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The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research

The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR)
PO Box 14517
Mo. 65814-0517

JAR is an email quarterly which publishes articles on abductions and other activities of extraterrestrials on earth, on the impact of of these activities on human society, and on the role and response of the US government to the abductions. JAR was created to debate the significance of the extraterrestrial presence on earth. JAR is interested in publishing US and non-US writers.

JAR subscriptions are $20 (U.S.) per year. Send check or m.o. made out to "JAR c/o John Carpenter" at the address above. Please include your e-mail address.

Names and contact details of the editors of JAR are available at the JAR website.

Web: http://www.jarmag.com


Open Minds Magazine
3116 South Mill Ave. #153
AZ 85282

Phone: 1-877-UFO-0110

Open Minds Magazine is 98-page full-color, glossy, bi-monthly publication focused on UFO investigations, news and research/evidence. Its mission is to bring the UFO phenomenon to a global audience.

E-mail: contact@openminds.tv
Web: http://www.openminds.tv/magazine/


UFO Magazine

UFO Magazine
PO Box 245
NJ 08530

Phone: 1-888-UFO-MAGA

UFO Magazine is published monthly.

Web: http://www.ufomag.com


Un-X News Magazine
PO Box 1166
MO 64051

Phone: 816-833-1602
Fax: 816-461-2818

Quarterly magazine covering all things unexplained including UFOs, alien encounters, crop circles, ghosts, orbs, bigfoot, psychic phenomena, and more. Each issue has a list of events, radio programs, and associations. Available in print or as a PDF.

Web: http://www.margiekay.com