Dear Errol and Fellow Listers:

I just wanted to see what this video of "fleets of UFOs" taken by Mr. Arturo Robles Gil looked like so I plugged his name in a Google search and this is what came up:

(For English translations, copy/paste the URL in Google and click on "translate this page".)

1. This link will take you to an investigation of an alleged UFO photographed by Arturo Robles Gil and supported by Jaime Maussan:

2. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the image created by Pascal Lopresti by photographing a similar device to that which appears in Arturo Robles Gil's photographs which he claimed was a UFO:

2. On this page, Mr. Lopresti appears to have investigated several of Arturo Robles Gil's images and found them to be highly questionable:

3. Not sure if this investigation of fraud was one of Mr. Gil's videos but it came up in association with the Google search of his name:

4. This is a good web site to view some more of Mr. Arturo Robles Gil's other work:

5. And to view more of Arturo Robles Gil's videos and photographs, try this link:

6. I found more of Mr. Arturo Robles Gil's photographs at this site (Google translates the title of this post as "SWINDLE SWINDLE ARTHUR ROBLES GIL, Mexico"):

7. At this site, you can't get the images but there is more information about Mr. Gil's work:

8. Here is just one of Mr. Arturo Robles Gil's many sightings and information about his October 27, 2004 sighting, video and photo's of a UFO described by Jaime Maussan as, ""It's as though it were an organic being with several tentacles, and some of these tentacles were putting forth spheres."

9. This link has some WMV's of Arturo Robles Gil's August, 2003 video of "fleets of UFOs" over Mexico:

10. And yet another article about Mr. Arthur Robles Gil's photographs. (Don't forget to copy-paste the entire URL - too long.):

While gathering videos and photographs of IFO's for the IFO Database, I spent many hours observing flocks of birds in flight and many balloons flying overhead. From my personal experience, Mr. Arturo Robles Gil's videos of "fleets of UFOs" look almost exactly like the balloons and birds in flight that I have observed many times.

My first inclination was to run to the store and buy dozens of white balloons to video tape but I had the sense to first look up regulations about "balloon releases" in the US. Many states have strict laws about balloon releases due to the impact on the environment and wildlife.Perhaps someone, somewhere has video taped large balloon releases and can share these images with us for comparison purposes?

In just a cursory observation of Mr. Gil's videos, I could not help but wonder if he suffers from Parkinson's disease or some other malady that prevents him from holding a video camera steady. Shaky videos are also another clue the images are not as they seem and someone may be trying to disguise the true nature of the objects in question by repeatedly zooming in and out and moving the camera back and forth in an erratic motion.

It seems to me that if someone has been caught hoaxing an alleged photograph of a UFO, claims to have dozens of UFO sightings always with opportunities to video tape and photograph UFOs and fleets of them, one should weigh the evidence very carefully before jumping to conclusions that the images are of genuine UFOs.

A. Hebert

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