The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
August 8, 2005

DATE: 08.06.05
SOURCE: Rio Negro on Line


VIEDMA (AV) - The phantom of the so-called "Chupacabras" has reappeared. Three bovines were found dead in a very spectacular and similar manner in two fields of the Cubanea and San Javier regions some 70 kilometers from Viedma.

Rumors about these discoveries circulated in the area until they reached the ears of the San Javier police, which faced with the magnitude of the situation, decided to intervene to calm the situation. It was thus that a group of officers, accompanied by veterinarian personnel and photographers, visited the respective scenes. Minutes were ultimately drafted regarding the situation.

A total of three cows were found in two different properties. In one of them, belonging to Erberto Malaspina, Development Commissioner for Cubanea, two of the bovines appeared 50 meters distant from each other. The third was found in a field located some 20 kilometers from the former and was the property of Oscar Garrone. Both are cattlemen and knowledgeable in the field, hence their surprise at finding their animals in these conditions.

Malaspina's field is located on the side of National Route 250 which links Viedma with Conesa at Kilometer 17. The other property is located some 20 kilometers from the first in the direction of Viedma in the San Javier area.

According to the cattlemen, the animals found present similar characteristics not only for the incisions made, but by the elements lacking in all three: eyes, ears, tongue, jawbone and genitalia. No signs of bleeding were detected in any of the cases nor indications of tearing in the missing parts of the body that indicate predator activity.

Nor were there any signs suggesting that the animals were slain to use their meat, as is the case with poaching. Furthermore, this possibility was dismissed because the bovines were in mid-field, far from any road, and in areas where no quick entry or exit is possible. It is estimated that they died some 9 days ago, but according to the cattlemen, when they found the carcasses it was noticed that the mutilations had been recent. It was only the rumors that took a number of days to spread.

SOURCE: Rio Negro On Line -

Translation (c) 2005 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
August 8, 2005

SOURCE: Las Noticias.Net
DATE: August 5, 2005


VIEDMA - The discovery of two bovines found dead under not entirely clear circumstances reignited the mystery that held the country hostage two years ago when hundreds of similar cases became known, and for which no reasonable explanation was ever found beyond a number of hypotheses--some of them inventive and unsustainable.

One of the animals was found dead in a farm belonging to Luis Garrone, located on Kilometer 1.001 on National Hwy 3. As in other strange incidents, the beast had been relieved of the right eye and ear, and the skin of its jawbone had been excised with straight, cauterized incisions. It was further missing its tongue and presented a 20 cm orifice on the right side of the nape of its neck.

Police officers from the San Javier Deputy Sheriff's office reported to the scene with experts from the Criminialist Bureau, who took photos and examined the scene of the discovery.

A police veterinary specialist was also at the scene to offer a vision diametrically opposed to that of popular imagination. To this expert, the cow was not attacked either by the "red-muzzled mouse" or the "chupacabras", nor was it the victim of an alien experiment. He said that it was merely a natural death and that the wounds presented were the work of carrion animals such as foxes, ferrets and weasels.

In any event, Carlos Garrone, the field owner's brother, reported that he had never seen anything like it and professed to be mystified by the situation.

Subsequently, the police detail visited Cubanea, where another animal was found dead under similar circumstances.

Photo of head showing skin cut away

The animal presented injuries similar to the ones seen before.

Photo of dead cow

Police elements analyzed the carcass and the site where it was found

Noticias.Net -

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Christian Quintero.

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