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Creatures Seen At Macquarie Retreat, NSW, Australia

UFOINFO Form Report

Location: Macquarie Retreat, Cattai, NSW, Australia

Date: From 1995 to 1999

Description: In 1887, My ancestor Thomas Arndell settled a farm as a reward for his work as a surgeon on the first fleet.

This farm remained in our family until 2004. I was born in 1989 and I was young when it started, I'd be on the property and see small figures by the river, silos and once gazing at our water pump. I was always to scared to stay and watch, I'd run and tell my grandfather but he was adament 'the Lord did not create Aliens'. What I thought they were was ghosts.

For almost 4 years this happened until on the night of my 10th birthday. I along with 4 friends, ventured across a huge paddock toward some concrete silos that went about 1 meter up to 2 meters high. As I was walking I looked at the highest silo and saw an odd looking figure gazing back at us, looking quite busted. I stopped and shook in fear as its huge eyes peered into mine. It seemed as if I was in a trance. My friends noticed me standing still and called back to me. I pointed at the figure and one of my friends began to cry loudly as the others mentioned its height and eyes.

I was comforted in a way because I realised that these beings had been on our property for so long and never showed a hostile pressance. As I stood in amazement one of my friends grabbed the one that was crying and began running away. My best friend David was still next to me and asked if I would go back to the homestead with him. The being did not flinch as we turned and ran, but it was the hardest decison I ever made, because that creature didn't want to hurt us, If anything he gave a warm, loving feeling through his eyes. When I returned to the house I cried for about an hour as I had the feeling they wouldn't be on our farm anymore. I never saw them again.

Color/Shape: Large black eyes no pupil but a dot of light in each eye. Tall, atleast 6 foot. but some that I saw prior to my b'day were small as children.