After leaving the UK we arrived in the USA and just as a matter of interest and so you all know this as we weren’t informed, when you get to the US the first thing they do in the form of a welcome is to “fingerprint you and take your photo”, yes folks we are now officially on some kind of data bank?? Nowhere else in the world that we have visited did they do this and I read in a local newspaper that US Home Land Security staff are being reported for intimidating behaviour and scaring tourists away, interesting?!

UFO Encounter Area 51
After a goodnight’s sleep it was time to pick up the hire car and drive out to Las Vegas. We spent three days in Las Vegas, did what we had to then set out on our adventure to Rachel. The town of Rachel is located in Sand Spring Valley, in the southern Nevada high desert, along the world’s only Extraterrestrial Highway aka Hwy 375. ( ( It is located about 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas, separated from it by the restricted area around the Nellis Ranges, and about 27 miles north of the top secret Air Force Base Area 51.

Rachel was founded in May 1973 by D.C. Day, who owned an alfalfa farm in the valley. The town was first called Tempiute Village, then Sand Springs. Later, when the population grew, thanks to the reopening of the nearby tungsten mine in Tempiute Mountain, it was named Rachel.

While staying in Rachel we decided to do a nightwatch so we set out around 9.45 pm. It was a lovely clear night, no clouds and plenty of stars. On the way up the road, two bright lights appeared at the top of the road. Robert and I thought it could be a truck parked at the top. The road to Groom Lake Road is long and straight with only a couple of turn-offs. As we got closer to the light, the lights went out, but we didn’t think too much about it other than Robert commented, “We should notice if a truck was travelling down any road as the area is quite flat and the lights will stand out”. As we got closer to the top of the rise there was no sign of a truck. We made camp at the top of Groom Lake Road with a couple from Reno we had met back at Pat’s. Thinking we wouldn’t see anything as Pat, the owner of the Alien Inn, told us nothing had happened for months, we were very casual about getting set up. We were only there for five minutes when a light appeared above the mountain range. The light was very bright and orange in colour. Another light travelled from the top of the ridge that we had passed over on our way to the top of Groom Lake Road. The light travelled so fast and pulled up on a dime, which was amazing to see. I grabbed my camcorder and started to film the light on the hill when another light travelled from the same direction as the last light and again stopped on a dime.

Then the Reno couple commented they had never seen anything like it and this was the first time they had seen any kind of UFO. Unfortunately I was only able to catch a few minutes of video as the object disappeared quite quickly.

The couple from Reno decided that was enough for them so they packed up and we both drove back towards the Inn but Robert decided he wanted to stay in the area for another half hour. As we drove Robert saw the area begin to glow bright orange so he said, “Diane, pull over”. I parked the car and we watched bright beams of light shoot up into the heavens. Robert tried to get the attention of the Reno couple but they seemed to be focused at getting back to Rachel as they drove right past us at incredible speed. I said to Robert that they must have seen the beams of light and got scared. Then the whole area started to glow orange and the object appeared again on the horizon. This time a sound came from the area; a sound which was more like a vibration. The sound travelled towards us and when it reached us, it felt like it passed through us. At that point I personally started to get a little worried, but Robert wanted to stay longer. Then, having thoughts of people disappearing in the dessert, I said, “Come on Robert, people have a habit of disappearing in deserts”. We got in the car and drove back to Rachel. On arrival we looked for the other couple and their RV but it was nowhere to be seen, so we went to our cabin and bedded down for the night. What happened during the night is another story which I will cover in my next column.

The next morning we woke and went for breakfast with camcorder in-hand as I was keen to show Pat the footage. While having breakfast Chuck Clark, author of the Area 51 & S4 handbook walked in and Pat asked me to show Chuck the footage. I asked what Chuck thought the object could be and he said, “Just the same old stuff seen around here”. With that thought in mind I was more than keen to get on the road to visit Death Valley.

The Disclosure Australia Project Newsletter 24 has been posted to:

This issue contains:

* Previously unseen memos about the 1953 Drury film located on a formely "Secret" file of the former Department of Civil Aviation
* The search for a pre 1953 RAAF DAFI UFO file - number "SEC CD2/2"
* Information found on two RAAF HQ Darwin files which have not been seen before by UFO researchers.

For more details and information refer to the Disclosure Australia website at or

Thankyou Keith Roberts for this report on Regatta Day UFO Sightings.

“UFO Mystery Deepens” said the Hobart newspaper, The Mercury, on 19 February 2005. The article referred to a UFO sighting that had taken place the previous Regatta Day holiday weekend. The UFO sighting near Melton Mowbray in the southern Midlands of Tasmania, had remained unexplained despite considerable enquiries by the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC). The resultant publicity brought forth a number of reports, complicated by a series of lights cases over Hobart’s waterside suburbs. These lights were soon dismissed by the Police (and TUFOIC) as the work of persons unknown letting off parachute flares.
Sifting through the data collected it became apparent that a mini-flap had occurred in the period late December to February. This was the best sighting flap in the state since 1998. Prior to the media coverage of the Melton Mowbray case, the Centre had only received three unexplained reports during all of 2004. A couple of cases emerged before the publicity, but it is a concern that without any media assistance, the bulk of the sightings would have remained unreported. Needless to say, the Centre would have been ignorant of the activity occurring on its own doorstep. Just how many UFO sightings happen without us knowing about it?

Sightings commence.
The southern Midlands stretches north from Hobart’s northern suburbs, being mainly rural with areas of bush-covered hills, steep rocky gullies, and mountains from 600 to above 900 metres. The main north-south highway stretches through the area carrying traffic from Hobart to the north and northwest of the state. The district is also home to many who commute to the city to work but prefer to live in the open country.

The flap got away to a fairly low-key start the evening of 25 December 2004 at Molesworth.
A group of people were relaxing outside when a star-like light was seen in the area of Orion. At first it was assumed to be a satellite or shooting star. However, the light continued on a path across the northern sky before coming to a halt. The light then reversed direction going out of sight into the northeast sky at an increased speed. The bemused witnesses saw the same or similar light some minutes later performing the same manoeuvre, crossing the sky, then going away to the northeast. This performance was repeated on one more occasion before it disappeared for good.

The first real puzzle of the flap came three days later in the early hours of 28 December near the historic town of Richmond. Anne (1) and her young son were returning from a trip to the East Coast. Her partner was following in a second car some distance behind. She noticed a distant bright light in the northwest sky. She thought it must be an aircraft enroute to Hobart, but was puzzled by its movement back and forth in the sky.

Anne continued heading home until she reached the hill into Richmond. Passing the Brinktop reserve, she found that the light was approaching rapidly. Within seconds it was passing over the road just ahead so she slowed down and stopped the car. The big light looked to be two to three metres across with a dark area in the centre with a red and blue light below blinking rapidly. The object was now moving over a brow about 200 metres distant, and as it did so a beam of light came from the centre of the object and was moving about on the ground below. The next thing Anne knew was that for thirty seconds her car was all lit up by the beam, then everything went dark and the bright object just seemed to have vanished like a light being turned off. Anne’s partner now came over the hill and arrived at the scene. He had seen a distant light but had not taken much notice.

Nothing else occurred until just after midnight on 18 January 2005. This time the witness was driving to her home just north of Brighton. She turned left off the main highway and was immediately confronted by a strange green football-sized light, which had a rigid green tail. The light was seen initially out of the driver’s window, and then it was seemingly just above the car. The witness said the car seemed to lose power at this stage but as she drove over the rise about half a kilometre from the highway, the light had disappeared ahead. Some minutes later, the witness pulled into her driveway and saw the green light moving rapidly from a northerly direction. She parked the car and got out for a look; at this point the light did a U turn and disappeared in seconds into the area of Orion.

The scene moves north for the next report from Legana, ten kilometres north of Launceston. Our two witnesses were up early around 4.30 am when they saw a bright ‘something’ in the southeast. Mr L (1) raced inside to get his binoculars for a close inspection as the bright object was moving northwards. Through the binoculars he could see a basically cylindrical object. There appeared to be a band of white light above, yellow in the centre with red light below. As the cylinder moved north it did so with the cylinder at an angle. However, every time the object stopped, the cylinder took up a vertical position. The cylinder would move, and then stop before moving on again. It gradually gained elevation as it moved more to the northeast and was obscured by a cloud bank. The sighting had lasted over ten minutes leaving Mr L baffled for an explanation.

A Very Close Encounter.
The major sighting of the flap occurred on 14 February soon after midnight. Jane, Terri, and Pam (1) were all travelling north to Devonport. They had made a late start but the weather was fine and they expected a trip not much over three hours would see them at their destination.
They left the lights of Hobart behind and some 35 km north of the city they passed through Pontville. Terri in the front passenger seat noticed a set of three star-like lights low over the distant hills ahead, one light being much bigger than the others. At this point in the trip the car radio decided to fade out. She said nothing to Jane driving and Pam in the back seat about the light but kept it in view. However, after another 20 km she pointed the light out to the others. Jane thought it may have been a ball marker on low power lines but soon dismissed that idea as the light resolved into a football shape with a steady red light on the left and a blue light on the right.

The light now became an object that was coming towards the car, at this point Jane brought the car to a stop. The object seemed to be on top of them, then over the roadside with a beam shining onto the ground. All three witnesses got out of the car to look at what they took to be some strange aircraft or helicopter. The beam was lighting up a square area in the paddock, and the fence was clearly visible as was the dry grass in the paddock. The beam seemed to come from front or beneath the object. All the witnesses heard a quiet humming sound as the object and beam moved in unison across the paddock at a height of some twenty metres and distance of fifteen metres. The object was estimated as being eight to ten metres wide and moving so slow that had it been a plane it would have fallen from the sky.

Descriptions of the object varied at this stage. Jane and Terri described a dark shape above a bright light and beam, the red and blue lights being no longer visible. Pam felt they were looking at the bottom of the object with lights below. As it moved away, the beam went out. Jane saw a dark curved top with some lighter patches; Terri saw a triangle shape like a tail at the rear, and inside this triangle an orange light was revolving in a clockwise direction. Pam recalled a big bright light receding away towards the Kempton hills.

The witnesses now continued on their journey north noting the time of the sighting at 12.12 am. They stopped briefly at Perth for a coffee and arrived at a relative’s home in Devonport at 3.55 am. The trip from Melton Mowbray had taken another 3 ¾ hours, the best part of an hour more than normal. Jane was also puzzled that they left home at exactly 11.38 pm but somehow reached Melton Mowbray about midnight, a test drive a few days after the sighting took 50 minutes for the same trip.

Following contact with the Police, the witnesses were referred to TUFOIC. A full investigation proceeded with details of the event collected and contact made with a number of authorities and local contacts (2) in the sighting area. Air traffic, helicopters, and astronomical explanations were soon ruled. A Department of Defence contact said that to fly in the manner reported in the sighting would only be performed in a life or death situation, anyone attempting to joy ride in that manner would soon crash. Flying anything at night requires training and instrument skills, let alone crossing the country at low level. Military exercises are held in strictly defined locations and not over public areas. The sighting was reported in the The Mercury (Thursday 17 February 2005). The resultant publicity brought forth more sightings but nothing to help with an explanation for the encounter at Melton Mowbray (3).

Tracking a UFO.
The night following the Melton Mowbray event, the Centre received five interesting sightings; four of the reports within about two hours of each other and separated by only about ten kilometres in distance. Initially a motorist travelling south near Epping Forest about 8.30 pm reported a bright round white light which appeared to the rear of his motor vehicle. He was able to look to the rear and observed a light that looked to be a couple of metres across. The light remained to the rear of his car for some five minutes before just disappearing.

Near midnight the H (1) family was returning home from the fireworks at the Hobart Regatta, and were travelling north near Mangalore, about the same location as the start of the Melton Mowbray sighting. The father saw what he took to be an approaching aircraft to the west of the highway. The family home is beneath the flight path of commercial flights into Hobart Airport and they see overflights nearly every day. However, the lights ahead crossed to their east and seemed to stop before moving north at slow speed. The family was then rather surprised to find that their car was now overtaking the lights, leaving them behind to the rear on the driver’s side. The father saw a red light and a strong white light with a light beaming down below with a flashing blue light. The driver (mother) saw white lights, three above, one in the centre, and three below in a capital I pattern. The son saw a similar pattern to his mother. However, his colours were three red above two strong yellow white, with two flashing blue lights below. The apparent size was hard to estimate and they commented it looked car-sized.

The lights looked low just above the treetops to the east and maybe moving away towards the hills (Butlers Hill?). The father and son tried to look back at the lights, but they seemed to have disappeared. About the same time or maybe just after Mrs W (1) on a farm near Rekuna (ten kilometres east of Mangalore) was up late tending to the children. As she went to bed a bright glow outside caught her attention. Looking out she could see that there was something on or just beyond a hill some 400-500 m to the northwest. A brilliant white light was shining through the trees, the glow being as tall as the hilltop trees. Mrs W watched for a few minutes but could not make out a source for the light. She continued onto bed. About ten minutes later, she was still wondering about the light so she got up for another look. The light now seemed to have moved further back from the hill and was not as prominent. A few days later, she visited the light’s location but there was nothing to indicate that anyone or anything had been on the hill. The area is rough and rocky with dry grass.

The scene returns to Mangalore at about 1.45 am when a lone witness reported a brilliant white light and beam over Laskeys Hill just to the west of Mangalore. The witness who is in the habit of retiring late always inspects the night sky first. The bright ball was illuminating the trees and grass on the hillside. The light remained stationary for nearly fifteen minutes before it disappeared at great speed to the east.

The fourth sighting was now made at Native Corners, again about ten kilometres east of Mangalore and just a few kilometres north of Rekuna. Mrs N (1) said she had to get up in the early hours, about 2 am. She found that the usual dark interior of the house was quite bright as if lit up from somewhere. Upon returning to bed she saw a large white ball low over the hillside northeast of the farm. The light was surrounded by a glow and had a tinge of red on the left hand side. The half-moon-sized light did not show any movement and after some ten minutes, she dozed off to sleep. The next morning, her sister also commented on how bright the area about the house was in the early hours of the morning. The moon had set that night about 10.45 pm.

Final Reports.
Two more sightings brought the mini-flap to a close, one from Swansea on the state’s East Coast, the second from Campania just a short distance from the events on 14 February.
A Swansea witness awake in the early hours of 28 February (3.30 am) noticed a bright light or group of lights to the southwest. The light which was white seemed to also have flashing blue and red lights. At first it looked to move back and forth in a zigzag manner, then north across the western skyline. The witness alerted her partner to view the lights which after ten minutes were in the northwestern sky. The witness did not see what happened to the lights as she returned to bed. The final event occurred about 9.15 pm when Mrs R (1) of Campania witnessed a row of lights moving low over a hillside just west of the town. There appeared to be something dark with steady white lights on it plus some other coloured lights. The lights looked to be just above a gully before they disappeared behind a small hill. A couple of minutes later, the lights reappeared moving across in front of the hill. The silent object then departed over the gully where it had first been noticed.

The Centre has investigated the cases to the best of its ability, taking a common sense approach and not recording cases as unexplained when there has been a plausible explanation. The sightings themselves present some points of interest; to begin with, the obvious close geographical location of the events. Most cases involved a major bright white light, sometimes with a glow or beam of light capable of illuminating the ground below. The objects in all but one case were silent and in most reports made slow movements, quite often at low elevation. A row or group of lights was also reported. The bulk of the cases occurred late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

The sightings on the night of 14 February almost allow one to plot the object’s movements. One witness asked, “Who is driving?” and “Where does it go?” The ability to seemingly disappear in mid-air almost suggests it does not need to go anywhere locally, but somehow goes back to wherever it came from. The Centre (4) can with confidence, say that whilst Tasmanians slept soundly in their beds last summer, a UFO moved unimpeded across the night-time skies. Where it came from and where it went is the mystery and that is why the ‘U’ in UFO still stands for ‘Unidentified’.

(1) Anonymous names used. All real names and addresses of witnesses on file with TUFOIC.
(2) Investigation contacts Air Traffic Control Hobart and Launceston Airports, Hobart Airport Security, Air Ambulance, Rotor Lift and Helicopter Resources. Tasmania Police, Tasmanian Search & Rescue, Department of Navy, Department of Defence, AAMI (balloon present on holiday weekend), Paul Jackson (Astronomical), Business and property owners in Melton Mowbray, Kempton and Bagdad districts. The Hobart Mercury and Launceston Examiner newspapers.
(3) Articles appeared in the Hobart Mercury on 17, 19 and 24 February 2005. The Melton

1800-772288 National Free Call Hotline Number: At no cost to you, ring the National Hotline number to report a UFO sighting from anywhere in Australia, and leave your contact details. We’ll get the closest AUFORN representative in your area to contact you ASAP.

Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3786 23.12.04)
During the mid 1970s Mr Ryan worked at Lidcombe in Sydney, based in the grounds of the Lidcombe Hospital. About 10.00 am one morning during a break, Mr Ryan and a friend were having a cup of tea. They noticed a silver saucer-shaped craft hovering just above the tree tops. It looked just like a B-grade Hollywood movie flying saucer, dome and all. They called a friend of theirs and asked him to look and when he looked up he yelled out, “That’s a flying saucer”. The craft then tilted slightly and shot away in a zigzag movement and disappeared. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

23.10.04 SYDNEY (FREEMAN'S BEACH), NSW 2235hrs (Identified as Venus)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code ?)
Sandra was at home in Freemen’s Reach, New South Wales, with her husband one night, when she was looking at the sky and noticed a star-sized light that seemed to change colour from red, green, orange to white. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

26.10.04 SYDNEY (GLENFIELD), NSW 1145hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3667)
After picking up her daughter from Holsworthy Army Base, Amanda was driving on Moorebank Avenue, Glenfield, New South Wales, about 200-300 metres before the Cambridge Road turn off. She noticed an object in the middle of her windscreen about 45-degrees from the horizon and pointed it out to her daughter. The object was yellowish orange in colour. It was stationary for a few seconds but then moved to the right in an arch and entered a cloud. It went quickly into the cloud and back out. It did this three times but they didn’t see it come out again. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

26.10.04 BALLINA, NSW 2345hrs (NL + TRACE)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3668)
In Ballina, New South Wales, while sleeping on the lounge in the TV room, Sylvia S. was woken up by a bright light, emitting through the window from outside. “At the time I thought that I must be dreaming, so I went back to sleep. The next day I kept thinking about it. I decided to walk out to the garden, I stood at the spot where I thought the light was emitting from. I noticed a circle in the grass. As I looked around I noticed more circles in the area. We took some photos. I sent copies to a UFO group in Sydney, but have not heard from them yet. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

03.11.04 SYDNEY (RICHMOND), NSW 0300hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3679)
On the morning of 3 November 2004, Peter, in Richmond, New South Wales, noticed four lights heading from south to north. There were three in a row, the fourth was abreast of the centre line. They were travelling 12,000 to 15,000 feet high and moving very fast with no sound at all. They were moving at twice the speed of a hornet plane. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

18.11.04 DUNNIELD TRI, NSW 0300hrs (NL)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3689)
On the 18 November 2004, two witnesses in Dunnield Tri, new South Wales, saw an object, in the eastern sky about 45-degrees from the horizon. Mr Howe viewed the object with binoculars and noticed that it was moving upwards and changing colour. It was brighter than the stars and planets. He said that the object stopped, then moved again, then stopped, then it shot up at great speed and disappeared. Mr Howe’s mother, Jenny, stated that she had seen the same object the night before. She was asleep when all of a sudden she was woken up by a very bright light, like a beam from a torch which seemed to be coming from outside. She chose to ignore it and went back to sleep.

Mr Howe had had an earlier sighting about ten years ago, while driving home with his wife one night. They saw a hovering light which sat there for a few seconds, then shot off across the sky and stopped on the spot, about 30-degrees from the horizon. The object sat there for a few seconds then shot straight up and disappeared. It looked like a shooting star but in reverse. They thought it was weird, but left it at that. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

02.01.05 SYDNEY (ST CLAIR), NSW 1000hrs (PHOTO)
Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3807)
On Sunday morning at 10.00 am, David, in St Clair, New South Wales, was taking photos of a dragonfly with his digital camera. He didn’t notice anything unusual at the time, but as he was checking his photos he noticed an oval-shaped silver ball in the background. David has sent me a copy of the photo which I will pass on to AUFORN. Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA

As from the 11th of July AUFORN has finally go it own home at
Its been a long time coming but now its here, no more long addresses to say or post out

Gold Coast Lectures to be held at:
Venue: Robina Community Center, Room C
Location: Robina Town Center Drive
Thursday 29th September 2005
Start time 6.30 p.m - Finish 10.30 p.m
5 minute walk from the Robina Railway station.

Sydney Lectures to be held at:
Venue: Dooleys Libcombe Cathlic Club
Location: 24 John Street
1st Saturday November 2005
Start time 5.30 p.m - Finish 9.30 p.m
5 minute walk from the Libcombe Railway station.
For members & guests

Freddy Silva - Author
Topic - Crop Circles and Sound.

Alfred Lambremont Webre - Author
Topic - Exopolitics - Preparing for contact.

Michael Horn - Musician
Topic - Billy Meier case, Light ships Alien Contact.

Gold Coast & Sydney Entrance Fee:
Cost: $20.00 for the evening or $10.00 per individual speaker
Pensioner discount $15.00

Gold Coast: Contact 07-5530-3221 or 0427-164677
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I would like to thank Duncan Roads for allowing us to host these speakers.

Guest Speaker: Paul Clacher
Former Telstra Technician to Marketing Manager. Griffith University Director of Microelectronic Engineering, Australian Federal Policeman as a Federal Financial Intelligence Agent. In 2001 Paul joined WorkCover as an Investigator, was UFORQ Investigations Officer for a short time.

Amongst many of Paul's qualifications he holds a level 3 from the Colorado Centre for Healing Touch. Paul feels his work with ethereal energy has allowed him to be in touch with other energy sources and this is why he is so able to freely take photographs of Orbs, and on odd occasions has capture photographs of apparitions.

How did Paul start:
How did it all start? Well, in 2004 my family and I decided to head off on a trip around Queensland and fossick on the way and also do a bit of site seeing as we went. The route took us to many fossicking sites and areas of extreme and historical significance.

While on holidays my daughter wanted more than anything, to go to Boulia and try to see some "Min Min" lights. My wife wanted to see Western Queensland and I wanted to do all of that, but I also wanted to look and fossick for stones.

While away I took a considerable number of photographs with my newly purchased digital camera. My daughter, who is a bit of a brave individual, suggested to me that we pay a visit to a local Pioneer Cemetery in one of the country towns that we were staying at and take some night photographs.

Now, I don't know if she was getting bored or not, but anyway, she managed to talk me into it. What happened next, would be enough to convert the staunchest skeptic.

After a counter meal dinner at the local pub, we made our way to the pioneer cemetery and just to add a bit of fun for my daughter, I told her I would call in the ghosts, so I did. With a bit of fun in mind and trying to add a little bit of tension to the event my daughter then took some photographs with the digital camera and I said "can I have a look".

My daughter was sort of shocked. I asked "what's up", and she showed me the photo that she had just taken. The shot was filled with what looked like "Orbs" 72 in all, or could they be "Min Min" lights. I must admit I was a little shocked myself.

I then took some shots myself, you could say this event stirred my interest in digital photos. During the rest of that holiday and up until the current this date I have taken many photographs with my digital camera and it appears I can hardly take a photograph without photographing Orbs/ Min Min lights.

Paul will give a Power Point presentation of photos he has taken of Orbs and apparitions and will show us who easy it is to photograph them.

Paul will organize a field trip following the lecture to a location of the groups choice, so you to can capture Orbs and maybe some apparitions on your digital camera.

If you want to know more about these balls of transparent light, come along to our meeting August 5th and Paul will demonstrate even with the cleanest of camera lens you too can capture these images.

For more information about Paul call by his web page @
Article: Big Cats, by Paul Clacher
On the Trail of the Big Cat, by Paul Clacher

BRISBANE, QLD - Springwood Community Centre at corner of Cinderella
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