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Argentina: Mystery Continues Regarding UFO Crash on El Manzano

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
January 20, 2007

DATE: January 20, 2007


Police determined that the impact occured against one of the peak's slopes at an altitude of 4200 meters and at 100 km from QUijano. A team is heading out today with elements to rescue persons living or dead.

A great mobilization of security personnel, media - domestic and forein - and a growing rumor among the locals were the result of the news concerning the collision of an Unidentified Flying Object on mid-morning Thursday to the west of the Departments of Rosario de Lerma and Chicoana.

The nature of the body that collided against the slopes of the El Manzano mountain is still undertermined, but numerous witnesses claim having seen a fireball falling at high speed against the Andean massif.

Dardo Gustavo Tolaba, chief of the Chicoana Sheriffs' Office, claims that they managed to see the object. "We cannot say exactly what it is, really. It could be an aircraft, perhaps space junk, a meteorite or something unknown. The fact is that we were able to focus on it with high resolution binoculars during our approach and we managed to establish that it was something large and metallic. We cannot dismiss the possibility that it could be a manned object, so our duty is to reach the goal and recover anyone there, dead or alive," said the officer.

It all started when Beatriz Prieto of the Las Palmas farm informed police over the phone that an object had crashed. "It looked like an airplane in flames," said the woman. Later, other locals confirmed her report and added more details. "It exploded when it hit ground," added numerous witnesses.

Victor Copa, head of Regional Unit 1, requested the object's location via GPS. It was thus possible to define the point of impact and ascertain that it was an artifical object. With this information, a Civil Aviation airplane took off early yesterday to photograph it, but was unable to reach the appropriate altitude and returned to the airport.

A team of rescuers and high mountain specialists composed of four members of the Firefighting Division of the Provincial Police and three gendarmes from Squadron 22 of San Antonio de Los Cobres, as well as a backwoodsman sargeant first class, will leave at 5 am today toward El Manzano to find the UFO that crashed against its slopes. They will carry personal oxygen equipment, radio gear and strechers for transporting the dead or injured. The police group will be headed by Federico Delgado and composed by corporal Marcelo Beas, a mountain rescue instructor, corporal Esteban Romero and Agent Enrique Velez.

Accompanying them will be Sgt. Benito Barboza of the Rosario de Lerma sheriffs' office, since he is a backwoodsman from the Department of Los Andes. It is estimated that [reaching the site] will take some 48 hours.

Yesterday morning, at the request of the Police, a Cessna 182 of the Salta Aero Club piloted by Jorge McIntyre tried to reach the site unsuccessfully. "This is a Civil Aeronautics Safety committee that is constituted whenever cases of this type occur, " said Javier Debenedetto, president of the Salta Aero Club. The site in question was at an elevation higher than the Cessna's flight ability. He said that the object is possibly "some space junk, that's what we tend to believe. To be a plane it would have to be a large one to fly at that altitude, since an ultralight or light-engine plane cannot cross those peaks."

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mercedes Casas)

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