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July 18, 2005 Source: Planeta UFO
Date: July 17, 2005


According to statistical studies and the Decimal Hypothesis put forth by researcher Luis Burgos (UFO manifestations every 10 years in places prone to such visits), there is a great possibility that Argentina and its neighboring countries will become the target for new massive UFO incursions during the second half of this years. According to Burgos, director of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) headquartered in La Plata, unidentified flying objects would be mainly seen in the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Cordoba and certain areas of the littoral and Cuyo between the hours of 21:00 and 02:00 hours. According to his calculations, potential witnesses would see "luminous phenomena in the heavens, report creatures on the surface, would detect prints in the fields, perceive explosions at high altitude and capture photo or video evidence." In other words, events similar to the ones that occurred previously in 1965, 1975, 1985 and 1995 throughout the South American region and which had a predictive efficiency of between 70 to 80%.

The most immediate background event goes back to spring of 2005, when at least fifty "strange impressions" were reported, accompanied by several cases of unusual lights in various points of the province of Buenos Aires.

Finally, Burgos explains that this announcement is independent of any effect on the population, whether it be the recent cinematic debut of "War of the Worlds" as well as the upcoming nearby opposition of the planet Mars to Earth, scheduled for the month of October, since these [the UFO] studies were conducted, as well as in previous years, many months in advance.

For more information: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO).-

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Christian Quintero.

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