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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 11, 2007

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

West Coast Photos

This week's files cover: Acceleration and mission profile for interstellar travel, Alien Miniaturization, Mars Towers, Possible Moon Base, and our bees and animals are dying.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Poland.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations through out the universe.

Interstellar Travel: Acceleration and Mission Profile

Chief Scientist-Manager at NASA Langley Research Center, Paul Hill wrote probably the best technical UFO book, "Unconventional Flying Objects." The data were compiled over decades of research by this scientist engineer who acted as an informal clearinghouse for UFO-related data. He states, "Most writers and physicists too, in estimating the time for interstellar travel, neglect the effect of the accelerating portions of the trip on the trip time, making the simplifying assumption that the vehicle makes the entire trip at constant velocity. This is probably done because the requisite equations are scarce items in the literature."

"It is possible for an interstellar trip to be very short. The trip from our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centuri, a triple star system 4.3 light years away made by acceleration at 140 g to a v/c of 0.9999 is accomplished from a standing start to a standing finish in 6 weeks. Snip.

At the highest speeds considered, the travel time is not at all proportional to the distance. For example at 20 g and v/c=0.9999 we read a distance of 25 light years takes 0.6 years on board, while a distance of 100 light years is covered in almost a year. The reason is easy to visualize. Once the vehicle is up to speed, vast amounts of additional distance may be covered during the coast period with but little increase in time and, obviously, with no increase in additional light year covered while coasting."

"CONCLUSION: I hope I have made it clear that there is an important distinction to be made between the time experienced by the space traveler and the time which passes meanwhile on the home planet and on the planetary destination. The tremendous acceleration, speed, and energy capability displayed by UFOs make them well suited to capitalize on this distinction by the attainment of greatly reduced on board times realizable by approaching the speed of light. Even an approach to 90 percent of light gets the job done for the nearer stars. Higher fractions of light speed give attractive time reductions for longer trips. Don't be misled by the countless statements in the literature that interstellar distances and the speed of light constitute some kind of barrier to space travel. There are only two paths to this conclusion: Nobody in the universe has the technology to approach light speed. Observer time is significant, and on board time is to be ignored. Both paths are false ones. The confused second view is the more common. Its proponents are using the observed time for light to travel as the shortest possible time for passage, "Totally false." Thanks to Paul Hill, "Unconventional Flying Objects." Pages 268-279

Editor's Note: The sailors who crossed the ocean a couple hundred years ago and those settlers who crossed the West in wagon trains would find the trip aboard a fast space ship to another star system a reasonable time period. The biggest problem would be that their friends and relatives would be unlikely to be alive when they returned, so they might decide to bring them along. Magellan sailed from Seville, Spain, with five ships, on September 8, 1519, and one ship (the Victoria) made the complete voyage around the world in three years arriving September 6, 1522.

Only 18 of the original 270 crew members lived and Magellan was killed in the Philippines. Space ships from distant planets could take years to arrive and orbit our Earth, and could easily send scout ships to land. Based on NASA photography of the UFOs, they have speeds much in excess of our own Space Shuttle and are seen traveling at above a 100,000 MPH.

Alien Miniaturization

Several abductees have claimed to have made trips to other star systems and their craft reached the speed of light. One interesting aspect was that the aliens used a miniaturization process where the craft shrinks to the size of a basketball or smaller, while it hurdles through space. Nearing its destination it usually returns to its normal size. We on Earth are just starting to explore nano-technology which is very useful in space travel. In photographs often the UFOs appear very small and are moving at tremendous speeds. Frequently they are not seen by the photographer because they are caught by a camera's shutter speed and only observed later. The concept of UFOs from another dimension may be explained by this miniaturization process and high speeds. Alien creatures can theoretically also miniaturize themselves to be able to pass through walls.

Abductees report seeing small balls of light that often increase in size to become full sized aliens. There are also many witnesses to tiny foot long UFOs. You may scoff at these ideas, but in the 60's our computers with less power than the one you are now using filled large rooms. Miniaturization and nano-technology are with us.

Dr. Allan Hynek the UFO consultant to the Air Force wrote in the foreword to The Andreasson Affair, "Here we have 'creatures of light' who find walls no obstacle to free passage into rooms and who find no difficulty in exerting uncanny control over the witnesses' minds. If this represents an advanced technology, then it must incorporate the paranormal just as our own incorporates transistors and computers. Somehow, 'they' have mastered the puzzle of mind over matter....More and more of these high-strangeness cases are surfacing...They outrage our common sense, and they do constitute a challenge to our present belief systems."

People report small lights and even miniature disc craft in their homes and who have had close encounters with UFOs often experience paranormal activity later including out of body experiences (OBEs). Colonel Larry Coyne and his crew were asked by government officials if they had experienced balls of light or OBE's? The officials were also very interested in any photos that contained balls of light. I speculate that fast moving balls of energy sometimes called plasmas are often alien craft or reconnaissance vehicles. Meteoroids, Meteors and meteorites are seldom if ever green. Yet, we have numerous reports of green objects crossing our skies that are most likely alien. Strange colors are often the key to determining if an object is natural or alien. Nearly every color of the rainbow has been ascribed to UFOs. Blue-violet through green, yellow, and orange to red are common. Aircraft and blimps have green, red and white running lights with one or more flashing lights, but UFOs are generally much more colorful. Only an advertising blimp seen from a distance can compete.

Light is produced within atoms of matter and when the atoms become sufficiently agitated by collision one or more electrons are elevated out of their normal energy states. Visible and infrared energy is emitted and can often be picked up by your camera. UFOs are frequently moving faster than a speeding bullet, so you are unlikely to visibly notice them. I encourage you to take photos and video of the vistas or panoramas you see. Often there are UFOs in the image you capture. Sony night shot capable cameras are essentially infrared cameras. Descriptions such as the UFO was surrounded with a red glow or wrapped in a blue haze indicate the UFO luminosity is the adjacent air being excited by craft. I'm often asked why UFO photos are not clearer. Speed of the craft, ionization of the air and electrometric radiation around the craft all tend to deteriorate the photo.

This photo shows that on rare occasion's aircraft speeds can create a similar effect.

Mars Towers

Norman Bryden says, "I have taken two sections of this Mars Global Surveyor photograph and placed them together to compare some of the shapes of the objects that look like buildings. Please notice how the tall back tower to the left of center-line has a dark obelisk or cone shape, while the objects on the right have more of a box shape. The tops of the objects on the right look to be more square. A road-like structure seems to pass behind the tall black tower to the left of center, and there are possibly a couple lighter-colored towers to the upper right of this object. Top left and bottom right tube bridge goes over tube structures. Thanks to Norman Bryden,

NASA's Rover images strange art work on Mars

Jeff Chandler writes, "Recently, I got an e-mail from Mr. Edward Lopez of New York City who advised me to look at a film clip from Apollo 12 that was shown in a TV program titled "UFOs: Above & Beyond", hosted by James Dooyhan of Star Trek. There is a brief film showing an anomalous object passing over the surface of the Moon as seen from one of the Apollo 12 spacecraft. As this object flew across the field of view, no less than TWO lights flashed from a crater below. One of these flashes appears to have come from the crater rim, and the other from within the dark shadow inside the same crater. The entire video clip lasted only six seconds, and the portion containing the flashes less than a second.

Moon Has Moving Lights

The anomalous object which traversed the field of view is in the yellow circle at lower left. It moves toward the center in the film. The two successive flashes from the crater are indicated by the yellow arrow.

One might also think that the flashes were perhaps caused by one of the several unmanned probes which landed on the Moon during the 1960's. This does remain a possibility, but fails to account for two separate flashes whose originating reflective surfaces must be physically separated from each other. None of the above scenarios accounts for the fact that ONE of the flashes came from an area shadowed from sunlight. This strongly suggests that the light was artificial, rather than a reflection. Many photographs from the Moon contain anomalies resembling artificial structures not of human origin. There is also a possibility the multiple flashes were an artificial signal? We obviously can't draw such a conclusion from the limited data we have to work with here, but it is an intriguing thought.

Another event, from STS-108 in December 2001, included strange flashes like the ones filmed on the Moon. We call that one "A Case of Censorship". We don't know the identity of the crater from where the flashes were seen. (Perhaps one of YOU out there would like to help determine the location? Contact See the film at: Thanks to Jeff Chandler

Moon Possible Base

Comparatively old 1968 microfilm from Doyle's central region in a print of 18H1 ordered from NASA/Goddard in recent years shows possible structures on the Moon. Thanks to Richard Smith. See his web site at

Our Bees and Animals Are Dying

WARNING - I have been receiving alarming reports of many animals and honeybees acting confused and dying. Honeybees carry pollen for most fruits and just about everything that grows on a vine and pollinate crops valued at more than $15 billion a year. "If honeybees ceased to exist, two-thirds of the citrus, all of the watermelons, the blueberries, strawberries, pecans would disappear," Everything from apples, to zucchini and beans requires pollination. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the name that has been given to the latest die-off of honey bee colonies across the country. It is characterized by, sudden colony death with a lack of adult bees in/in front of the dead-outs. In some cases, the queen and a small number of survivor bees may be present in the brood nest.

One of causes of the death of the bees appears to be the Southeast Asian parasite vampire mite. About half of the bees nationwide have perished. Researchers are looking for a solution, either through new treatments or by breeding mite-resistant bees. John Schuessler reported cases of fish circling strangely and 800 ducks dying in Colorado mysteriously.

California Wild Story

Thousand Oaks - Brian Vike reportts, "This story is very strange and interesting case, after talking to all four people, something very unusual took place that night. Even with the screams, after each scream came this mechanical beep sound. Really weird, plus the balls of whatever they were that flew low over head, strange again, actually when the son and Dad saw the two large balls of light, they were stationary just about them, maybe 200 feet or so, then flew quickly into him. Then the home was complete engulfed in an extremely bright white light, this taking place inside the home, Steve said he was able to see a dark figure coming up the stairs, mind you it was hard to see due to the brightness of the light. Then a bunch of time seemed to have vanished that no one can account for. I spoke to all four people, but the Mom who is 86 years old still remembers those nights clearly after a stroke she had." Listen at:

Redondo Beach -- Investigator's Notes: This photo is one of best photos that I have seen of a classic silver flying disk. However, more information needs to be derived regarding the photographer, number of witnesses, exact location, etc. I do not think that photo is a hoax because the sun position on the disk is on the same side as other objects in the photo. Also the camera model, date January 1, 2005 and other information was associated with the file sent by the witness. Generally any software editing will remove these attributes which suggests that the photo was sent as output from the camera. (Of course someone could have thrown something in the air and taken a photo of it, but I don't think that this is the case because the disk is in focus and was likely not moving.) I have written to the witness, but have not received a response. Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

Florida Flying Boomerang Bag

I was outside sweeping my porch on March 3, 2007, and I happened to look up at the sky admiring the nature. When I saw what is best described as a floating boomerang bag like object only it was clear and sort of like a plastic bag in the sky. Then when I followed it with my eyes it seemed to just disappear then I did not see it again. Before that time I saw birds in the sky around it. Then, when it came closer, and disappeared the birds were all gone too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois UFO Sightings

Lockport - At 7:45 PM, on April 3, 2007, over Ludwig School property southwest of Chicago I saw two lights hazy, glowing yellow with a magenta outer ring. The objects were round, slightly larger than dinner plate size. Their movement was erratic, very active, in and out of cloud cover. The objects hovered over the school bumped into each other to create a third disk. I watched for several minutes seeking an explanation, when they increased activity and created a third disc, I decided it was time to go inside. I phoned my neighbor to the north of the school, who made the same observation. The objects moved toward their house, bumped again creating a fourth disc, hovered with activity for maybe a minute and then moved west.

Investigator's Notes: This is a most interesting sighting considering the behavior, color, motion, of the objects and the fact that more objects appeared. The witness must have been impacted considering that he called the Lockport police. This sighting certainly falls into the unidentified category. Anyone else who saw these objects is urged to report to UFOS Northwest.

Manhattan -- My 9 year old son and I were standing on a second story balcony on March 11, 2007. The sun was to our backs and it was still light out, around 7:15 PM. We saw this black object about 30 feet long that was moving north over the middle of town. This object made no sound and was moving at about 40 MPH and was less than a mile away. I ran into my kitchen and grabbed my JVC digital movie camera and captured a few seconds of this object before it went behind a tree.Iin the video you can see this black dot.

In January my ex-wife and the same son saw a black object just floating very slowly above Manhattan just before midnight. It had a very large floodlight shining horizontally. My son it looked like a batman symbol being projected into the clouds. It left going straight up. We are about 30 miles south of O'Hare Airport. Thanks to Brian Vike

Idaho Green Fireball

Coeur d'Alene -- My wife, daughter, and I were driving southbound Saturday evening at 8 PM, on March 31, 2007, when we saw a large green fireball high in the sky to our right which was headed South-Southeast. To me the most amazing part was that it was still dusk and not fully dark, and the sky was overcast, yet all three of us clearly saw this very bright object through the clouds for 3-5 seconds. It must have been very bright to be seen through the clouds, brighter than the full moon. I was very surprised with the high number of green fireballs that have been reported in the last couple of months! I wonder what it could mean? Thanks to Brian Vike

Maryland Cylinder

ROCKVILLE -- I went out to smoke with my co-worker at the office on March 30, 2007. It was a beautiful day, clear with unlimited visibility, so I laid down on the sidewalk and was looking straight up, soaking up the sun. An object floated into view that was shape shifting. I asked my friend what was that and he said it was a balloon, which it was, you could see the string hanging down and it floated off to the north. While I was observing the balloon some movement caught my eye to the south. This object was cigar shaped, traveling on a straight course due east at high velocity. I said, "What is that?" He said it's an airplane. I said where are the wings? He said it's a missile and I said no it's not. Then it vanished as we were observing it, literally.

The object was black flying at estimated altitude of 10,000 feet and maybe 350 feet long. I am certain that the aspect ratio was about 10 to 1. It was totally silent, with no contrail. It may have had side fins near each end, but we couldn't see clearly because it was shimmering as if with heat energy. The rest of the craft did not shimmer. It flew directly overhead, and vanished at about 60 degrees of arc. There were two large jets in the area leaving contrails. I'm guessing that the craft was somewhere between the jets and us. If I knew how big it was I could estimate altitude better. I believe that it flew directly over Washington DC and vanished over the ocean. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts Lights Side by Side

Blue Hill Observatory - The photographer took a web cam immage of two lights side by side on February 3, 2007, seems to be a common configuration- see movie two lights.mpg more web cam UFOs. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York and Canadian Border Unknown Orange Lights

I witnessed the same orange lights for three nights starting on Thursday March 29, 30, 31 2007, on the New York border with Canada. I have seen multiple sightings in the past few months but this past week was the most intense of sightings, I have seen multiple orange balls as shown in the video from Kangaroo point. The sightings are getting out of control in upstate, New York and southern Ontario along the river. Thanks to Brian Vike

Saugerties - Witness reports, "I was 12 years old, when I saw a gray being sitting by my food looking at itself in the mirror on March 26, 1989, about 7:30 at night. I lifted up my head. I called out for my Mom and it turned its head slowly and looked at me with all black eyes and grinned. It took the food tray which was next to me and moved slowly to the end of the bed and lifted it up as if to hit me with it. It was tall, trim, perfectly fit and strong wearing tight fitting greenish clothing. I tried to scream but nothing came out and it looked up at the door and vanished. It was very cold in the room after it vanished."

Investigator's Notes: I have written to the witness to obtain more details about her alleged encounter. This is an incredible story, but hard to believe. It is noteworthy that the witness remembers the exact date. The witness has not responded to my follow-up questions. I consider that this report is likely a hoax. Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

Ohio Video of Craft

FOSTORIA - George Ritter is taking VHS video of flying objects in his backyard. This object was captured March 28, 2007, ascending from the ground up just above the trees of the video.

Thanks to George Ritter.

Oregon Video of Saucer

Portland -- A. Cox reports," I believe I saw a UFO on March 29, 2007. I took the day off and was out having a smoke and looked up as I often do to see a small black blob moving west-southwest in the sky. The blackness of it suggested it was not far away, and it left no contrail but other planes flying higher were leaving contrails. Sometimes it looked squarish or roundish. Sometimes there was a single small blob that moved around a larger blob. That larger blob changed from looking like a circle to a line to a triangle. Because of the changing shape, I don't know if it was two objects or four objects. I watched it cross the path of the sun flying at the speed of a jet. I watched it for about 90 seconds and continued its trajectory on the other side. I ran inside and noted it was 4:02 PM and ran to my bedroom closet to get my binoculars. I ran down the street for an unobstructed view and once again located the object. I watched it through the binoculars for another minute or two until it was too small to see." Thanks to A. Cox

Beaverton -- I was barbecuing around 8 PM, just as the sun had gone down on March 31, 2007, I saw something streak across the eastern sky heading south. It looked like a blue turquoise shooting star, but it had light in the back of it, and neon pinkish red light in the front of it and it appeared to be very large. It disappeared as if it burned up just before it hit my horizon line. Later, my boyfriend and I watched a big helicopter hover in the general vicinity for about a half an hour. It streaked the sky long enough for me to yell at my boyfriend and he stepped out but missed it.

Investigator's Notes: The witness provided a nice detailed report about what she saw. Given the details provided, I suspect that she observed a meteor. Another possibility is she saw space junk re-entering the atmosphere. Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

WHITE CITY - While working my husband and I were headed to Medford on March 20, 2007. We were on Highway 62 getting ready to turn onto Highway 234 when I saw a shiny dot in the clouds just above the mountains. I tried to zoom in on it then and was not able to find it in the viewfinder. My husband couldn't see it. When we were on Modoc Road, I saw it again going from shiny to dark to shiny to dark and I was having a hard time finding it in the viewfinder. My husband couldn't find a good spot to pull over. When I was able to find it and start recording it, the window was up. It was more of an oval or a cigar shape when I was zoomed in on it. I thought that when we got home and viewed it we would be able to identify it as a plane. When we viewed it on the TV it seemed to be staying in the same place. I stopped recording when some trees came in view and I couldn't find it again. I don't think it disappeared, I think it just went dark and I couldn't see it again. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Editor's Notes: At times there are two craft in the video indicating it was moving or jumping to a new position at amazing speed. The movement occurred in less than 1/30th of second.

Pennsylvania Strange Light in the Water Then Rose Up

North Park -- I had quite an experience on April 6, 2007, at 11:30 PM, one that I will remember forever. I was driving by North Park near Pittsburgh with friends and a strange light was shining directly on the lake. We looked up but couldn't see the source, which seemed very strange at the time. We got out and moved towards the lake, while trying to keep our eyes on the light in the water. The water was strangely illuminated. I'd estimate clear visibility was about four feet deep and about 100 yards away. I actually thought I saw fish beneath the surface. I shouldn't have been able to see what I saw. (Illustration)

The light that had been causing this either moved from the lake to above the trees or was waiting several hundred feet above and was never noticed. The last time I saw the light/object it was slightly above the trees, then below them and disappearing, then back above and a dark amber color, then below again, then back up, then completely gone and not to be seen again. It didn't noticeably fly into the distance or leave in a spark of glory. That was it. We just lost sight and it was gone. The object couldn't have been large enough for even the smallest human to fit inside. This thing was literally a floating street light with intelligence. Thanks to Brian Vike

Tennessee Bizarre Mystery

Kim Shaffer MUFON Tennessee State Director writes: I thought I would share a bizarre mystery. My parents are elderly and my Brother and I share the duties of mowing their very large yard. Last July, my parent's fruit trees were overloaded with apples, many of which had fallen from the trees. Prior to the event I had mowed probably 4 or 5 days previous and had mulched up a great quantity of apples on the ground. This one tree, the largest one on the property stands about 35 feet high and the upper limbs are totally inaccessible, even by the most agile and very small person. This was where most of the apple crop resided and this largest tree was breaking down with its burden of fruit. My parents assured me that they had planned to collect the probably two bushels which had fallen since I had mowed. Finding their baskets, my Mother and Father went out to harvest apples. To their surprise and shock, all the apples (estimates are 5 -7 bushels) in the tree and on the ground the DAY BEFORE were all gone. Not one core, not one stem, nothing on the ground or highest reaches of the tree.

These folks had not left their house and no one could have "stolen " them! In fact, there was no sign that an apple had even been on the tree that year! So they went to their pear trees which the day before had been loaded with large golden pears.(estimates are 3-4 bushels), all gone. Again, not even a sign that any trees had bore fruit that year! Taking into account that birds will peck at apples, raccoons and groundhogs will eat apples that have fallen, it would be impossible for even hundreds of possible animal scavengers to have completely eaten all signs of fruit from several heavily burdened trees overnight! I would like to hear your ideas on this "headscratcher"? We certainly have no answers! Thanks to Kim Shaffer MUFON TN State Director

Texas Black Triangle

Seagoville and Crandall - On March 25, 2007, at 9:45 PM, while driving I saw a completely black object move behind the rear view mirror and exit on the other side. The object had no lights and the sky was overcast but it was lit up by the lights from town. You had to be looking right at it to notice it. I could see the shape and the direction it was moving because it was darker than the clouds behind it. I saw it at an angle, and the base was even with the ground. It moved from north to south over the highway just below the cloud line and I got the impression that it was very large. It was also completely silent and slowly just cruising along. Thanks to Brian Vike

Virginia Enormously Loud Jet?

Elliston -- I had gone outside to look through an enormous circular hole in the clouds at the full moon among the clouds on April 1, 2007. I had just turned away from the moon when I heard an enormously loud (jet?) engine and looked up to see a very low, slow-moving craft passing overhead between the ridges of the hollow where I live at about 10 PM. This craft was just above treetop level that looked like it was getting ready to land, but there is no place to land here. I live in the middle of hilly wooded country in southwestern Virginia. I had about 15-20 seconds of viewing as the craft moved from NNW to NNE between the ridge lines, and then it passed beyond the ridge and out of sight. It was extremely loud, low, and slow. There were three stationary red lights in a triangle and one blinking white light in the middle. I could perceive no physical shape connecting the lights that were about the size of a commercial jet. On the other side of the ridge is the Spring Hill Reservoir. Sometimes at night I hear a prolonged roaring on the other side of the ridge to the west of me, as if several jets are taking off. Thanks to Brian Vike

Australia Triangle Caught on Video

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane - On March 31, 2007, at 7:20 PM objects were caught on film (video footage - photos). Hi guys I was in Kangaroo Point and noticed red orbs of light moving around, disappearing and reappearing. It was freaky to watch, I got a bit of it on camera with my phone. I'm sure someone else would have seen it as well, they were huge. Thanks to Brian Vike To view the pictures and video footage:

Canada Had 736 Sightings Last Year

Victoria, British Columbia -- A couple of weeks ago about 10 PM I was standing in my driveway in mid March 2007, when I heard a very powerful blowing noise to my left and just over the tree line! What came first was a very large, but dull flashing red beacon in the center of a massive triangular shape "ship"? As it approached very low, just over my house it had a very strange white light on each side of the triangle; they seemed to be extremely bright but did not illuminate the ground at all. As it crossed overhead I thought I should be able to get a good look at it as it was a clear starry night, but it brought darkness with it, darker than the night. From the position of the lights and the shape of the blackness I am sure it was a triangle, quite flat in depth. It moved just over my head at maybe 10 mph, this incredibly massive, about 200 feet across and almost that long, powerful craft. It made the strangest noise, not like any kind of engine or jet. I watched as it went over my house at maybe 200 feet then only seeing the large bright lights on each tip, but no red Centrex beacon was seen from the rear. It veered off towards the ocean and was gone.

OSHAWA -- Paul Shishis writes, "Early February .2005 image before we started to communicate. You can clearly see a "triangle formation" of unknowns. Even the brilliance of the "all white" colored object, against the blue sky, confirms something."

Ajax, Whitby Ontario -- On the night of March 23, 2007, my friends and I were outside having a smoke at 7 PM when I looked to the sky and noticed an unusually intense object hovering over Whitby. Upon closer examination we concluded that it was definitely disk shaped, most probably spinning and engulfed entirely in bright orange flames. We decided to fetch a friend two houses away and returning, we saw the fiery 'mother craft moving closer to us, and surrounding it were seven smaller craft with various blinking lights, which were mainly red, blue or orange and they all were doing some striking aerial maneuvers.

We watched this brightly lit display, when a small amber dot appeared right next to the fiery disk and moved smoothly up into the sky and out of sight. Then a small cylindrical object with amber glow flashing red and blue lights along it's length came out from the sky and cruised by us about two stories up. As it approached it almost stopped hovering above our heads, and these circular components started spinning with a strange pattern of light blinks before flying silently and smoothly away. As it passed, we could see on the back of the craft a triangular arrangement of amber resembling thrusters? We then watched the initial group of disks for half-hour until they flew away. The mother craft simply turned off. The next morning I noticed three very definite disk-shaped black clouds that stayed in the same position for several hours and didn't move with the wind like the normal whiter clouds.

Iran's Air Defense Can Repel U.S. Air Strikes?

MOSCOW -- April 5 (RIA Novosti) - Iran has air defense systems capable of repelling possible United States air strikes, a high-ranking Russian military official said Thursday. A Kuwaiti newspaper warned Wednesday that the United States was planning a missile strike against Iran some time in April. In an editorial citing unnamed Washington sources, As-Siyasa said air-to-surface missiles could be used in U.S. strikes against Iran, but that no ground operation would be launched.

"In line with my assessment, Iran's air defense system is strong enough," Colonel General Yury Solovyov, commander of the Air Defense Forces Special Command, said. "Currently Iran has our [Russian] air defense missile systems, which are capable of tackling U.S. combat aircraft. Iran also has French defense systems." Russia, has been actively promoting a diplomatic solution to the Iranian issue.

The U.S. has not excluded a military option in the standoff with Iran over its refusal to abandon its uranium enrichment program. The UN Security Council passed a new resolution on Iran two weeks ago toughening economic sanctions against the country and accepting the possibility of a military solution to the crisis. The U.S. Administration sees Iran as a "rogue state" and is determined to stop the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Editor's Note: Although an attack on Iran might lose some aircraft the mission would successfully destroy key targets. Israel with twenty especially equipped F-15's is most likely to conduct such an attack.

Mexico UFO Over Airport

Mexico City International Airport -- On Monday, March 27, 2007, thirteen airline mechanics (among them UFO researcher Alfonso Salazar) observed between 8:00 and 8:40 AM, the maneuvers of an unidentified flying object that emitted golden flashes and which - according to their description - resembled a reflector in the sky. The sighting took place while an aircraft engine was being installed at the new terminal of Mexico City International Airport. Visibility was 100% with clear blue skies. According to the Chief of Operations, the UFO was at an elevation of 12,000 meters, remaining static for a given amount of time before moving southward, gaining altitude quickly. Researcher Salazar adds that even his skeptical co-workers are very surprised by what they saw. Thanks to Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology (Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid.

Poland: UFO Formation Flew Rapidly Over Capital

WARSAW -- On March 14, 2007, Mr. T. P. living in his Middle City fourth floor flat went on his balcony to smoke a cigarette and noticed a group of four lights arranged in horizontal line crossing the sky from Zoliborz to Goclaw. They remained in my sight for only about 5 seconds and finally transformed themselves in a whirling diamond. I'm certain of what I saw at 9:02 PM.

They also emitted light that was "brighter than gray and darker than white". The four identical objects had variations in their intensity and were traveling southeast at a steady speed ten times faster than aircraft. "They were flying in formation, one after another. They changed to another formation rapidly. They changed configuration to a vertical line. In the end, when they began disappearing from my sight, they created a diamond. The witness rejected the possibility that they were conventional objects. Thanks to NPN -,
By: NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal, 24/03/07.

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