The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 13, 2004

SOURCE: Diario El Centro (Chile)
DATE: December 10, 2004

** Owners heard nothing in the early morning hours, when the unusual attack occurred***

by Rodrigo Jimenez

PENCAHUE - The affected parties cannot agree on what species caused them so much damage yesterday morning. They think that the author of the slayings could have been a dog, a cat, the small feline known as quique or even the mythic Chupacabras. Eighty birds being raised on the property of Eliana Núñez and Reinaldo Sepúlveda on Alonso Rivera street, near the Plaza de Armas (town square) of Pencahue met a grisly end.

It was Núñez who found out what happened, as suggested by her routine when she stepped out to her vast yard at 9 am. A large henhouse stands amid fruit trees and dry pastures. Terrified, she found a multitude of lifeless chickens, hens and roosters scattered across the property. Their bodies were complete, but they displayed small and deep bite marks.

"I was frightened to see my little chicks dead," Eliana told Diario EL CENTRO. She cannot imagine who or what could have committed such an atrocity.

No sooner did she find her birds, she notified her husband. "The entire sector was filled with hens," recalled Don Reinaldo, still surprised.

The couple gave notice immediately to the Carabineros (state police) headquarters at Pencahue. Officers reached the scene and began looking for traces that might lead to the author of the slayings. But they found nothing -- not a track, not a trace of the party responsible for the savage attack that occured while the commune slept.

Juan Orellana, who works for the Pencahue environmental program, was also in attendance. "We saw about 80 chickens scattered all around the henhouse and they showed no signs of having been masticated. They were scattered throughout almost entire sector. They are complete and some chickens have signs of bite marks. We cannot establish an effective working hypothesis. The case is strange and it could have been dogs, cats, I don't know...if the quique was involved," he theorized.

"The henhouse was closed with lock and key and the gate appeared to have been forced from the bottom, showing that something had gotten in. I locked it up last night around 9 and heard no strange sounds," said Don Reinaldo, who believes that the one responsible for the deaths arrived via the irrigation ditch that passes by his house.

The affected parties, the Carabineros and the official from the environmental program had counted 25 chickens, 28 hens and 2 roosters as deceased. "Look, there's another!" said a uniformed officer as he surveyed the yard, which was covered in feathers.

The background information was collected in a police report and forwarded to the District Attorney's office at Talca for the crime of "damage to farm birds". According to Juan Orellana: "The Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) asked me to bring in two hens for analysis. We're going to bury the rest, since they're a source of disease. I also contacted environmental hygiene."

Once initial inquiries were done, the dead birds were buried in the rear of the house amid a strange sensation. No one dared establish in an authoritative manner what exactly attacked the property, located only meters away from Town Hall. What they did say is that such incidents had never occurred in the peaceful commune of Pencahue.

SOURCE: Diario El Centro (7º Región) -

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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