The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 7, 2005

SOURCE: Planeta UFO (Argentina)
DATE: 04.06.05

by Christián H. Quintero

Buenos Aires Channel 13 interviewed Alvaro Gestillo of the Uruguayan Air Force at noon, and upon making reference to the object seen over the River Plate, he spoke of "a missile or advanced combat aircraft". Perhaps there is no direct relationship here, but it reminded me of the story picked up by several newspapers of [the province] of Entre Rios regarding a "phantom airplane" that experienced technical problems near the city of Concordia. For those who live outside Argentina, the province of Entre Rios is on the border with Uruguay, and Concordia is located on the Uruguay River, which serves as the border between our two countries.

But returning to the phantom aircraft: the alert was issued by the Victoria volunteer firefighters, who picked up a distress call on their VHF equipment from an aircraft identifying itself with three numbers and claimed to be flying near Concordia. They immediately advised the control tower at the Comodoro Pierresteguy Airport and personnel from the Argentinean Air Force (FAA) requested information from all airports from which an aircraft headed to Concordia could have departed, but no flight with that destination was confirmed.

The strangest thing is that upon verifying the numbers given by the alleged pilot, they learned that the call numbers belonged to an experimental aircraft. Despite the search, nothing was ever found, but residents of the Uruguayan town fo Salto claimed seeing "an airplane in distress" flying at low altitude.

In short, the Argentinean-Uruguayan frontier region has received reports of "missiles", experimental airplanes and unknown lights that light up the night sky as though it were daytime. Whether or not UFOs are involved, it is clear that something strange is occurring in this area.

Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

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