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Argentina: “No Rational Explanation” Found for Cattle Mutes

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
July 3, 2009

Date: July 1, 2009

Argentina: “No Rational Explanation” Found for Cattle Mutes

The police found four cows whose eyes, uteruses and tongues had been removed. The animals were found dead in the rural area of Nogoyá. The absence of water in a nearby lagoon also drew their attention.

Residents of the rural area known as Crucesita Tercera, in the Department of Nogoyá, are shaken by the strange death of four cows in the interior of two fields and the unforeseen draining of a lagoon. Personnel of the Office of Cattle Theft and the Nogoyá Police ascertained that the cows had succumbed to a mysterious mutilation, but also noted that a nearby lagoon, which a day earlier had been full of water, was now empty.

Once more, fantasy, myth and mystery began to weave themselves over the deaths of these animals. Apparitions of the so-called “Chupacabras” and even a UFO sighting are now part of the comments being made in the heart of the province.

The cows found by police officers were missing their reproductive organs, tongues and eyes. For this reason, the veterinarian attached to the Office of Cattle Theft, a part of the Nogoyá Police force, stated that there is no rational explanation for the animals’ deaths and much less for their strange mutilations.

The dead bovines, according to police, were the property of Gustavo Cabañas, an employee of the Banco de Entre Rios, Nogoyá branch. The man owned the field and the herd of cows and calves within it.

A few days later, Cabañas had surveyed the farm and found that everything was in good order. Even the volume of water of nearby lagoon presented a generous quantity of the vital fluid, considering the drought. But for reasons that remain unclear, the lagoon dried up in a few hours, forcing the field’s owner to transfer the animals. He found the dead animals as he performed the transfer.

Nogoyá’s cattle rustling authorities and agents of the Sheriff’s office confirmed their investigation and the mysteries that surround it. The events cannot be explained scientifically.

Crucesita Tercera is some 50 kilometers from the departmental capital. Due to this event, the Cattle Theft officers spoke to local residents, who gave scant details on elements that could help explain the deaths of these animals.

The subject expanded yesterday when it was learned that Police found another mutilated bovine in an adjacent field. The carcass displayed the same characteristics: it was missing both eyes, its tongue and uterus. The cow belonged to a woman surnamed Sanchez and the incident was discovered only a short distance from the Sheriff’s office.

The Cattle Theft office noted that they had reported the mutilations on the three cows found over the weekend, but that the bones near the mutilated parts were clean, as if death had occurred some time ago, and not a matter of days, either. Furthermore, surgical incisions were confirmed, some of them without scarring or blood on the grass of the animals’ hides.

Three years earlier, a pair of bovines was found lifeless and mutilated only a short distance from this last discovery.

Veterinarian Esteban Puntín, who investigated the events a while ago explained, “while he is aware of these last cases from remarks, he believes that [all of this] is the result of natural action.”

Puntín noted:“due to uncontrolled deforestation, predators began looking for food in smaller and cleaner fields. With the onset of cold weather and the drought, there is very little grass. Therefore, animals are hungry. Bovines look for grass, and they may end up eating “yuyos” (brambles) which are poisonous, such as the Mio Mio. When the animal dies, foxes, weasels, vultures and even mice report to the site, eating the softer parts of the carcass, which are generally the anus or vulva, the udders and the tongue. Carrion animals also eat the eyes. These animals are great feeders, and only stop at bones and harder tissue.”

He added, “If there is no blood to be found, it is due to the cold weather, which dries up all manner of fluids.”

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo GABIE:

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