Calling the Debunkers Hand

Dennis Balthaser's Editorial for August 2003

The Debunkers Hand

Searching for the Truth
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Calling the Debunkers Hand

Another Roswell Incident anniversary has recently passed and after 56 years we still have not been told what really happened on the high plains of New Mexico in 1947. The debunkers and skeptics continue to bring up the same excuses they have been using for 25 years, but when their theories are challenged they refuse to admit they are wrong. Time compression for witnesses, Mogul balloon theories, and anthropomorphic crash test dummies are just a few of the excuses they have given.

It's been 6 years since the Air Force presented their last excuse, so I assume they are currently working on their next public pacification statement. The Air Force after all, has given us 4 excuses since 1947: "We captured a Flying Saucer" reported on July 8, 1947. According to General Ramey, "it was a weather balloon" on July 9, 1947.

Note: General Ramey's response that it was nothing more than a weather balloon actually started about an hour after Walter Haut's article went out under orders of Col. Blanchard, (the Roswell Army Airfield base commander), stating we had captured a flying saucer. Due to the lateness of the Ramey response on July 8, it didn't make the newspapers except for a few west coast evening papers. Irving Newton's ID of a weather balloon along with Ramey's response was widely posted on July 9, 1947.

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"It was a Mogul balloon" according to the Air Force Report in 1994, and finally "the bodies witnesses saw were anthropomorphic dummies" according to the 1997 Air Force report.

If any of the 4 excuses given by the Air Force were correct, why would ranch foreman Mack Brazel not have brought the tag attached to most balloons in to the base to collect a reward for locating the balloon, as he had done on previous occasions? Why would one of the best (if not "the" best) intelligence officer in the military at the time, (Major Jesse Marcel) be ordered out to the crash site to retrieve a weather balloon or Mogul balloon or any other kind of balloon? Did the Intelligence Officer of the atomic bomb group not have better things to do. Why would General Ramey want Marcel to bring a weather balloon to Fort Worth so he could see it and then have it flown on to Dayton Ohio to Wright Field? We have first, second, third and fourth hand witnesses to these events. We are sentencing criminals to prison and execution daily in this country with testimony of only one witness, while we have hundreds of witnesses for the Roswell Incident and no one in the military or government will admit to what happened. Is it possible that whatever was recovered back in 1947 near Roswell, is still not understood, and therefore cannot be made public due to the military advantages such information would have?

If we look at the testimony of these witnesses, could a weather balloon or a Mogul balloon spread out over an area as described, several hundred yards wide and ¾ of a mile long?

Basically the Mogul balloon launches from southeast New Mexico have come down to a Mogul 4 launch as the only possibility of the crash being a balloon. Researchers David Rudiak and Brad Sparks have seriously challenged the calculations presented by Mogul engineer Charles Moore (and defended by debunkers Dave Thomas, Karl Pflock and several others), purporting to show that Mogul 4 would have landed on the Foster ranch and triggered the Roswell Incident. Instead the model was badly miscalculated and really shows that Mogul 4 would not have come down anywhere near where Brazel found debris, but dozens of miles away. There is even some discussion on whether there actually was a Mogul 4 launch.

Did Mac Brazel change his story about what he found and when he found it? Yes, according to the radio station personnel that talked to him. His story did change after he was detained by the military at the base, and why would a ranch foreman be detained by the military for finding a balloon? Once again we have first hand testimony from AP reporter Jason Kellahin, radio station KGFL personnel, Jud Roberts, Frank Joyce and others, (such as Brazel's son Bill), but the debunkers prefer to ignore that.

Through Freedom of Information Act requests, I have tried unsuccessfully for several years to obtain information from the Air Force about the remarks made in 31 pages written by Colonel Weaver in the 1994 Air Force report pertaining to the photo analysis done by a national organization of the pictures taken in General Ramey's office. Not only have Weaver and the Air Force refused to identify this "national level organization," they have never documented the alleged conclusion of this organization that nothing could be read in General Ramey's memo because of "insufficient quality." This is a government printed book authorized by the Air Force, but neither will take any responsibility for the contents in the report. Wouldn't a "national level organization" like the CIA or FBI have more sophisticated equipment then some of our researchers have access to, and what were the results obtained by that national organization?

Copyright © 2001, by David Rudiak. Image used with permission from David Rudiak

In my opinion, David Rudiak has done some of the best work so far on analyzing the Ramey photos. Other individuals and groups are also working on what could be the "smoking gun " for the Roswell Incident, but Rudiak's work stands above the rest. Here too we seem to have personal agenda's that slip in to the research. As an example Don Burleson claims to see the word "Carlsbad" (New Mexico) in his interpretation of the Ramey memo, but to my knowledge no other researcher agrees. James Bond Johnson who took the photographs in Ramey's office in 1947 has embellished his involvement in interviews done with Kevin Randle and myself on separate occasions.

I have had my own experience with threats, so when the Air Force says witnesses have time frames confused with actual events, I must disagree. I can assure you that once you've been threatened; you will remember the date and location where it happened for a very long time. Most of the Roswell witnesses still alive are now in their late 70s or early 80s and memory loss has taken it's toll on some information, but trying to change dates by 5 or more years as the Air Force implies is just another excuse in their continuous cover up of facts.

Crash Test Dummy

Of all the excuses given over the years, I suppose my favorite has to be the 1997 report by the Air Force, in which they state that the bodies seen by witnesses were anthropomorphic crash test dummies. To my knowledge none of the witnesses have ever described the bodies as being 5'-8" to 5"-10" tall and weighing 180 pounds, which the crash test dummies are. Again I know this from first hand experience, having obtained a crash test dummy (pictured) from the Space Museum in Alamogordo, New Mexico for a display at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell a few years ago. Neither debunkers, critics, nor the Air Force however will defend this theory since the dummies were not even used until 1953, (6 years after the Roswell Incident happened). The Air Force shot themselves in the foot with the dummy excuse in 1997, and for many active duty Airmen I talked to when the report came out, it was an embarrassment.

I don't expect the four excuses given so far to be the last, and anticipate more cover up about Roswell in the future. Those of us that continue to research the Roswell Incident are still finding new witnesses and compiling information as best we can. I think it's time we stand up to the debunkers and critics and demand that they present new information. Mogul balloons, crash test dummies, and a refusal to make information available are not helping us to find the truth. Why doesn't Mogul engineer Charles Moore admit his calculations are wrong? Why won't the Air Force give us the results of the tests done on the Ramey photographs by a national level organization, or admit the crash test dummies were not used until 1953? We have wasted enough time with the Dave Thomas, Karl Pflock, and Phil Klass types over the years. They have no new information while claiming to be researchers. Prove us wrong about the research we've done.

Dennis G. Balthaser
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