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Margie Kay

Margie Kay

Margie Kay
1134 S Pearl Street
MO 64050

Phone: 816-833-1602

Margie Kay is a veteran UFO and Paranormal investigator, having completed over 400 UFO and over 600 paranormal investigations over the past 30 years. She is the author of 12 books including "The Kansas City UFO Flap," "Gateway to the Dead," "Haunted Independence," and "Missouri Unexplained."

Kay has a B.A. in Business and an M.A. in Writing. She is the president and CEO of a specialty forensic investigation company in Kansas City, Missouri, and is the owner and publisher of Un-X News Magazine and Wood-Fired Magazine. Margie is a seasoned lecturer, having spoken at over 100 conventions and meetings across the United States, Mexico, and the U.K. Margie has appeared on the TV shows Hangar 1 and Strange, and on numerous radio shows across the country. She hosted Un-X News Radio on KGRA Internet Radio for one year, and Quest Radio Show on KCXL 1140AM in Kansas City for five years.

Some current topics:

The Kansas City UFO Flap: An account of the amazing UFO flap that began in April of 2011 and continues to this day. Margie talks about the incredible close encounters with large craft and alien beings that multiple witnesses reported during this time.

Missouri Unexplained: Hear about the amazing encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot, unexplained creatures and MIB's in hot spots in the state along with strange events that have happened to investigators in their travels.

Paranormal Family: Margie Kay discusses her family's encounters with extraterrestrials, abductions, strange events, and her ongoing contact with ET's. During this lecture Margie demonstrates her amazing Remote Viewing abilities which were gifted her by ET's.

Paranormality Margie discusses the most haunted locations in the U.S. and U.K. that she has investigated and confirmed to be haunted. Some sites are well-known locations and others are privately owned. Margie also talks about her own very haunted houses.

Margie will custom-design a lecture for your event.

See more information at http://www.margiekay.com

Contact Margie Kay's executive assistat Tamie Dorsch to book Margie: tamie_dorsch@yahoo.com or call 816-833-1602 Mon-Fri 9 - 5 CST