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Neil Nixon

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I have been involved in research groups and written for magazines for over 15 years and also had a lot of experience presenting lectures having worked in Education since 1982.

I'm open to all sorts of UFO ideas although my own position at the moment is general scepticism towards a lot of abductions. In general I think almost all cases are either explainable or the result of misidentifications. A handful I think are truly incredible and do present a real mystery. I'd put some of the best known, like Bentwaters 1956 in this category, the Tehran incident from 1976 and a few others.

My other real area of interest is the high strangeness events that produce sincere witnesses, like Joe Simonton. I've been a working writer and journalist for around twenty years and in addition to UFO writing I've written 10 books, lots of factual writing for magazines, reference books and the like, radio essays and plays and some educational material.

I've done events as big as Fortean Times Unconvention and as small as local astronomy groups. I generally talk about UFOs in general, the possible meanings of the evidence and throw in a few good stories for their entertainment and information value. Published author, most recent work Pocket Essential - UFOs, Feb 2002

I live in Maidstone and work in Dartford so I'm within striking distance of London and the South East.

You can contact me via phone or e-mail:

Phone - Home 01622-630422

E-mail: Nlnxn@aol.com