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Argentina: Strange Object Falls From Sky

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 29, 2006

SOURCE: El Tribuno (Salta, Argentina)
DATE: 09.26.06


***Incident occurred in the local sewage treatment plant ***
***It toppled an antenna located on an office roof; an eyewitness offered a clear description of the object***

Crews of volunteer fire fighters and the provincial police have been looking for an object that fell into one of the vats of the Aguas de Salta sewage treatment plant, located some three kilometers east of the city of Metán. The mysterious event was reported to the local sheriff's office by custodian Carlos Alberto Fernandez, who reported that the event occurred in the early hours of Sunday while he performed inspection and maintenance tasks on the premises.

He said that a flying object shaped like a black cloud, and heading from the north, crashed into the VHF antenna installed over a material storage shack. After that, it fell into the dark waters of one of the vats.

Fernandez said that he was able to see the situation clearly because it was a starry night. "I was standing exactly some 30 meters from where the event occurred," he told authorities. He explained that as a result of the powerful impact by the unknown object, the metal structure of the antenna was bent in a southward direction. The cables and moorings that held the antenna were also severed.

Elements of Regional Unit 3 and criminalists reported to the scene of the events, attesting to the situation reported by the employee of the "Star" security company.

The vat into which the object fell, according to the employee, has a depth of 5 meters. Firefighter crews under the command of adjutant Carlos Reyes have been probing the waters with hooks in order to find a trace of the unknown object. "Nothing strange has been found so far, but we will continue to investigate," said Reyes.

Elements of the Accident Division of the city of Salta were also present under the direction of Mauricio Silvestre. The group performed a site inspection without being able to identify the nature of the phenomenon in question. Sergio Castellanos, prosecutor for the Metan District, was also involved in the case.

One of the experts remarked that he dismissed the possibility that a powerful gust of wind could have bent the antenna. "It is plainly visible that it was struck by something heavy; otherwise it wouldn't have been left flush with the roof of the shack to which it was attached," he said.

To add further mystery to the case, Oscar Fernandez, an employee of the Aguas de Salta company who also works in the plant, told El Tribuno that "strange things are always going on here, both in broad daylight and at night, so I think that this is a real mystery, something supernatural," adding that "all of those who work here have anecdotes over the strange things that have taken place." The man abstained from providing details.

(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales IHU. Special thanks to Mercedes Casas)

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