window to see if I could hear an engine). I was driving a Jeep Wrangler which makes a little engine noise, but not much and there was no sound other than my engine. I slowed down to keep pace with it. At this point I was about 30 feet behind it, when I realized that I could not explain the physics of this thing, i.e., a huge craft silently floating 75 feet off the ground in the middle of Red Bank! I suddenly felt very vulnerable and became significantly concerned, (as this thing was huge and I was in full view) and thought to myself "If I can see them, they certainly can see me!" I stopped, made a very quick U-Turn and got away as quickly as possible.
It was by far the most fascinating thing I have ever seen.

The reason I am reporting this now is because I believe my girlfriend saw it Saturday night October 21st, 2006 in Red Bank at 10:25 PM, at about the same location. We were returning from dinner in two separate vehicles when I received a call from her. "Tim I see a dirigible all lit up!" I asked her where she was and I tried to get there but I was stopped by a long traffic light. Looking in her direction, I saw what appeared to be the rear of that same craft from over a year ago not too far off the ground traveling west over the rooftops. I could not get to it. She later described a blimp type shape with bright lights all around the perimeter; I believe she saw it from the rear. Thanks to MUFON

New Mexico Objects Videotaped

LORDSBURG - Almost once a week Benjie Medina ssends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "All summer we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that my friend Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. On September 15, 2006, we had a UFO flotilla over our area. Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz. UFOs were also reported a hundred miles northeast in Ruidoso.

Ruidoso - The Ruidoso News reports, "An unidentified flying object observed in the night sky over the Ranches of Sonterra recently prompted an inquiry to the Ruidoso News and other agencies as to possible training missions of experimental aircraft. Witnesses of the UFO did not necessarily claim that the objects observed were extra-terrestrial, just that they were airborne and unidentifiable. On August 6, one witness, said she saw a strange object floating slowly over the Ranches of Sonterra, passing over the Spencer Theater.

"I awoke about 2:15 a.m. and happened to look out the door of my upper back deck and noticed something in the sky," the witness wrote. "At first I thought it was a satellite cruising above me but when I watched it closer it seemed to move erratically." The woman said that as she watched the object, originating from the northern sky, it moved toward a larger rectangle shaped object. She said a second flying object also flew toward the larger object from a southern approach. The rectangular-shaped aircraft "seemed to be made up of web-shaped lights," she continued. "It had a dot at the corner then a hazy line that met yet another light dot. I watched this phenomenon for about 15 minutes." Over the course of the next several days the woman said she spotted fighter planes zooming at low speed around Ruidoso. When she consulted her brother-in-law, a retired pilot, he theorized that what she had seen might have been an exercise by a fighter group stationed at Holloman, practicing refueling from a C-130.

"These giant planes' trails leave contrails that I may have seen as webbing," the woman said. The woman lives in North Alto and said she has unobstructed views of the sky from all directions. Another resident of Alto, a retired professional, also contacted the Ruidoso News. In his report, the unnamed man said he observed a bright light in early August just above the horizon near the Alto Post office .

Residents near Gavilan Canyon and Hull Street also reported strange lights. When contacted by the News, Tom Fuller, public information officer for Holloman, said. contact his office at 505-572-5406 with the date, time and GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) coordinates of the object sighted.

Ohio Video of UFOs

FOSTORIA - A recent videotape bby George Ritter captured a high speed thin moving object on video. The object appears to be over the trees on a nearby farm. Thanks to George Ritter

Argentina Intense UFO Activity Continues

DELTA - A UFO was videotaped over the Argentine Delta. Various UFOs have been reported for the last several weeks. The photo shown is a recent video of a triangular craft moving at high speed over the area. The video can be seen at

Canada Sightings

Scarborough -- Paul Michael Shishis writes, " Thanks for posting the picture taken at the location after 5:30 PM. The date you have posted in Filer's 43 or "Oct.21, 2006" is mixed up from another photo sent to you .The eastern Scarborough pic was taken two days later on Monday "October 23, 2006.

Lake Ontario -- I also have some more news to pass on to you. The same silver orb object over Scarborough that moved from the north to the south very slow, towards Lake Ontario, as seen by two witnesses on October 14, 2006. It again returned on Saturday, October 21, 2006, near the same time, same features, same movement, speed and altitude as reported by another witness [co-worker] in her first sighting. Sounds like some kind of pattern. I also wanted to personally share information of my family's background to you. My Father came from Florina- Northern Greece. It may be possible, that my blood flows with Jewish blood. Though interesting, as little bit of history of my Father's village may confirm that thought. Funny how the first radio report of the crash of a flying disk in July 1947, also mentions that foreign soldiers must leave Greece as ordered by the UN. Strange in coincidence from one icon radio report, gives evidence of two big events, in the US and Greece of that era. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

Telkwa, British Columbia -- I saw a very bright (shiny/silver) cigar shaped object over Smithers Transfer Station going towards Hudson Bay Mountain on October 11, 2006, at 2:35 PM. It was still to slow moving. It was observed for 30 seconds as a tube or cigar shaped craft with no wings in the distance, between the hill outside Smithers just past the bridge to the Pentecostal Church. Then, it just vanished into thin air. Thanks to Brian Vike Director HBCC,

Cuba UFO Photo

Kathy D writes, "This picture was taken in August 2006, en route to Cuba. Interesting to note that, about five minutes after this particular picture had been taken; our plane was hit by ball lightning which made itself apparent in the cabin also. The pilot then announced that indeed we had taken a hit by lightning, as a very loud bang was heard.

Many passengers observed a bright, white light which came into the aisle, through the window from the left wing, where I was sitting at the time. The cabin fell silent. Ozone odor was not apparent at the time. Cameras and watches were not effected. A very close shave indeed. Camera used was a Nikon Coolpix 5900.

Thanks to Kathy D. Australia.

India Flying Saucer Spotted

SHIMOGA, KARNATAKA -- A 20 year old man by the name of Amogha and his cousin spotted a flying saucer hovering near some utility poles on Monday October 23, 2006 at around 6:45 AM. The flying saucer was described as a small, white object that had a cup shaped bowl on a rotating plate. It had no markings and was radiating a red light continuously. They estimated the size of the object to be around 2 1/2 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet tall. They reported that it made a light sound that was hard to explain.

Artists drawing of the disc.

Eyewitnesses reported that it traveled at a very low altitude. "Imagine yourself, my cousin and I saw that thing cross three street lights." It traveled at a low rate of speed before it finally disappeared. Anyone having additional information on this sighting is asked to contact Thanks to Christopher Montgomery, Executive Director UFORC International Global Network

Mexico UFO Sighting

Puebla -- The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports a photo was taken by renowned Mexican journalist Jose Luis Moreno Reyes on October 4, 2006. According to Mr. Moreno's account, he was on Kilometer 40 of the Atlixco-Izucar de Matamoros highway, ready to take photos of that section of road, since he was planning to write an article for his website about the paranormal events that have taken place in that area.

The time was approximately 11:45 AM and as he was about to take a photo of an "Ahuehuete" tree, he noticed that the sun's rays were shining off a flying object. He then decided to move to the center of the road to see it better and secure the evidence. Jose Luis Moreno took two photos of the possible UFO and others where the cars on the road do not allow for good visibility. He used a Canon PowerShot A-310 camera.

Slovenia: Unusual Object Seen

Ljubljana -- On October 24th 2006, the female witness from the capital city of Slovenia noticed a zigzagging object at 10 PM. She wrote: "On October 24, shortly after 22:00 hours, I and another person observed a small silvery object - very much like a distant shiny star - move swiftly in the general direction south. At first, I thought it was a star. Then it seemed to move. I thought it was a satellite, then. But the next second the object disappeared - only to reappear at a spot that definitely wasn't indicative of a straight trajectory [such as the trajectory of a space- or aircraft]. In other words: the object appeared to be "zigzagging" across the sky. There may have been some very high-altitude clouds - though the sky seemed clear - but the object moved in "flickers" - i.e. we could not follow its trajectory, because it kept flashing - appearing and disappearing. But even if its trajectory was partly covered by clouds, it was quite obvious that it wasn't moving in a straight or any kind of "normal" line. It kept "jumping" up and down, left and right. Thanks to Piotr Cielebia?: "NOL - The Eastern European UFO Journal", 26/10/06. [


Colon -- Julio Degeneve and Daniel Padilla, coordinators of the COLOVNI group, report two explosions rocked the cities of Colon and Paysandu on October 26, 2006, around 23:05 hours, in the neighboring shores of the Republic of Uruguay. According to many eyewitness accounts, the apparent epicenter of this explosion was between both cities. The event drew media attention, and the military said, "they were not engaged in maneuvers." Some witnesses in Colon claimed that a powerful light could be seen toward the southeast of the city. The detonation was so powerful that it allegedly shattered windows in the city of Paysandu (Uruguay), as well as in Colon, but with fewer cases.

The "Enigma Virtual" radio show got considerable number of reports claiming that witnesses spotted a gigantic triangular craft flying over the city without making a sound and at low altitude. Witnesses who contacted the radio show claimed having seen it between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning flying in a South-North direction and at very slow speed, such that they were able to observe the lights beneath it, which were blue, white and yellow. Thanks to Planeta UFO Scott Corrales translation (c) 2006., IHU.

What Are 'They' Hiding? II"

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