The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 7, 2005

SOURCE: El Sol Matutino (Argentina)
DATE: April 6, 2005


A police detachment from the Concordia Department of the Entre Rios Police searched for the wreckage of an alleged airplane in the vicinity of Termas Vertientes de la Concordia using a high-power searchlight. The aircraft would have crashed in that vicinity around 23:50 hours last night.

Argentinean Air Force Personnel Requested information from all airports as to where an aircraft headed for Concordia could have departed, and reported it to the 3rd Aerial Brigade headquartered in Paraná. No aircraft had departed in this direction, although its call numbers suggest that it could be an experimental plane.

A mobile unit of EL SOL Tele-5 was sent out immediately to the thermal baths in the location, ascertaining that neither employees of the baths, nor the tourists visiting them, had witnessed the collision of the alleged airplane.

Police officers, after combing the thermal baths and their vicinity, decided to return to their stations after alerting the National Police and the Naval Prefecture to be alert to a possible appeararance of the "phantom aircraft" in their respective spheres of influence.

To make matters worse, residents of Salto claimed having seen a low-flying plane that, according to the Uruguayans, showed signs of being "in trouble".

Could it all be a prank?

As of this morning, it remains unknown if the distress call was a prank or if an aircraft in distress flew over the skies of Concordia.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU
Special thanks to Christian H. Quintero

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