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Douglasville, Georgia An Alien Encounter At The Age Of Seven

Date: 1966
Time: Night

Location of Sighting: Cousin's house.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Little gray aliens with the big eyes.

Full Description of event/sighting: Picture this, I am seven years old and I'm lying in a cot in my cousin's bedroom. His cot is on the other side of the room. It is the middle of the night and very dark; we didn't have a night light.

My cousin and I were on the third floor of a brown, wooden apartment tenement. The walls were rough hewn chocolate brown wood with no sheet-rock, you could see daylight out through the cracks. Nothing fancy, my uncle had just started working for the fire department.

In the middle of the night, I awakened when I felt pressure on my cot. I looked down at the foot of my cot and one of them was sitting on it. The other two were standing at the foot of the cot looking at me. There was a faint light emanating from them somehow so I could barely discern them. The light eventually brightened. Later, much later, even now, I can still recall the beautiful, vivid electric blue light.

They were tiny, thin, gray; no more than three feet tall. They looked very fragile. However, I didn't have any fear of them. They communicated to me through telepathy. They didn't say much. All I can remember them "saying" to me was do not be frightened and I wasn't.

As I watched, a circle of beautiful, brilliant, and indescribable blue light appeared behind them. I remember one of them going into the light and I knew this was where I was going too. This entire episode lasted about three minutes. I remember falling asleep before they were gone. My cousin never woke up throughout this entire ordeal.

How can I describe them? Well, you've seen them in stickers, pictures, you know, the typical alien, large heads, black oval eyes too large in proportion to their heads, a slit for a mouth and two small holes for a nose. Their long spindly limbs seemed to be too frail, yet there they were.

When I woke up the next morning, my left pinky finger was aching. I felt it and in the middle segment of the digit I felt what seemed to be a BB of some sort. I knew it wasn't there before. I told my mother about the entire incident, and she beat me severely and would not even consider feeling the 'BB' in my finger. So I suffered in silence for many years.

Since then I have asked my doctor if he'd x-ray my finger and he said not unless there was a reason to. I didn't tell him why, or he'd probably think I was nuts. I've been x-rayed for chest pains repeatedly, and I have always semi-jokingly asked the x-ray tech if they've ever done alien implant x-rays or has anyone ever requested one. They'd always laugh and tell me no, but "We have found a lot of interesting things in rectums!"

My doctor says the 'BB' in my finger is a fatty deposit, but I disagree because I knew it wasn't there the night before I saw them. No one believed me. You are only the third person on this planet that I have related this story to.

I think it is like a tag. I haven't seen them since. And no, this was not a dream. It was the real McCoy. It really, actually happened. How could I have known what they looked like at that age? According to my parents and my uncle, I described them perfectly. They were exactly like the ones you see described by thousands of people worldwide.

This might sound strange, but I have a feeling, just a feeling, mind you, that they have protected me throughout my life. They have caused me to have success. Strange isn't it? I have never been hurt, or in a car wreck, or received a speeding ticket, or been arrested for DUI, nothing. It is very odd.

I think it is very possible that they are monitoring and especially influencing thoughts. When I was a child, after the incident with the aliens, my mother was amazed at the things I would come up with. I would make innocent predictions (remember I was a kid) and they would come true. She was dumbfounded. She said I could predict the future. I think she was afraid of me and that's why she beat me so much and made me sleep at other relative's houses.

Or how about this story?

I had a good friend in Mt. Home Air Force Base in Idaho; his name was (name removed). He decided he wanted to work at the top secret site called 'Area 51' or the Tonopah test site as we knew it. They worked on top secret aircraft. He worked on the F-1117A. To work there however you needed a top secret clearance. They asked me to work there, but I turned it down as I was getting out. We had a TDY to Nellis Air Force Base, and I was selected to go so I immediately called (name removed) and told him when I'd be there. He told me that would be great and to give him a call when I was at the dorm, and he would pick me up and we'd fly his radio controlled planes. So he did and before we went to the R/C airfield he wanted to stop at the hobby shop for some parts. Well, he bought what he needed and we were off to the field. We came to a red light, we were in the right lane, and I decided to ask him about aliens. The second I uttered aliens he turned pale, ran the red light, did a u-turn in all that traffic with horns blaring and drove me back to base. On the way I kept asking, "(name removed), what's the matter?" "What did I say?" But, he would not answer any of my questions, he stayed pale and angry and dropped me off at the dorm and I never saw or heard from him since.

I am not insane and I know what I saw. I am 48 now and can remember it like it was yesterday. I know they exist.

Thank you to the person for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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