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Your Representatives Views on UFOs

As we approach the 2004 elections, I would like to remind everyone of the importance of voting, and encourage everyone to do so. I don't endorse any politicians publicly, but there are issues on the table this election that will have long lasting effects on us, so the importance of voting cannot be over emphasized. As each of you will probably do, I will also study the records of certain representatives running for election and look at their view points on various topics, which brings me to the purpose of this editorial.

Accountability by our representatives at any level in government should be a paramount concern to us when we go to the polls to vote. It raises the question whether they are really representing us, or not.

Within the past few years, (since 2001), Dan Willis, one of the military witnesses affiliated with the Disclosure Project has set up an online fax at allowing thousands of other individual citizens to communicate with our national representatives on the subject of UFOs, Extraterrestrials and the proposal to deploy a missile defense system. The responses received were varied, with the most common response being, "we will keep your views in mind should legislation about UFOs happen in the future." That basically says, debating the reality of UFOs is not a pressing issue with Congress or many other elected and appointed officials. The reality of UFOs has already been well established for many years through credible witnesses, radar, physical traces, etc. Our representatives continue to avoid the subject, or worse, are unwilling to disclose what is known on the subject by not taking the necessary steps of leadership required, to openly discuss and inform the public on what our government knows.

Very recently, the current New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, called for a definitive investigation of the Roswell Incident, saying, "the mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained-not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government."

A few others, (Congressman Kucinich and former New Mexico State Representative, Andy Kissner), to mention two, have also attempted to obtain disclosure out of Washington, DC on the subject of UFOs and other events that appear to be cover-ups. One of the most publicized attempts was made by New Mexico Representative Steven Schiff in 1994, who accused the Pentagon and General Accounting Office, (GAO) of giving him "the run-around" when he tried to locate missing government documents pertaining to the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Finally, many serious UFO researchers have pressured their representatives also, in most cases to no avail.

Nearly all Presidents since Truman have publicly stated that they want to reveal what the government knows about UFOs, and in every case that has never become a reality. We know there are illegal operations taking place within our government on this topic from misappropriation of money, concealment of recovered craft and possibly occupants, to technology derived from them, which could have a profound impact on the energy crisis, health care and many other challenges we face, not to mention the military benefits that probably are being derived from such a cover-up.

Of the 73 response letters Mr. Willis has posted from various individuals, NONE addressed taking responsible leadership in addressing this issue with action. Eight showed some interest in trying to further understand the need for disclosure, while half of the responses indicated that without current legislation, nothing is addressed other than keeping it in mind. Because of the lack of knowledge or interest by our representatives, several quoted out-dated official government denial statements as the final word on the UFO and ET situation, while others simply "passed the buck" by indicating they were not responsible or on the committee of jurisdiction, and apparently have no desire to pursue it.

Perhaps all of us that are interested in revealing the truth about UFOs would be wise to contact our representatives and obtain their views on this subject, and others, before we go to the polls to vote. There is strength in numbers when politicians are involved, and they, as our elected officials have a responsibility to us, which they have not shown for many years on this subject.

Mr. Willis has given me permission to quote some of the responses he received in this editorial, so for informational purposes, I will share some of the statements made by our representatives on the subject of UFOs.

U.S. House of Representatives Responses:

Sherrod Brown-OH "Thank you for expressing your support for congressional hearings on Unidentified Flying Objects and extraterrestrial events. While it is important to pay close attention to these issues, I am not on the committee of jurisdiction."

Johnny Isakson-GA "There are no technologies in existence that have come from an extraterrestrial origin."

Steve Largent-OK "As you know, the possibility of this phenomena has been long-debated. To further your reading on the matter, I have enclosed a Congressional Service Research Report entitled 'The UFO Enigma'."

Ed Pastor-AZ "Thank you for your recent email expressing strong support for an open dialogue on potential interface between humans and life forms from beyond our own solar system."

Mark Udall-CO "I will keep your comments in mind should topics related to the extraterrestrial come before the House for debate."

J. D. Hayworth-AZ "Thank you for sharing your views with me on UFOs. I always appreciate knowing about the concerns and opinions of my constituents, and will certainly take your views under advisement should this issue ever be deliberated by the House of Representatives."

David Dreier-CA "Thank you for contacting me regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial activity in the United States. I support full and open disclosure by all government agencies of any information regarding Unidentified Flying Objects. As you may know, both the United States Air Force and the General Accounting Office (GAO) have conducted reviews of available government information on UFOs. I have enclosed a copy of the GAO's report on the alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Although I support efforts to ensure that citizens have full access to relevant information on these issues, I am unaware of any legislation currently before the Congress regarding this matter."

Alan B Mollohan-WV "Currently there are no hearings scheduled regarding allegations of suppressed knowledge by the U.S. government of UFOs or UFO technologies. Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind should hearings be held or relevant legislation be considered regarding UFOs or UFO technologies during the 107th Congress."

James Sensenbrenner-WI "Thank you for your recent communication regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) and related government projects. The subject of UFOs is often overlooked, but it seems that many people have encountered similar sightings. It is evident that this is an issue that affects American citizens and deserves careful consideration."

David Price-NC "Thank you for contacting me regarding congressional activity related to the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. I am unaware of any current legislation or current House committee activity related to the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Although I am not a member of any House committees with jurisdiction over such matters, I will keep your concerns in mind if the House should consider legislation in this area."

Sam Johnson-TX "Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding the theorized UFO/Extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth. I have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your letter to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science to obtain additional information. I will be sure to forward the information on to you as soon as I receive it."

U.S. Senate Responses:

James Inhofe-OK "However, in the recent absence of recent UFO activity, the absence of any scientific gain from the past study of UFOs, and the absence of hostility from any previously reported UFOs, it would be irresponsible to spend taxpayer money on hearings and legislation related to such a phenomena."

Mike Crapo-ID "Having researched the issues you raised, I found no record of legislation regarding the existence of extraterrestrial presence."

Mitch McConnell-KY "The House of Representatives conducted two Congressional inquires regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial events in the late 1960s. Since that time however, I am unaware of any further investigation by Congress of these matters."

Ben Nighthorse Campbell-CO "As you know, people have long wondered are we alone in this universe? There have been numerous accounts of "contacts" or "sightings" of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. While I certainly do not discredit these reports, I have not heard of any concrete evidence that would suggest there are other beings out there. Please know that I will keep your thoughts on this matter in mind, but I doubt that Congressional hearings dealing with extraterrestrial beings will be held in the Senate."

Wayne Allard-CO "As one of the few scientists in the United States Senate, I believe in the scientific method and am open to any credible information and proof of extraterrestrial contact, and to date there has been none. That being said, we luckily live in a democracy where our government can be open with the majority of the information that it has. Little proof of extraterrestrial visitation was revealed in the two previous Congressional hearings on UFOs in the 1960s. However if there comes a time when corroborative proof of extraterrestrials is shown, then maybe Congress should revisit the issue."

Jeff Bingaman-NM "At this time I am not aware of any legislation or hearings to explore the issues you raised in your letter. However, should such issues be brought before the Senate, I will certainly keep your views in mind."

Responses from Others:

NASA "No government agency is currently responsible for investigating UFOs because there is no factual evidence that alien life exists on other planets or that UFOs are related to aliens."

Secretary of Defense "UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms alleged to be present on Earth are matters no longer being investigated by the Defense Department. From 1948-1969, the Air Force did conduct investigations under several program names, the last of which was Project Blue Book. The decision to discontinue UFO investigations was based on a number of factors, including reports and studies by the University of Colorado and the National Academy of Sciences, as well as past UFO studies and the Air Force's two decades of experience investigating UFO Reports."

Due to space restrictions for this editorial many responses are not included here, several of which only commented on the proposed space missile defense system in their reply, completely ignoring the issues of UFOs and extraterrestrials. To me, it appears that most of the responses are polite (although somewhat generic) to their constituents, while none of our representatives are willing to take the leadership required to reveal to the public what our government knows on the subject of UFOs. Personally I plan to keep the pressure on my representatives, as others hopefully will also do.

Dennis G. Balthaser
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