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Argentinean Neighborhood Shaken By New Paranormal Event


Source: Diario Panorama - Santiago del Estero

Date: 02.19.08

Argentinean Neighborhood Shaken By New Paranormal Event

Strange Phenomenon Affects Home in Bo. Ejercito Argentino

Mrs Salas

Aside from the manifestation of UFOs, a new and bizarre episode expeirenced by a family living in the Ejercito Argentino neighborhood. One corner of the house has a temperature highter than the rest of the home. Its inhabitants are undergoing a situation for which they cannot find a rational explanation.

A week ago, a UFO [startled] the neighborhood as a rainbow appeared in the skies. Today, the Salas Family of Bo. Ejercito Argentino is marveling at another unexplained phenomenon.

One corner of the house located at Calle 65 No. 846 has a temperature far highter than the rest of the dwelling.

A team from Noticiero 7 attested to this strange phenomenon with a handheld thermometer. It was thus possible to verify that a sector of the dining room has a temperature of 29 degrees Centigrade, while it soars to nearly 51 degrees Centigrade in another corner.

The family has not found a rational explanation for this situation. Mystery and fear have engulfed the home. Mrs. Salas is afraid to light her stove, concerned that the entire kitchen might explode.

(Translation (c) 2007 IHU, Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

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