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Jilaen Sherwood

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Jilaen is an international UFO researcher, UFO artist and therapist. She is well know amongst the top researchers here in Arizona. She has been involved in UFO investigation and Close Encounter research for 20 years. She is also a UFO artist and clinical hypnotherapist and has been working with close encounter cases in the USA.

Through the mid 1990's she worked along side ROBERT & CECELIA DEAN at STARGATE INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS. Jilaen works with UFO TV show producer TED LOMAN and she has appeared on many tv shows over the years. Some of which include "UFOAZ", "Off The Record" and "Conciousnous In The 21st Century". She has also been presented on radio shows including BBC radio. She was co-owner of UFO REALITY MAGAZINE and did extensive interview research for the magazine. Jilaen also paints beautiful alien landscapes and designs Illustrations and C/D sleeves.

Lecture subjects are on Abduction, Ancient Technology & UFO's, Ancient Astronauts, Extraterrestrial Reality, Sound Healing & Cymatic Therapy for Mind Body Wellness.

You can contact Jilaen at:

Web: http://www.jilaensherwood.com