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Appeal To Ranchers Who Have Been Affected By Cattle Mutilations

Important notice to ranchers who have been affected by mutilations in the past: please write me about your story and how your case was treated by whomever you contacted. If you can remember anything you were told by a vet or any authority I would like to hear that as well. Provide as much detail as possible and any written material on your case that you may have. Please forward your story by fax, email or by postal service.

Please do not phone me with your story. I need it in writing. Your information may tie in to the lead I have and could be very useful. I cannot stress that enough. This notice is not only for Canada but the United States as well. Confidentiality is assured.

Barb Campbell
Box 467
Maidstone SK S0M 1M0

Fax: (306)893-2262