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Ted Phillips

CPTR Director

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Director of the Center for UFO Research. Ted is an engineer, professional photographer, professional musician. He was a participant in the Vanguard Satellite Tracking Program and a field engineer on the Minuteman Missile Project. He began investigating UFO reports in 1964. He was a research associate of Dr. J. Allen Hynek from 1968 until Dr. Hynek’s death in 1986. It was at Allen Hynek’s suggestion that he began specializing in physical traces with UFO sightings in 1968. Phillips has personally investigated hundreds of UFO cases and his files contain 5,031 physical trace landings from 94 countries.

He participated in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aerospace Sciences meetings, along with Dr. Hynek, Jacque Vallee and Dr. David Saunders. He was a member of a select team invited to meet with the United Nations secretary-General at the U.N. in New York along with Dr. Hynek, Dr. Vallee and astronaut Gordon Cooper. Phillips gave two presentations at the First International UFO Congress.

Ted made a presentation at the first MUFON Symposium and several more including the 2006 Symposium. He has appeared on national television in numerous documentaries including In Search Of, NBC NewsWhite Papers, CBS News Special reports and the documentary movie - UFOs Are Real. Most recently featured in a History Channel documentary Alien Encounters. He is the Missouri State Director of Investigations. Current research projects include active UFO sites in the central U.S. and a major project in the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia.

E-mail: tedphillips@centurytel.net