My 10 Favorite UFO Cases

Dennis Balthaser's Editorial for July 2002

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My 10 Favorite UFO Cases

I suppose most researchers have their favorite UFO cases which they are interested in, so when I was recently asked to list my 10 favorite UFO cases, I thought this will certainly create some discussion, as there will be those that disagree for one reason or another with my favorites. I preferred to not call them "My top 10 UFO cases" for that very reason. Over the years my research has been primarily devoted to the 1947 Roswell Incident, Underground Bases, Area 51 and most recently the Great Pyramids of Giza. In reality there are probably hundreds of cases that could be listed, and I discovered early on in my research that it's impossible for me to investigate or research all phases of this subject, but I still can have an interest in them, even though I might not personally be researching them.

The list of my 10 favorite UFO cases is not in any order as far as importance to me, but rather ten of the cases that I personally feel are worth further investigation or research, based on the information already known. I cannot tell you that all cases are factual either, and until validated information is brought forward to prove or disprove them satisfactorily, I will continue to have an interest in these and others.

My 10 Favorite UFO Related Cases:

1947 Roswell Incident: Reports of a crashed extraterrestrial craft with bodies on a ranch northwest of Roswell New Mexico in July 1947. The United States Air Force has unsuccessfully given 4 excuses over the past 55 years to explain what actually happened. Most major afternoon newspapers west of Chicago reported the crash on July 8, 1947 stating, "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region". The next day July 9, 1947, General Ramey's weather balloon cover story was in major newspapers east of Chicago. Hundreds of first hand witnesses have been interviewed since 1978 when the investigation again started. New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff had the GAO (General Accounting Office) investigate the Roswell Incident, only to have the United States Air Force issue a 1995 report stating it was a Mogul balloon. In 1997 the Air Force issued their 4th excuse stating the bodies found were anthropomorphic crash test dummies. The dummies however were not used until1953, 6 years after the Roswell Incident happened. The debunkers, skeptics and non-believers have failed miserably in satisfactorily explaining what actually happened near Roswell New Mexico in 1947.

1964 Socorro New Mexico: Known as the Lonnie Zamora case (a policeman for the city of Socorro) who on April 24, 1964 during a high-speed vehicle chase, was deviated from the chase by the sight of a blue flame under an object in the distance. His first thought when approaching was that it was an overturned vehicle with two people near by. Within several hundred feet of where Zamora stopped his police car, he saw a white, egg-shaped object standing on 4 legs with a bright polished metal surface. Within moments of being spotted by one of the beings outside the craft, he heard the slamming of a thick metallic door and a low frequency roar eventually rising to a higher pitch. The craft began rising with a bright blue and orange flame visible underneath the craft. Project Blue Book classified the case as an "unknown". Later inspection of the site revealed impressions in the ground where the craft had landed. Debunkers have theorized that it was a hot air balloon, however the flame on hot air balloons must go upwards, not downward to heat the balloon envelope for lift.

Area 51: Known by many other names such as Dreamland, the box, the dark side of the moon and the ranch, Area 51 is a secret military base located 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas Nevada. It has been in existence since the 1950s, however only recently has the government and military admitted that the base exists at all. What transpires there is some of the highest security work in the United States, some of which includes testing of new type aircraft, radioactive research, etc.
It has been reported that extraterrestrial craft and possibly alien bodies are housed at this installation in an area known as S-4. Reports of 22 levels below ground have also been noted. Security is some of the highest in the country with signs at the perimeter of the base that warn trespassers that, "the use of deadly force is authorized". I don't want our military development secrets revealed to our adversaries, however if alien craft or bodies are kept there, I am interested in that for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Fire in the Sky: Travis Walton's November 5, 1975 abduction experience has been recorded both in book form and big screen movie. Working with loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona, an unusually bright light was observed in the sky. Walton got out of the truck to view it closer and as he walked toward the light, he was blasted with a bolt of unknown energy. The other logger's fled the scene in fear. Returning to the site, Walton was not to be found. A massive manhunt was mounted for five days to find Walton (or his body), since his co-workers were suspected of murder after his disappearance. Walton finally reappeared, disoriented to a world of disbelievers and interrogations that would change his life forever.

Great Pyramids of Giza: I was recently asked to join the Advisory Board of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. Many of us believe that the pyramids of Giza are much older than we've been told, primarily due to the fact that the deterioration of the Sphinx was probably done by water rather than wind and sand erosion. Since there hasn't been a large quantity of water in that region for over 15,000 years, it would mean that the pyramids of Giza are pre-Egyptian. If that's the case, and the Pyramids were not built by Egyptians, who build them? Some theorize that perhaps there was "ET" involvement due to the technology required to construct the only remaining structures of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Barney and Betty Hill Abduction: One of the best-documented abduction cases on record. While traveling from Canada to their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at about 10:15 pm on September 19, 1961 the couple noticed a light in the sky below the moon that kept getting closer to them. As it got closer Barney was able to see occupants standing inside the craft. Because of the time required to make the trip (two hours longer than normal), both Barney and Betty believed that they had been abducted and given medical examinations. Betty claimed to have been shown a star map with information that mainstream science didn't know about until years later.

1952 Washington, D.C. Invasion: Over a 10 day period Washington, D.C. was invaded by UFOs witnessed by radar controllers, pilots and crews of both commercial and military aircraft, and ground observers. The craft detected on radar screens would hover in one position at times and also dart up and down. Radar equipment was checked and found to be working correctly.
F-94 interceptors were called in but by that time the targets were gone. Major General John A. Samford, Air Force Director of Intelligence, announced at the Pentagon on July 29, 1952, that the radar and visual sightings over the Washington, D.C. area, "were due to mirage effects created by a double temperature inversion".

Phoenix Lights: Seen by thousands of witnesses on the ground, many with cameras and video equipment on March 13, 1997. Described as very large (the size of a Boeing 747), reported to have had the sound of rushing wind, V-shaped with large lights on the leading edge. The lights were seen in the states of Nevada and Arizona over a 3-hour period as it crossed those states. Luke AFB, Public Affairs office announced 2 months later that their investigation had revealed that the lights were flares dropped from A-10 aircraft over the Gila Bend Firing Range. The national news media didn't report anything until June 18, 1997 when USA Today had an article 10 weeks after the event.

Kenneth Arnold Sighting: On June 24, 1947, two weeks before the Roswell Incident, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine shiny objects traveling at an estimated speed of 1,300-1,600 mph while flying his aircraft between Mt. Rainer and Mt. Adams in the state of Washington. The term "flying saucer" is credited to reporter William C. Bequette, who at the time worked in the newsroom of the Pendleton East Oregonian. Arnold had described the movement of the craft as similar to a saucer being skipped across water.

Aztec, NM Crash, March 1948: A 99 foot diameter craft containing "16 little men" crashed outside of Aztec, NM in Hart Canyon. A high security recovery operation took place over the next two weeks. Some researchers believe the date should be changed to later (March 1950), when the Farmington, New Mexico Daily Times newspaper had a front page headline describing an armada of flying saucers that were witnessed by Farmington residents over a 3 day period describing estimated speeds at 1000mph.

Many other cases such as the Dulce underground Base, the Maury Island Incident, Shag Harbor, the White Sands Landing in the 50's and of course my own 1997 Interception experience would also qualify as favorites for a larger list.

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