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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 7, 2011

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

UFOs Photographed

This week's files cover: Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney statements, Huge Mother-Ships May Indicate Extraterrestrial Life, and Photos of Auroras.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Lake Eire, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, and United Kingdom. The above photo was taken over Scotland.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research. Our goal is to uncover the secrets of UFOs. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Based on the large number of sightings we can assume the watchers have had bases on Earth for thousands of years. "The Scientific Study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity". The Best is Yet to Come.

Rear Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney

Admiral Fahrney was "the foremost Navy pioneer for the development of guided missiles. His vision of future weaponry, technical excellence and tireless advocacy formed the basis for Navy missile programs." "Admiral Fahrney's early work in guided missiles earned for him the title father of naval air guided missiles.'" On January 16, 1957, Admiral Fahrney held a press conference for NICAP and he stated,

"Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds. The way they change position would indicate their motion is directed." 17 Jan 1957 (New York Times article)

Huge Mother-Ships May Indicate Extraterrestrial Life

Bell writes, Last weeks Filer's Files had the most amazing photos I have ever seen on any subject. As a believer in the Air Force Blue Book Investigations and my own personal experience while serving 21 years in the USAF, talking to men who served in New Mexico and California I came to believe that all of these honest people could not be wrong! Thanks to Lt.Col. Bell

Astronaut and Mars photos show Mother-ships.

Steve Tobias writes, "The round object is moon Phobos with a large Mothership nearby. This "highly secret" photo was given to the Western press in 1991, by Colonel Dr. Marina Popovich, a Russian astronaut and pilot who has long been interested in UFO's. At a UFO conference Popovich provided information that she "smuggled" out of the now ex-Soviet Union. This is "the first ever leaked account of an alien mother ship in the solar system". The last transmission from Phobos 2 Soviet satellite was this photograph of a gigantic cylindrical spaceship - estimated to be 20 km long, and 1.5 km in diameter. The 'Mother ship', was photographed on 25 March 1989 hanging or parked next to the Martian moon Phobos. After that last frame was radio-transmitted back to Earth, the probe mysteriously disappeared; according to the Russians it was destroyed.

"The better image you were able to create of the object over Greenland taken by NASA (below) is now much easier to see these craft are exactly the same overall shape and size (relative to length and thickness) as the Phobos 2 object imaged next to the Mar's Moon Phobos.

The long cylinder has same dimensional size characteristics seen in the earth orbiting object over Greenland. This relationship in length and width seems characteristic of the Mothership's. I made a rough estimate that this ratio or relationship is 7.5 unit of measurement (length) to 1 unit of measurement width (thickness of cylinder. The similarities of the two craft one near the Earth and one near Mars indicates intelligent beings are operating these spacecraft.

Another image in the Martian sky was photographed by our Mars Lander Rover and shows a similar sized UFO... the odds of all these images showing an unusual object that has the same size and width/ thickness values has to be none....nil.... Thus, it's not any thing but what it is, what it seems to be. Thanks to Steve Tobias

The Hubble Telescope took this image of a Mothership.

John Craig writes, "I downloaded a very nice picture of the Orion Nebula as imaged by the Hubble space telescope and noticed a strange and fascinating artifact when I zoomed in to the full resolution. This is a small part of the original picture showing the artifact. To see this artifact with maximum resolution, as shown in the picture I provided, it is best to download the full size image from the Hubble gallery.

Temples Suggest Extraterrestrial Contact

We can assume that both aliens and humans worship a God or Divinity, and built temples to help spread this belief throughout the universe. Structures that resemble temples are found on our Moon, Mars, and all over the Earth.

Notice G like symbol below of and possible temple on Mars.

In form the temple ranges from a plain mound of heaped-up material to sophisticated complexes of numerous buildings, but a main, central structure for the temple proper is always found in these elaborate systems. Some have platforms for observing natural phenomena or for ritual fires, but most have a sanctuary, a special place reserved for the divinity, whose invisible presence is symbolized by a sculpted or painted image or some suitable relic. In order to show respect for the divinity, the sanctuary is usually set off from the rest of the temple by interposed doors, railings, or colonnades; the sanctuary is usually well inside the temple structure. Another common feature is an altar, a block of stone or table like feature where offerings to the divinity are placed and upon which the ceremony of worship focuses.

Keith Laney The only thing lacking towards applying this to our planetary neighbors is physical verification, or ground truth. That impact origination is the explanation for all the above areas which contain these structures is possible, theoretically plausible, and nearly unquestionable except for these tiered objects which do not follow impact uplift peaking patterns as referenced by accepted models.

This oblique view of Stratton K Crater was taken by the AS 10 astronauts in May 1969. Between Stratton and Heaviside is the smaller crater, located at 7.4S,165.8E. This crater contains the structure that appears to be a temple. The scale on this photo is huge. Stratton K, arrowed below, is 41 km in diameter. I estimate it also to be nearly four by three km. square at the base and close to two km. tall. Damage has been acquired over time on this one also, evident by the couple of small impacts around it.

The shapes and lines within these craters as displayed in this study stand out as being very well placed, exhibiting complex geometric organization. All of them contain attributes far more reminiscent of being archaeological in nature than geological. Quite frankly, it resembles many ancient ruins on Earth as seen from the air. 'Y' like symbols are frequently found around apparent structures on Mars. Note pyramid lower center of image.

The one on Mars figures prominently in this respect, because it is inexplicable for a central crater uplift or peak to be formed on the crater's side, almost outside of the crater completely, and it is far higher than the crater rim. This is more than likely the reason why the Moon has escaped the attention of archaeologists and the research application of archaeological principles and practices. Thanks to NASA and Keith Laney for the photos

Arizona Strange Object Photo

Fountain Hills - I was upstairs at my desk working on January 31, 2007, at 5:30 PM, and saw this strange object several miles away traveling east at a high rate of speed. My camera was in my desk so I was able to take the attached photo before it disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Alabama Strange Object Caught On Video

Satsuma -- I was out in the back yard video taping my dogs on December 2, 2006. I walked back to the NE corner of the yard where I stood under an overhanging oak limb which blocked the morning sun from my eyes. It was around 10:30 am and the sun was not quite due south of my position. Upon blocking the sun by the oak tree an object became apparent in the sky. It was about 15 degrees east of the sun and 45 degrees up. I took the video for about 1 1/2 minutes. This is a still from the footage. Footage and photos are copyrighted. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. Website:

California Spherical Shaped Objects

San Marcos -- On January 27, 2007, at 10:40 AM, I went outside and noticed some high clouds layered in ripples that were different from the other clouds. A flash from a sphere caught my attention. It was moving west against the wind. I brought up my Steiner 8 x 30's binoculars and instantly caught it in view. There was another shiny and reflective sphere that looked identical to the first. One of my neighbors approached and I described the spheres but she couldn't spot them. I took the binoculars back and caught them again. Each had some appendage twice the length of the spheres.

They made random movements, starting and stopping, but remained in the same field of view. The shiniest one had a red spot on its side, and may have been rotating. It accelerated to the west and disappeared. I focused on the other that continued its random movement, flashed red and disappeared. Less than a minute later a commercial jet, passed thru the same part of the sky. In comparison the objects were maybe 30 feet in diameter. The duration of this sighting was five minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike. The Vike Report Radio Show is on InnerStreams Network Every Sunday at 11:00 PM Central, 12 am Eastern, fpm Mountain, PM Pacific.

Connecticut Rectangle

Newtown – On January 1, 2007, around 6 PM, I was traveling on highway 84 east toward Newtown High when I noticed a vertical light streak to the left of the bright moon. Nothing can travel like that? Near Exit 10 to the right of the moon I saw a hovering light blue blinking light in the sky with a smaller either light blue or red light to the right of it. The blinking light blue light reminded me of a camera flash; it was blinking every 2-3 seconds. Closer to Exit 11, I was about to travel under the lights and started freaking out. As I merged onto Exit 11 and got to the red traffic light, I leaned forward and saw the bottom of the object that looked like a car grill with yellow lights between the four grills. The object was now much bigger and closer. Once I parked at school I looked and couldn't find the vertical jet streak or the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Florida Two UFOs

Miami -- On the night of January 6, 2007 around 8 PM, I finished installing a light on my house and noticed a ray of light in the sky descending from south to north. At first, I thought it was a meteor falling, so I decided to keep looking up expecting more meteors. A minute past, and I noticed the first object moving south from where the light had ended. It looked like a white and bright yellow star moving at very high speed. I thought it was a satellite passing by but the star started to zigzag through the stars, changing directions moving from north to west. I saw it accelerate, four then suddenly stopped. I noticed a second object parallel to the first separated by the distance of the ray light. I observed the second object was moving from south to west at a very high speed not stopping. Then, both objects stopped at the same time parallel to each other and disappeared into the sky. These events took about five minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Georgia Sightings

Avondale Estates/Dekalb County - Tom Sheets reports, "On January 29, 2007, at about 3:30 PM, a matuure male taking a work break observed a brownish, non-metallic glint, object in the sky traveling west to east. The object was about the size of a loaf of bread, cylinder shaped, and moving at a very high rate of speed at an estimated 500 to 1000 feet in altitude. He observed it take a downward turn in the distance with a concurrent brilliant sun and rainbow-like effect on a nearby cloud. There is also some recent activity in the Georgia Coastal Region and in South Georgia. Any details coming forth from ASD David Marchant in Savannah will be posted to the next Update."

Blue Ridge -- In NE Georgia mountains on December 28, 2006, a female motorist, believed to be a realtor was driving in the Blue Ridge area, traversing a mountain. She observed what she said was like a "large building" descending from the sky. Adding that it was lit like any other building. While the witness account is sparse, some contact info was provided. NE Region ASD Don Nellesen will attempt to make email contact with this witness.

COLUMBUS -- NUFORC November 6, 2006 case is still on-going. After being continuously ignored by the Columbus Police Department I filed an "Open Records Act" request and after a substantial wait, I received what may be the name of the original witness who stated that he thought a small aircraft had gone down. Of course the local TV station described a shiny object. The local Meteorologist, who allegedly picked up a return on his Doppler unit, refuses to answer my phone calls or email. We've encountered these "hesitant" meteorologists in the past and will no doubt do so again.

Please note that Russian Cosmos 2423, a recon satellite broke up in orbit a few days prior to this report into 28 pieces according to the Space Command. Those things tend to COME DOWN sooner or later and our Intel Spooks go after them like bars of gold falling from heaven. MUFONGA's Jim Clifford will hopefully soon be moving to Dial (Blue Ridge area). We desperately need him there for obvious reasons. MUFONGA's old salts will recall the 1998-2001 years when we were back and forth between Chatsworth and Fort Mountain on a regular basis. For awhile, things there were getting much like they were when this was Georgia's own "Twilight Zone". When we have a 'good'un' up there, it's usually a real doozy.....from police officers being buzzed by an artillery-round shaped object to a frightened couple chased down a mountain road by a superbly maneuverable glowing craft. Semper Fi! Thanks to W.T. "Tom" Sheets/SDMufonGa

Hawaii Cylinder UFO Seen Over South Shore

Kailua -- Greg Darr writes, "Thanks again as always for your Filer's Files Reports." This report I'm sending you I witnessed myself Friday, January 26, 2007, around 6:40 PM. The interesting thing is that while the initial news reports said the "lights" were seen over Honolulu, I also saw a single, large very bright white light over where I live in Kailua, twelve miles from Honolulu in the East. The two areas are separated by the Koolau Mountain range. I happened to see it by accident as I went outside to tell my father-in-law something and happened to just look up in the sky. That evening Venus was clearly seen toward the Koolau's and the sunset was almost gone. But that is when I saw this bright, white light that was at least 3 X bigger than Venus. I only saw it for a few seconds and it was gone. Here's the link:, Aloha, Greg Darr

Illinois Two Moons and Strange Light

CLINTON COUNTY - On January 31, 2007, I was driving home from work in a secluded rural area with no street lights at 4 AM, and stopped by my Father's home when I noticed four odd contrails around the moon. I started to snap the shot with my phone camera when a bright white light appeared above the western horizon. The light shot directly to the right side of the moon in a flash. I then snapped another picture just as a pale red ball appeared along the left side of the moon and started bouncing and going back and forth seeming to vibrate.

The odd thing is that when the red one first appeared, the white light on the right developed a white circle around it with a hazy center. I was able to snap another picture just before they both vanished. This took place in a very short time. The picture shows a gazebo with the first light just above the horizon. The bright light is the moon. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Bensenville -- I was sitting outside at my Grandma's house on January 1, 2007, at 1 PM, when I looked up to see the moon, and three lights flying in perfect triangle formation. Shortly, there was a flood of lights in the sky flying high at a steady pace. After about two minutes, there was not a light in the sky. This was truly something amazing, I tried video taping it on my phone but I was too appalled to remember how to work the video camera. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

CHICAGO -- Chuck at UFO News states that he recently had an opportunity to speak with Dan Aykroyd of Saturday Night Live fame. Dan Aykroyd's production company allegedly purchased photos, and even video of the O'Hare UFO!

Iowa Flying Triangle

Burlington - I spotted three extremely bright lights clustered in the shape of a triangle in the distant sky. I observed the object over a period of twelve minutes. The object exhibited a bouncing motion at times. Occasionally there where pinpoint lights that flashed at an extended distance from the three point configuration. There were no stars in the sky but the moon was visible. I watched closely for 12 minutes and then lay back down. I looked out the window again and the triangle formation was much further in the distance. This is the second time that I have witnessed this type of object in the sky. The first time was ten years ago. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Kansas Flying Triangle

El Dorado -- My fiancée and I were returning from the grocery store in our small town on January 9, 2007 at 7:30 PM, something caught our eye. I was sitting in the passenger seat of our pick-up truck and saw three large yellow-orange lights that appeared directly over several homes. The lights made a perfect large triangle shape just below the treeline. The lights were very orb like and very bright, but they were constant and shining straight down and not rotating. I could barely make out a rough outline of a large dark triangular craft. I would say the craft was about the size of two small homes. Just as I saw it, my fiancée asked, "Do you see what I see? I see three bright lights shaped in a triangular form." Then the object disappeared. We made drawings of what we both saw and they were identical. This was on a clear night and no noise. Thanks to Peter B Davenport National UFO Reporting Center

Lake Erie Video

This is the footage that was on FOX News UFO segment Feb 3, 2007...Even though they cut out the good parts! Thought you might want to see the whole clip. This UFO clip and many others are included in David Sereda's new Movie, "From Here to Andromeda" which will be released in April of 2007.

Montana Disk

Bozeman -- On January 5, 2007, I was taking pictures during our trip and just looked in the sky and saw a disk flying west at 75 mph, when I spotted an object in the sky. I did not realize what it was until I downloaded the pictures from a digital camera.

I tried to zoom in but it becomes blurry. Please don't tell me it's a weather balloon. Thanks to Randy Hill

New York Three Compact disk Shaped Objects

New York -- Fox News reported three disc shaped objects were spotted over Time Square, on January 1, 2007, at 3:00 AM. The objects were approximately 30 feet in diameter and were seen hovering low between tall buildings. The objects were illuminated and generated amazement, fear, and a degree of panic...Fox News reported NYPD was on the way to investigate the people reporting the UFO event. Fox News then cut away from their live coverage. Allegedly the UFO was recorded on a hand held camera. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina Two Rectangles

Kannapolis -- We saw two rectangular shaped objects on January 20, 2007 at 8:31 PM, that had a reddish light that looked like a stoplight but not as bright. It was flying 500 to 600 yards altitude, made no sound and looked like a rocket's fuel going out. My friends also saw what I did. There were seven or more of these rectangular shaped objects. Then, seconds later it looked like a human coming out of them and floating in the air with a long black coat. To this day, my friends have no idea what this was. We even brought this to the Kannapolis city government. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Oregon Sphere Shot Up Like a Bullet

Culver -- I would like to report a sighting I had around noon on January 24, 2007, while taken pictures on various things I have for sale on line. I was walking towards my alfalfa field when I saw this sphere moving side to side really fast. One moment it would be on one side of the hill in the picture and in the blink of a eye on the other side. At first I thought it might be a balloon, but it was blinking in and out, and each time it blinked it would be on the different side of the hill. I shot the picture in hope of catching it, and after pushing the button on the camera the sphere shot up like a bullet. It just flew up and vanished without making any noise. It flew right over the heavy traveled Highway 97 and Culver Highway too. It was solid reflecting the sunlight and reflecting heat, like when the road is too hot around it. To view the pictures:

Texas Disk

Crosby - On January 9, 2007 at 7:40 PM, going to my girlfriend's house on new Highway 90, I saw 10 to 12 objects with all kinds of lights. When I got closer they started to break up and started going everywhere, but slow, I could see blue, green, and clear lights under the crafts,. I know I wasn't the only one to see them, because they were out there for about one hour or more. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington Two UFO's

White Pass -- My Husband and I were driving around a bend about a quarter mile past Spiral Butte on New Years early morning at 1:37 AM, when my husband said, "Check out that light in the sky." When I leaned forward I saw an extremely bright wide beam of light shining back and forth along Twin Peaks Mountain ridge line. We could see the perfect beams even from that distance away. I pulled over right away. I said, "That is NOT a plane and there is NO way, no how!" Then another light appeared and joined the first object circling it a few times then disappeared behind another range. It looked as if they were 'playing'- we watched for 15 minutes as they flew straight up and down and then sideways. I thought I spotted a third. They would pulsate, get very bright and change almost like a rainbow of warmer colors red yellows etc. They did get very dim and disappear and then reappear very bright or fade back into view, very strange, yet very exciting. I would have sat there forever but the boys in the backseat were so scared they were getting sick to their stomachs. I jokingly flashed my head lights on and off a few times and both objects shot out in a perfect line up as if someone screamed at them to stop. I started to drive and the objects slowly followed us around the ridge line for about 20 seconds, then one stayed with us for two minutes as if peeking at us from behind the mountain. I am still bothered that I could not sit there forever and watch. We tried to capture them on video but it was so dark the camera would not focus so far away. We have seen a lot of things in the skies in this same general area, but never this close or vivid. We go camping and hiking almost every weekend rain or shine. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Editor's Note: Most cameras allow you to manually focus. Switch off automatic focus. Open the lens to allow in the maximum amount of light.

Washington Silver UFOs

Renton -- On January 27, 2007, around 3 PM, my son, a friend and I went to Carriage Crest Elementary School in a Suburb of Seattle to launch several Class C rockets. The sky was clear, no clouds with a light wind from the NW. We launched the first rocket using a C 6-5 engine. The rocket went to an elevation of about 700 feet and the parachute mechanism failed, and the rocket fell and crashed.

The three of us observed four round metallic objects traveling from the southeast flying due north. Each object was keeping a separate distance from each other, and all followed the same course, at the same speed without any sound. The fourth object was slightly lower, and slowed and changed course slightly to the northeast. All four flew at the same altitude. Balloons can't move at such a high rate of speed, and against the wind.

After they disappeared, about 45 seconds later a fifth object flew from the southeast and traveled due north. We live east of Seatac airport and get regular fly bys from airplanes. These UFOs covered the horizon in about 8 to 10 seconds. They emitted no sound! I continually took pictures, with my simple Olympus digital camera, with the zoom extended

Investigator's Notes: The two photos sent reveal very small silver colored objects. Enlargements of the photos reveal a bright object with two small dark dots on the bottom and a ring around the sides. The Enlargement does not appear to resemble a regular aircraft. The objects must have been moving at high speed given that they covered the sky in 8 to 10 seconds. The witness correctly stated that the objects couldn't be balloons because they would have been moving into the wind. The objects moved towards the north and the winds were from the east in the low levels and from the northeast up to about 4,500 meters (nearly 15,000 feet). These wind measurements were taken by an atmospheric profiler in the Seattle area. Given the facts the objects in these photos are unidentified. Thanks to Bill Puckett

Australia Cigars

Adelaide -- Kathy D. writes: Attached are two pictures of cylinders taken here in Adelaide some years ago. The first shot was taken behind a store roof. The craft was the width of the roof. When I paced out the base of the building the next day, the area was 60 meters. So, the craft was easily 60 meters in width. When I first noticed the object, it was performing a ' falling leaf motion'. The craft was as close a 150 meters, just over the road and very low. I observed the craft for about 20 minutes until it decided to drift away in a Northerly direction. I then realized I had a 35 mm camera in the car, when the craft must have been 1 mile away, I took a shot of the object. When the film came back, I did not see the myriad of small lights emanating from the center of the craft. It was interesting to note, that all the time I was viewing the craft, I had a pronounced 'buzzing sensation' in my head. The noise only started to dissipate when the craft silently drifted away.

In May of 2004, I noticed a tubular shaped object in the sky. My camera at that time did not have a zoom lens so that accounts for the poor quality of the footage. The object manifested itself in the glow of the dawn, tilted to the south, storm clouds arrived then the elevation of the craft appeared lower and much closer.

This picture was taken at my beach house just prior to sun rise. Thanks to Kathy D. Adelaide

Sydney -- Working the night shift on Sunday night, January 7, 2007, at 7:40 PM, at dusk I turned away from the window of my office in Baulkham Hills for a few seconds when I looked back I saw a black cigar shaped object coming close to my area. When it stopped I could see it had a grayish cloud around it like a halo. I could see a light going from end to end. I picked up my camera and went outside and took a photo of a black cigar shaped object. In the photo you see the object, near the trees and a street light. Two seconds later this object went into reverse and within three seconds had disappeared from site. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canada Disk

Winnipeg, Manitoba -- On January 24, 2007, at 4:40 PM, I was outside in the bus shack when I noticed what looked like a white reflecting horizontal line about 4 m long. I went out side to watch it drift slowly towards the west and slightly upwards. It seemed closer than most planes and reversed directions and went east about an inch and headed back west. When it changed directions it didn't change shape like a plane or a helicopter does while changing directions. It had no contrail. It then seemed to head directly away from me as it disappeared into the blue of the sky. It didn't look normal the way it flew up and out of sight. I'm not 100% sure what I saw but there was a jet in the sky leaving a contrail and flying much slower. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

France Triangular shaped UFO

Nice -- January 31, 2007, at 6:30 PM, I was driving home after work with my girlfriend, and as usual I took the Highway A 8 from Antibes to Nice. When we were passing by Villeneuve Loubet we noticed a very intense and bright light on the sky, about 250 meters above ground. At first thought it could be an airplane, because the Nice Airport wasn't that far. We drove closer and realized it was flying very, very slow. It was flying toward us. As we passed under it we were surprised to see that it had a triangular shape, with the same size as a small airplane. Besides the strong light in the front, we saw green lights (which weren't blinking) on the borders. The sky was already dark at that time, but it seemed that this object had a dark color between dark gray and black. I was driving with a speed around 80 Km/h which allowed us to have a small glimpse of some of its details. If it was a normal aircraft for sure it hadn't any normal patterns. . Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Italian UFO Newsflash

MESSINA SICILY - Ouur local newspaper the Gazzetta Del Sud daily reported that at 4.45 AM, on February 1 2007 a man driving near the sea in Cicerata. a small place in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, saw a round object moving fast on a surface of the sea at a distance of about one kilometer from the beach. It was very strange. It was sailing a bit under the sea with only a small part over the waves. The object was full of red lights but also white ones. It just didn't look like a submarine or something from the Navy because it had such a different shape and it was too big. While the man was watching, other people came and stopped as they saw the same weird thing. The object was visible for another five minutes then it disappeared underwater moving toward Isola Volcano on Eolie Islands. Similar sightings have occurred during the past especially in the 70s. Thanks to Patti and MUFON CMS. Photo

UK/England Oval

Welwyn Garden City -- Four red lights were seen over Hertfordshire England on January 1, 2007, at 7:45 PM. The four lights were red in color with no flashing so they were not aircraft and they were flying slowly and silently flying from west to east slowly. One on its own, then two a few minutes later, then another, then another few minutes after that. Two ovals flew very close together, far too close for normal aircraft to be allowed to do. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wales Flashing Light Reported

Swansea - BBC reports "streaking" through the skies across much of Wales at breakfast time could have been a meteor. The light was first seen at 0730 GMT, with one eyewitness describing it as a "long line, thicker at one end, blue-green and flashing". Reports of the light came in from the Lleyn Peninsula through to Swansea. Jay Tate from Spaceguard UK said it was most likely to be a piece of space debris entering the earth's atmosphere on January 24, 2006. "It was frightening," said Morfudd Parry Roberts from Aberdaron, Gwynedd. "I was having a cup of coffee by the window when I saw it (the light) move from the north towards the south.

"It was a long line, thicker at the front end. It was quite frightening because it seemed so big." "It was a bluey-green and flashing. It was at least 50 times bigger than a shooting star and seemed to be gliding through the sky quite low down, not falling." The particles hit the earth's atmosphere at between 45-50,000 mph and the light seen is the white hot air around it, he said. The color of the light seen varied, we had two say it was white, and one say it was green."

Aurora Aircraft

These are possible photos of an Aurora aircraft. The first photo is from Louisiana.

The second is from Scotland where it is believed to be one of its housing spots. These aircraft often are reported to leave a 'pulser' or donut shaped contrail. The contrail or pulse appears to form at intervals of several thousand feet. The discrete puffs are formed by a fast moving aircraft at very high altitude. Reports often come in from South Korea of a high altitude aircraft heading towards North Korea. The contrails are short lived and dissipate within a minute. Aviation Week has reported a triangle shaped aircraft with rounded wing tips and a rounded nose. These aircraft are often seen near Edwards Air Force Base, California. The third photo is from Wisconsin.

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