Angel Fire, New Mexico Unknown Humanoid Being ?

Date: May 28, 2001
Time: From 9:00 pm - 11:45pm

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Humanoid-ish, not UFO.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was in my bedroom with my 4 year old son, watching the Cartoon Network Channel. My son was sitting on the floor, near the window, to my lower left-at my feet, watching TV. I was lying on the bed. The TV was in the left corner of the room, near a huge window, facing North. The Bedroom ceiling light was on. The lights and TV were all on throughout the rest of the house

I could hear the TV on in the other room, and I could see the lights in the hallway from my open door in the bedroom, where I was.

I was lying, propped up with 3 pillows, watching the TV, I looked at the clock on top of the TV, it was 8:45pm. I do not remember closing my eyes, but the next thing I remember was a presence next to me in the room. I was on the bed (it was the mattress and box spring, no riser, standing about 20 inches form the floor.)

I could feel this presence, I could smell this sick, musty, weird, foreign smell. I have never smelled it since or before. There were others in the room, I could feel and see them at the foot of my bed, all were wearing some kind of cape or cloak or hood. The color seemed to be black, but I was not sure. I 'felt' a strong rage and anger from this thing and my instincts told me to pretend like I was asleep, or it would be really bad for me. I did !

I tried to peek. I tried to lift my eyes open just a bit and see what was hovering over me. I could feel it moving around next to me. It was scanning me to see if I was really asleep, I think or at least, that's what it felt like.

The light was on in the bedroom, but there was a strange light coming from the window at my left. The creature was standing to my right, directly next to my bed, where I was now lying down.

I saw a figure about 3 feet tall, it could have been 4 feet, it was the height of an average 7/8 yr old child. It had something in it's hand, I couldn't make it out. As it leaned over me, I panicked, It was scary. I tried to move, but couldn't. I tried to scream, but couldn't.

Then, all of a sudden, I bolted from my lying position. The entire house was pitch black. All the lights were off, in the entire house, which was very odd. I could still smell that sickening musty weird odor, in the room. I felt like it must have just left. I was so scared. The clock read, 11:45pm, it felt like 10 minutes during the experience, but when I bolted up, if felt much later. The house was so quiet and dark.

The TV was off in my room and my son was lying next to me, exactly next to me, which is odd also. He is and was a tosser. He will never stay in a straight position, he turns sideways, upside-down, and everyway in between, while he sleeps, He was just lying there.

I had to check on him, I was worried he wasn't breathing, but he was. I was so scared, I didn't move or go back to sleep that night.

The next morning, I told a family member what had happened, they said it was a dream. It didn't feel like a dream. My senses was so aware and acute during the experience. It was a vivid, colorful experience, not like dreams. I didn't share the story with anyone else. It seems too crazy and too outlandish.

But, to this day, it still is vivid and still feels like it really happened. I felt such an intense rage and violence from this being, it was overwhelming. It was coming from the being's mind?. It was as if I instantly could 'read' it's feelings and thoughts, though, I did not pick up much more than that intense rage and anger towards me and my kind. I hope I never meet him again.

That happened nearly 5 years ago. I'm glad I got the chance to share the experience with others.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


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