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Argentina: Strange Lights over San Benito

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 23, 2009

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Argentina: More on the San Benito UFO
Source: Diario UNO
Date: 09.23.09

Argentina: More on the San Benito UFO

Yesterday, in Entre Rios

*Slow moving lights involved*
*UFO allegedly spotted over San Benito*
*Strange zig-zagging object photographed for several days at the same time*

Residents of San Benito claim having seen UFOs at night since mid-September. These are lights that move slowly, leaving a bright wake.

For several days and at the same time, they have photographed the strange zig-zagging object which they believe could be a UFO.
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Ingrid Presler with photo

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Spotted Over San Benito
Source: Radio LT14 (Argentina)
Date: 09.24.09

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Spotted Over San Benito

"They're a common sight around here." Ingrid Presler, a native of San Benito, explained that she was casually taking photos at the doorway to her home. She claims seeing "a blue light that lit the entire sky toward the east" and further explained that it is not the first time she has had experiences of this nature.

In statements made to LT14 Radio, Ingrid explained that she purchased a photo camera not so long ago and in order to try it out, began taking photos of her pets, relatives, etc. One night she left her home and saw "a blue light that lit the sky toward the east." She said that she immediately pressed the shutter and saw "a strange object" captured her screen. Later on, due to her astonishment, she showed the object to her sister, who opined that "it might be a UFO."
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