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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 20, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return. More than six thousand drown in the US each year.

Sightings Increase

This week's Files cover: The Atlantic Coast UFO Conference, Mars Small Hominoid Creature, China Has Anti-Satellite Capabilities, US Satellite Shoot Down Going Forward and Jets Chase UFOs - What's New

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, Iran, Mexico, Russia, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Over 500 Fastwalkers are tracked by our satellites each year.

Atlantic Coast UFO Conference

New Jersey MUFON's first annual Northeastern conference that took place on February 15, 16, and 17 at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. There was a series of excellent speakers and films all showing strong evidence that our Earth is being visited by alien space craft. Speakers were Stephen Bassett a registered lobbyist in Washington and founder of the Paradigm Research Group. Tom Carey: "Roswell: Death threats, Peter Davenport: Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Richard Dolan: The author of "UFO's and The National Security State," Paola Harris: "human type aliens, Dr Lynne Kitei: the Phoenix Lights, Don Ledger: Shag Harbor incident, Sam Maranto: Illinois sightings, Kathy Marden: "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Peter Robbins: Investigations into Bentwaters and Rendlesham's Forest, Farah Yurdozu: Turkey's first female UFO researcher.

Jackie Perkins the founder and Director arranged a wonderful conference and she and Peter Robbins presented me with and award for Superior Contributions to Ufology. Thanks everyone for a wonderful conference and excellent presentations. I met some wonderful people and new friends at the conference that I shall always cherish.

Mars Small Hominoid Creature

Harold Carver reports, "After seeing the image of the "little mermaid" statue on Mars, I thought I would send along this one I found last year. It appears to be a small hominoid creature buried halfway in the sand with his arms stretched out as if for help." You can make out facial features. To be in that position it would have been a sudden event, perhaps where he was attacked and hit with some explosive device. Just to add to this, I have suspected for some time that creatures of varying sizes lived (and still do) on Mars.

There are a lot of broken statues there and there seems to be a lot of destruction in places. Perhaps Mars was once a place to go to settle differences and worship deities. The legend is that Mars is the "god of war". Maybe it really was a place to engage one's enemies. Anyway, here's the "little guy", the second so far that I've found on my own research. The other I sent you some time ago of one coming out of the ground seemingly only inches tall. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University. Rover image Thanks to Harold Carver

China Has Anti-Satellite Capabilities

China has the capability to destroy the satellites of other nations cutting worldwide communications. Thomas Fingar, deputy director of national intelligence analysis for the Director of National Intelligence, said in response to a question by ranking member Duncan Hunter (R-Calif). Hunter asked, if the Chinese, who successfully demonstrated a direct-ascent ASAT missile in January 2007, could disrupt US space capabilities "fairly easily within a day or two." Hunter appeared before the panel along with other senior intelligence officials to discuss global threats to the United States.

Satellite Shoot down Going Forward

HAWAII - The Nave cruiser, the USS Lake Eire is in position north of Hawaii to shoot down the crippled USA 193 spy satellite out of the sky. The government has announced restricted airspace for February 21, 2008, between 02:30 and 05:00 UTC, in a region near Hawaii. Interestingly, this is during the totality of Wednesday's lunar eclipse.

Gen. James Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters that some 2,500 pounds of satellite mass might survive reentry and would include about 1,000 pounds of the propellant hydrazine, a hazardous material. While the chances of impact in a populated area are low, President Bush has elected to take action to mitigate the potential risk if it impacts near a populated area.

The Pentagon has elected to use a Navy Standard Missile 3 anti-missile interceptor and believes that the window of opportunity will be only a few days. The goal is to hit the satellite at about 130 nautical miles away from the Earth. The Navy will deploy the ships in the Northern Pacific Ocean. (DOD release)

In a June 1995 Bay Area Lecture Dr. Steven Greer announces information leaked to him from the North American Air Defense Command in Colorado shows that the Air Force tracks an average of 500 "fastwalkers" (term used for UFOs) entering the earth atmosphere every year.

Moon - Eclipse Wednesday night February 20, 2008

If the weather cooperates, you'll enjoy one of nature's grandest spectacles -- a total eclipse of the moon, that begins at 8:43 p.m., Eastern time. The lunar surface will be totally eclipsed from 10:01 p.m. to 10:51 p.m. (0301 GMT to 0351 GMT). A telescope or binoculars will enhance the view, so look for some UFOs as well.

Total eclipses -- which occur when the sun, Earth and moon perfectly align -- are rare and this one will be visible through most of North America, all of South America and parts of Europe and Africa. Look for Saturn to appear on one side and the star Regulus on the other. Saturn will be on a relatively close approach to Earth and its rings should be visible through even a modest telescope.

An eclipse is credited with saving the life of Christopher Columbus and his crew in 1504, who were running out of food and faced with increasingly hostile local inhabitants in Jamaica. Columbus, looking at his astronomical almanac knew a total eclipse of the Moon would occur on February 29, 1504. He told the native leaders and warned them if they did not cooperate, he would make the Moon disappear. His warning came true, prompting the terrified people to beg Columbus to restore the Moon -- which he did, in return for as much food as his men needed. He and the crew were rescued on June 29, 1504.

Japanese and Chinese satellites are now circling the moon.

Countries are starting to break ranks on keeping UFOs secret.

Three high ranking Japanese officials including the Minister of State for Defense Shigeru Ishiba, Education and Science Minister Kisaburo Tokai, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura have announced, they personally believe UFOs exist. We can speculate that these comments at this time would indicate that the Salene-Kaguya satellite or military radars had made some kind of contact with UFOs.

Arizona - Bizarre Erratic Maneuvering Light

PHOENIX -- On February 13, 2008, at 9 PM, I noticed an amber light moving rather fast at a seemingly high altitude. The light came to a dead stop, went straight up, then straight down a bit. I continued to observe the light for two minutes before grabbing my camera and took 20 minutes of film of this light doing unexplainable things. My family and several friends watched the light multiply into several white, bluish, and reddish orbs. It would change directions almost faster than the eye can follow, and return to one visible light briefly before erratically moving around a centralized location in the sky. I thought some of the movement was me shaking the camera at first, but I filmed a plane flying in the viewfinder by the strange light, and its blinking lights were perfectly stable. Several times in the video the lights appear to fly in tight circles, it really looks UFO-ish. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

California - Strange Mist Comes Out of Ocean

NEWPORT BEACH -- J.A. Watson reports, "I took the attached photos using a Polaroid disposable camera with 800 film on February 9, 2008 overlooking the Pacific Ocean from Bilboa Island." The sky was blue and clear around 4 PM, and I started taking photos in a clear sky. An orb and haze came out of the ocean. The cloud energy mass was a little way from the sun, and the camera picked up these colored orbs that at times had a blue tail of energy which I tried to catch on film. The circles have a rainbow of colors which change from red, to yellow, to aqua blue, then violet purple. I took a dozen photos of the cloud like substance. The photos do not catch the significance of the object. Also both dark and white objects appear to materialize in the photos.

Editors Note: It is easy to claim these orbs are simply lens flares, but a cloud like mass seems to have come out of the ocean. This may be methane gas or not understood natural phenomena. However, UFOs are frequently filmed in this same area and are reported to appear suddenly. The technology used by the aliens is far in advance of our own and may appear as magic. There are many reports of craft forming from similar apparent clouds, energy masses, or methods of camouflage. Thanks to J.A. Watson

ORANGE and LA COUNTY -- My husband and I were driving west about 6 PM, on January 26, 2008, and saw a bright, glowing light falling toward earth with a bright tail. First we thought that it was a falling star, but both of us realized it was huge and too close to the earth. We yelled together, "Its going to crash!" Then it suddenly stopped falling and hovered, the tail was extinguished and light remained very bright. It faded in and out and then traveled horizontally very quickly with a second bright glowing light circling around it. Both lights were brighter than airplane headlights. Farther away from these two was another light, blue, and very small. It seemed to be circling and as we drove they got lower to the horizon and we lost sight of them behind trees. The event lasted about 5-10 minutes. Despite the highly visible and spectacular display not one report of it could be found in the news.

ANAHEIM -- I was getting ready to enter the 57 Freeway from Imperial Highway when I saw what initially appeared to be a falling star on January 26, 2008, at 6:30 p.m. Within seconds from the first sighting a second flame looking light flew in the same direction as the first. They would stop and a bright light would emerge and than start moving again. Every time they started to move, it looked like a ball/tail of fire. I saw an aircraft circle the area and that is when the objects vanished. My wife and kids also saw the same objects. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

LANCASTER, CA. -- It was Valentine's Day Feb 14, 2008, and my boyfriend and I went on a hill where you can look over the whole Antelope Valley at 9 PM, when we noticed a very bright light. The light kept getting brighter and brighter for about 5 minutes and then it dimmed very fast. Maybe 2 minutes later a second bright light appeared next to the first one and then the first light got even brighter than it was before. They were both getting brighter and bigger as if they were coming closer. We started to drive the opposite direction of the lights and saw one more bright light and then it also dimmed to where you could barely see its location. I looked behind me to see if I could see the original lights and they were gone. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Florida - Triangle

MIAMI BEACH - On February 13, 20088, at 6 PM, I was driving east on the 41st Causeway towards the Beach when I noticed what I initially thought to be two very bright planes over the causeway. The intense white light caught my attention and as I drove forward I began to see that it was a metallic neutral tan color with lights blinking on either end. I turned off the radio and opened the windows as I slowly drove under it and I heard no sound. It was shaped like a triangle with rounded corners. I did not see it again after I passed underneath it and did not return to investigate further. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois - Police investigate UFO incident

CHICAGO -- Albert Rosales reports, "Chicago authorities are expected resumed their search for a Chicago Heights woman who reportedly disappeared involved with an apparent UFO abduction case while jogging late in the evening in a forest preserve. A 39-year old woman was on a three and a half mile run through the 68,000 acres Forest Preserve on 26th and Euclid Avenue in the evening when she disappeared on 28 October 2007. Police spent all day Monday searching the Forest Preserve for clues into the UFO abduction disappearance. Around 7 PM that evening the mother of three called her sister and a friend on her cell phone before her run. Her last words were, “Hello please call me back, I had seen something, this is very important! Please hurry up! This is urgent"

Her friend said, “She never just left. Her kids are worried. She has three kids. She has a 5-year old, an 18-year old and a 14-year old. We just want her back," said her friend. Police say they have traced the signal from that cell phone to somewhere in the Forest Preserve. Also, around 7 PM a few unidentified callers called into the Chicago Heights police station reported a strange craft hovering over the Forest Preserve. They said the object was making a loud whizzing sound and had numerous multicolored lights and it was dome-shaped. About 8:00 PM another relative tried to call her but couldn't reach her. Two hours later family members found her late model sport utility vehicle in a parking lot. Thanks to Lamar James,

Indiana - Oval Colored Objects

KOKOMO -- I saw three oval shaped lights close together one was red, another was blue and the third was green on January 22, 2008, about 4AM. All three were hovering silent over US-31 in north Indiana near the Kokomo line. At first, I thought it was a helicopter but very odd the three lights where absolutely still and silent. I never saw anything to be afraid of until I saw these lights. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Iowa - Looked Like Two Blood Red Objects

ALTOONA -- I was observing the stars out my back patio window on February 12, 2008, at 8:15 PM, when this blood red object flew into sight. All I can say it looked like two great big red light bulbs stuck together and the lights took turns as they pulsed back and forth. As object got further away they started flashing and I could see a hint of white light on the back of this object. I watched it for about five minutes, it was fairly high up in a clear sky. It was going slow and flew to the east. There were lots of planes in the sky but none compared to this red object that looked completely different and larger. It's fascinating watching these weird objects. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Missouri - Craft with Three Red Lights

CAULFIELD -- I'm a UFO investigator with the Missouri Investigators Group (UFOMIG). A husband and wife called me after they witnessed a craft moving silently over their rural cattle ranch on February 14, 2008, at 8 PM. Their dog began barking nonstop, so the husband went outside to see their dog was barking at three huge orange-red lights that were each as big as a small house hovering silently over his field.

The husband said two round lights were below the higher light and he said each light had these short beams of light rays around them. The husband said the lights suddenly blinked out and he ran inside yelling, "The lights are back again!" His wife grabbed a pair of binoculars and came outside as the lights moved further away. The wife said she looked at the lights through the binoculars and saw four lights in a rectangular pattern. She said, "The light was shimmering with multiple colors all blending together." Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

New Jersey - Discs near Prop driven Aircraft

OCEAN CITY -- I'm a 59 year old engineer who has had Nuclear Regulatory Commission clearances to work on and operate nuclear reactors in the U.S. In August of 1970 my friend Tom and I spent a few weeks vacationing at a camp ground 12 miles west of Ocean City. Slightly after midnight, with a very clear sky, we sat outside our tent. A line of large noisy prop driven, military cargo planes were passing directly overhead going northeast. (C-130s?) We heard the 1st plane coming minutes before it was directly overhead and the noise was intense until it moved on. The 2nd plane, which appeared to be a mile behind the 1st was no different. As it passed over and onward there was a flying disc shaped craft a half mile behind it. The disc was as wide as the plane's wings, tip to tip. It didn't wobble, made no sound, and flew in the formation at what appeared to be the same speed as the other planes.

It had a few solid red lights on each edge as if marking the four points of a compass. As it glided off, following the 2nd plane, we saw that its middle was as thick as the cargo plane and tapered toward the edges. No leading edge could be seen nor could we see any markings or windows. In disbelief we were questioning each other as to what we were seeing when our speech was soon overwhelmed by the noise of the 3rd cargo plane now passing overhead. Adding to our shock was the sight of another identical disc shaped craft tailing a half mile behind it. No more discs were seen as the remaining planes, perhaps six in all, continued out of site. I've kept this sighting to myself.

New York - Low Flying Disk

At 7:30 PM, I was outside feeding my horses on January 31, 2008, I heard a noise, and looked to see a circular object moving at tremendous speed (Miles within15 seconds). There was only one small non blinking white light as it passed just over the tree tops. When it passed through, I heard it when it was only about 50 feet away. It passed over me so fast that I couldn't get a good look at it. It flew over the mountains in seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina - Huge "Ring" Around the Moon.

HENDERSONVILLE - On February 16, 2008, about 9:15 PM, my husband arrived home ffrom work and yelled for me to come outside to see the huge "ring" around the moon. We could see the moon through an object. At first we were very puzzled, it appeared as a solid object, but I cannot explain how we could see through it. It got bigger and appeared to be "lowering." Again, we could only see the ring of the outer perimeter of it. We took pictures and the flash of the camera seemed to make it approach faster. We decided quickly to stop that. (Pictures show nothing, it was pitch black out.)

We went inside for twenty minutes and when we returned, it had moved far higher. It was massive and there were at least three beams of light going across it that allowed us to notice that it was rotating. Thanks to MUFON CMS

WILMINGTON -- My friends and I were skating at the Carolina Beach Skate Park on February 15, 2008, at 3:17 PM, when a slow moving disc showed up. It didn't make any noises, but we were trying to take pictures, but it disappeared from sight. I do not know what the red is in the right hand part of the photo. The photo was taken with a 2006 Kodak camera (model not stated). The photo was not edited and is the photo generated by the camera. The object was moving towards the west before disappearing from sight.

Comments: The object in the photo does appear disc-like and flying at a steep angle. Given the low resolution of the photo it is difficult to state with absolute certainly that the object is a flying disc. However, given that seven witnesses "saw" a flying disk strongly suggests that is what is in photo. The identity of the red object in the photo is also a mystery. Perhaps it could be the edge of something in the background of the photo. The witness stated in three email messages that the photo was not edited by any software. I believe him! Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Pennsylvania - Time Lapse Photo Shows UFOs

HERMITAGE -- The witness who found the photos on the webcam site mailed copies of the photos and a report. He was looking at weather photos on the webcam and played a 30 day time lapse and found the apparent anomalous objects on the photo taken at noon on February 1, 2008. The weather camera is located on the third floor of Hermitage Middle School.

Comments: Upon receipt of the report we accessed the website and played the most recent 30 day time at the Hermitage Middle School webcam. We found the strange looking objects only on the photo taken at noon on February 1, 2008. The debris at the middle right of the photos appeared on all of the 30 photos and is obviously a spot on the lens. It is not known if the two objects circled in red above are real objects or "out of focus" raindrops or snowflakes that may have collected on the lens on February 1. The weather was quite inclement when the photo was taken with a reported mixture of rain and snow with reduced visibility. The above table shows a photo 24 hours after the February 1 photo. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Texas Sightings

COPPERAS COVE -- It was 8 PM, and I was driving home from my Mother's house on January 30, 2008, and I saw a light flying through the night sky and dismissed it as a helicopter since it seemed to have a spotlight. Then I realized that it was flying much too fast to be a helicopter. It flew in a giant loop from parallel to the main street, then made a right turn and flew across to where there is a lit up cross on a hill. At this point another flying object which had three lights and also flew much faster than anything I have ever seen appeared and was following the first craft. They both turned right, finishing the loop, and disappeared.

STEPHENVILLE -- Peter Davenport interviewed Ms. Angelia Joiner, a journalist from the, TX, area, who reported the dramatic sightings over that town on the early evening of Tuesday, January 8, 2008. She chose to leave the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, for which she had written a number of articles about that sighting. (depiction)

Witnesses have been describing the object as being either a dark brown, black or a gray color. It is possible that it may have been changing color. All witnesses agreed that the lights were numerous with orange lights on the object, but reports of white, red and yellow have come out as well. All reports agreed that, very bright and flashing or changing. Several witnesses described mirage heat waves and hundreds of cone-shaped holes in the metal fuselage.

One person heard on KRLD radio said that she believed the object had “dropped” something behind it that appeared to be on fire. The size largest size estimates described the object from ½ mile wide and 1 mile long, the smallest I have heard said “bigger than a football field” It was estimated to be flying at about 300 feet.

All agree that the object was smooth on the outside (no wings, no tail or protrusions of any kind) with a shiny surface. All reports agreed that the object had a somewhat cylinder or oval shape to it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington - Craft Without Wings

SILVANA -- Driving on Larson Road just past the Lutheran Church on February 13, 2008, we noticed two lights above the hill ahead about a mile away. As we make our way up the first curve, I said to my 15 year old, "Those lights are strange!".."Yes, I noticed them too, down by the church." she says. The lights were closer. We were thinking it was a plane, or helicopter and I am driving about 3 mph. still keeping an eye on the lights/road. They are about 50-100 feet above us. We can only see very bright lights that have a "cloud-like" or fog likeness around each light. These lights are huge, no less than 50 feet in diameter.

My daughter says, "It doesn't have any wings!" We are now at the top of the hill making a sharp left and it still hovering, then moves back a bit. We stop in the road to watch, and open our windows. There is no noise, just total silence! We still cannot make out a shape, only the oddest, brightest, lights. We watch as it begins to move off to the SSE as the two lights become one light in the back. It is going out of sight, so we move to a clear space in the road about 50 feet south. It comes into view again, then jets away SSE to look just like a star. I turned to my daughter and say, "I think we just saw a UFO!" Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wisconsin - Flashing Multicolored Lights

I always look out the front window to see what is it like outside, I looked outside on February 2, 2008, and saw a flashing object in the sky to the south and it was just sitting in one spot. My home sets slightly on a hill, I thought it might be a satellite in the sky but it was flashing multicolored lights rapidly colors of red, blue, yellow, green and white. It was miles away from me just above the tree line. My wife and sister also saw it start moving in short movements from side to side and up and down. I snapped some photos of it with my digital camera and put them on my computer. I took the photo and zoomed in to the object but I don't know what it is. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Australia - Photos

ADELAIDE -- Attached is a picture of an object taken Friday, January 16, 2008, at 9 PM. I went down my back garden and decided to take shots of the night sky. Nothing unusual showed up until this object appeared. I have no idea what it could be using my Camera...Nikon Coolpix....5900...Thanks to Kathy...Australia.

BATEMANS BAY - On December 12, 2007, a man took this photo and much later discovered the two objects in the photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada - Triangle Craft Comes out of the Water

CAPE BRETON ENGLISHTOWN, Nova Scotia -- We had pulled over to check the trailer hitch about half a kilometer south of the Englishtown ferry on the east side of Kelly's Mountain on February 16, 2008. A large triangle shape with a bluish glow came out of the water about one kilometer away at 6:15 PM. It hovered above the water for ten seconds and then went straight up. We are now looking up at it. Its about 3,000 feet in the air and we figure its about 200 feet long and about 75 feet wide. Two more just like it came out of the water in the same area and did the same thing as the first so there are now three.

They started going higher almost straight up and then looked like they became one or were flying very close together. It started to go north and started to look like a star in the sky. It got somewhat brighter and it disappeared about 80 miles north of us within one minute. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

CHRISTINA LAKE, B.C. -- Some people were spending the afternoon at a friend's home on February 4, 2008, at 1:55 PM, when one of the people noticed an diamond shape which was flying low and slowly in the sky. He then pointed out the object that at times seemed to stop and sit stationary for a brief few seconds and then started it's slow moment towards the south. The object was 30 feet wide and rotated and would also reflect the sun light off of it with every rotation. One end was dark and the rest a mirrored or metallic.

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- I slowly became aware of a steady helicopter-like sound outside of my window on January 18, 2008, at 8:30 PM, so I drew the curtains back and saw a large black disc. It was hovering between my house and my neighbors' house, right above the roof. I could see it clearly it was the color quality of L.E.D lights on a black-colored stereo system turned on at night. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

WHITBY - Paul Shishiis writes, "On February 15, 2008, just after 7 PM, I was traveling along Bailey Road in southern Whitby when I spotted above to the south, over Lake Ontario a bright sequence of multicolored lights again similar to January 24, 2008 in Oshawa. It appeared near stationary-but did slightly move to the west after minutes. I took some pictures and video clips from a Conservation Park-Lynn Valley.

I honestly have no idea what it is I have captured on film. It's speaking a language I don't speak-lights wise and by form of images. One picture looks like a Chinese symbol, or a circle formations. Thanks to Paul Shishis.

Iran - Struck by UFO Fever

TEHRAN -- State television has shown pictures of a sparkling white disc which it says was filmed on Tuesday, February 12, 2008. UFO fever is gripping Iran after dozens of UFO sightings in several northern cities moving quickly through the atmosphere emitting brightly colored rays. Many people say they are spy planes.

A reporter observed a spherical UFO with two arms last week for 90 minutes in the northern city of Bilesavar and was able to film it, according Hambastegi Newspaper. But Astronomer Qeydari said the sightings were consistent with the planet Venus in its current position. Russian news agency RIA reported.

Mexico - Luminous UFO Lands

MEZCALA, GUERRERO -- The La Cronica Vespertina newspaper reported the sighting of an unknown light that landed at Cerro Pie de Minas on December 31, 2007, emitting flashes for over 30 hours and causing alarm among the locals.

Journalist Francisco Rangel reports the UFO was observed by the entire Mezcala population including mining engineers at the Los Filos gold mine. A saucer-shaped craft passed over the town square slowly, at 300 meters before landing on a hill known as Pie de Minas, where it emitted light blue to a white flashes for over 30 hours. Crowds gathered to see the craft from a distance causing eye irritation. The electric levels of all the homes dropped whenever the light's intensity increased. Many took photos but their recordings were affected and distorted by an alleged magnetic force.

Many video recordings exist taken by people who were 4 or 6 kilometers away. The footage shows a round white or light blue light, with strange figures at its core that were described -- by those who peered at the object through binoculars ? as something resembling a cat or a beingg with horns, causing the greatest degree of fear among the locals, rendering them unable to sleep. One group got to within fifty meters of the flying saucer, whose color was similar to that of brilliant galvanized sheet metal, with a whitish or light blue light but their engines stalled and camera batteries were drained. Snip. Thanks to Javier Francisco Reyes, and Ana Luisa Cid. Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales.

Portugal - Strange Lights

OPORTO -- I took photos of a sphere in the sky in June and November 25, 2007, around 4 PM, on the beach of Leça da Palmeira, Oporto. It was there for many days. I suddenly was able to take many strange photos of balls of light any where.. At home most of the time, but outside too. The last one, yesterday, at home, is very strange. It looks like an animal flying in my room.

I would like to know what is this? I send the photos that I take with my telephone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Russia - New Museum

PERM -- The Russian city of Perm will likely turn into the country's main center of paranormal tourism. In the near future it plans to open a $6 million dollar UFO museum and to construct special tourist settlements where travelers could spend nights awaiting for aliens.

Perm in south-eastern Russia, the gateway to Siberia is well-known as a centre for UFO sightings, and many believe Perm is regularly visited by aliens. Now officials want to cash in on the fame with a centre that will include a museum and theme park.

UK - Sightings

PERTHSHIRE -- On February 1, 2008, three orange lights in a triangle formation were spotted by four witnesses. The three glowing orange lights were round and hovering over Perthshire north east of Perth.

BARNSLEY - On January 26, 2008, for one hour a flying object moved up and down and then to the floor then stayed there for about 10 minutes then shot back up then moved slowly. We sat in the recreation area at Blackerhill Barnsley, South Yorkshire and one of my friends said he saw a star moving. Then we watched as it started moving up and down about 70 metres off the ground and climbed to the same height a plane normally flies. It continued moving up and down then it dropped quite fast to the floor and it looked to be at ground level for 10-15 minutes and then moved slowly and disappeared from sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

BARNSTAPLE -- At 9:30 AM on February 8, 2008, as I stood waiting for the kettle to boil I witnessed a strange object pass over town going north. The object appeared to be only a few hundred feet above ground level and was almost at eye-level. I was instantly confused by its shape, so I opened the window to listen, but heard nothing. As I watched it seemed to shift its shape almost like a coiled up worm or snake tied in a knot. It was almost black/grey and I got the distinct feeling I was looking at a creature not a craft. As it got past town I noticed that there seemed to be something under it and I watched as it went over a hill. The entire incident had lasted no more than 40 seconds and I was left very puzzled. About half an hour later I saw a RAF rescue helicopter pass, and the object was about ten times as big. It was like a dark knot changing shape (like a writhing snake) with an odd hazy area underneath it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

US losses in Military History

Sent to me by Mindy Gerber RN and BRIAN THOMAS

       War                  Total US deaths

Revolutionary War                4,435                                          
War of 1812                      2,260
Mexican War                     13,283
Civil War                      364,511
Spanish-American War             2,446
World War I                    116,516
World War II                   566,405
Korean War                      36,574
Vietnam Conflict                58,209 
Persian Gulf War  1990-91          382
Iraq War                         2,932       UK  losses are 174

These are some rather eye-opening facts: Since the start of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the sacrifice has been enormous. In the time period from the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 through now, we have lost almost 3000 military personnel to enemy action and accidents. As tragic as the loss of any member of the US Armed Forces is, consider the following statistics: The annual fatalities of military members while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2007:

US Military losses for last 20 years
>1980 .......... 2,392        President Carter
>1981 .......... 2,380        President Bush
>1984 .......... 1,999
>1988 .......... 1,819
>1989 .......... 1,636
>1990 .......... 1,508
>1991 .......... 1,787----------------------------------------------------
>1992 .......... 1,293
>1993 .......... 1,213
>1994 .......... 1,075
>1995 .......... 2,465
>1996 .......... 2,318        President Clinton years @ 13,417 deaths
>1997 ..........   817
>1998 .......... 2,252
>1999 .......... 1,984
>2000 .......... 1,983 -------------------------------------------------
>2001 ..........   890
>2002 .......... 1,007         President BUSH years @ 9,917 deaths
>2003 .......... 1,410
>2004 .......... 1,887
>2005 ..........   919
>2006...........   920  
>2007........... 90101 deaths in Iraq only

There are 2,923 total deaths for War in Iraq from 2003 to Dec. 31, 2007 and 408 US Deaths in Afghanistan (6,000 drown in the US each year mostly children)
If you are confused when you look at these was I.
Do these figures mean that the loss from the two latest conflicts in the Middle East are LESS than the loss of military personnel during Mr. Clinton's presidency; when America wasn't even involved in a war?

And, I was even more impressed; when I read that in 1980, during the reign of President (Nobel Peace Prize) Jimmy Carter, there were 2,392 -US military fatalities! These figures indicate that many of our Media and Politicians pick and choose. They present only those "facts" which support their agenda-driven reporting. Now... here are the fatalities by Race; over the past three years in Iraqi Freedom:

>European descent (white) .....74.31%
>Hispanic .....................10.74%
>Black .........................9.67%
>Asian .........................1.81%
>Native American ...............1.09%
>Other .........................0.33%

These statistics are published by Congressional Research Service, and they may be confirmed by anyone at: I added the best known 2007 figures

Now ask yourself these two questions: "Why does the mainstream Print and TV Media never print statistics like these? "Bottom Line? Do your own research and do not be swayed by what you see on TV or read in most newspapers. Then, regardless of your party, go to the polls and cast your own vote! Thanks to Brian Thomas.

Jets chase UFOs -- what's new?

Billy Cox Sarasota Herald Tribune reports, After tendering initial denials, the Air Force admitted it dispatched F-16s ? 10 of them ? into the Texas skies near Stephenville on the early evening of Jan. 8. The exercise was described as a routine training mission that had nothing to do with the fact that a gigantic UFO was in the area, that dozens saw it, and that the thing appeared to be headed toward restricted airspace around President Bush's Crawford ranch. But military pilots do chase UFOs. It's a secret, but it's not. Like airborne missiles and unidentified submarines, UFOs are itemized suspects in flight manuals, and filing procedures are detailed under

Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings.

As California researcher John Greenewald discovered years ago, those CIRVIS reports are forwarded to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, with this Catch-22 attached by Peterson Air Force Base, home to the U.S. Northern Command: “NORAD is a binational command established by Volume 33, United States Treaties (UST) page 1277 subject to control of both Canadian and U.S. Government agencies as defined in the Act and consequently is not subject to US FOIA.” But there was a time, half a century ago, before the curtain came down for good, when its official investigations were still marginally in the public domain, that the USAF acknowledged the seriousness of what it was up against.

Depiction of F-86 chasing UFO

The UFO wave that crested above the nation's capitol in July 1952 is largely forgotten, but last year, a book called “Shoot Them Down” took another look at what may well have happened when the Pentagon directed its pilots to open fire.

Tedious, meandering, weighted with superfluous details, and enthusiastically speculative, Frank Feschino's self-published “Shoot Them Down” hasn't made it out of the UFO subculture. But maybe it should. After 17 years of combing through accident reports and newspaper archives and traveling countless miles to interview eyewitnesses, Feschino has assembled a portrait of a response system in disarray during the early days of the phenomenon. “Just look at the numbers,” says the professional artist from his home in Port Orange. “We lost a hell of a lot of planes and pilots on ‘routine missions.'”Thanks to the Herald Tribune /

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