Comments on the ABC Special "UFOs: Seeing is Believing"

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Comments on the ABC Special "UFOs: Seeing is Believing",
hosted by Peter Jennings


The anticipation is over and all of us that seriously research the subject of Ufology now have our own views of how the ABC special played out. I noticed that for the first 12 hours after the show aired on February 24th on ABC, most comments on the various Internet lists were less than complimentary about the show.

Sweeps weeks are important to the TV networks and I believe airing a show about UFOs with someone as well known as Peter Jennings was not a coincidence. ABC was looking for big numbers in the ratings, which they didn't get. UFO shows are popular with the general public, if for no other reason than the majority of the public believe UFOs exist. Unfortunately, the general public is unaware of all that is taking place with this subject, by many researchers on a daily basis, and when a show such as the Peter Jennings show last night is aired, the opportunity is there to inform the public objectively, and honestly and I didn't sense that happening during the two hour show. Several times I thought the show was headed in the right direction, only to have it fall flat by comments from those that will never believe or agree to accept the facts.

The animation used was to me, done well and I had heard that all animations were confirmed with witnesses to assure they were as accurate as possible, so for that I compliment ABC. The sad thing for this two-hour show is the fact that the animations were better than the script that was used.

Living in Roswell as I do, and continuing to be a "staunch" supporter of the Roswell Incident as a researcher, I was particularly disappointed in ABCs presentation of the Roswell Incident. Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, and the original civilian researcher of the incident was not given adequate time. Stan was not able to mention MJ-12, the blacked out government documents he's obtained, or any of his years of devotion to the subject, while Karl Pflock, ex-CIA employee and debunker was allotted too much time. There was no fairness in this segment. The Mogul balloon theory has been dismissed as a cause for several years, but that was conveniently omitted, and in fact given as the cause of the Roswell Incident. The crash site shown was finally shown as the real crash site on the Foster ranch, which was re-assuring to see. The carnival atmosphere for the anniversary of the Roswell Incident each year I suppose is necessary for attracting visitors to Roswell, but not necessary for a serious attempt at explaining UFOs in a TV documentary.

In the discussion about Project Blue Book nothing was mentioned about Roswell not even being included, or the fact that hundreds of cases in Blue Book are still not resolved. The Blue Book was then, and still is nothing more than a public relations "stunt" to pacify the public, which will continue, as proven by the four excuses given for Roswell in the past 50 plus years.

Prior to the show being televised I had read that an interview segment with Harvard professor and author Dr. John Mack, had been omitted from the show, however a professor (Dr Clancy), from Harvard was allowed to cast her views against what Dr. Mack and Budd Hopkins have devoted so much time and effort to. Fair---I don't think so.

The law enforcement officer's, commercial pilots and certain retired military personnel were given an opportunity to share their experiences fairly openly, and their combined comments were to me some of the strongest evidence of proof that something mysterious is flying around in our skies, that no one thus far has been able to explain. Hopefully the military or government will come down on Jennings for airing those portions in the show, so he might finally know there is a lot more to this, than he reported last night.

SETI representatives were allotted way too much time during the show trying to convince themselves that a civilization hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ahead of us in technology would be using something as primitive as radio signals to contact us. Seth Shostak of SETI was presented as "the knowledgeable one" on UFOs, with hardly anyone realizing that Stanton Friedman destroyed his thinking and comments recently on a nationally broadcast radio show debate. Did anyone hear the SETI people say anything of scientific value? I didn't.

On the abduction segment in the program, no mention of Barney and Betty Hill was given, and those experiencers that did share their ordeals were immediately put down as being victims of sleep paralysis.

The astronomer who blatantly stated that "eye witness testimony was a low form of evidence", woke me up from the boredom I was watching. Is it any wonder that most of those that experience something choose to not come forward? Thank goodness our judicial system doesn't work like that.

One of the few highlights of the show to me was near the end when physicist Michio Kaku, explained how time travel can be possible with worm holes and bending time, asking the scientist and astronomers not to be so quick to reject the possibility of travel in the universe. Perhaps it's time for them to quit looking into their telescope's and start looking at the sky from their backyard, like thousands of witnesses have.

For me and many others that take the subject of Ufology serious, the anticipation for the Jennings special fell extremely short. It was probably entertaining to the general public, but certainly won't change many views about it. For us that devote hours of time and resources to researching this subject nothing new was presented, and in fact some of the same biased opinions were continued. Did it help us understand what our place in the universe is---No. Did it reveal the cover-up used by the military and government for 58 years ---No. Did a two-hour special cover the most important aspects of the 58 years---No? Did it give credit to the pilots, military, and law enforcement officers that shared their experiences---No? Did it give serious respected researchers such as Stanton Friedman and Bud Hopkins a fare review---No?

In closing I want to thank Mr. Jennings and ABC for giving me the opportunity to continue doing my research and in some small way through my web site, editorials, TV and radio interviews and an occasional lecture, I'll be able to share my research with the public in a manner that allows them to reach their own conclusions. I don't anticipate a follow-up by Jennings or ABC. They had their chance and "blew it."

Dennis G. Balthaser

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