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Argentina: Reflections on the Tres Arroyos Case


SOURCE: La Voz Del Pueblo

DATE: 11.18.07

Argentina: Reflections on the Tres Arroyos Case

Re-reading the UFO chronicles of yore is an astonishing experience. It would seem that during the 1970s and to a lesser extent, the 1980s, UFO sightings were commonplace in Tres Arroyos and its surroundings.

Back then it seemed that our city and its environs were a “route and stopping point for flying saucers” (as described by La Voz del Pueblo in a 1973 article). The foremost exponent of Ufology in the country at the time, Prof. Pedro Romaniuk, also stated that the “UFO route passes over Tres Arroyos and Bahia Blanca, reaching all the way to Salta. This is possible thanks to isodynamic lines, which link areas having similar magnetic intensity.”

The most significant case, however, took place one evening in June 1973 and had several simultaneous witnesses. Two men saw a powerful glow followed by the descent of a UFO over an area field. The next day, it was ascertained that a scorched circle was left behind in the area where the object had descended. The same glow was seen by a family driving along in a pickup truck, and who claimed that their vehicle had been tailed closely by an unknown craft before disappearing. In the town of Oriente, almost simultaneously, several people saw an oval, multicolored object that flew at low altitude over the location.

On the night of July 3, 1984, an object was reported by several witnesses almost simultaneously in Oriente, Copetonas and Coronel Pringles: first as a cloud-shape that gave off bright flashes and subsequently as a sphere of light, finally with the unmistakable shape of a UFO.

In 1978 three hunters saw a UFO over Loma del Chapar while traveling in their truck. The object followed them closely until their truck’s motor died and the lights went out.

In 1988 a round, bright yellow-orange object was seen over the Lawn Tennis area for over a minute. Its lower section resembled that of a [child’s] toy top.

(Translation (c) 2007 - Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Lucas Grossi)

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