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Argentina: "Abnormal Alloy" Discovered at Los Robles

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
June 18, 2009

An interesting story appeared last week in Argentina’s Diario Popular concerning the alleged discovery of an “abnormal alloy” at the Los Robles Nature Preserve. Those of you who have been following Inexplicata on a regular basis will remember the visits on horseback performed by members of Argentina’s Codigo OVNI group in response to sightings of UFOs and strange creatures.

The story, appearing in the 06.14.2009 issue of the paper, states that a minuscule portion of an alloy whose creation was “impossible to human technology” was collected by members of Codigo OVNI near the Roggero Reservoir in Moreno, which has become the epicenter of UFO activity in the Province of Buenos Aires. The newspaper quotes Codigo Ovni’s Jorge Marrón as saying: “When we speak of UFOs, reference is being made to a set of experiences that some refute or project into the future. In this case, things are different. We have official certification of material that is not of this planet.”

Marrón refers to a certification issued by a branch of Argentina’s INTI describing the particle as an alloy of iron of aluminum in a percentage that reaches “unconceivable” levels by terrestrial standards. Marrón went on to say that this find, and its subsequent confirmation by the INTI, “represent, without question, a very valuable contribution” within the framework of UFO activities.

Members of Codigo Ovni combed unexplained marks found on the surface (crop circles?) and it was here that this particle was discovered through the use of magnets. Marrón believes, according to the article in Diario Popular, that of all the work performed by his group at the Los Robles Nature Preserve, this is indeed the most important, particularly with the validation by an official agency of the Argentinean government of the existence of an extraterrestrial particle.

Technicians with SEGEMAR, a dependency of the Institute of Industrial Technology (INDI), reported that the ratio of iron and aluminum was highly unusual. Marrón is again quoted as saying: “The sample reveals the presence of a high percentage of iron, combined with aluminum, in a ratio that cannot be achieved with conventional technology currently known on our planet. It is impossible for materials of this sort to be found in the Province of Buenos Aires. For the time being, we can say it is nothing made by human beings, and we would have to wonder about the relationship that exists between the marks and the particles.”

(Special thanks to Grupo GABIE for bringing this news item to our attention)

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