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Neil Freer

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The Alien Influence: An expanded Planetary Perspective

Rewriting the history of the Solar System, human genesis, religion, politics, and science in terms of alien interaction to comprehend ourselves in the present and envision our future evolutionary trajectory as we step out of racial adolescence and matriculate into stellar society as the new humans, cosmic citizens.

Neil, together with his associate, C.B. Scott Jones, form the nucleus of their think tank, Cosmic Humanity, focused on the leading edge of the leading edge of exopolitics. A short summary of their current thesis may be found in the following lecture script. Print out the pdf file of the script for your convenience. Play the slide show, advancing the slides as indicated in the places coordinated in the script.


Neil is the author of:

Breaking the Godspell
God Games: What Do You Do Forever?
Sapiens Rising: The View From 2100 ( Kindle format only )
Neuroglyphs: Molecular Songs In the Key of Zero G

Web: http://www.neilfreer.com