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Authors: Chris Williams (, Step Shurman

In November 2009, Step Sherman and his partner experienced a full encounter with ETs. Although the veil of the room was visible, they realised they had been shifted to a completely different energy field. They could sense they were inside some sort of craft with a seemingly thick atmosphere. They were subject to a series of operations and sensed insect like protrusions working inside their heads. During this time they were reassured by telepathy and instead of a terrifying and shocking experience it became one of bliss. Step believes that specific memory implants were given to him which were subsequently unlocked at the appropriate moment.

On March 9th, 2011, the visions of 'Alien Museum' started channelling through in flashes. It started with a vision of 'Exhibit': a single tank, in an isolated space which widened into a walled area with many tanks with further 'doors' revealing themselves at the far end. Exhibit was the initial imprint and in hindsight it appeared to be an overriding image or symbol of the general state of the human condition.. It symbolises the separation of chakras, the lack of connection to the earth and that all workable limbs can become counterparts to be used and collaborated with higher and lower energy fields, giving the illusion of a physical spectacle in the tank.

Illustration 1: Exhibit

The second wave of insight came in the form of 'Thresher' showing the removal of skin and bone from the human structure, strangely altering the appearance of the internal organs into a parallel of an alien-hybrid life-form. It also highlights the misuse and resulting distortion and colour changes that the human species inflicts on itself life after life.

Illustration 2: Thresher

Step believes the ideas resonate from this higher dimension where patterns of humans, animals, plants, advanced machinery, insects and a vast array of mythical creatures have been stored in an out of this world akashic where all counterparts are mixed and configured for cosmic research, learning and entertainment. In some ways a mirror to our own zoos, circuses, experimental labs and museums.

Perhaps imagination comes from a different reality and if so, Alien Museum is a filter, shaping the ideas and concepts that Step visualises in his work.

The Alien museum is an infinite space, with small rooms that feel larger when you enter, the internal space expanding as necessary to reveal the strange, perhaps even bizarre contents. The vaults appear to become truly massive when exposed to the human consciousness giving no limits to what lies inside apart from perhaps the limits of the viewers imagination.

Step is not alone when exploring this reality, other people can be seen viewing the exhibits, a feature expressed in the artwork he produces. Are these other creative consciousness's, each viewing and then expressing what they have witnessed in whatever creative way they can? Some like Step through art, others perhaps through sculpture or writing?

Access to the museum is achieved in different ways. Occasionally the visions come through meditation, but as Step says sometimes the images come to him for no apparent reason. They appear out of the blue as a fleeting glimpse and are in danger of being lost forever. These are exciting times as Step has to stop everything else he may be doing to ensure he captures the images accurately.

There is a sense of energy within the museum, one that surrounds and penetrates. The exhibits are arranged in strange and weird anatomical ways, at least from our realities perspective. The final physical representation of any of the exhibits housed in the museum could be reconfigured in any way and placed in any dimension and in any time, not simply what would work in our reality as we experience it.

The images have become more elaborate since the first image of 'Exhibit' was received. As Step explores his surroundings his paintings become more detailed and the contents of the cells become more exotic. Step has become consumed by the experiences, so much so he cannot visualise working on anything else and sees no end to the images and the resulting artwork. Step believes that it is important that everyone sees, if not totally understands, what he visualises from the museum and that it is important. It moves away from the standard Alien and paranormal encounters and takes us down a different path of exploration of possible realities that exist around us.

'Exhibit' (pictured) was the first image received and painted by Step. This was quickly followed by other images. Step has now created fifteen paintings from the Museum including works entitled Mermaid, Godzilla and Structure amongst others.

It perhaps is hard to accept the idea that these images of existence could be stored, filed and used as reference for those who choose to access them. Whatever the reality, no-one can doubt that the images created by Step are unique and combined with his style of painting, represent something truly different in a world dominated by the same kind of experiences of UFOs, ghosts and other anomalous events.

In many aspects, Alien Museum represents the perfect paranormal anomaly.

Step has worked with Mad Magazine & Spitting Image and has had numerous successful exhibitions in London during the nineties, including his sell out show, 'Freaks no More'. His works have graced the boardrooms of Live 8, Big Issue and the Lighthouse Camden. He has an ever growing international collector base with portraits owned by Pink Floyd, Richard Ashcroft, Underworld and Ian Brown amongst others.

Chris Williams is an established UFO & Paranormal investigator and is the creator and organiser of the Weird Events Conferences - the Premier Conferences you can attend in the UK today.

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