Exorcism Requested in Imp Manifestations

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
January 6, 2006

SOURCE: El Once Digital
DATE: January 5, 2006

Exorcism Requested in Imp Manifestations

A mentalist provided some explanations about the manifestations of imps that residents of the Antartida Argentina neighborhood claim to have witnessed in the area near the municipal dump of Paraná.

Ricardo Pereira, a mentalist from Paraná, told Canal Once that "the origin of these imps is German and they are normally mistaken and given different names in different religions: They are known as Kiumba in the Umbanda religion; Judaism normally refers to them as the Egreo (sic), and they are entities that are unable to tell the difference between good and evil. These imps may adopt a given form so that children in particular can see them."

Pereira told Canal Once that "one must we very careful with them." Most people who claim having seen the white imps in the Paraná neighborhood are kids and grownups claimed to see the tree branches swaying, but didn't see them. With regard to this, Pereira argued that "kids are more receptive than adults, since during the day, the latter are too worried about money, social problems and raising the family. On the other hand, kids are more open to play and dialogue. For that reason children can see them and adults cannot."

Regarding the reasons for this phenomenon, the mentalist suggested the possibility that "perhaps some rituals of a given religion were performed in the area where the imps are appearing, and certain offerings may have been made to attract their attention in order to use them for both good and evil, as these imps do not distinguish at all between good and evil," said Pereira. With regard to this characteristic of imps, the mentalist added that "if an imp sees that amusement may be had in striking a child or tugging his/her hair, it will do so. Wherever imps play, they have fun, since they cannot differentiate between good and evil."

Mentalist Pereira said that "the relationship between imps and children can be very dangerous, in fact", hastening to add: "We are not talking about angels - they're imps. While children can see them wearing the clothing and aspect of small clowns, this does not make them good. They are bad, and great care must be taken in they way they move and how they act."

Pereira related the practice of dark rituals to the phenomenon's manifestation. "There are people who summon these entities to do harm, in the same way we appeal to our faith to heal a sick person."

As to the origin of the phenomenon being witnessed by residents of Antartida Argentina, the mentalist explained that "someone opened a small portal. Human beings are from the third dimension, and for this reason we need a great deal of effects to be able to visualize them. The white imps are from the second dimension and cannot distinguish between dimensions. Someone opened a portal and has allowed them to go from one dimension to the next; if it isn't closed, these [events] will continue to occur."

Pereira says the following about the episode involving police in which--according to neighbors-- law enforcement was injured by stones thrown by the garbage dump's imps after shots were fired against them. "If the imps are met with violence, they will retaliate with violence. They cannot be harmed regardless of how intense the police attacked them, because they are from another dimension that brushes against our own."

Regarding the Paraná police department's decision not to issue an opinion or report on the subject, the mentalist said that "it seems logical, as the police does not employ its specialized qualities and knowledge in dealing with this type of phenomenon. It is only fitting that no report should be issued, as they should be aware of what it is they are dealing with."

In closing his dialogue with Canal Once, Pereira advised resorting to the Church in confronting the apparitions of imps, and requested that the area be exorcised of all manfestations. "I believe that the best thing to do is to have a priest visit the site of these events, as it is the best way to close down these portals. Today, I would recommend Church involvement, because there are priests at the Cathedral who can easily perform an exorcism."

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Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

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