Hot Air Ballooning over the UFO Lake...A true Story!

by Kathy Doore

In light of the recent aerial activity being reported in Peru I thought this might be of interest to your readers. My friend Nick Asheshov, a well respected journalist who owns a large hotel in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, reports the following incident from March 8 in the nearby village of Chinchero. This village is the site of an impressive Incan ceremonial complex located along the "ceques" - ley lines, which radiate outward from the Koricancha "Incan Temple of the Sun" in Cusco.

Located on the high plateau, this village is home to the renowned Chinchero weavers and neighbor to the notorious UFO Lake - "Huaypo" located a few miles away. (for more on Huaypo see my short article attached below).

Bizarre aerial activity is commonplace in this region although the sighting of a circular depression in the plateau is rather unique. Generally locals report "ships" coming and going from the watery depths of the nearby lake rather than landings in their backyards.

Kathy Doore

Hot Air Ballooning over the UFO Lake...A true Story! by Kathy Doore

The legend of UFO’s and Lake Huaypo is a long one handed down from one generation to the next. For centuries unusual phenomena has emerged from the watery depths of this crystalline clear lake located on the high Andean plateau along the old road to Cusco in the Peruvian Andes. Local legend tells of strange beings interacting with the Quechua Indians of the area, and of "Light Ships" emerging and descending to and from the watery depths of the Lake.

When American Balloonist Jeff Hall tried to fly his balloon over Lake Huaypo he found many bizarre anomalies he couldn't explain.

On his first two attempts to cross the lake his balloon encountered some sort of odd barrier and the balloon took a sudden, and uncharacteristic, right hand turn several hundred yards from the center. A few weeks later after much contemplation he decided to make contact with whomever controlled these waters through a series of meditations in which he asked permission to cross. On his third attempt, Jeff managed to fly the balloon directly into the center effortlessly.

As his ground crew watched from shore Jeff radioed that he was seeing unusual vapor clouds form directly below the balloon and asked what the crew thought they could be? The shore crew reported back that they could see nothing unusual at all, that the sky was clear as a bell -- they couldn’t imagine what Jeff was referring to.

As he maneuvered his balloon directly over the center of the lake he noticed a very odd sight indeed, the water had a peculiar circular appearance where the coloration was distinctly different and around its circumference were shiny objects reflecting the apparent sunlight back to him!

Since that day Jeff has declined further commissions to fly over the lake, and the local bruja (witch) has told Jeff that the lake is strictly "hands-off," and not to push his luck.

[The message below was posted to Kathy on 3rd April 1999]

Dear Kathy,

On March 8 some people in the village of Chinchero, at 3,700ms asl, 25 mins from Urubamba on the road to Cusco, saw a red light on the horizon above the town.

Next day villagers found in a field above the town a circular hole about 12 yards across and the same deep.

The hole's still there. We went up and saw it yesterday. Good place for a ceremony. Doris said she felt a surge of energy when she got there.

Best Nick

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