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Dennis G. Balthaser

UFO Investigator, Journalist, Researcher and Lecturer

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Dennis G. Balthaser

Balthaser retired from the Texas Department of Transportation in 1996, after 33 years in Civil Engineering work. Prior to that, he was in the United States Army in an Engineering Battalion.

He moved to Roswell, NM in 1996, to pursue his 25 year interest in Ufology and particularly the Roswell Incident, Underground Bases and Area 51.

From 1996 - 1998 he was affiliated with the UFO museum in Roswell, on the Board of Directors, Operations Manager and the museum UFO Investigator. Today he is an independent researcher, investigator and lecturer and is a member of MUFON and is board member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Advisory Board.

Lectures currently available by Balthaser:

  • "Scrutinizing Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Pyramids of Giza" is an overview of the 4 areas of his research that he has been doing for many years.
  • "The Roswell Incident: Then and Now", from Balthaser's perspective having met many of the witnesses and worked with most of the active Roswell researchers. He uses many photographs as a comparison between 1947 and what is known today.
  • "A Brief Description of AREA 51", explaining where the secret base is located, some of the security in force and discusses some of the rumors associated with the base pertaining to UFOs.
  • "Underground Bases"(What's Under Our Feet?), discussing existing underground bases, the technology required and used to construct such facilities, and opens your mind to the possibilities that some of these bases ARE in existence and possibly house aliens underground.


Dennis has a selection of DVDs of his current and past lectures available for purchase. If ordering from outside of the USA please contact Dennis for details of postage.

For lecture booking information, contact Dennis Balthaser direct at:
Phone: (575) 625 8402
Web: http://www.truthseekeratroswell.com