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Australian UFO Wave - Hoax Site

[UFOINFO Note: This report is late in being posted.]

For a few weeks now there has been strong suspicion that the Australian UFO Wave website was not all it claimed to be. Strong suspicions about the authenticity of the videos have now proved to be correct - they are all hoaxed. The website claims it was an experimental digital video project by director Christopher Kenworthy funded by the Australian Film Commission, also that is 'was not a hoax or deception, but an immersive artwork.'

There was a FAQ now withdrawn:


Australian UFO Wave 2006

Q: Are these clips for sale to broadcasters, newspapers or websites?

A: The entire content of this site has been sold to a documentary maker, so the clips are no longer for sale. Websites remain free to mirror the clips.

Q: Can I report a UFO?

A: No. Due to the intense pressure of gathering this information and maintaining this website (as well as many other unexpected pressures associated with UFOlogy), I will be taking a break - possibly for ever. This site will no longer accept reports and it won't be updated in the near future. If you have a UFO to report, go to a reputable website such as


From Brian Vike (HBCC UFO Research) in a personal message:

You know all the video clips from Australia I have posted and sent along to you ? This is from the Australian UFO Wave website ? Well there is a new one the guy sent, he told me either it is the best footage caught of an alien being or someone is playing a hoax. I am starting to think that maybe the guy running the website is the one pulling the hoax. Just way to much excellent looking footage of strange and unusual things. Plus I have written to him twice now asking if anyone is looking into these sightings/footage. He seems to be ignoring these letter from me as I get no reply. What I was doing is trying to see what he had to say. Hoping if all these clips are the real deal he might even say, well no one is checking into them and if you want, maybe I could. Now I really just wanted to see if he might say yes. Just for my own peace of mind. Helps in saying all these clips are of the real deal. Something else, the information, or the actual written report, well there is really nothing to them. A "short" little bit and with some of these sightings that he has gathered from people, I would have believed there would be alot more information. But none. A few other things is making me wonder as well.

So after seeing this so called alien clip, makes me think the entire bunch of clips are nothing more than a hoax he is trying to pull on me and everyone else.


Also I wrote the this Tim guy from the Australia UFO Wave saying to him I wasn't very impressed with the alien footage and I believed it to be a hoax. His reply, which is looking to appear to be an automated response to folks who write to him. It states I am receiving "thousands" of emails over all the footage and I will have to get back to you when I can, this sort of thing. It looked more like he just typed that in and sent it along to me. So I think I won't be posting anymore of his stuff as I am getting to believe this guy is pulling a hoax on me and many others. I don't have fact to back this up. But still think something is not looking good.


From a UFO UpDates posting by Santiago Yturria Garza:

Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 18:46:51 +0000
Subject: Another Hoaxed 'Alien' Video

The series of hoaxes by the Australian UFO Wave 2006 website is getting annoying. Now these people have posted an alleged 'alien' caught on tape, titled No. 30, which is a poor CGI recreation.

This website is just a bad joke.

It's time to denounce this people and their absurd fakes for trying to distort serious Australian UFO research.

UFOINFO would like to thank Errol Bruce-Knapp and UFO UpDates for granting permission to use this article. To keep up to date with follow-up reports and discussions you are advised to subscribe to UFO UpDates by writing to:


From an AUFORN Mailing List posting by Diane Harrison:

From: Diane Harrison
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 13:23:11 +1000
Subject: Re: [AUFORN AUSTRALIA] The great "Australian UFO (video) wave" - NOT

Hi Bill & List

Well I got upset folks. I'm so disgusted by the fact that Australian taxpayers money was spent on this so called controlled experiment, and might I add totally controlled by Christopher and his team by not allowing any proper investigation of any of the footage on that site. He's lead researchers around the world up the garden path with his deception of the source of these reports when asked via email correspondence for more information.

Now he has the nerve to say Australian UFOlogists and the Skeptics did not do a proper job in trying to prove this footage on this site were hoaxed. WHAT RUBBISH.

I have since found out via a reporter that Christopher was granted funds of $15,000 for his project.?


Begin forwarded message:
From: *****
Date: 16 August 2006 9:00:54 AM
To: 'Diane Harrison'
Subject: RE: Dear Honorable Mr Kim. Beazley "I'm Very perplexed"

Hi Diane,

I found the below on the AFC's website:

I'm guessing the project is 'Watch The Skies', and that it therefore cost $15,000


Begin forwarded message:
From: Diane Harrison
Date: 16 August 2006 6:32:26 AM
To: Kim.Beazley.MP
Subject: Dear Honorable Mr Kim. Beazley "I'm Very perplexed"

Dear Honorable Mr Kim. Beazley

I really think you need to take a look at this disgusting waste of taxpayers money and say something about it.

Mr Beazley you have to ask "what did this study cost $20,000 $30,000 $100,00".?

Experimental Film Project

Produced in Association with the Australian Film Commission


(In April 2006, the Australian Film Commission funded an experimental digital video project by director Christopher Kenworthy. Between June and mid-August 2006 thirty-one clips of UFOs were created. The UFO videos were distributed over the internet via websites and video podcasts. Writers crafted background stories for the sightings, and answered thousands of e-mails using a fictional persona. The process, reactions and responses were recorded for a forthcoming documentary)

More information at the webpage.

We as a public service know we have saved the Howard Governments Public Services thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours over the past 8 years by taking the load of the many phone calls the general public normally direct to Australia's Public Services such as Police RAAF Coast Guard Australia wide.

Mr Beazley, I'm perplexed and appalled that a Governmental department like the "The Australian Film Commission" would grant money for study such as the above. Here we are wanting extra Doctors Nurses Police Teachers and Dams and here we see Australian's taxes being wasted on a project which we feel is set up to discredit and humiliate honest well meaning volunteers, not to say the general public at large.

The project manager Christopher Kenworthy now 14 weeks into the study this deception is a form of immersive artwork "but I beg to differ with his opinion". He even goes so far as to identifying his project to that of the 1938 radio broadcast of H. G Wells' War of The Worlds" but from memory Mr Beazley, Mr H. G Wells, he did not get a Government grant to pay for his radio broadcast, rather the opposite, the Government shut him down.

Mr Beazley as a tax payer I am concerned to where my money is being spent and I would like to know how much money has been allocated to this project, as I read there is a forthcoming documentary to be made from this study.

Mr Beazley what are we going to see, another Penn & Teller rendition. We researchers know we are fair game for the media, but there is nothing fair about tax payer funds being used to fund insults to its constituents as is what is read at this web site, please take a read.

And if Government wants to give money away we at AUFORN would be more than happy to accept a Government grant of $3000 annually for the next ten years for the running of our Free call Hotline $30,000 will be fine and I'm sure you will find taxpayers money better spent.

Please be advised the World Wide UFO community along with the World Media will soon be aware of this study by Mr Christopher Kenworthy a deception he perpetrated on the Australian public with the assistance of "The Australian Film Commission" "The Australian Government" and it won't take long before the Australian media get a hold of the story.

Thank you for your time and please look into this matter.

Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison

National Director
The Australian UFO Research Network

[UFOINFO thanks Diane and AUFORN for granting permission to use this report.]


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