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Having spent his formative experimental musical years with Greek composer and Oscar winning keyboards giant, Vangelis at his London based studios in the late 70's, Janus went on to create and develop his own unique style of music by way of lavish sound & light live spectaculars.

In more recent years Janus' musical direction with regards to the conceptual nature of his work, took on a major change as a result of a UFO encounter he had in Hampton, Middlesex in 1984.

As one of the guest speakers launching the joint SPI/BUFORA "Phenomenal Weekends in London" lectures , Janus described the incident saying it had "altered the scepticism I had toward UFOs overnight". Going on to detail the object he observed as being totally silent and hovering only some 200 feet above him, he said it was "best described as the underside of the Millenium Falcon spacecraft out of the Star Wars movie", before, and without warning it "hurtled at an unimaginable speed upward and upwards before disappearing completely".

By 1995 Janus had embarked on a major plan of recorded and live performances based on the now infamous Roswell crash in 1947. As his own extensive research into the subject matter developed he set in motion plans at the same time as recording of "Roswell-The Album", for a major show spectacular in which to literally immerse the audience. This eventually expanded into him additionally creating two more works to form a trilogy, these being "Flying Saucers: The Kenneth Arnold Incident" and "S.E.T.I.". With regards to this new move Janus said "It was important to me that in my own way, and time, I could explore and do justice to, these three particular areas of ufology that have fascinated me, and I know intrigued many many people for some time now. With respect to the live shows, I wanted to create a very special visual catalyst for people, to enable them to take their own voyage of discovery in an entertaining and informative way".

The development of the live concerts, entitled "Roswell & Beyond" has been a long and continuous process for Janus. One of the many special aspects of the show will be a video feature that has directed and co-produced with Walt Disney film maker Fred Fullerton, that will be projected as a backdrop during part of the performance. The highly anticipated show, that launches in the UK in July also has l state-of-the-art lighting rig Janus has designed with Pink Floyd show effects designer Mike Heggett.

(circa 1998)


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