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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 2, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return. More than six thousand drown in the US each year..

More Sightings

This week's Files report: Fire Fighters UFO Guide Part #5. Mars Rover finds ancient water, Alpha Centauri could have an Earth like planet, The Great Moon Rush, and the February Map of UFO Sighting Reports.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Alaska, California, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen over Atlantic Ocean, Canada, Russia, Sweden, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal there is a galactic war between the sons of light and sons of darkness. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe and his messengers flew UFOs.

In the Living Bible, Job describes God's throne hidden in the clouds. (UFOs)

"God stretches out heaven over empty space, and hangs the earth upon nothing. He wraps the rain in his thick clouds and the clouds are not split by the weight. He shrouds his throne with his clouds." Job 26

Fire Fighters Guide Chapter 13: Enemy Attack and UFO Potential

Part # 5 Why the Secrecy?

Nothing helps rumors and panic more than ignorance." Major Donald Keyhoe describes in his book, Aliens from Space, The Real Story of Unidentified Flying Objects, " the difficulties he had in 1957 in trying to get the truth from government agencies after he was director of NICAP, the world's largest UFO research organization with over 30 subcommittees in the U.S. and abroad. According to some UFOlogists the attempts at cover-up by the CIA extend to destruction of evidence that it could not confiscate. Apparently some of our nation's important leaders have been denied access to some UFO secrets in the possession of an agency of the United States, the very existence of which is classified above top secret.

Senator Barry Goldwater, a retired Air Force Reserve Brigadier General and pilot with many decades of flying experience, was quoted as saying "I certainly believe in aliens in space. They may not look like us, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental capabilities."

He said he was refused permission to check the Air Force files on UFOs and added, "I think some highly secret government UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about--and probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them." He said that he put faith in the reports of the Air Force, Navy, and commercial pilots who reported instances where a UFO would fly near them--right off their plane's wing--and then just zoom away at incredible speeds. "I remember the case in Georgia in the 1950s of a National Guard plane going after a UFO and never returning. And I recall the case in Franklin. Kentucky, when four military planes investigated a UFO. One of them exploded in midair and no one knows why."

Unleashed by the policy of Glasnost (greater openness) the Soviet media felt free to include accounts of UFO sightings. A Tass report of October 10, 1989, reported a large shiny ball or disk hovering over a Voronezh park; residents saw the UFO land and three creatures similar to human beings emerged, accompanied by a robot. Apparently the Russians felt no need to suppress this report which was poked fun at in Newsweek and Time magazines but not in U.S. News and World Report:

"A scant few decades ago, both the U.S. government and the media treated flying objects as no laughing matter--which even Congress looked into. In 1966, Representative Ford responded to a rash of sightings in his home state of Michigan by calling for, and getting, a House hearing on UFOs." Both President Ford and Reagan were interested in UFOs. Thanks to William Kramer Ph.D and Charles W. Bahame, J.D.

Alpha Centauri Could Have an Earth Like Planet

ScienceDaily (Mar. 7, 2008) ? A rocky planet similar to Earth may be orbiting one of our nearest stellar neighbors and could be detected using existing techniques, according to a new study led by astronomers at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The closest stars to our Sun are in the three-star system called Alpha Centauri, a popular destination for interstellar travel in works of science fiction.

UCSC graduate student Javiera Guedes used computer simulations of planet formation to show that terrestrial planets are likely to have formed around the star Alpha Centauri B and to be orbiting in the "habitable zone" where liquid water can exist on the planet's surface. The researchers then showed that such planets could be observed using a dedicated telescope. "If they exist, we can observe them," said Guedes, who is the first author of a paper describing the new findings. The paper has been accepted for publication by the Astrophysical Journal. Snip Thanks to Science Daily

The great Moon rush

China, Japan, India, Russia, and the U.S. are all sending satellites to the Moon, with landers, rovers and possibly astronauts hot on their heels. Japan and China are orbiting the Moon right now. Barely a month after Japan reached the Moon, China followed suit. China's Chang'e-1 spacecraft entered lunar orbit on November 5, 2007. During its one-year mission, it will map the Moon by taking three-dimensional images of the entire lunar surface. This satellite will send back the first detailed pictures of some areas near the poles where water ice is most likely to be found.

Japanese Salene lunar orbitor picks up UFO. Thanks to JAXA

Later this year India plans to send its own Chandrayaan-1 probe to orbit the Moon. A NASA-sponsored instrument, the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, will ride along and use an infrared spectrometer to give us a highly detailed picture of mineral locations. Chandrayaan-2, planned for 2010, will place a robotic rover on the Moon. Later this year, U.S. space agency the agency plans to launch the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a spacecraft bristling with instruments to map the Moon and locate key resources ranging from water to building materials. "The LRO mission will provide the best resolution images ? able to see rocks that are about two feet (60 cmm) in diameter.

Russia may launch its Luna-Glob project within the next several years. Plans include an orbiter that will deploy 13 probes, including penetrators and a lander. If all goes to plan, nine satellites could be buzzing around up there by the end of 2011. Thanks to Dauna Coulter and NASA

Mars Rover Finds Ancient Water

Opportunity has completed scientific studies of the undisturbed surface of a rock target named "Dorsal" in the "Gilbert" rock layer inside "Victoria Crater." Dorsal is a protruding fin of rock created by minerals deposited in cracks that remained in place long after the original rock eroded away because they were more resistant to weathering. Data collected with the Mossbauer and alpha-particle X-ray spectrometers show that the fins in Gilbert contain large quantities of the mineral hematite. This iron-bearing mineral is also abundant in the frequently occurring, round concretions known as blueberries" that are believed to have formed in water. Opportunity will grind into the rock surface at a point informally named "Gilbert_A" to measure the chemical composition. Thanks to NASA.

Editor's Note: These tests point to water on Mars and that life was existed on Mars.

"The Return of Planet X" is Unlikely

Recently, I have received a series of e-mails warning me of a coming disaster called Planet X that is on a collision course with Earth in the year 2012. I was also sent a copy of Jaysen Q. Rand's book, "The Return of Planet X" that predicts mankind's disastrous encounter with a Brown Dwarf Star known as Planet X that is on a 3,600 extended elliptical orbit. I found the book very interesting and enjoyable, but lacking in proof. The e-mails are apparently based on the data provided in the book.

The book is fun to read and lays out a possible scenario on the path of Planet X that will distantly cross the plane of our solar system in 2009, and then again in 2012. Rand predicts Planet X will essentially destroy life on Earth as we know it, killing an estimated three or four billion people. It will cause massive volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and earthquakes. Life on Earth will forever be changed with the possibility that aliens from other planets will take over Earth. Rand was originally warned by alien abductors in a UFO of the pending disaster.

Rand has an honorary Ph. D. from the Russian Academy of Energyinformative Sciences in Moscow. He is also a multi-award winning music producer and recording artist. The book examines the history and prophecy of Earth's many ancient cultures and their references to Planet X's periodic passages through the solar system.

I have some knowledge of the universe and have friends who are astronomers. We feel a planet or dwarf star heading this way would have been spotted before now and many amateur astronomers would have already announced its coming. Additionally, all the other planets have gone into a circular orbit around the sun, so it seems logical Planet X if it exists, would also have taken up this circular orbit . Rand claims NASA is covering up the likely demise of organized society. He points out the Mayan Celestial Calendar Codes inexplicably ends on December 21, 2012, therefore it predicts the end times. There are many possible reasons ending a calendar, that may not mean Planet X disaster.

The book is interesting reading and gathers data based on prophecy, ancient science, and a great deal of speculation. I was not convinced that Planet X exists, is returning, or would cause disaster on Earth. I will admit it would make an entertaining movie and it is an entertaining book. Throughout history there are always those who predict dire consequences. About fifty years ago scientists were predicting another ice age, now it is Earth's warming. In fact there is warming on all the planets in our Solar System indicating mankind may not be responsible. It is true that many governments such as Norway, the US, USSR, and Turkey have prepared underground living quarters. I suggest these were built in case of nuclear war rather than Planet X.

Dr. Jaysen Rand answers the doubting skeptics' right from the beginning by stating the work is to be informative, speculative, investigative as well as entertaining. If you want to worry, forget about Planet X, there are indications we may have volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks. Gasoline, gold, silver, corn and most food prices are rising quickly.

Lyrids meteor shower

The Lyrids meteor shower will hit the Earth on April 22, with 10 to 15 meteors per hour shot out of the constellation Lyra. Mixed in the sand sized shower could be a larger dark meteorite that might cause real damage.

February 2008 UFO Weather map.

The new February 2008 UFO map completed March 25, 2008 by Steve Reichmuth

Shows MUFON received 192 sighting reports shown in Blue, while NUFORC had 306 sightings shown in red for a total of 498. This is down from 664 sightings in January. MUFON reports increased to 322 sightings in March. The map shows February's thirteen UFO sightings on the border between Mexico and Texas. Poor little Stephenville, Texas seems relatively abandoned now, with UFO reports now scattering south to Austin and the border areas, and north to Dallas and beyond.

Very interesting is a long necklace of sightings along the Missouri River running through several of the Midwestern states, perhaps related to the flooding. There are the usual dense concentrations around New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Oregon, Washington, and even my own San Francisco Bay area. The state of Nevada, and Missouri appear to be experiencing a sudden big increase in numbers of reports in February 2008. Southern Michigan seems to be warming up again too. But overall, the most interesting noticeable shift is the increase in UFO activity in the Midwest for February 2008. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth

Alaska - UFO Hovers 100 Feet Away From Military Servicemen

ADAK ISLAND, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS - An ex-serviceman reports seeing a UFO in January 1976, while serving in the fire department. The man still has a personal letter he sent to his Aunt in 1976 with descriptions of the craft. Brian Vike had a long talk with the man who claims he and 13 other military serviceman saw a UFO hovering just feet above the tarmac in front of the flight tower. The incident was written up in the tower's log book, and some of the servicemen were taking photos as it sat stationary. The object was huge in size and other smaller UFOs came out of the larger one and moved about and then joined up with the main craft. The photos showed a brilliant light sitting over the runway. Also strobing colored lights could be seen coming from inside the main object. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

California - Triangle Sighting

LODI -- Steve Reichmuth MUFON field investigator reports he spoke with witness for 40 minutes about his March 20, 2008, sighting of a large triangle shaped object with two lights, one red, and one green near its rounded corners. Two corners of object were symmetrical and less rounded. Witness first saw object 1 to 1.25 miles away at 5:57AM, while driving to work. Object was seen for 3 to 4 minutes and is similar to a Bridgton, New Jersey case.

The witness approached a hovering object that appeared motionless hovering between two homes separated by a 100 yards. He slowed down his automobile from 45 mph to about 20 mph and stopped directly underneath object. As witness got out of his car to view object, the lights winked out, and he could no longer see the dark gray or black object in the darkness with clear skies and stars. No wind.

Frightened, he got back into his car and drove off, then turned around doubling back briefly but saw nothing further. Object was different from anything he had ever seen and hovered silently. The 39 years old, married witness with an eleven year old son is sincere and truthful. He and his son also saw strange lights at Pardee lake, near Lake Comanche, in September 2005, during an all night fishing trip.

Using Mufon FI manual (Guidelines UFO Size Calculation -P.225) applied to the triangle object it was the size of two adult size hand lengths (about 11 inches), or a basketball held at arm's length. Witness guessed object may have been 500 feet in altitude. To determine 'K' (diameter of aspirin tablet = 9mm). 11 inches = 279 mm. K = 31. If object height = 500 feet, object is 143 feet across. A Google map reveals the UFO was hovering near radio station tower, KCVR (1570 AM) broadcasting a Spanish adult hits format. See reference to Mufon CMS case - George Filer III, October 12, 2006, Bridgeton, New Jersey. Objects appear identical. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth

BIG BEAR CITY -- The object was seen in the evening sky to the south on March 23, 2008, about 7 PM. The object moved due south. It remained in the sky for 9 to 11 minutes moving very slowly. I took several pictures of object throught a 10 inch Dobsonian telescope and 40mm eyepiece.

Comments: The International Space Station (ISS) and STS 123 (Space Shuttle) were still docked on March 23 and would have passed over the sighting area between 6:10 PM and 6:12 PM on March 23. This is before the time that the witness took the photos. The witness has verified that the times of the photos above are correct. A check of known satellite orbits on the heavens-above web site ( showed no visible satellites in the area at the time of photos. Some satellite orbits may not be tracked by the heavens-above site. Given this possibility the photos could be of one of these "untracked" satellites.

Florida - Star

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS -- My friend and I were behind his house on March 21, 2008, about 12:30 to 1:00 AM, and we heard a really loud sound that didn't sound like anything we heard before. We were shook by it, but we saw a regular plane go overhead and dismissed it. Then we looked over the lake and saw what looked like a bright star.

It was so bright, wasn't blinking, and was bobbing up and down slowly. Then I noticed it was also moving to the right. By that time it was maybe 50 miles away. Slowly it moved closer and closer. Each time it made a big jump we heard the same sound as we heard a few minutes earlier. When we noticed that it was coming closer we ran out to the shore of the lake to get a better view. Then it was close enough to see that it was more than one light. It had a large white light, with two blue lights on either side, and on the bottom it had two red lights. One light stayed on and the other was blinking. About a mile away now we had a pretty good look at it.

Then my friend realized we should take a picture with his phone, and he did and we looked at the one he took in disbelief. Right then it zoomed from in front of us to behind us with unbelievable speed and for about 5 seconds we had the best view of it you could possibly get. It had no visual signs of any type of propulsion, no propellers, so it couldn't have been a helicopter which is the only thing I thought could make those kind of moves through the air. After about a half an hour of waiting for it to come back I decided to come home.

Comments: The witness has provided a very detailed report. He has described an aerial phenomenon of a very unusual nature. More information needs to be acquired regarding the photo. It is uncertain whether or not the photo has been edited by any software after it was downloaded from the cell phone. I have enlarged the photo and brightened it in an attempt to discover more detail. The resulting brightening showed that the light left a trail. Given available information the identity of this light is unknown. Any updates to this case will be posted. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Indiana - Man Sees 5 Large White Disks Flying in Line

FORT WAYNE -- Bill Puckett reports the witness called a few hours after his experience on March 22, 2008. He was quite excited by what he saw and said that he couldn't sleep because he felt "fearful." He and his girl friend were on their way to do some shopping at 10 PM, and he noticed five very large disk shaped objects in a diagonal line moving slow northeastward in the western sky. He alerted his girl friend, but by the time she looked up the objects were gone. The witness said that the objects were equidistant apart, "stone white" in color, and emitted no sound. They were the size of a quarter held at arm's length. The witness alerted law enforcement, but no action was taken. The police officer who responded that the objects were probably "weather balloons."

Comments: We have received a few similar reports during the past year of disk shaped objects in a straight line. The line is observed to move at an angle instead of perpendicular to its axis. No sound is generally heard. This sighting is significant because of the apparent large size of the objects and the fact that the objects abruptly disappeared. The objects were not weather balloons as surmised by the police officer because they would not be in flight at the time of the sighting and only one balloon is launched. Listen to Recording of Witness Interview (MP3) Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Iowa - Triangular UFO with Amber Lights

OSKALOOSA - The witness reports three amber lights on very large silent triangle shaped object flying west low and extremely fast, on March 13, 2008, at 9:09 p.m. - 11:15 p.m. Triangle depiction. Within minutes, five objects with amber lights in V shaped 3/2 pattern, flying low and very fast, east to west. Minutes later, another object with the same lights, flying low and very fast, from southeast to northwest, followed by same, minutes later. Minutes later, seven of the same lights flying west, followed soon by a very large plane, leaving a contrail. Minutes later, five of the same objects flew in a single file line from north to south, before quickly splitting into a formation of three turning east, with two going southeast, before disappearing. Minutes later, five of the objects flew south to north, later more of the objects flew south. It was a very clear night with no clouds in the sky. The "amber" lights were a rather dim, steady glow of milky orange, that did not appear to illuminate the underside of the objects, or the space below them. It was a very clear night, but the lights/objects almost looked as though they were behind a mist or fog. No contrail was observed. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Jersey - UFO Stops Cell Phone

BERGEN -- It shined the light on my car and I got out. It then made a noise and I remember feeling excited. When I looked down the triangle had left in a quick flash of light. My cell phone stopped working. I went home and started having lots of pain in my lower stomach area. Today I have pains in my head, like a head ache, but much more worse. I think they are trying to communicate with me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York - Orange Lights Outline A Triangular UFO

ROCHESTER -- On March 23, 2008, at 2:30 AM, the witness stepped outside for a cigarette and saw an object that at first I thought was an airplane. After a minute of gazing in a clear sky, I noticed it had no flashing lights and made no sound. I could not see the form of the object itself, but I did see three, somewhat dim, solid orange lights that if connected by a line would make a triangle. It flew smoothly across the sky to the northeast and disappeared into the night after 4-5 seconds. I stood outside a few minutes longer trying to listen for the sound of a jet engine so I could rationalize what I just saw. But there was no engine noise. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

BRONX -- I just entered the Bruckner Expressway at 138th Street headed north bound when a passenger in my car noticed an object flying low. When I looked through the windshield the object was very dark with very dim white long lights along the bottom edge of the object. It was about 150 feet over the highway. It was headed west moving about 15 mph. After about 30 seconds I couldn't see it anymore. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina - Triangle

RALEIGH -- While driving an ambulance down Highway 401 South we saw a triangular shaped object flying very low to the ground on March 27, 2008, at 9:35 PM. The triangle with no tail was moving at a very high rate of speed. Looking up at the object we could make out a red light on the back left corner and a white light noted to the back right corner. It was just above the trees at approximately 1000 feet. The object emitted no sound. We stopped our ambulance to see the object moving east at a high rate of speed. The object was witnessed by two credible paramedics.

Comments: Two very credible witnesses saw an unusual object. This is one of many sightings of unknown triangular shaped objects that UFOs Northwest has received. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Ohio - UFO Photo

GENEVA -- Along Shores of Lake Erie about 40 miles east of Cleveland I was taking pictures of the sunset in June of 2007, about 8 PM, and I caught a picture of a UFO. I didn't see the UFO until I looked at the picture. It must have come down so fast that I didn't see it, but caught it on camera. I did a negative of it and it had a slight trail behind it. It was disk shaped.

Comments: The photographer also sent an inverted (negative) image of the photo. The inverted photo does not reveal any additional attributes of the object. I was not able to see the trail mentioned in the report above. A blowup of the object does suggest that it is disk shaped, but the camera used to take the photo was not of sufficient pixel resolution to determine much detail regarding the shape of the object. We receive many photos whereby objects are not seen, but are later discovered on photos. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Oregon - Three Bright Lights

PORTLAND - My husband and I were traveling west on highway 26 near the Bethany exit when I spotted three bright lights in the sky on March 24, 2008, at 9:15 PM. At first I thought we were traveling under power lines with lights attached. Upon further inspection I saw that they were V shaped aircraft with blue and red lights. A small flashing white light may have been near the middle. They were very high in the sky all traveling VERY slow in a straight line (one in front of the next) east - positioned right over the Highway. I have never seen anything like this and do tend to watch aircraft as my father is a pilot. The lights were unlike anything I have seen (blue and red) and they seemed to be moving so slow! There was nothing on the news.

Comments: The witness seems to be quite familiar with flights of regular aircraft and she presented some good arguments in why the lights observed were unlikely to be regular aircraft. I tend to agree with her assessment. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Pennsylvania - Red Light on Top - Wings Like F-22

MCKEESPORT - I was walking my dog on March 28, 2009, about 10:20 PM and noticed four unusual looking craft coming east flying low without any noise. The craft were not following any of the normal flight patterns and had at least one red light on the top in addition to flashing and static lights. As they came east the then swerved north and started to fly away. I returned to my house, and looked out an upstairs window and called my wife and son. We saw the craft had circled around and were flying somewhat in a circle. They gave the appearance of flying like helicopters with their quick movements but without the noise. After about 15 minutes they then flew off in a northwest direction. Thanks to MUFON CMS

PHILADELPHIA -- I went out back to have a smoke on March 28, 2009, and looked up and saw a dimly lit uneven triangle with about 8 to 10 lights moving exceptionally fast. One side had seven lights and the other side had two or three lights. It moved left a little then back right but the other parts of it as the center moved kept perfect pace with it. But the other parts moved around and back and forth but made the exact turns that the center did. Then it was just too far away too fast to see anymore. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas - UFO Video

CORPUS CHRISTI - BRAZELTON - On March 24, 2008, a viewer came by the KIIITV station with video of a UFO he captured on his cell phone Saturday night. He says it was in the northern part of the sky and stayed there for 10-15 minutes. After hearing that story on our news, other viewers began to email and call us with their sighting claims. One man, Dennis Limon of Aransas Pass told us that he was out in front of his home when he spotted the object. It was large and yellow to orange in color. He claims that it also had a fire or sparks coming from behind the object. Federal officials at N-A-S Corpus Christi say that no one was manning their control tower over the weekend and at the airport nothing unusual was reported. Still, there are a number of eyewitnesses who saw they saw something in the sky. But what it was may remain a mystery. South Texas News Leader Channel 3

Washington - UFO Photo

BOTHELL - A woman was taking photos of contrails in the sky on March 24 , 2008, around 3 PM in a suburb to east of Seattle. She later downloaded the photos to her computer. She discovered an unknown object in two of the photos. The second photo is shown above.

Comments: The witness sent some other photos that clearly showed insects and regular aircraft. The above photo was neither a conventional aircraft nor an insect. I also do not believe that the object was a bird although that possibility exists. The witness used a Fuji Fine Pix S5700 S700 Digital Camera (7.1 megapixel) to take the photos. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Atlantic Ocean Pilot And Co Pilot Witness UFO

SOUTH AFRICA -- I am a retired Airline pilot having flown passengers all over the world. I have seen many UFO's or strange things whilst in the air both during the day and night. This one stands out in my mind. We were one hours flying time over the Atlantic Ocean flying from east to west on our way to the USA in 1984. We saw through the Flight cabin window a large Blimp/Zeppelin type craft. It was very large and looked just like the German Zeppelin passenger craft of the 1930/40's. It had no wings or passenger basket hanging below it and no windows. We fly at 30,000 feet and that type of craft isn't flying anymore. The UFO just continued on its way and we on ours. We did not report it as we had strict silence rules and if one reported that type of thing we could be in big trouble and it could ruin our careers. Now I am retired I can talk about these things. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Canada Sightings

MOUNT ROYAL, QUEBEC -- My girlfriend and I live on the 15th floor of an apartment building on Avenue du Parc, with windows facing northwest, towards Mount Royal. On March 24, 2008, at 11:15 PM, we noticed a strange light hovering above Mount Royal. It looked as though it was hovering about 200 meters above the Belvedere, and was mainly white light with red and blue lights rotating sporadically around. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

HALIFAX HARBOR, NOVA SCOTIA -- On March 25, 2008 around 10:45 PM, I went out on my deck to have a smoke and saw a large orange light float high above the Halifax harbor. It was to the right of Macdonald bridge and hovering until it slowly moved straight up. It stayed in the same spot for about four minutes until it moved toward land. When it got closer I could see no wings and there were five lights that radiated from the center of the craft. Two were in the left center, two on the right center and one in the lower center. I have a video of it. Until it got closer I thought it was a plane and turned my camera off. Then I noticed it was not making a sound and I saw no wings. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Russia - AN-225 Followed by UFO

The Antonov 225 is a one of a kind aircraft. Built in the Ukraine for the then Soviet Space program, it is currently the largest plane flying. It hauls monster sized specialty payloads anywhere in the world the customer wishes delivery. The original purpose for building this aircraft was to ferry the Buran Space Shuttle being then developed. I was recently viewing a documentary on this leviathan of the air, when my eye caught a small black object rise from the clouds, flirt with the airplane, and move off a bit when the film cut to a different segment in May of 2003. The object bears an eerie resemblance to a formation of objects filmed in Texas just a few days before this writing Please note that toward the end of the clip, the camera man seemed more concerned with the black object than he was with the massive aircraft....Thanks to Jeff Challender and Wings.

Sweden - Triangle with L-shaped lights

SOLLENTUNA, STOCKHOLM -- My friend and I were sitting on a bench facing the SE talking about UFOs when we saw two bright warm white lights like the headlights on a car slowly flying towards us at 1:20 on March 31, 2008. We watched the lights slowly fly in a straight line. Passing over us we could see two lights then another came into view making it a boomerang shape, then it turned a little more triangular and a small fourth light came in to view. Finally, we saw a small cold white strobe on the rear blinking every couple of seconds. As it was flying away more lights on the sides could be seen. I shone a my 125 green laser on the aft of it.. but no reaction or reflection. As it flew over us not a sound could be heard. It seemed about 750 meters away with a black body and no colored strobes. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

U.K. - Glowing Orange Circles

SEAHAM -- My Mom was closing her bedroom curtains on March 23, 2008, around 10:15 PM, when she saw some glowing orange circles in the night sky towards Seaham Beach coming from Sunderland towards Peterlee. She shouted for me to look out the window and I saw 6 to 8 orange lights. I then shouted to my Brother "come look I think there's a UFO in the sky" he then looked and saw same thing and we were all shocked, they seemed to move upwards then straight and were moving slowly at first then speeded up. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

SEAHAM COUNTY -- I was driving south along the coast road to Seaham from Sunderland on March 23, 2008 at 10 PM. Above the Seaham Hall there were six objects moving in random directions with constantly changing speed and height. As I drove further into Seaham, I reached the 'Total Garage' near the harbor and the lights all seemed to take a uniform direction equidistant from each other. They were aligned north to south, stretching from Seaham to Sunderland. They then proceeded north at a very fast speed. When I reached my destination in Seaham, I showed my friends and they could see two lights heading north. They made no sound. At first I thought they may look like the flames from a hot air balloon, however no hot air balloon, plane, helicopter or any other vehicle I know of could possibly move so fast the way they did. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

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